27 Jun, 2023

How to get a Crypto Temp Number: Step-By-Step Guide

How to get a Crypto Temp Number


As more people engage in crypto-related activities, the need to protect personal information increases. Using a crypto temporary phone number to make crypto transactions is an effective way to stay anonymous and safe.

Fortunately, because cryptocurrency works on decentralized networks, there is a level of privacy and anonymity to it. You might need to input your personal information for some Bitcoin transactions. Avoid putting your real identity to protect yourself from identity theft when possible.


Using temporary number for crypto.
Using temporary numbers for crypto.

Protecting your personal information and digital assets is now more critical than ever. Temporary mobile numbers are a practical way to increase security when conducting cryptographic transactions. The threats that come with attacks are minimal, and your privacy is safe by using a couple of phone numbers.

Utilizing temporary numbers when dealing with cryptocurrencies can significantly bolster online security.

What is a Crypto Temporary Number?

A temporary crypto number is a virtual number for a limited and specific purpose, like only using it to access your crypto assets. After which, you do away with it. They help separate personal numbers on your phone from your crypto-related activities.

A temporary number helps add an extra degree of secrecy to your business. In most cases, the numbers connect to the internet or mobile apps. You can get the numbers from numerous popular apps and online service providers.

How to Obtain a Crypto Temporary Number?

Thanks to virtual phone number service providers, anyone can get a temporary number. Users can get free, disposable numbers or fake phone numbers from these virtual numbers’ providers for a predetermined time. You would also need to pay for it.

You must choose a region or nation and indicate the exact length of your usage to get your number instantly. When getting a temporary number for cryptocurrency transactions, aim for a reputable and reliable service provider.

Each service provider has its features and different pricing schemes. Once you’ve decided on a provider, follow the instructions to sign up and get a temporary mobile number.

Below is a list of top virtual phone number providers:

1. CallHippo

CallHippo voip numbers provider.
VoIP numbers provider from CallHippo.

CallHippo provides a range of virtual mobile and free online phone number services appropriate for cryptocurrency transactions. Enjoy seamless service and a user-friendly interface when obtaining a temporary free phone number.

2. Avoxi

Avoxi virtual phone numbers service.
Virtual phone numbers service Avoxi.

AVOXI is a cloud-based global voice and contact center solution. It helps enterprises manage customer service processes and creates virtual numbers. An interactive voice response (IVR) module allows managers to configure the user interface. Managers can also link incoming calls to the same number.

3. Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone voip numbers.
VoIP numbers from Zoom Phone.

Zoom Phone is an online service provider that helps users to be more flexible in managing critical business communications. It can be used individually and as an organization. Other features of Zoom Phone include saving call transcripts and unlimited users on all plans.

4. Vonage

Vonage toll free numbers.
Toll-free numbers from Vonage.

Vonage has a wide range of business communication solutions for various uses. This provider offers unified communications to contact center solutions and communication APIs. However, the major standout of Vonage over other service providers is its SMS messaging features.

5. OnSIP

OnSIP updated virtual phone numbers.
Virtual phone numbers from OnSIP.

OnSIP is a reputable service provider that provides Unified communications (UC) applications. It also provides browser-based UC for clients. With OnSIP, you can make and receive calls, text messages online, instant messages (IM), and other text message online call messages. Send text messages more freely online, update presence information, and manage voicemails.

6. GoToConnect

GoToConnect updated virtual phone numbers.
Virtual phone numbers from GoToConnect.

GoToConnect is a reputable pioneer in privacy-focused solutions. It provides free temporary phone numbers and lines to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Their top feature is data security. They generate private numbers for users and provide features like text message encryption and call forwarding for added security.

Why Should You Use Cryptocurrency Temporary Numbers?

The main reason you should use temporary numbers is for security purposes. Like most online registrations, you must input a verified phone number to receive a verification code. All our virtual numbers must play it safe when you need to input your details while dealing with cryptocurrency.

Temporary numbers offer an extra layer of protection by:

Protecting Personal Information

You don’t have to worry about exposing your primary number to hackers or scammers when you use a temporary mobile number. This way, you add another layer of privacy that helps guarantee your data stays secure. You would also reduce the chances of identity theft or targeted attacks. 

Verification and Authentication

To sign up for most cryptocurrency platforms, you must verify your registration. This is another aspect where a temporary mobile number could be helpful.

Instead of using a real phone number as your primary number, which could expose your personal information, you could use a temporary mobile number. This way, you can meet the security protocols on the platform while not exposing your data.

Avoid Unwanted Communication

With a temporary phone number, only you can protect yourself from unwanted SMS, text messages, or communications. Worry less about unsolicited SMS messages, texts, or spam. This helps prevent distractions so you can focus on your initial purpose of registering.

When to use a Temporary Crypto Number

Temporary numbers are needed for various cryptocurrency-related transactions. Some common scenarios where you’ll need a temporary mobile number include:

Two-Factor Authentication to Safeguard Cryptographic Assets

It will help to utilize two-factor authentication to protect your Bitcoin assets. Adding a temporary mobile number to your 2FA setup may improve the security of your Bitcoin accounts.

The type of free number and service call provider you use will determine the performance of your temporary toll-free numbers and online phone numbers. Do proper research on the different available free numbers and service call providers. Only then should you choose the most suitable for you.

Making a Cryptographic Wallet

You may need to input your mobile number when creating a crypto wallet. Protect yourself with a temporary mobile number when meeting the wallet provider’s standards.

Transacting on Crypto Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges frequently involve communication and warnings for acts like trading, making deposits, and withdrawing money. Using a temporary mobile number, you can get crypto notifications while keeping your mobile number private and secure.

Engaging with Crypto Service Providers

Temporary numbers are better when contacting crypto service providers. These free disposable numbers allow you to maintain a line of communication without giving up your mobile number and your data connected to the phone number.

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Best Practices for Using Crypto Temporary Numbers

Changing Temporary Phone Numbers Regularly

Regularly using new temporary numbers and changing your temporary mobile number is best to maintain high security and anonymity. This ensures that your activities are not repeatedly traced to a single number.

Use a Reliable and Secure Service Provider

You must select a reputable and trustworthy free service call provider to get a temporary phone number. Please learn about the free phone verification provider, confirm their reputation, check their data privacy policies, and read customer reviews.

Stay Aware of the Validity

There is an expiration date for every temporary mobile number, and you must adhere to it and take necessary actions, such as updating contact info. Once you receive your verification code, you can do away with the number.

Validity of temp crypto number.
Validity of temp crypto number.

Watch Out for Phishing Attempts

Always be on the lookout for any phishing attempts. It is common for scammers to pose as service providers trying to trick you into giving sensitive data. Ensure to double-check emails before responding to them.

Double up on Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Although using temporary numbers and verification codes is an effective way to protect your crypto account, it will also help if you create a two-way authentication through your email or an authenticator app. This extra protection can save you from a lot of potential issues.

Do not Share Personal Information

You mustn’t disclose any information about your identity when using a temporary mobile number. Maintaining anonymity and confidentiality is the ultimate goal of utilizing quick phone numbers.

Keep a Copy of Essential Data

Note that temporary numbers have expiration dates, and the data will disappear once it expires. Ensure you save a copy of any vital data connected with the number, including your verification code. This includes all necessary correspondence concerning your transactions, recovery keys, verification code, etc.


Remember that every step counts when investing in crypto assets or making crypto transactions. You take proactive measures to safeguard your privacy and anonymity by choosing a temporary phone number. This article explains how to use temporary phone numbers for verification in the crypto sector.

Crypto enthusiasts should put security first in today’s ever-changing digital environment. Use temporary numbers for a simple and secure way to offer a safer crypto experience.

Get a temporary number to register, receive SMS with a verification code, and send SMS easily. Protect your privacy, fortify defenses, and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your crypto assets are safe from potential harm.