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Best Crypto Leverage Trading Platform 2024: High Risk = High Reward!

Looking for the best crypto leverage exchange to maximise your profits? Check out our top picks for margin trading made easy.

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Crypto Leverage Trading Platform

Tradable Coins
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Payment Options
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Bybit is a leading futures trading platform globally, offering up to 100x leverage and attracting users who prefer to remain anonymous. With a presence in 180+ countries, it is renowned for its efficiency and unique features in cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

  • The platform offers up to 100x leverage trading.

  • Strong educational resources.

  • Diverse markets for traders, spot, perp, and futures.

  • Risk-free demo accounts to explore all key features.

  • TradingView integration.

  • The platform is difficult for beginners to navigate.

  • It does not offer a quality spot trading feature.

  • The NFT marketplace is limited in terms of options.

  • Security is of the gold industry standard.

Most Used
Tradable Coins
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Payment Options
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  • 0.1 – 0.5%

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Binance is a great combination of low fees, deep liquidity and multiple cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. We have tested every aspect of it and it STILL holds its reign as the top exchange in the world. In our view, it is the perfect crypto exchange for both newbies and advanced traders alike.

  • Biggest exchange in the world.

  • Industry's lowest trading fees.

  • Advance trading options like leverage trading.

  • 600+ crypto options, 150+ for the US.

  • Lucrative on-site staking options.

  • Hiccups in account verification.

  • Less regulated than some competitors.

  • The corporate structure is not transparently.

Tradable Coins
  • 100+
Payment Options
  • +1
  • 0.01 – 0.2 %

More details

CoinW is fast becoming a popular crypto exchange platform among traders. The exchange is available in over 3 continents and 120 countries. It also supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. It has zero fees for spot trading and charges 0.02% as a maker and taker fee for futures trading.

  • Zero spot trading fees.

  • Futures trading & ETF.

  • Huge global presence.

  • High security.

  • Low trading pairs.

  • Poor customer service.

  • 500x
Sign up
  • Free
Tradable coins
  • 60+

More details

StormGain is an all-in-one online crypto trading platform. It allows traders to trade and mine cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Other than that, it offers high-leverage trading, a demo account, trading signals, integrated crypto exchange, wallets, and many more. Also, it has zero commissions. These features from StormGain will benefit traders to earn a higher income efficiently.

  • Mine cryptocurrency without needing equipment.

  • 50k USDT demo account for practice.

  • Low trading fees.

  • Provides high leverage for traders.

  • Faces high leverage risk.

  • Limited support of trading pairs.

Tradable Coins
  • 1400+
Payment Options
  • +2
  • 0.2%

More details is a top centralized crypto exchange with decentralized features. Supporting 1400+ cryptocurrencies worldwide, its 0.2% trading fee appeals to experienced traders. has a utility token (GT) that can get massive discounts as high as 75% on trading fees.

  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies.

  • Advanced trading tools.

  • Mobile app available.

  • Low trading fees.

  • Complex interface.

  • High deposit fees.

Tradable Coins
  • ERC-20 tokens
  • 0.1%
  • AMM

More details

Kine Protocol revolutionizes digital asset trading by enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions at low fees. It prioritizes user security and privacy, ensuring secure storage and blockchain transactions' encryption. No matter your experience level, you can access and navigate through the platform seamlessly.

  • Decentralized trading.

  • User-Friendly interface.

  • Low trading and gas fees.

  • Cross-chain trading option.

  • Open-Source protocol.

  • Lacks margin trading.

  • Not suitable for early DEX users.

  • Limited liquidity features.

Tradable Coins
  • 20+
  • 0.1%
  • AMM

More details

Covo Finance exchange is a new exchange that focuses on spot and leverage trading. It supports about 20 markets, including crypto, forex, and metals. It charges 0.1% as trading fees. Users who hold a Covo utility token can get more benefits from the exchange through staking.

  • Low fees.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Personalized trading options.

  • No central customer support.

Tradable Coins
  • 500+
Payment Options
  • 0.02% – 0.1%

More details

Bitget, the crypto exchange platform, provides low transaction fees, eliminates the need for third parties, and offers copy trading features. With it, you have complete control over your account and benefit from robust security measures. The copy trading function on the Bitget platform simplifies everything for users.

  • Lowest trading fees.

  • No buying fees.

  • Advanced copy trading.

  • Diverse crypto support.

  • Savings can be improved.

  • Unresponsive customer support.

  • Limited withdrawal options.


The basics of Bitcoin margin trading allow traders to access improved buying power and open positions larger than their actual account balance. This is a strategy for traders trader to gain more exposure faster.

Before jumping into cryptocurrency exchanges for margin trading, consider factors like trading interface, customizable charting, trade calculator, fees, liquidity, fiat exchange, and more.

You’ll need the best crypto margin trading platform to maximize your profits with leverage trading. Don’t worry; our experts have already researched for you.


The crypto space is now witnessing an increasing demand for crypto trading exchanges that offer leverage, futures, derivatives, and margin trading.

Today, experienced traders perceive these exchanges as advanced trading platforms where they can control a significant position size to boost profits with borrowed money from exchanges.

If you’re reading this article, you will find options for the best margin trading bitcoin platforms, where you take leverage to increase your trading amount and boost profits.

In this comparison, you’ll encounter various crypto margin trading exchanges. You’ll also learn crypto margin trading, how it works, and how to choose the best platform.

So, let’s start.

Overview of Crypto Margin Trading

Overview of Crypto Margin Trading
What is Margin and Leverage?

To ensure our readers understand, we define margin trading as the same as leverage trading. Don’t be confused when we use Margin and Leverage in the same context. Now we have the definition out of the way, let’s see what these margin/leverage trading platforms allow users to do.

In short, these crypto trading platforms allow traders to borrow funds or capital from crypto exchanges against their existing crypto assets to multiply their exposure and potential profit.

For instance, if you hold possession of 1 BTC, you can borrow 9 BTC from the crypto margin trading exchange to open a position with 10 BTC instead of 1 BTC to trade for. This is a 1:10 leverage ratio.

While some exchanges support 200x leverage, permitting traders to open a position 200 times the value of their initial deposit, others limit the leverage to 20x, 50x, or 100x.

Understanding margin trading exchange
Advanced Traders.

However, staying on the other end of the margin trade crypto can result in heavy losses. That is why this trading strategy is for advanced traders. Thus, choosing the best crypto margin trading exchanges is crucial for all traders.

How Does Crypto Margin Trading Work?

How Does a Crypto Margin Trading Work?
How it works.

Let’s look at margin trading in more detail.

Crypto margin trading uses borrowed funds to pay for a trade. They differ from normal spot trading since margin trading allows the trader to open a bigger position without paying the total amount from their pocket.

As the borrowed funds are available to trade, margin trading is also called leverage since you leverage the amount you are trading.

Margin trading was a common trading strategy in conventional derivative markets. In recent times, not only in the US, bitcoin margin trading has become popular globally. Today, cryptocurrency has adopted these trading strategies for all experienced traders.

Are you still confused? Let’s get a better understanding with the help of an example.

Margin trading example
Leverage trading example.

Margin Trading Profit Example

For this example, let’s say you will trade for $1000. You wish to margin trade bitcoin via a 100x leverage, which gives a 1:100 ratio, meaning you open a trade worth $100,000.

Now imagine the price of bitcoin increases by 5%. As a result, the profit gained from that trade would be worth $5,000 (as we assumed your initial investment was $1000 with 100x leverage).

It is the profit a trader with $100,000 in their trading account would gain from a trading position with no leverage. Without leverage, you would have gained $50 on your $1000.

Facing loss is another possibility
Profit Example.

Margin Trading Loss Example

However, the risk of loss is as massive as the gains. Conversely, if the market turns on you, you can lose all your money, even the $ 1,000 in your trading account. Let’s find out what happens when things go wrong or on the flip side.

For example, if we use the same scenario where you opened a $100,000 position with $ 1,000 using 100x leverage, your trade can be liquidated if the price moves unfavorably by only 1%. This is because 1% of $100,000 is $1000. Thus, they will take all your $1000, leaving you no money.

The leveraged positions here are liquidated before the price falls, saving the lender’s contribution. Liquidation is selling off loaned assets to repay creditors, for example, the exchange.

To conclude, if the markets are in your favor, you’ll witness an increase in your profit according to your leveraged positions. If the crypto market does not favor your positions, you’ll face immense losses.

Types of Crypto Margin Trading Platforms

Learn about the various crypto margin trading platforms in this section.

Advanced Crypto Margin Trading Platform

Advanced Crypto Margin Trading Platform
Advanced Platform.

If you’re a seasoned margin or leverage trader, this is one of the best types of crypto leverage trading platforms for you. From technical indicators to customizable charts, you can find a lot of advanced trading tools on these platforms.

The best part about this platform type is that you won’t have to worry about liquidity anymore. That’s because these platforms produce and offer huge trading volume to all.

However, take note that some of these exchanges are unregulated. So, you can’t always expect fiat currency compatibility from those exchanges. An alternative solution is to choose an advanced crypto margin trading platform that offers third-party access to fiat payment portals.

From plenty of cryptocurrencies to perpetual contracts, these platforms support them all. While some of these exchanges can charge high commission fees, others may charge low fees if traders have higher trading volumes.

Cryptocurrency traders can place short or long positions by trading various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. These exchanges also come with a stop-loss order tool to prevent unwanted loss.

However, it would be best if you were careful about one thing – the platform’s trading engine. In the past, many margin traders have experienced liquidation due to glitch engines. The exchange itself will sometimes liquidate trades to reset.

Pros of Advanced Crypto Margin Trading Platform

Why Use an Advanced Crypto Margin Trading Platform
The pros.

Variety of Contracts

These platforms usually offer a range of unique contracts, including perpetual contracts (Ethereum and Bitcoin), traditional futures contracts (for Tron, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin), and more.

High Leverage

These platforms are well-known for offering high leverage. It means you never have to worry about funds, and you’ll enjoy maximizing profits. You can enjoy up to 100x leverage on margin trade perpetual contracts.

Margin Trading Bots

The platform’s built-in bot enables trade more quickly and for shorter periods, which helps them keep up with the volatile cryptocurrency markets. They can be lucrative based on the market situation and traders’ trading strategies. 

Cons of Advanced Crypto Margin Trading Platform

Downside of using such a platform
The cons.

Not For Beginners

This platform type isn’t suitable for any novice or beginner margin trader. These platforms are only designed for traders with minimal knowledge of conventional futures and options to let them kickstart margin trades in a safe trading space.

Altcoin Margin Trading Platform

Altcoin Margin Trading Platform
Alternative coins.

Altcoin margin trading crypto platforms allow crypto holders exclusive access to trade different altcoins, in addition to lucrative perks like low maintenance fees, high leverage, etc. Margin traders can use such platforms to leverage up to 10x or 50x while accessing hundreds of altcoins.

These platforms are well-known for offering margin-focused trading promos, which enable traders to earn perks or rewards. This is it if you’re looking for a platform with many margin trading pairs.

They give you plenty of opportunities to earn interest or dividends from your crypto assets. Many of these platforms offer up to 10 or even 100x leverage to long or short any speculation on a crypto margin pair.

You can find hundreds of margin pairs and USDT, USDC, ETH, and BTC as base collateral currencies. These benefits traders seek flexibility to alternate from one pair to another to look for the best crypto margin trading opportunity.

These platforms allow access to various futures markets where intermediate trading becomes simple. Like any other type of margin trading platform, this also comes with perpetual contracts without expiration dates.

These platforms usually offer all users a seamless crypto margin trading experience, especially beginners who want to enter short or long positions on digital assets.

These platforms offer crypto bots, which you can easily apply for futures contracts. These built-in trading solutions enable you to automate a crypto trading strategy with a margin.

Many Altcoin margin trading platforms come with a taker/maker model with competitive and low fees. Likewise, you can also benefit from the low trading fee discount on futures trading.

Pros of Altcoin Margin Trading Platform

Why Use a Altcoin Margin Trading Platform

Wide Range of Markets

Altcoin margin trading platforms have become the preferred choice of millions of traders due to their wide range of markets, including staking rewards, zero-free crypto swaps, leveraged tokens, margin trading, spot exchange, crypto lending services, and futures markets.

Advanced Charting

These platforms come with built-in charting tools that assist in evaluating trends, discovering developing patterns, and interpreting stock market information.

Charting tools help speculators with technical analysis, aiming to forecast market behavior using historical and current data.

Grid Bots

This type of trading assistant helps you implement the Grid Trading Method. You can use it to make several buy and sell contracts within a specified price range.

Cons of Altcoin Margin Trading Platform

Downside of Using a Altcoin Margin Trading Platform
Grid Bots.

Low Liquidity & Trading Volume

Altcoin margin trading platforms often come with low liquidity and trading volume. This implies that the price a buyer is willing to pay per share may differ significantly from the price a seller will take.

Futures Margin Trading Platform

Futures Margin Trading Platform

This type of derivatives trading exchange is explicitly designed for traders who want to use futures trading. Most margin trading platforms allow traders to execute spot trading of their digital assets with borrowed money.

However, the futures margin trading platforms let you borrow funds to forecast future price movements in the crypto trading space.

Forecasting price movements

It implies that traders don’t hold possession of the underlying asset. However, this platform type can incur a regular fee for your open futures trading positions.

Unlike spot trading options on any typical platform with crypto trading pairs, future margin trading platforms only offer futures contracts.

Meanwhile, futures margin trading platforms are considered one of the best crypto leverage solutions to support high leverage on perpetual contracts.

Typically, these platforms allow you to transfer funds from the spot trading wallet to your margin trading account. You can trade crypto futures in these markets:

  • BUSD or USDT to settle quarterly or perpetual contracts
  • Cryptocurrency to settle quarterly or perpetual contracts
  • Leveraged tokens and cryptocurrency options

These platforms also have a smooth trading user interface comprising major charting software.

Usually, you will find powerful and robust matching engines on these platforms’ backend systems. This will benefit you in executing orders within seconds and with no or minimal latency.

Some other features to expect from these platforms include risk management tools and entries like stop limit orders, etc.

The best part is most futures margin trading platforms come with mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Pros of Futures Margin Trading Platform

Why Choose a Futures Margin Trading Platform
Pros of Futures Platform.

Wide Range of Margin Trading Pairs

Futures margin trading platforms offer a wide range of margin trading pairs for novice and experienced traders.

This will benefit you with a leverage of up to 5x for margin trading. It increases your opportunity to earn more profit.

Automated Trading Strategy

These platforms usually come with a built-in automated trading system.

It enables traders, especially beginners, to establish predefined rules that the system subsequently follows to implement orders or perform trades automatically.

Demo Account

These platforms are designed for both advanced and beginner traders.

To make futures trading easy, simple, and convenient for all beginners, you can find most futures margin trading platforms offering a demo account.

Cons of Futures Margin Trading Platform

Disadvantage of Futures Margin Trading Platform
Cons of Futures platform.

Confusion While Transferring Funds

No, we are not talking about any funds transfer. Many traders find understanding the funds’ transfer process between margin wallets and spot wallets on these platforms confusing.

Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform

Crypto Derivatives Platform
Derivatives Platform.

These are the most popular, preferred, and high-rated margin platforms for all crypto traders who seek leverage for maximum profit earnings.

With a maximum of 100x leverage, traders can short or long crypto coins like XRP, EOS, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Most of these exchanges come with fully featured mobile and web-based applications with highly functioning charting software and navigation tools.

You can expect to trade in four major markets using this type of exchange: inverse futures, USDT perpetual, inverse perpetual, and spot trading exchange.

Often, these platforms require no KYC formality to help you start trading. With the high trading volume and liquidity, these exchanges have earned the reputation of being expert-friendly trading platforms.

When it comes to user experience, these platforms won’t disappoint you. A modern, sleek, intuitive interface makes things simple and convenient for all traders.

These exchanges offer chart viewing in dark and light modes to enhance the CX further.

Plus, if you want to implement a range of trading strategies on an exchange, this platform is for you. These options exist, from trading indicators and tools to chart patterns.

Moreover, you can find a lot of order types on this type of exchange.

These types include a conditional, market, and limit order. All these use price-based triggers to offer enhanced flexibility and control.

Most crypto derivatives exchanges have a maker-and-taker pricing model, including reasonable discounts. The low transaction fees for perpetual and futures trading make it the best choice for high-volume traders.

Conclusively, these crypto margin trading exchanges are ideal for high-volume traders who want to make the most out of derivatives markets.

Pros of Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform

Why Use a Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform
Pros Of Derivates Platform.

Advanced Analytical & Charting Tools

When executing or maintaining a deal, traders might use these platforms’ built-in trading analytics tools to evaluate data and present it in the statistical analysis format. Also, they offer a charting tool for graphical representations produced by the historical price changes of an asset.

High Trading Volume & Liquidity

You can get the most out of all derivatives markets with these exchanges. These platforms allow high trading volume and liquidity to boost your profit-earning opportunities on a large scale.

Intuitive Mobile App

Most of these exchanges offer fully optimized mobile app versions of their platforms to let you monitor portfolio performance and leverage trade anytime, anywhere.

Cons of Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform

Downside of a Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform
Cons of Derivates Trading.

Limited Margin Pairs

Not all, but some of the crypto derivatives trading platforms offer only a limited selection of margin trading pairs. This won’t be satisfactory for any advanced trader.

Ethereum Margin Pairs Trading Platform

Ethereum Margin Pairs Trading Platform
Margin Pairs.

The best Ethereum margin pairs trading platforms are safe and reliable for all new and seasoned traders planning to buy, trade, earn, and sell Ethereum and hundreds of other digital assets.

This type of exchange is available worldwide, and one can enjoy substantial profit earnings with its high-margin trading volumes.

You can explore a range of crypto markets for trade on these exchanges. Any trader can speculate on crypto assets on these exchanges using USDT-Swaps, Futures market, margin exchange, and spot exchange with over 100x leverage.

With the advent of margin trading, consumers can short-sell Bitcoin to balance their portfolios and reduce their exposure to market fluctuations on these exchanges.

This type of platform is best in its ability to access other products, features, and services within the same platform, like staking rewards on crypto assets.

When you’re not using margin trading, these platforms allow you to transfer money between wallets to use other services easily.

These exchanges typically follow the maker-and-taker mechanism, which is the foundation for the cryptocurrency margin trading costs on these platforms’ leveraged pairs.

These exchanges are safe, trustworthy, and secure platforms for all intermediate and experienced traders with expertise in managing leveraged trading positions.

Pros of Ethereum Margin Pairs Trading Platform

Why Use a Ethereum Margin Pairs Trading Platform

Wide Range of Margin Pairs

With a vast selection of crypto margin pairs, you can make huge profits with 3x or 5x leverage or even more. These pairs prevent latency problems and ensure a seamless trading experience.

Proof of Asset Reserves

These exchanges allow a credible auditing process known as proof of asset reserves (PoR) that overcomes the issues with asset transparency on exchange-held assets.

Cons of Ethereum Margin Pairs Trading Platform

Disadvantage of a Ethereum Margin Pair Trading Platform
Ethereum Coin.

Mobile App Latency

Over the years, several margin traders have complained about latency issues they faced on the mobile applications of this type of exchange. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Crypto Margin Trading Platform

How to find the best margin trading exchange
Considering these facts.

Whether you want to gain more profits via leverage trading or need to create your bitcoin margin trading exchange app or website, you can allure more crypto trading experts with the introduction of margin trading.

That’s because crypto margin traders can access high leverage for their digital assets or trading positions and earn large profit shares. 

You’ll need access to the best crypto leverage trading platform to make the most out of cryptocurrency margin trading.

Here are a few factors to consider to pick the right platform that suits your needs.

Leverage Trading Account

Using an exchange with leverage trading account opening facility

Make sure you choose a margin trading cryptocurrency exchange with leverage trading accounts. Leverage trading enables crypto traders to borrow a specific amount of money they possess on the crypto exchange.

If you’re planning to get into short-term trade positions with larger sizes, you’ll need a margin exchange with a leverage trading facility.

The best crypto margin trading exchanges provide up to 100x leverage, but the terms and conditions for margin calls and liquidation may vary from one trading platform to another.


Security standards should be high

The security standard and encryption technology vary from one margin trading exchange to another.

Select a platform with two-factor authentication (2FA) and SSL encryption technology. If not, you’ll risk your personal and trading data.

Moreover, check what type of 2FA they offer. The three most commonly used 2FA are Authy, Google Authenticator, and Yubikey. These avenues ensure the best security for all crypto exchanges.

It would be best to look for other security measures in the crypto exchanges, like custodial storage services and cold storage asset reserves.

Fees and Liquidity

Considering platform fees is a must

Consider the platform fees when choosing a crypto trading platform for margin trading. Almost every margin exchange comes with a predefined trading fee for services like margin trading or trading pairs.

However, please don’t go for any platform simply because it offers a low trading fee. That’s because there may be a lack of liquidity in some specific coins. Nevertheless, higher liquidity is better, even if fees are high, compared to exchanges with low trading fees and no liquidity.

There is higher slippage with an exchange having poor liquidity. It means you may have to pay a higher price for any digital asset if they cannot sell or buy it at the expected market price.

So, margin traders who want to make the most out of the competitive market prices and ensure they fulfill margin trades close to predetermined exit and entry points must look for the liquidity level of a crypto exchange.

These were the three major factors of consideration. Now, let’s look at the other factors that can help you make an informed decision.

Trading Interface

Trading interface should be intuitive

To enjoy a seamless margin trading experience, choose a cryptocurrency exchange offering a smooth, fast, and reliable trading interface. Your exchange should simplify margin trading for both seasoned and novice margin traders.

So, it’s crucial to choose an exchange that offers a wide range of advanced trading platform tools and is intuitive simultaneously.

Cutting Edge Matching Engine

If you’re one such trader, you’ll not want to waste even a second to execute your margin trades. Thus, you must choose one of the best margin trading exchanges integrated with a matching engine’s speed.

Stop Loss For Loss Prevention

The platform must have stop loss feature

A stop-loss order is an integral part of any crypto trading platform. Make sure you choose a platform with such a risk management tool.

Several margin trading crypto exchanges offer one of these trading tools: trailing stops, guaranteed stop-loss orders, or stop-loss orders. Choose a platform with one of these trading tools to get exposed to minimal or no risk.

Customizable Charting

Customizable Charting
Custom Charts.

You’ll need to find a crypto exchange with a charting tool to refine your trading strategies. This way, you can effectively boost profit while lowering risk.

Novice and experienced traders will need a unique type of charting interface. However, the charting interface must be customizable, reliable, and responsive to fit their explicit needs and preferences.

Such interfaces will enable the traders to prepare new clean charts. If you’re an experienced trader, you’ll need an interface that enables drawing arrows and lines, adding text, rectangles, and more.

Margin Trading Calculator

Margin Trading Calculator
Calculator for Trading.

The best crypto margin trading exchanges now come with a trending and time-saving feature – a margin trading calculator.

It enables margin traders to make well-informed trading decisions. This trading tool lets you determine the expectancy order’s profit and loss.

The calculator tool considers the leverage amount for precise computation. So, select an exchange that comes with this feature cum tool.

Fiat Exchange

Investors and crypto traders will likely need fiat-compatible crypto exchange at a certain point in their trading career.

If you plan to use national currencies like Pounds or Dollars to trade and withdraw funds in the crypto space, you’ll need to choose a platform with fiat exchange compatibility.


If you want to boost earnings from the crypto space, margin trading via the best crypto margin trading platform will be an ideal solution.

If you’re just a beginner in the crypto exchange world, you should enhance your knowledge and use one of these platforms later.

However, if you’re a seasoned or novice trader planning to get the most out of a leveraged exchange, this article is for you.

Go through the list of all types of crypto exchanges with margin trading available, pick the one that best suits your needs, and kickstart or improve your leverage trading outcomes. 

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