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Best Crypto Card for 2024: Compare the Best Cards

Discover the top crypto cards and compare providers to find the ideal solution for your digital currency spending needs.

Crypto Card
Best in class
  • Yes
  • 0.9%
Cash back
  • Up to 8%

More details

The Binance Card is an excellent choice with up to 8% cashback. It is a Visa card for online payments, allowing you to make purchases and withdraw money or cash from ATMs. The Binance Card currently supports 14 cryptocurrencies for spending. No issuance or monthly cost and only a 0.9% crypto conversion charge for withdrawals or purchases!

  • It may be used all around the world.

  • Low processing fees.

  • High withdrawal limits.

  • Cheap transaction costs globally.

  • Cashback in BNB up to 8%.

  • Not available in the United States.

  • Supports only a limited number of cryptocurrencies.

  • Slow customer support.

  • Yes
  • $2.50 – $3.50
Cash back
  • 0.8%

More details

Uphold partnership with Mastercard allows users to use the card for online and in-store purchases. Uphold offers a highly secured payment process, an excellent user interface and experience, and good cashback payment rewards. The significant drawbacks to this card are its geographical limitation to U.S. and U.K. and the poor customer support.

  • Supports over 250 assets.

  • They are accepted almost everywhere in the world.

  • Transparent fee structure.

  • Easy user interface and excellent user experience.

  • Cashback rewards on every payment.

  • High spread fees.

  • Relative new product.

  • Poor customer service.

  • Yes
  • N/A
Cash back
  • 2%

More details

The Nexo card is a unique crypto-backed credit card that lets you access loans without selling your crypto. The card is free to order and gives you up to a 2% cashback reward on purchases made with the card, and the loan has no minimum monthly repayments.

  • Instant loans for users.

  • Multiple earning opportunities.

  • Tax relief.

  • Highly secured transactions

  • Partnership with Mastercard

  • Only available for Nexo users.

  • Geographical limitation.

  • Yes
  • 0%
Cash back
  • 1%

More details

Gate Group, has introduced the launch of a Visa Debit card for residents and citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA). The card converts crypto to fiat and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including online and in-store worldwide. With no annual or transaction fee and free delivery, it is in demand with a waitlist for early adopters.

  • No annual or transaction fees.

  • Has associated card App.

  • Bridges crypto industry and financial institutions.

  • Poor customer support.

  • Limited geographical availability.

  • Yes
  • 1,5% – 2,5%
Cash back
  • 1% fiat, 2% crypto

More details

Revolut, a virtual bank with millions of users, issues cards supporting over 35 currencies. The card allows fee-free global withdrawals and provides free medical and travel insurance. There are three digital card types: Revolut Standard, Premium, and Metal, each offering distinct advantages. A notable downside is that customer support is only accessible via chat.

  • Free ATM withdrawals.

  • Fast and easy top up.

  • Travel and medical insurance.

  • Easy in-app crypto conversion.

  • Premium subscription options.

  • Poor customer support.

  • Rigid monthly limits.

  • Customer accounts can be frozen.

  • Yes
  • 3% + 2.49%
Cash back
  • 4%

More details

The Coinbase Card seamlessly integrates the crypto economy into our everyday transactions. Unlike typical Visa debit cards, it promotes zero transaction fees and an annual fee, providing the most cost-effective way to use your crypto. We recommend it as an ideal entry point for newcomers hesitant about volatile coins.

  • $0 annual fee.

  • Earn crypto back on every purchase.

  • Used everywhere Visa is accepted.

  • No ATM fees.

  • No credit check is required.

  • Monthly spending limits apply.

  • Tax implications.

  • Requires Coinbase account for eligibility.

  • No bonus spending categories.

  • Yes
  • 0%
Cash back
  • 5%

More details

The Visa Card is a popular cryptocurrency-backed card, funded from a crypto wallet or via PayPal. It can be ordered and delivered without fees and is accepted at over 40 million merchant stores and 2.5 million Visa ATMs worldwide. Cardholders can earn 5% cashback on transactions by staking Cronos.

  • Cashback crypto rewards.

  • No monthly or annual fees.

  • Easy card management.

  • Flexibility in funding.

  • Free ATM withdrawals.

  • Varied card tier privileges.

  • Low Monthly cash back limits.

Tradable Coins
  • 95+
Payment Options
  • +
  • 0.05%

More details

Bitpanda, a European crypto broker, provides a range of assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and commodities. It offers a user-friendly interface, low fees, and a crypto index fund to facilitate accessible investments. However, since January 2020, Bitpanda enforced KYC and restricts its services to European residents.

  • Crypto index fund.

  • Supports stocks and commodities trading.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Low trading fees.

  • Bitpanda Visa card.

  • Not available in the U.S.

  • Crypto deposit fees.

  • Limited crypto range on Bitpanda Pro.

  • Yes
  • $10 or 3%
Cash back
  • 1% – 3%

More details

The Gemini Credit Card simplifies earning cryptocurrency rewards from everyday purchases, covering over 40+ currencies. While quite attractive, its rewards rates lack competitiveness, and credit card rewards have downsides compared to other options. Explore our detailed review for more insights.

  • Worldwide spending flexibility.

  • Diverse cryptocurrency support.

  • Customizable card limits.

  • 1-3% crypto cashback rewards.

  • Rewards in more than 60 crypto.

  • No welcome bonus.

  • No intro APR.

  • Lack of benefits.


A crypto debit/credit card connects a payment processing company with a crypto wallet. These cards let people transact at any vendor that accepts debit/credit cards using funds in your crypto wallet.

The rewards system is the same as other rewards credit cards on the market: you’re rewarded as you spend on the card. However, in this case, you’re given cryptocurrency for your purchases.

Crypto cards are convenient for paying with cryptocurrency without converting it into fiats, like the US dollar or Chinese yuan. All you need is funds in your designated crypto wallet, and you can make purchases anywhere – no additional steps are required.

While choosing a particular crypto bitcoin debit card/credit card, one should consider factors such as supported currencies, conversion time of crypto, virtual card availability, foreign transaction fees, annual fees, and staking requirements. This will help you choose the best crypto debit cards/credit cards that suit your needs.


Overview of crypto credit and debit cards

Crypto debit and credit cards are allowing people to make secure financial transactions. These cards require users to “load” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Dash into their exchange wallet. From there, they can spend crypto in stores like a more traditional credit or debit card.


As more merchants adopt cryptocurrency as payment globally, these new cards provide greater freedom for users looking to shop worldwide without any currency conversion charges or complicated foreign exchange fee rates. With no need to carry loose cash or wait for international deposits, crypto credit cards make managing finances easier.

Importance of crypto cards

Crypto credit and debit cards are quickly becoming the go-to method for using cryptocurrencies for daily purchases. These cards allow users to seamlessly transition between digital wallets while enjoying all the benefits of conventional payment systems.

You no longer need to fumble around trying to figure out which wallet is best suited for each transaction – now, everything can be handled through any crypto credit and debit card.

With these cards, users can purchase goods and services directly from merchants who accept fiat currency anywhere a visa is received and has a bank terminal. You can also use it for online shopping, as it is the same concept.

By making crypto transactions effortless, cryptocurrency credit and debit cards are introducing a new generation of customers to the industry, which will aid in initiating the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

How do crypto credit and debit cards work

Crypto debit cards work like regular bank payment cards, giving you all the same features! You can use a physical crypto card on any purchase you typically pay with cash or traditional debit cards/credit cards.

How earn rewards work in crypto card
How do they work?

By partnering up with well-known payment processors like Visa and MasterCard, these cards are now widely accepted anywhere shoppers typically pay. Crypto cards are handy, primarily due to the ability to cash withdrawals at ATMs that accept cryptocurrency. This renders them a very viable payment alternative.

With them, you can shop online and offline with any store that does not accept cryptocurrency; plus, some of these cards offer exclusive rewards when using traditional currency at certain stores.

Crypto card reward system

As a cardholder, you can use your card how you usually would, but with each purchase, you will earn instant rewards in the form of discounts or loyalty points with real-world value. Depending on the crypto card, this will compound into purchases and give you a 2-5% kickback.

Crypto cards are a great way to earn cryptocurrency, making them an attractive proposition for potential newcomers to crypto. However, it is good to consider all available options before selecting the right card for your needs, as every card will have its process of awarding and managing cryptocurrency payments.

Security measures

Users are assigned combinations of PINs, passwords, and mnemonic phrases to access their wallets safely. Advanced encryption techniques are employed to safeguard your data against any external threat.

security measures for best crypto credit cards

The payment gateway provides many added security layers to protect users from threats, such as IP address checks, identity confirmation protocols, and anti-phishing measures.

Thus, the cryptocurrency Visa debit card is particularly popular with those concerned about exposing their data to malicious hackers or scammers.

Types of Crypto Cards

Crypto card for institutional crypto investors

Crypto cards crafted for the experienced investor grant institutional investors significantly higher daily and monthly transaction limits than their retail counterparts.

Investment-wise, these cards are a must for any company or investor who seeks the comfort of uncomplicated transactions without worrying about whether merchants accept payments in their preferred cryptocurrency. Investors who prioritize convenience when spending their money find these cards immensely helpful.

Crypto visa debit card for institutional investors
Institutional investors.


  1. Use the app to quickly send transaction receipts and spending summaries and get instant notifications for each purchase.
  2. Secure your cryptocurrency with instantaneous card freezing, two-step verification for maximum protection, and PIN locking or contactless withdrawal methods.
  3. Convert all your cryptocurrencies seamlessly into fiat currencies simply and quickly, making it simpler to pay merchants or withdraw cash from ATMs.


  1. Many of the card tiers on these cards charge monthly or annual fees.
  2. Lack of rewards and perks for beginner traders.

Crypto card for retail investors

Cards designed for retail investors are made to maximize their digital assets with rewards! Furthermore, they can access an APY on stablecoins in their wallet account. This allows users to take advantage of this opportunity.

It’s considered a sound way to earn passive income and maximize the return on crypto holdings. With easy access features, such as payment methods and tracking options, crypto holders can quickly see the return on their investments.

best crypto debit cards for retail investors
Retail investors.


  1. Get up to a 3.5% rewards rate within 4-6 months after owning this physical card.
  2. Get additional interest and bonuses in referring friends and family members.
  3. Equipped with optimum safety precautions to ensure the utmost security, such as 3D Secure, SMS code validation, secret phrase recognition, 2-factor authentication technologies, Touch ID confirmation, and a convenient instant lock/unlock feature.


  1. There is a high risk of volatility for getting long-term holding rewards.
  2. High staking requirements for a top card tier.

Crypto Card for merchants and regular shoppers

Crypto cards are the ideal solution for merchants and consumers seeking an effortless way to convert crypto into fiat and spend it. With these cards, individuals can quickly purchase goods using their crypto while receiving rewards.

Since the card automatically converts all crypto into US dollars or other local currencies, you don’t have to worry about finding an exchange that’ll give you a good rate! These cards can also be topped up with fiat, adding more flexibility.

Best crypto debit card for regular shoppers


  1. Provide worldwide accessibility and withdrawal of cash in over 200 nations
  2. Allows you to shop online at 42 million retailers.
  3. Give pay merchants, stores, or ATMs with crypto conveniently.
  4. Provide up to 2% cash back on purchases with the card. Mostly, cashback is paid in BTC or the platform’s native token that can be converted to any crypto.


  1. You might have to pay capital gains tax if you spend crypto.
  2. Complex rewards system and credit limit based on deposits.

Crypto Card for regular crypto-fiat spenders

Crypto cards are the perfect option for anyone who regularly spends on cryptocurrencies. It allows them to quickly make payments in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and other major cryptos at stores worldwide. These cards are accepted wherever Visa card or Mastercard payments are allowed.

With advancements in merchants, consumers have better opportunities and more efficient ways to pay for goods and services. In addition to providing secure payment options, these cards facilitate faster adoption of cryptocurrency card payments into mainstream markets.

crypto assets of regular crypt-fiat spenders
Regular spender.


  1. Give alerts and offer transactional history tracking.
  2. Card user safety, including two-factor authentication technology, lock/unlock capabilities, and in-app notifications that will alert you to suspicious activity.
  3. It has a mobile app where users can track expenses in real time, generate monthly reports, and plan future expenditures!


  1. Cards are not shipped globally.
  2. Cards with better perks require more money spent.

Crypto Card for loans

Crypto cards for loans offer more flexibility than traditional loan services. For example, they allow you to take out crypto loans of up to $ 2 million using your crypto holdings as collateral. Additionally, instead of paying off a loan interest in fiat, they permit loan payments with crypto.

This opens up optionality and flexibility in ways that weren’t possible before and helped legitimize digital currencies even further. Crypto cards for loans can thus prove to be a game changer in the personal finance space.

crypto loan for savings account


  1. Android and iOS applications for getting a loan, passing KYC, and depositing crypto to the wallet are essential for getting loans.
  2. Virtual cards for secure online usage at digital marketplaces.
  3. Offer loan interest payments in both crypto and fiat currencies.
  4. With no application fees, borrowing money is simple and stress-free.
  5. No credit score assessments are necessary to acquire eligibility.
  6. Lower APR when you make on-time payments of the minimum due.


  1. To qualify for a loan, complete Know Your Customer verification.
  2. It only supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Card with instant rewards

Crypto cards with swift rewards are ideal for those who want to save money. With instantaneous returns, even the tiniest transactions can be a source of gratification – making you get more out of your purchases!

Not only do they provide you with potential rewards, but most give new users offers of up to 3.5% cashback during their first 90 days of use. Now, you can benefit from crypto card’s instant rewards while exploring their different features and finding which ones best suit your spending habits.

crypto cashback rewards


  1. Cashback rewards on purchases and spending with the card.
  2. Higher reward offerings to beginner traders.
  3. Allow more than $1000 daily ATM withdrawals and up to $2500 debit/credit card top-up.
  4. Offer friend referral commissions when they deposit funds in their accounts.


  1. The number of cryptocurrencies supported is usually minimal.
  2. Most cards charge high foreign exchange fees for crypto and fiat.

Crypto Card for altcoins

Crypto cards are the perfect solution for altcoins with a strong, diverse portfolio. Offering support of over 50 different cryptocurrencies and many national currencies, these debit/credit cards allow users to take full advantage of their varied investments.

Utilizing these cards, you can spend crypto directly from your wallet at lightning-fast speeds while ensuring security. Furthermore, the service allows for various global transactions and provides currency conversion services with full access to your credit line.

Crypto cashback rewards for altcoiners

Cryptocurrency cards are rapidly gaining attention due to their numerous advantages, prompting altcoins to snap them up and tap into a hugely valuable investment space.


  1. Offer multiple cryptocurrency options for people having diverse investment portfolios.
  2. By converting crypto to local currency immediately at merchant stores and ATMs, save up to 3% on overseas transactions.
  3. Different staking levels earn you different Bitcoin rewards and other benefits.
  4. Mobile apps allow you to control the card, for example, by freezing and setting notifications for all transactions. Change pin and ATM if needed.


  1. Low limits for fee-free ATM withdrawals on the lower tier cards.
  2. There might be a fee if you do not use the card for a specific amount of monthly crypto purchases.

Crypto Card with little or no fee

Not having to pay an annual fee or exchange rate commissions close to 0% for transactions abroad makes these cards incredibly desirable. They can help save money and give you all the benefits of carrying one. These cards work similarly to traditional credit or debit cards, but without someone taking money from you for every transaction.

Not only do crypto cards save users money on every transaction, but many also offer cashback rewards. This makes budgeting and managing expenses effortless while allowing you to earn rewards as you shop. With a crypto card, making payments has never been easier or more cost-effective – any fees or hidden costs allowed.

best crypto cards with little or no fee
Less fee.


  1. There are no exchange fees when converting crypto to fiat for transactions and no maintenance charges.
  2. No credit check when applying to earn crypto rewards debit or crypto rewards credit card.
  3. Avoid needing a different currency exchange to buy/sell; you may even avoid purchase commissions.


  1. Higher foreign transaction fees and ATM withdrawal fees are associated with them.
  2. Mostly available in Europe and the USA.

Choosing a crypto credit and debit cards

Factors to consider when choosing crypto credit and debit cards:

Supported currencies

When choosing a crypto credit or debit card, it is essential to determine which kinds of cryptocurrencies the particular card supports. Some cards only work with selective currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, two significant cryptocurrencies many people know. Other cards may support more types of digital currencies, such as Litecoin or other altcoins.

supported currencies
Different currencies.

Confirming what coins the card you want to purchase works with before proceeding is important. Not checking this detail can lead to frustration after investing in an unusable tool. Researching which coins are supported can save you both time and money.

Time of conversion

For some cards, when you load cryptocurrency onto the card, it automatically converts to fiat; for others, the conversion happens when the purchase occurs. Which you opt for depends on your expected outcomes: Do you think your crypto’s value will go down soon, then automatically converting it might be a wise decision financially?

But if you think it’ll eventually increase in value and grow over time, waiting until purchase may work best. Ultimately this will determine what type of card fits your needs.

Availability of virtual cards

Virtual cards provide unparalleled convenience in online transactions and can help reduce payment card fraud, making them an invaluable tool for those who frequently conduct business online.

Furthermore, opting for a provider offering virtual crypto credit card options can also remove the hassle of managing a physical card in your wallet and the worry of losing or having it stolen. Getting your hands on a virtual card is one of the best and most important factors to consider when selecting the best crypto debit card provider.

Staking requirements

By staking your cryptocurrency, you entrust a provider to secure and hold onto your crypto assets to gain lucrative benefits such as interest or credit card rewards. Don’t let falling prices get the best of you – use Bitcoin rewards from staked crypto funds now for future financial success!

staking with crypto

The cryptocurrency needed to stake may vary significantly depending on your chosen card. Hence, weighing the benefits of different providers before settling on one. It is essential that by selecting a crypto debit or credit card with adequate staking requirements and other features, users can access easy online payments and use their crypto assets more broadly than ever.


Selecting the proper and best crypto credit card or debit card is an important decision, as it can cost you more than initially predicted if monthly fees and other expenses are not considered.

Prioritize annual and trading fees when choosing a crypto card to guarantee that your budget remains in check while taking advantage of all the benefits of cryptocurrency.

When researching the best crypto credit cards or crypto debit cards for your needs, you must consider both types of fees associated with each card type. Transaction and annual fees can vary significantly between different cards, so taking a few extra minutes now to identify those offering lower costs in the long term could save you considerable amounts over time.

Must support additional payment methods

When searching for a cryptocurrency card issuer, search for one that offers multiple payment options like E-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank account transfers. Popular e-wallet services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Banxa, and Simplex are usually supported by these types of companies – so if you want an all-purpose card from a card issuer, bear this in mind. Ensure you check out the details before signing up.

supported cryptocurrencies
Supported currencies.

Other factors

Apart from these critical evaluations, you must look beyond the currencies they accept and assess each option’s incentives. Analyzing such beneficial bonuses will help maximize your purchase, as rewards or cashback deals can add more value.

Additionally, understanding the spending limits and regulations attached to most crypto debit cards will prevent any issues of declined payments once you’ve got a card in hand.

Leveraging the immense opportunities afforded by cryptocurrency, we must ensure our long-term investments are maximized. To this end, selecting a crypto credit card should be an informed decision based on thoroughly considering all available options.


As blockchain technology advances, the potential for crypto credit and debit cards is boundless, introducing innovative features that make it simpler for people to access their digital funds; the potential of blockchain technology crypto credit/debit cards is limitless. This will change how we transact with our cryptocurrencies in more places than ever!

Crypto card providers have provided a way to purchase goods and services with crypto, boosting merchants’ acceptance of crypto as a legitimate form of payment. Accessing crypto balance is easier than ever, making traditional banking products more desirable to customers.

As regulators worldwide become more stringent, this technology presents an optimistic future. It lessens expenses for retailers & purchasers alike while safeguarding customers from unreliable fiat currencies and keeping personal financial data confidential.

This new technology unlocks a world of possibilities, and the outlook for these cards looks incredibly promising as they continue to grow within the cryptocurrency space.

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