04 Aug, 2023

6 Top Trusted Telegram Channels for Crypto Trading in 2023

best telegram signal channels


There are many trading signal providers in the market, and more than half of them are not legit. This guide provides a list of the 6 best crypto signals Telegram channels. 

  1. Learn 2 Trade Algorithms
  2. CoinCodeCap Crypto signals
  3. Wolf of Trading
  4. Binance Killers
  5. OnwardBTC
  6. Dash 2 Trade


The cryptocurrency market is erratic and highly volatile. This implies that cryptocurrency investors must constantly monitor the market to spot prospective trading opportunities. Crypto signals become essential at this point.

Despite initial regulatory difficulties, Telegram channels have developed into a natural environment for the developing Bitcoin business. One of Telegram’s most popular features is “Channels,” which enables users to broadcast messages to unlimited subscribers.

Telegram crypto signals
Telegram crypto signals.

The macro-level growth of the crypto community on the app has been made possible by this feature. Millions of Bitcoin users can use a free Telegram group to get trading signals. Experienced crypto traders monitor and create trading signal channels and determine asset prices through their fundamental and technical analyses.

Crypto signals save time and effort by giving traders access to real-time market knowledge. Based on historical performance, costs, dependability, and other factors. Discover the top 6 most prominent telegram crypto signals trading channels today.

Top 6 Best Crypto Trading Signals Channels

Nearly half of the market’s supply of crypto trading signal providers are frauds. So how can you identify the right Telegram crypto signal groups? 

For traders who want to thrive in the cryptocurrency market, picking the appropriate cryptocurrency trading signals provider is essential. In the sections below, we give in-depth evaluations of the top bitcoin trading signal providers, shedding light on key aspects that can influence your trading success.

Firstly, we have listed the top 6 best trading signal channels for cryptocurrency. Each review thoughtfully addresses precision, dependability, usability, and cost. Consequently, traders can make an informed choice thanks to this comprehensive analysis, ensuring a more targeted and effective approach to their trading strategies.

1. Learn 2 Trade Algorithms

Learn to Trade signal channel
Learn to Trade signal channel

One of the most well-known analytics platforms in the cryptocurrency sector is Learn 2 Trade. The Learn 2 Trade Algorithm, its most recent product, combines the advantages of automated bots and crypto trading signals. The algorithm was constructed with more than 1,500 lines of code.

It can also continuously monitor hundreds of crypto pairs and deploy dozens of technical indicators. The outcome is a highly sophisticated tool that continuously searches the market for profitable trading chances.

The intra-day positions are the algorithm’s primary concern. It is typical for automated trading. After subscribing, users can access the signals through a private Telegram channel.

Free Trial
  • Yes
Group Type
  • Telegram
  • £40/month

More details

Learn2trade is a Malta registered company providing comprehensive information about crypto trading, enabling users to become successful traders quickly. Learn2trade boasts a remarkable team of experts, each possessing extensive knowledge of financial markets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices.

  • Service for copy trading.

  • High profitable signals.

  • 10-minute setup with significant benefits.

  • 79% success rate.

  • Up to 40 trades per month.

  • Relatively high fees.

  • Only Telegram Is Used For Signals.

How They Operate

The first thing traders need to do is connect their Cornix account to this Telegram channel. Using an API to link Cornix to their preferred exchange would be best.

It takes only ten minutes to do the whole operation. Additionally, Learn 2 Trade will send a welcome email with instructions on how to use the bot.

Price: $40 per month


  • Experts have over 15 years of experience
  • They operate 24/7
  • 1 to 3 trade ideas weekly


  • Best offers are only available on the VIP channel

2. CoinCodeCap Crypto Signals

CoinCodeCap crypto signal telegram channel.
Crypto signal telegram channel.

CoinCodeCap Crypto has only recently begun providing crypto buy signals to the members of its telegram channel. Coinmonks, a professional crypto trader, manages the channel, providing signals based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Coinmonks are a team dedicated to ensuring a perfect understanding of cryptocurrency. They have over 7,000 published articles and guides on cryptocurrency. This channel also provides the best free crypto signals.

How They Operate 

CoinCodeCap’s technical and fundamental market analysts go into detail about the crypto market and give you the best crypto signals worth using. The administrator frequently publishes market updates on the CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel, providing all the details you need to place your order.

The provider’s NFT spot trading signals enable traders to track the hottest trending NFTs and similar items, identify the most lucrative flips, and take appropriate action. The channel aims to assist all members in developing into extremely successful traders by offering NFT trading signals.

They also help subscribers monitor real-time projects that NFT collectors and influencers are copying. CoinCodeCap chooses the appropriate NFT sets for you. All you need to do is adhere to its trade signals.

Price: Free – then $70 one-time fee.


  • They offer NFT trading signals
  • Frequent market updates


  • It is relatively new, so we can’t fully vouch for the channel.

3. Wolf of Trading

Wolf of Trading signal channel.
Wolf of Trading signal channel.

The Wolf of Trading is one of the best crypto signals telegram channels. It has over 140,000 subscribers and caters to tenacious traders looking to succeed in cryptocurrency.

It offers a cooperative community where users may share trading ideas, concepts, tactics, and experiences is how Wolf of Trading functions. Because of the better decision-making that results from this collaborative atmosphere, dealers can stay one step ahead of the competition in their crypto inner circle.

Wolf of Trading offers more than just trading signals and is the best crypto signal provider for beginners. Through thorough market analysis, the group examines recent industry events’ possible effects on short- and long-term prices.

The priceless information this channel provides helps new traders by clarifying the difficulties of making decisions in the trading world.

How They Operate

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is updated often, and these insights are synced with news events to produce intelligent trade tips. The group’s expert technical analysis includes evaluations of trading volume, support and resistance levels, and chart patterns.

Wolf of Trading’s complementary nature is one of its most prominent characteristics. Doing so removes the incentive to execute huge transactions to cover membership costs.

It allows new users to practice trading on paper until they are comfortable acting on the signals with actual investments.

Price: Free to join


  • It is perfect for beginners
  • The group is completely free


  • As it emphasizes beginners, it offers little help to trading experts.

4. Binance Killers

Binance Killers signal channel.
Signal channel for Binance Killers.

Binance Killers started its Telegram channel, providing signal services mainly focusing on Binance listings, hence its name, “Binance Killers.” But you can’t blame them; Binance is, after all, the world’s largest crypto exchange, and why is that? Because it has made a fortune for people who know how to use it.

Growing to over 200,000 members this year, it offers buy and sell signals for tokens on many popular crypto exchanges. But it still was able to make a name.

How They Operate

This crypto signals business provides both free crypto signals service and paid group crypto signals telegram channels, with the latter frequently having flash sales and discount specials for users to join affordably.

Price: Starts from 0.06 BTC per month.


  • Great customer support
  • Provides significant mid and long-term trading signals
  • Offers both a free and paid version


  • They only accept Bitcoin payments from paid members

5. OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC Telegram channel
OnwardBTC Telegram channel.

Whether users are experienced traders or novices, the site offers crypto signals to everyone. OnwardBTC and Bybit collaborated to provide you with a month of free cryptocurrency alerts.

The platform’s signals are all supported by technical analysis. Additionally, OnwardBTC offers a variety of cryptocurrency trading bots that operate continuously. They also allow their subscribers to view their performance sheets.

How They Operate?

OnwardBTC runs Telegram channels for cryptocurrency traders. All channels allow you to automate your trades using the Cronix bot.

The OnwardBTC team specializes in leverage trading strategy and has partnered with Arya Signals. Additionally, you can communicate with the experts via their exclusive Telegram group.

Price: Starts from $19.5 per month.


  • You can sign up for Bybit and start with a one-month free subscription.
  • The subscription comes with a short and long-term DCA bot.


6. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade crypto signal channel
Dash 2 Trade crypto signal channel

The new platform Dash 2 Trade provides professional traders with advanced Bitcoin analytics. Investors can use this signal provider and its extensive toolkit to find cryptocurrency opportunities. Available tools include on-1chain analysis, market metrics, social sentiment analytics, crypto signals, and more are included in this.

Dash 2 Trade creates quality signals using technical indicators such as moving averages, support and resistance levels, asset price correlation, and volume outliers.

The signals include advice on which cryptocurrency pair to trade, entry price, and take-profit/stop-loss levels. Dash 2 Trade additionally enables users to automate transactions based on the alerts. 

How They Operate?

Investors can access the auto-trader feature by establishing an API link between their cryptocurrency exchange account and Dash 2 Trade. The signals will then be carried out automatically after traders have customized the bot to their liking.

Users of Dash 2 Trade can even design and backtest custom auto-trading methods. The platform accepts D2T, its native digital token, as payment. Dash 2 Trade’s presale occurred in late 2022 and raised over $15 million. 

Price: The channel offers members a $16 and $40 monthly package.


  • It offers an auto-trader tool.
  • It has its native token.
  • You can customize your bot.


  • No free channel.

What are Crypto Trading Signals?

A trader may need many years to grasp the cryptocurrency market’s intricacies fully. As a result, there are crypto trading signals that show you when to enter and exit the market. Crypto signals providers offer paid and free signals to experienced traders.

Seasoned cryptocurrency traders develop signals and offer entry, exit, and stop-loss points for a certain asset. Technical analysis provides the foundation for the majority of these trading signals.

How do Crypto Trading Signals Work?

Crypto signals are often generated via automated trading systems. These systems leverage algorithms and artificial intelligence to run technical analyses on market data and produce signals in real time. 

Once the signal is generated, it will be sent to users through different communication channels. It could be via email, SMS, or messaging apps like Telegram.

Here is an example of how paid crypto signals might look:

  • Pair: BTC/USD
  • Entry Price: $50,000
  • Stop-Loss: $48,500
  • Take-Profit: $55,500
  • Risk-Reward: 1:3

Some service providers also explain the logic behind their cryptocurrency signals. Professional traders might get multiple signals and execute trades based on paid crypto signals or the suggested moves after receiving the signal.

To reduce risk, traders should also implement stop-loss and take-profit methods. This eliminates the need for ongoing market analysis and surveillance.

What makes Telegram great for signals? 

Telegram messenger.

The Telegram app provides alerts for the top crypto signals. The reason is Telegram’s capacity to manage massive channels with thousands of subscribers. As a result, crypto signal providers can quickly spread their signals to a vast audience.

For instance, Learn 2 Trade has over 70k members in its automated trading bot and community. Over 26k people are a part of just its free crypto signals telegram groups.

Additionally, Telegram connects with Cornix and other computerized trade platforms. This way, Telegram’s crypto signals can be directly executed without manual intervention via cryptocurrency exchanges.

Telegram is renowned for its security capabilities. It utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect messages. This implies that the sender and the recipient can only access the material. Protecting sensitive information about crypto trading requires this level of security.

Additionally, a free Telegram channel is easy to set up and utilize. Desktops, tablets, and mobile devices all support Telegram. To top it all, Telegram makes it easy for traders to get indications and execute transactions from any location.


Access to high-quality crypto signal providers can give traders a significant advantage in the crypto industry. However, it can be pretty challenging to select the best crypto trading signals, considering the number of basic signals providers in the crypto market now.

Choosing wisely to avoid extreme loss when trading crypto on a free channel would be best. Take your time when deciding on the telegram channel to subscribe to. Ensure to weigh your options and choose the one that best suits you.