StormGain Review

07 May, 2023

StormGain is an all-in-one online crypto trading platform. It allows traders to trade and mine cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Other than that, it offers high-leverage trading, a demo account, trading signals, integrated crypto exchange, wallets, and many more. Also, it has zero commissions. These features from StormGain will benefit traders to earn a higher income efficiently.

Stormgain leverage Review.
Our StormGain Review
  • Mine cryptocurrency without needing equipment.
  • 50k USDT demo account for practice.
  • Low trading fees.
  • Provides high leverage for traders.
  • Faces high leverage risk.
  • Limited support of trading pairs.
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StormGain Review 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Crypto Trading Platform


In this Stormgain review, we will look at the pros and cons of StormGain, from its benefits to potential drawbacks, and what is there to improve.

StormGain is a crypto exchange platform and leveraged trading broker that offers a no exchange fee and a wide range of cryptocurrency trading services. Traders can trade over 60 types of cryptocurrency according to their preference. They can buy crypto or access leveraged trading, margin trading, and other crypto exchanges and services.

The platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Plus, it provides traders with a demo account for practice, benefiting new users or those who want to test new strategies. Moreover, traders can access cloud mining, which will help with additional income.

Stormgain Trading Platform Review.
Stormgain Trading Platform 2024 Review.

Who Should Use StormGain?

StormGain is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. Thus, anyone interested in this trading platform can try it out, as it is free.

Furthermore, StormGain offers a demo account with access to all the platform features and functionality. Traders without experience can test different trading options without using real money. It is also suitable for those who want a different approach to their trading strategies.

Despite having a user interface with such comprehensive features, it only offers limited exchanges and has limited customer support. Plus, some traders might encounter high leverage risk if they are still new to crypto trading.

Still, StormGain is a handy and comprehensive margin trading platform for traders. Traders can earn maximum profits from margin trading and improve their margin trading experience if used correctly.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported?

StormGain supports over 60+ cryptocurrencies for trading and has instant exchange here. Some of the most popular crypto trading pairs are:

  • Bitcoin/Tether
  • Bitcoin Cash/Tether
  • Litecoin/Tether
  • Ethereum/Tether
  • XRP/Tether
60+ cryptocurrency support.
60+ cryptocurrency support.

Stormgain Review: Top Features & Perks

Trading Signals

In this Stormgain review, we will take a look at its features. The trading Signals feature is one of the features that StormGain provides for its traders. It offers crypto trading signals that will give real-time crypto trading signals, ideas, and analysis for traders.

Moreover, this feature provides information about the trading signals, including recommended cryptocurrency, entry price, trading strategy, etc. In addition, it also has information about market trends, potential trading opportunities, and price movements of specific cryptocurrencies. Also, it can provide valuable insights into the crypto market.

Despite its benefits, it’s up to the traders whether or not to place the trade. In short, traders can either follow its technical analysis or use it as a starting point for their trading strategies. This feature is available on both the platform and mobile app.

The trading Signals feature is free to use, so it doesn’t require traders to pay additional fees. However, please remember that cryptocurrency trading is risky, so users should always think twice before avoiding losing money.

Buy crypto based on technical analysis.
Trade crypto based on technical analysis.

Built-in Crypto Wallets

StormGain also offers an integrated crypto wallet feature for its users. This feature will allow traders to store and receive different kinds of cryptocurrencies all in one place. The wallet supports many different kinds of cryptocurrencies—for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. Traders can fill up their wallets according to the cryptocurrencies that they prefer.

This feature is user-friendly and accessible to all levels of traders. Traders can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds between their wallets and online trading platform accounts.

Aside from that, StormGain also provides security features for this feature, such as two-factor authentication, which will protect the users’ funds. Plus, it stores funds in cold storage to provide an extra layer of security against cyber attacks, putting the traders’ minds at ease.

StormGain offers cryptocurrency wallets.
Cryptocurrency wallets for users provided.

Crypto Options

Besides that, StormGain also offers cryptocurrency options trading features. This feature allows traders to buy or sell options contracts. It can manage risk or speculate on the future price movements of cryptocurrencies.

Traders need to purchase a contract before buying or selling cryptocurrency at a fixed price (aka the strike price) at a certain time in the future (aka the expiration date). However, the costs of the contract may vary depending on the traders’ choice, as there are many factors to consider—for example, the current market price, the strike price, and the expiration date.

However, please note that this feature involves certain risks, including the potential for principal loss, volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, and the possibility of early expiration. Thus, traders should use this feature at their own risk.

Buy and sell crypto exchanges with contracts.
Cryptocurrency options trading features.

Crypto Index

StormGain offers Crypto Index designed to track the cryptocurrencies’ performance by market capitalization. It includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and others with 3, 5, and 10 crypt index currencies.

With this, traders can diversify their crypto portfolios without increasing risk exposure. Thus, it decreases volatility and makes managing a group of cryptocurrencies more predictable than individual assets. In addition, traders can take positions on the price movements without buying or selling the individual cryptocurrencies included in the index.

StormGain platform offers crypto index from 3.0, 5.0, and 10.0.
Tracking cryptocurrencies’ performance based on market capitalization.

Leverage DEX Trading

StormGain offers decentralized trading with a leverage of up to 500x. It doesn’t require deposits and will be available to trade directly from traders’ blockchain wallets.

The transactions are done directly on the blockchain network, which provides traders with high security. In addition, DEX trading is fast and efficient, with trades being executed quickly and with low fees.

Traders will need to use Metamask to use this feature. With this feature, traders can control their funds and access top assets, including crypto assets, options, and tokenized commodities.

However, please note that DEX trading market volatility, liquidity risks, and other risks. Thus, traders should consider this thoroughly before using this service.

DEX trading is an advanced trading tools.
Leveraged decentralized exchange trading.

Demo Account

For beginners or those who want to practice their trading strategies, StormGain offers a demo account that allows traders to practice without risking real funds.

The demo account has a virtual balance of 50k USDT, which traders can use to simulate trades. Plus, it has all the features and functionality of a real trading account, including trading tools, signals, leverage trading, and exchange services.

If traders are interested in opening a demo account, they must create an account before selecting the demo account option. No personal or financial information will be required to open the account. Aside from that, traders can switch between the demo account and the real account whenever they need.

This feature is great for crypto traders who have just started learning about cryptocurrency trading since they don’t need to spend any money. It is also useful for advanced crypto traders to test their new strategies.

Use demo account with virtual funds.
Demo account with a virtual balance.

Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is a feature that allows traders to earn additional income. This feature doesn’t require traders to possess mining equipment or technical expertise to start mining cryptocurrency. This cloud mining tool enables users to mine remotely by renting hashing power from StormGain’s mining farms. The rewards are automatically credited to the traders’ wallets.

Once traders purchase a Cloud Mining contract, they can receive a share of the cryptocurrency mined during a certain period, depending on the type of contract. The amount of cryptocurrency mined will depend on the mining difficulty and the computing power rented.

This is suitable and accessible for all levels of users. The higher your loyalty level is, the faster your mining speed is.

StormGain platform offers bitcoin mining.
Cloud mining for cryptocurrency.

Unlocked Staking

Unlocked Staking allows users to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. With this feature, users can deposit their cryptocurrency into a staking wallet and earn up to 10% interest annually. This is designed for those who want to deposit and withdraw their funds with no lock-up period or restrictions.

Aside from that, this feature allows traders to withdraw their funds without penalty. Hence, traders can access their funds anytime while still earning interest on their holdings.

It supports a range of cryptocurrencies, but the interest rates and staking minimum deposit requirements may vary depending on the cryptocurrency and market conditions.

Please note that staking cryptocurrencies involves market volatility and liquidity risks. Thus, traders should consider this before using this feature.

Activate staking to protect your cryptocurrency wallets.
Earn interest on your crypto holdings.


For those who want to learn more about crypto trading, StormGain has your back. It offers many educational resources to help traders improve their knowledge and skills in cryptocurrency.

The platform offers a 30-minute learning program for traders to study and take its tests. It covers technical analysis, risk management, trading strategies, etc. In addition, it has many video tutorials, from how to use the trading platform to advanced trading strategies.

Other than that, StormGain provides webinars that industry experts host. It has a blog, crypto digest, investment ideas, and other crypto assets and market research that provides market insights and will enhance the traders’ knowledge about crypto assets and trading.

These articles and videos benefit all traders with a StormGain account.

Learn more about crypto trading from online platform.
Learning programs available.

Fees & Limits

Although StormGain doesn’t have a commission for trading, it does take a minimum deposit of 10% of the profit share from traders’ profitable trades. StormGain charges a range of fees from 0.010% – 0.030%.

StormGain doesn't claim commission.
Trading platforms fees and limits.

On the other hand, StormGain also charges a fee for deposits and withdrawals of digital assets and digital currencies. However, the fees depend on the cryptocurrency and the payment method. Some cryptocurrencies don’t have a deposit at all.

Aside from that, StormGain offers limits for its cryptocurrency trading platform for digital currencies and exchanges. The minimum exchange size for cryptocurrency exchange varies depending on the type of trading volume of currency. Plus, the maximum leverage can range from 5x – 200x.

Stormgain Review: Program

Affiliate Program

StormGain offers an affiliate program that allows traders to earn commissions by promoting the platform. The platform has designed this feature for website owners, bloggers, influencers, and other online marketers to increase its user base.

To become an affiliate, traders will have to apply for it. Once StormGain has approved the application, traders can access a wide range of marketing materials, such as banners, links, and landing pages. This will help promote StormGain to the audience.

Traders will earn a commission based on the trading volume generated by the users they refer to StormGain.

Refer a friend to sign up for StormGain user account.
Various affiliate and referral programs are available.

Referral Program

StormGain offers a referral program that rewards traders when they refer someone to the platform. Once someone has created an account with the traders’ referral link, traders will receive a 15% commission from the referral’s Cloud Miner. On the other hand, the referral will get 3 USDT to their Cloud Miner account after restoring a StormGain account.

This feature allows users to earn additional income by promoting the platform to others. In addition, traders can track their referral activity and rewards in real time through the platform’s referral dashboard.

If traders want to learn more about this program, StormGain has a PDF format for further inquiries about its Terms and Conditions.

Loyalty Program

StormGain’s loyalty program rewards users for their trading activity on the platform. It is designed to encourage traders to trade more. Then, the platform will reward them for their loyalty by using it for an extended period.

StormGain loyalty program has seven levels:

  • Standard
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • VIP
  • VIP 2
  • VIP 3

Each level offers a range of benefits, including Staking APY, discount commissions, mining speed, and many more. Moreover, a higher loyalty level can receive reduced trading fees.

Trades can increase their status by increasing their trading volume on the platform. Thus, this is a great way for active traders to maximize their rewards and benefits on the platform. Here are the Terms and Conditions of this program.

StormGain offers loyalty program.
Loyalty rewards.

Stormgain Review: Careers

This Stormgain review looks closely at its career and job opportunities. At this moment, StormGain is giving job opportunities to those who want to take a higher level in the crypto trading industry. Traders can view the job opportunities listed on the platform and send their CVs with the specific roles written on them. Some jobs allow traders to work remotely, while some are required to work at the office, depending on the job description.

Currently, StormGain is offering job positions:

  • German Speaking Client Success Manager (Remote)
  • Sales Engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Front End Developer
  • Media Buyer

They are always happy to hear from crypto industry specialists with relevant technology or marketing expertise. Thus, even if the desired role is not open for hiring, you can still submit your CV to StormGain.

StormGain platform has customer support worldwide.
Job opportunities are provided on the platform.

How To Open A StormGain Account?

Step 1: Visit The StormGain Website

First, visit the official StormGain website.

Go to StormGain trading platform.
Visit Stormgain’s official website.
  • 500x
Sign up
  • Free
Tradable coins
  • 60+

More details

StormGain is an all-in-one online crypto trading platform. It allows traders to trade and mine cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Other than that, it offers high-leverage trading, a demo account, trading signals, integrated crypto exchange, wallets, and many more. Also, it has zero commissions. These features from StormGain will benefit traders to earn a higher income efficiently.

  • Mine cryptocurrency without needing equipment.

  • 50k USDT demo account for practice.

  • Low trading fees.

  • Provides high leverage for traders.

  • Faces high leverage risk.

  • Limited support of trading pairs.

Step 2: Create An Account

Once you arrive at the webpage, click the [Get Started] button at the bottom to create an account.

Start an account.
Click the Get Started button.

Step 3: Fill In The Details

Then, enter your e-mail address, phone number, and password. Check the relevant checkboxes to confirm that you are not a US citizen and if you need an Islamic account. Once done, click the [Create an account] button at the bottom.

Enter the required details.
Enter your details.

Step 4: Phone Number & Email Verification

Once done, you must verify your phone number and e-mail address to complete the registration.

Verify your phone and email.
Verify your phone number and e-mail.

After you have confirmed your phone number, StormGain will send you a verification code.

Type in the SMS code.
Verification code.

Enter the verification code, and you will be asked for your e-mail confirmation. Check your inbox for the verification link and click on it.

Click the verification link.
E-mail verification.

Step 5: Completed

Congratulations, you are now officially a trader in StormGain! Now, you can start trading and make maximum profit. Good luck!

You are a trader at StormGain's platform now.
Start trading.

Stormgain Review: Major Drawbacks

Limited Exchanges

Even though StormGain offers a trading terminal with many features and benefits for those interested in cryptocurrency trading, only a few cryptocurrency exchanges are offered to traders. Thus, some traders must open multiple trading platforms for their desired exchanges.

High Leverage Risks

Although StormGain offers high leverage, attractive to traders, it also comes with great risk. If the market moves against the traders, they might lose more than their initial investment. Moreover, if the losses exceed the initial deposit, traders will lose more money than they originally invested.

Limited Deposit Methods

Since StormGain only accepts deposits in cryptocurrency or via credit/debit card. This may not be inconvenient for those who prefer to use other payment methods.


Even though StormGain benefits its users with many features, there is always room for improvement.

One of the improvements is to increase the support of cryptocurrency exchange. Expanding the number of supported exchanges can provide more options for trading and the platform’s user base. Plus, it will also improve the trading experience.

Aside from that, StormGain can also consider expanding its customer support. Expanding customer support will help traders solve issues quickly, increasing satisfaction with customer support and trading efficiency.

Implementing regulatory oversight is also a great way to increase customer satisfaction. Although some traders may appreciate the ability to trade anonymously, others may prefer the other way around. Thus, this could help increase trust in the platform.

Stormgain Review: Conclusion

This Stormgain review shows you that StormGain is an excellent online crypto trading platform for all sorts of traders. It offers many features, including trading signals, cloud mining, resources, built-in crypto wallets, etc. Generally, it has many positive feedbacks, and it is recommended to test it yourself.

In addition, StormGain also offers a loyalty program that lets traders earn various benefits. For example, higher bonuses on deposits, lower trading fees, access to exclusive trading signals, and many more. As traders trade more and increase their trading volume, their loyalty level will rise automatically.

If you are new to crypto trading and are unsure whether this platform is right for you, StormGain offers a free demo account to practice without spending any real money.