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Kine Protocol revolutionizes digital asset trading by enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions at low fees. It prioritizes user security and privacy, ensuring secure storage and blockchain transactions' encryption. No matter your experience level, you can access and navigate through the platform seamlessly.

  • Decentralized trading.

  • User-Friendly interface.

  • Low trading and gas fees.

  • Cross-chain trading option.

  • Open-Source protocol.

  • Lacks margin trading.

  • Not suitable for early DEX users.

  • Limited liquidity features.

Kine DEX Review 2023: Is it A Safe DEX? (Updated 2024)


This Kine DEX review will explore the innovative decentralized trading platform and its advanced features. We’ll also look into their unlimited liquidity, derivatives trading, low fees and trading costs, and user-friendly interface.

The platform supports a variety of digital assets, allowing users to trade beyond just cryptocurrencies. While improvements can be made in the spread, derivatives trading, and accessibility, Kine Protocol ensures a secure platform. Primarily because it has undergone security evaluations and audits, offering a secure trading environment.

It suits professional traders seeking advanced functionalities, including high-leverage options, cross-margining, and AI Trading Signals. Although beginners may need guidance, Kine Protocol offers an immersive trading experience for new and experienced traders.

kine protocol review
Kine DEX 2024 Review.

Who’s Kine Dex for?

Even though the platform is designed for various crypto users, let us explore in detail for whom this DEX is perfect.

Company Overview

Launched in 2023, the protocol was backed by KINE Technology Ltd, a Singapore-based FinTech and blockchain company. It combines cutting-edge technology with financial services to drive innovation in the industry.

The Kine Protocol is a decentralized trading platform. It allows you to trade digital assets without depending on centralized exchanges or other third parties. Interestingly, the platform works as an open-source protocol, fostering direct connections and enabling seamless trading interactions.

Moreover, the protocol is a foundation for developing decentralized applications (dApps) and other platforms on its infrastructure.

For the P2P network, Kine Protocol uses the Ethereum blockchain to connect buyers and sellers. You can also engage in direct asset exchanges through this network, fostering a dynamic and inclusive trading environment. The platform prioritizes user convenience and security, ensuring participants’ secure and confidential trading experience.

In addition to its functionality, the Kine Protocol introduces its native token, the Kine Token (KINE). This ERC-20 token serves as a means to cover trading fees within the platform. With the KINE token for exchange, users can actively participate in the Kine ecosystem.

Kine decentralized exchange.
Kine decentralized exchange.

For early users

Kine Protocol may not be ideal for new DEX users, primarily because of certain complexities in its features and functionalities.

The platform’s focus on advanced trading tools may require expertise and understanding. With appropriate guidance and support, new users can gradually explore and benefit from Kine Protocol’s offerings.

For high-volume traders

Kine Protocol is highly suitable for professional traders due to its advanced features and comprehensive trading tools. The platform offers high-leverage options, cross-margining, and seamless execution with milliseconds-level precision.

Experienced traders can take advantage of the platform’s flexibility in position management through merge/split functions. Not only that, but it helps maximize capital utilization. In addition, Kine’s AI Trading Signals provide valuable insights to guide traders at every step to explore trading further.

With its focus on delivering a professional-grade trading experience, Kine Protocol caters to the needs of experienced traders. It offers advanced tools and opportunities to fulfill their expectations in the decentralized trading space.

Kine is an ideal platform for high volume traders.
Kine is an ideal platform for high-volume traders.

Why is Kine Protocol a good choice for crypto enthusiasts?

Here are a few innovative features that make Kine protocol an ideal pick.

Feature-rich exchange

Kine takes pride in providing a feature-rich exchange that delivers seamless trading experiences with millisecond-level execution. With options like Cross Margin/Isolated Margin and leverage of up to 200x, Kine maximizes capital utilization.

The Merge/Split functions add a new dimension of flexibility to position management. Furthermore, Kine recently introduced AI Trading Signals, empowering traders of all levels with readily available guidance.

Through its innovative tools and opportunities, the Kine Protocol revolutionizes the decentralized trading landscape, ensuring traders maximize capital efficiency.

With security, transparency, and seamlessness, Kine rapidly emerges as a top choice for traders looking for a dynamic platform.

Kine Exchange
Kine Exchange offers an intuitive interface and personalized experience.

Zero gas fees and low trading costs

By harnessing the capabilities of Layer 2 Network, Kine Protocol achieves zero gas fees. It aims to ensure a cost-effective environment for users.

Additionally, Kine boasts the lowest trading costs in the industry. Unlike traditional exchanges reliant on order books, Kine executes transactions via a central liquidity pool. I offer unlimited market liquidity and minimal slippage, guaranteeing fairness for all market participants.

Low fees and costs on Kine DEX.
Low fees and costs on Kine DEX.

Unlimited liquidity

Kine Protocol distinguishes itself as a decentralized derivatives exchange with unrivaled liquidity. On top of that, these services are complemented by innovative products and features that elevate the trading experience.

With a team of financial experts continuously refining the platform, Kine has garnered over two years of professional market operation.

Kine offers products like unlimited liquidity and derivative trading.
Kine offers products like unlimited liquidity and derivative trading.

Safety and Security

As a trusted cryptocurrency organization, Kine Protocol has undergone a comprehensive security audit by a reputable blockchain security company. It shows the protocol’s dedication to enhancing blockchain ecosystems’ security, privacy, and usability.

To ensure that Kine has the utmost security of its smart contracts, the Kine ecosystem has diligently subjected itself to various independent audits and a public bug bounty program. These measures are vital to fortify the integrity and reliability of the platform’s smart contracts and contract security.

However, While the security audit provides valuable insights, it should not be regarded as investment advice. Kine Protocol urges users to exercise discretion and conduct thorough research when making investment decisions.

Smart contract security and liquidity redefined with Kine protocol.
Smart contract security and liquidity redefined with Kine protocol.

Diverse crypto support

The Kine Protocol offers extensive support for diverse digital assets, encompassing cryptocurrencies, tokens, and even fiat currencies. Notably, the platform currently facilitates transactions involving popular cryptocurrencies, including:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • SHIB
  • NEAR
  • BNB
  • ADA
  • DOGE
  • FIL
  • EOS
  • XRP
  • LTC
  • TRX
  • ETC
  • SOL
  • LINK
  • DOT
  • UNI

With a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, the list of supported digital assets continues to expand. The Kine Protocol diligently introduces new assets to its platform regularly, ensuring users have access to an ever-growing array of options.

Supported crpyto assets and lightning fast trades.
Supported crypto assets and lightning-fast trades.

Kine DEX Review: Major drawbacks

Let us briefly explore the major drawbacks or cons of the Kine protocol.

Limited Market Cap

The KINE token possesses a restricted market cap, presenting a challenge for investors seeking to acquire a substantial quantity of the token. Due to this limitation, accumulating many KINE tokens may be demanding.

Some pairs may lack Liquidity

Liquidity is scarce within the Kine Protocol platform, potentially impeding users’ quest to discover suitable trading counterparts. The limited availability of liquidity may make it more challenging for users to locate compatible partners for executing their desired trades.

Lacks liquidity options for users.
Lacks liquidity options for users.

Getting started with Kine

Getting started with the Kine protocol is simple. Unlike traditional centralized exchanges, you only need to connect your Web3 wallet.

Tradable Coins
  • ERC-20 tokens
  • 0.1%
  • AMM

More details

Kine Protocol revolutionizes digital asset trading by enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions at low fees. It prioritizes user security and privacy, ensuring secure storage and blockchain transactions' encryption. No matter your experience level, you can access and navigate through the platform seamlessly.

  • Decentralized trading.

  • User-Friendly interface.

  • Low trading and gas fees.

  • Cross-chain trading option.

  • Open-Source protocol.

  • Lacks margin trading.

  • Not suitable for early DEX users.

  • Limited liquidity features.

Here are a few steps to start trading on Kine with your digital wallet.

Step 1: Visit the Kine protocol website

Start by visiting the Kine Protocol website. Click the [Get Started Now] button on the main landing page.

Connect wallet and trade derivatives with deep liquidity.
Connect wallet and trade derivatives with deep liquidity.

Step 2: Select wallet

After that, a connect wallet pop-up will appear on your screen. Select Metamask (you can select your preferred wallet).

Connect Metamask to get started with Kine DEX.
Connect Metamask to get started with Kine DEX.

Step 3: Verify through wallet app

Verify the connection once you have selected the wallet by clicking [Next] to finalize your process.

Verify using your wallet app.
Verify using your wallet app.

Kine DEX Review: Key Features & Perks

Here are some of the advanced features of Kine protocol that set it apart from its competitors.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Kine Exchange provides more than just a trading ecosystem; it offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.

This crypto-exchange stands out by introducing up to 200x Leverage. But what truly sets it apart is its commitment to providing users with a seamless trading experience 24/7. Plus, the guaranteed liquidity and transparent trading fees outrank its competitors.

The Kine Exchange Protocol implements cross-margin functionality for all assets. It allows the platform’s peer-to-pool engine to support virtually any asset. So, it is good to go whether it’s Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), altcoins, gold, or fiat currencies.

Moreover, Kine Protocol’s Exchange incorporates state-of-the-art cross-margining techniques, maximizing user capital efficiency.

Within the Kine ecosystem, users can benefit from zero slippage and guaranteed execution. Every trade is executed based on real-time price feeds, ensuring no slippage occurs during the transaction process. This guarantee is backed by Kine’s over-collateralized liquidity pool, providing a secure trading environment for users.

Staking assets backed by DEX's over collateralized liquidity pool.
Assets backed by DEX’s over-collateralized liquidity pool.


Staking on Kine Protocol allows users to utilize KINE as a staking asset within the liquidity pool. By staking KINE, users can receive a dedicated portion of the fee pool, leading to higher returns than other collateral options.

The trading fee revenue generated on the Kine exchange is converted to KINE before being distributed as a reward to stakes. It incentivizes long-term staking and allows users to accumulate more voting power for governance purposes over time.

Staking KINE offers the potential for increased returns. Besides, it empowers users to actively participate in shaping the protocol’s decision-making process through accumulated voting power.

Staking on ETH and BNB chain with Kine.
Staking on ETH and BNB chain with Kine.

Yield farms

Kine Protocol offers users a unique and exciting opportunity to participate in yield farming. Yield farming on Kine involves depositing tokens into the protocol’s shared liquidity pool, allowing users to earn attractive returns.

Through yield farming, users can contribute their tokens to the liquidity pool and actively participate in the DEX ecosystem. By doing so, they earn rewards and contribute to the protocol’s overall liquidity and stability.

All in all, it’s an exciting way to engage with the protocol and unlock the full potential of your tokens.

Yield farming and derivatives trading to produce higher yielding assets.
Yield farming and derivatives trading to produce higher-yielding assets.

Automated market makers (AMM)

Kine Protocol’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) model excels in spot trading. However, it faces challenges when dealing with assets like derivatives and synthetics.

Kine takes a different approach to address this by avoiding reliance on individual, liquidity, or underlying pools, as seen in the AMM model. This not only simplifies the addition of new assets but also enables a broader range of tradable assets beyond just cryptocurrencies.

Using the peer-to-pool model, the Kine Protocol expands the scope of tradable assets beyond cryptocurrencies. This innovative approach allows for greater flexibility and opens opportunities to trade diverse assets.

With Kine, users can enjoy a seamless trading experience beyond traditional crypto assets. Moreover, the protocols help them embrace a broader spectrum of financial instruments.

Automated market maker on Kine protocol.
Automated market maker on Kine protocol.

Kine DEX Protocol Token (KINE)

The KINE Token, an integral part of the Kine Protocol, is the platform’s native token and covers trading fees. Operating as an ERC-20 token, it functions as a reliable medium of exchange within the Kine Protocol ecosystem.

With utmost regard for user security and privacy, the KINE Token enhances the trading experience, ensuring a safe environment. Additionally, it serves as a rewarding mechanism for users actively engaging in trades. It is also focused on incentivizing the growth and development of the expansive Kine Protocol.

Various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase, are available for purchase to acquire KINE tokens. Moreover, decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Kyber Network offer avenues for obtaining KINE tokens.

Before purchasing KINE tokens, conducting thorough research and exercising caution is imperative. Prioritize selecting secure exchanges to support the KINE token before proceeding with the transaction.

Kine protocol review: KINE native token.
Kine protocol review: KINE native token.


While Kine Protocol offers innovative features and a user-friendly interface, improvements could be made in some areas. Although the Kine Protocol aims to provide unlimited liquidity, addressing users’ limitations in finding trading partners is essential.

It can be fixed using initiatives like expanding partnerships with external liquidity providers. Alternatively, by implementing strategies to incentivize liquidity providers within the Kine ecosystem would also fix the problem.

Another area for improvement is the accessibility of the platform. While the DEX supports a variety of digital assets, it would be advantageous to expand the list of supported assets to satisfy diverse user preferences.

Lastly, Kine Protocol’s security measures have been audited by reputable entities like PeckShield Inc. It showcases their commitment to user protection. However, continuous security evaluations and updates are crucial to maintaining a robust and secure trading environment.

Final verdict

Kine Protocol is a cutting-edge trading platform that empowers users to engage in decentralized digital asset trading. The platform’s strong focus on user-friendliness and security ensures a hassle-free trading experience.

Adding to its exceptional features, Kine Protocol introduces the KINE Token, providing a seamless means to cover trading fees. With low trading fees and costs, it is an excellent choice for professional and beginner-level traders.

So, If you are looking for a private DEX for digital asset trading, Kine Protocol presents an ideal solution worth exploring. Embark on your trading journey and ascertain if this platform meets your requirements.