We help users make smarter financial decisions.

We are proud to have built the most comprehensive and trusted comparison platform in Web3 to help new users take the right crypto decisions.

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We believe understanding crypto should be easy.

Coinweb.com was founded by Sam Farao & Shawn Munir in 2023. Since then, the two co-founders have merged their experience from almost a decade in crypto to offer their users the best information about Web3 in a digestible format.

They have tested almost every product/service in the industry themselves. It was this experience that exposed them to the fact that new users struggles to understand what crypto is really about.

After scoping the internet for comparison platforms that would compare, rank, and advise users directly on the best crypto products or unbiased recommendations, the duo decided to build a solution to their own problem.

That is how Coinweb got started.

Since then, they have experienced the rise and fall of companies, products coming and going, and the usual bull & bear markets of this industry – BUT they remain committed to solve their biggest challenge yet – onboarding the next billion users to Web3.

Creating a world where understanding crypto is easy and accessible to all.

We believe in providing impactful, up-to-date information.
We pride ourselves on being a reliable and trustworthy source of crypto information.
We provide tools that help you navigate the world of digital currencies.

Building a more sustainable future

We understand the importance of educating the future.

We are donating 1% of our annual profit to building schools to ensure we do our part.

This covers the school’s construction and operations. We also provide scholarships to students who don’t have access to education.