23 Apr, 2023

How to Buy Blockchain Domain Names: A 2024 Step-by-Step Guide

how to buy blockchain domain names


Unlike traditional domains, blockchain domain names appeal to Web 3 users as they offer complete control. These domains are pretty affordable and offer unique applications for decentralized web enthusiasts. This guide will give a step-by-step process for buying blockchain domain names.

Unlike their traditional counterparts, blockchain domains offer good alternatives to long wallet addresses and make them easier to remember.

Anyone can buy these domains from any blockchain naming service, but Unstoppable Domains (UD) is a practical choice. You can explore the Web3 domain with free minting and website creation options.

It is easy to buy domains from UD as you need to follow a few simple steps. A Metamask wallet with ETH is needed for gas fees.

How to find the right blockchain domain name service?

One of the main steps in buying blockchain domain names is finding the right naming service. First, deciding what type of domain name you seek is essential.

If you are looking for the .eth domain name or other variety of other options, there are other services, like Unstoppable domains and NFT marketplaces. Here is the blockchain naming service recommended by our expert:

Unstoppable Domains is our expert choice

Unstoppable domains website homepage.
Our experts recommend Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains is undoubtedly a go-to crypto domain name service for Web 3 enthusiasts who want to buy a unique wallet address. There are numerous good things about it, including that it offers domain names for a one-time purchase and doesn’t have a subscription service.

Unstoppable domains are among the most famous platforms for buying blockchain domain names. What sets it apart from other blockchain services is that it offers various names for Web 3 projects.

Unstoppable domains offer it all if you want a .btc, .crypto, .blockchain, .dao, .wallet, or any other name. On top of that, unstoppable domains have an interactive UI that makes it easy to find the desired names. Plus, it is compatible with almost all crypto wallets.

What sets unstoppable domains apart from other platforms?

Unstoppable domains do not limit themselves to only selling unique wallet addresses. It is a domain name system that offers various services, like Web 3 social profiles and substitutes for traditional crypto wallet addresses. On top of that, it is the only domain where you can find. crypto domains – arguably one of the most sought-after in the digital world.

With the pros of Unstoppable domains out of the way, we can come to the next and important step of how to buy a blockchain domain.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out with your first purchase. Let’s begin!

How to buy Blockchain Domain through Unstoppable Domains?

Step 1: Visit Unstoppable Domain

Sign up/Log In.
Sign up/Log In.

Visit Unstoppable Domain by clicking on the “get started” button.

Best In Class!
  • $20 – $25
  • 200+
  • 5

More details

If you're tired of managing those long, different alphanumeric wallets, Unstoppable Domains offers a perfect solution with its user-friendly and human-readable addresses. Built on the Ethereum network, this company leverages blockchain technology, offering an immutable and transparent domain name.

  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Offers incentives for newcomers.

  • Insurance on currency balances.

  • Earn interest with balance.

  • High fees compared to its competitors.

  • Doesn't support linked debit cards.

Click the [Sign Up/Log in] option at the top right.

Step 2: Connect Your Metamask Wallet

Connect your wallet.
Connect your wallet.

Click the [Connect wallet] option.

You can sign up with your e-mail, another Web 3 wallet, Twitter, Google account, or MetaMask.

We use Metamask.
We use Metamask.

For this example, we will use our Metamask Wallet.

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, check out this easy step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 3: Search for a blockchain domain name

Search for your blockchain domain.
Search for your domain.

Once logged in, you are redirected to the homepage.

Search the domain name of choice (for example, XYZ.blockchain, XYZ.dao, XYZ.blockchain, XYZ.crypto).

After typing, press the [Search] button, and you will have a wide range of unreserved domain names matching your search.

Step 4: Add it to the cart

Add to Cart.
Add to Cart.

Let’s say we entered “infinity212.crypto”.

You can see the results and add the domain choice to your card by clicking [Add to cart].

Step 5: Proceed to checkout

Go to check out.
Go to check out.

To checkout, click the [Continue to Cart] button.

Review your cart.
Review your cart.

This will give you an order summary. See your cart, and click [Checkout] to proceed to checkout.

If you are US-based, click the [Yes] option.

Step 6: Choose the preferred payment option

Choose a payment method.
Choose a payment method.

Here, you will see four payment options: Card, PayPal, crypto, and Crypto.com wallet.

To finalize your purchase, you must have a Web 3 wallet with some ETH for gas fees.

MetaMask is our preferred payment recommendation.

Step 7: Select the crypto wallet option

Select network.
Select network.

Click the wallet option, and if you go to the drop-down list, you will find different crypto network options.

Choose your preferred crypto payment method. We will use Ethereum.

Click [Ethereum].

All you need to copy-paste is the wallet address and the dollar amount of Ether.

Step 8: Finalize the payment

Scan QR and initiate a transaction.
Scan the QR and initiate a transaction.

Once you have selected a network, open Metamask and scan the QR code. Initiate the transaction.

Once the transaction is done, congratulations! You have got your own human-readable digital identity or wallet.

Now you have your blockchain domain; all left is minting it.

Don’t worry; do it in a few simple steps.

How to mint your blockchain domain name?

A crypto domain is stored on the public blockchain as NFT. Recording the ownership and making it one hundred percent self-custodial is necessary.

With more features comes more work, meaning a little more work is needed to finalize the process. You not only need to purchase the name to get it going, but the minting process is a must, too.

Here are a few simple steps to do so:

Step 1: Click [Domains] on the website

Domains name option.
Domains option.

First, log in to unstoppable domains.

Click [Domains]. Here, you will find all previous domains purchased.

Step 2: Click on the free-mint option

Free mint.
Free mint.

Once you click the free-mint option, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Step 3: Choose a wallet to mint the domain name

Choose MetaMask.
Choose MetaMask.

After you have clicked the free minting, you will be asked to connect the MetaMask wallet through a prompt where you want your domain name NFT stored.

To cover the minting fee, you must have some ETH in your wallet if you’re on the Ethereum Network.

Pro Tip: To mint for free, you can switch to the Polygon network (Ethereum’s Layer-2 scaling solution).

Step 4: Switch your network to the Polygon network

Mint a Domain to MetaMask : domain name
Polygon Mainnet network.

Go to your MetaMask wallet’s home page. At the top, click the [Ethereum network] drop-down menu and select [Polygon Mainnet].

  • Can’t find the Polygon network?
Add Polygon Network to Metamask.
Add Polygon Network to Metamask.

If you can’t find the Polygon option in the drop-down list, go to PolygonScan.com. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on [Add Polygon Network].

You will get a pop-up in your MetaMask to Approve the changes. Click [Approve].

Step 5: Scan the QR code using MetaMask

Claim your Domain name
Claim your Domain.

Click the QR code on the payment page from your wallet and smoothly copy/paste your wallet address.

If you don’t have MetaMask on your phone, get your wallet address and paste it in.

Click on [Sign] to sign the transaction.

Navigate back to the unstoppable domain’s page and click [Continue].

Step 6: The minting process started

The ownership of domain name transferred.
The ownership is transferred.

After the transaction is done, the minting should be completed. You are now a full owner of a blockchain domain and ready to use it for any application you decide.

You have got your blockchain domain name. What’s next?

Once you are done with buying and mining domain names, you can do many things and nothing, too. You can use it for your decentralized internet applications or web projects. Most users sit on it until someone who needs it is ready to pay more so that they can earn profit by auctioning it on NFT platforms like OpenSea and Binance.

If you plan to use the crypto domain, you can link it to different digital wallets. For example, you can connect ADA, BTC, SOL, and ETH wallets. People who want to send you crypto can use human-readable blockchain domain names for hassle-free transactions.

In addition to that, there is another exciting feature that you might like. Since blockchain domains are actual, you can create your website on unstoppable domains. And it can be controlled through your dashboard.

Another important feature that might be useful is the option titled “Bridge.” It allows you to easily burn your domain on the Polygon network and mint it on the Ethereum network instead.

If you buy the domain from the default Poly network, you should know that minting it on the Ether network can cost you more. However, it will be much more efficient.

Why buy blockchain domains?

Domains stored on the blockchain.
Domains stored on the blockchain.

Are you interested in buying blockchain domain names? With the rise of Web 3, these domains are becoming quite popular. But what exactly is so appealing about them?

Blockchain domains offer full autonomy to people on how they host their online content by using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Even though these names offer one of the most revered utilities for NFTs, they don’t get as much media attention as other users of the visual ones like Bored Ape Yatch and Crypto Punks.

It would be fair to say that blockchain domains have been much under the radar. Still, over the last few years, they are gaining much popularity due to their use. So, whether you are here to get an idea or how to buy blockchain domain names, this guide covers both topics, so buckle up for all your answers!

How do blockchain domains work?

Unlike the traditional domain names and names, these are stored on the blockchain network instead of directly linked to the central domain name system, also known as DNS. Instead, these are stored decentralized as an NFT on the blockchain domain name system.

All the documentation, smart contracts, and ownership are on the public blockchain ledger. You can also host entire websites for other users of your content or services on the blockchain.

What are the utilities of a blockchain domain name?

Blockchain domains offer diverse domain names, for example, .blockchain, .btc, and .eth). Many companies choose these domain names for numerous DeFi and crypto projects.

For outsiders, looking at all the decentralized applications and centralized web domain names, one might think, is it really necessary? These top-level domain names hold a massive value for many Web 3 entrepreneurs, users, and fans.

What functions do blockchain domain names offer?

Blockchain domain names offer numerous functions that traditional domains lack. Here are some:

  1. First and foremost, when you purchase a domain on the blockchain, only you own them forever. Unlike the traditional domain like GoDaddy or Namecheap, you don’t rent them or pay yearly fees.
  2. These names are stored as NFTs, allowing you complete control.
  3. A Web3 domain helps crypto-based businesses align with the decentralized ecosystem, meaning intermediaries are prohibited.
  4. Thanks to its decentralized nature, a blockchain domain name solves one of the biggest problems in the domain name industry. When you rent a domain name using DNS, the person who gives you the domain has all the rights, like void names and unregistered users. It means that power does not lie with individuals, but the big corporations and governments control it.
  5. They do a phenomenal job when it comes to highlighting projects and people based on blockchain technology. It helps signify to the public that a project is aligned with DeFi space.
  6. Many people don’t buy domains for hosting decentralized websites. They choose to connect them to their crypto wallet. It makes sending crypto faster and safe as users don’t need to look at the extra long strings of payment addresses to make a transaction. Instead, they use blockchain human-readable domain names as a substitute.
  7. Unlike the traditional domain, a blockchain domain comes in quite cheaper as you can get one for merely $10-$20.
  8. Certain blockchain domain names might be seen as a potential investment. You would purchase a domain name by minting it as an NFT. Eventually, an acquisition might present itself – perhaps you’ve bought a domain they want. You could make quite good profits from it.

Other crypto domain name services

  • Ethereum name service

If you are an individual or a project based exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain, then ENS might be the right choice. Here, you can find different .eth options.

Still, one fallback about this platform is its domain name restriction to only .eth domain names.

  • Bonafida

Solana and blockchain technology have witnessed massive growth over the last few years thanks to their fast and efficient work. Its rise has also triggered a massive adoption spree, resulting in numerous Solana-based DeFi projects.

So, if you are one of many users, Bonfida is the perfect place to get your domain names. Like the Ethereum name service, it is confined to .sol crypto domain names. But if you are looking for exclusive domain names, it would be better to go with other options.

Blockchain domain names are stored as NFTs, meaning that these can also be found on numerous NFT trading platforms—for example, OpenSea and Binance, where you can find some very sought-after names.

But one con about buying a domain name from the NFT platform is that it can be expensive. That’s because some people might have reserved it for making profits by reselling it. If you need a reserved domain name because it fits your project needs, buying expensive ones is okay. Otherwise, explore other options.


There are many reasons why some users prefer blockchain domain names. Generally speaking, there are two main reasons – personal interest in the crypto world and technological innovation or profit-making by auctioning it. You either fancy Web 3 unique address or plan to flip it. Buying blockchain domain names is easy, no matter what category you fall into.

It is better to use a trusted, reliable, and user-friendly blockchain naming service, like Unstoppable Domains, offering a diverse domain name range. It is a popular platform among Web3 enthusiasts and offers customers a simple purchase.

With one-time purchases, it provides free minting and sole control over its blockchain domains. You also get numerous other features to explore, like the website dashboard and decentralized website creation.