13 Jun, 2023

How to build an NFT Crypto Community: Top Strategies in 2024

Suchet Dhindsa Salvesen
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How to build an NFT Crypto Community


An NFT crypto community is an online group of people who can be involved with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in many ways. It can be on any social media platform consisting of sellers, buyers, investors, enthusiasts, etc.

Whether you are a creator or an artist, building a community would prove its advantageousness to let your NFTs get access to popularity.

With the proper and effective strategies, one can build a perfect NFT community that will contribute to the success of that specific NFT.

Some of the common strategies that are involved with a robust NFT community include the aspects listed below.

  • Selecting the proper audience
  • An efficient plan
  • Choosing the correct platforms
  • Making people excited
  • Gain more trust
Importance of building a NFT community.
Importance of building an NFT community.

What is an NFT Crypto Community?

Crypto communities are online groups where people often come together to share their ideas, interests, etc., about their favorite cryptocurrencies. An NFT crypto community, on the other hand, is a group of people who are extremely enthusiastic about NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

In general, these communities are created by owners to maximize the popularity of their NFTs. One of the best ways of letting people into your space is to let them have the availability of an NFT community.

One of the common methods of getting accepted into a community is when you own NFTs, stake NFTs, mint NFTs, etc. In such groups, NFTs are usually more than just avatars or display pictures. The members’ NFTs consist of data as a digital key to projects such as play-to-earn games.

Best Strategies for Building an NFT Community

Below are some tips on generating enough traffic for your community based on some efficient tips.

1. Selecting the proper audience

Different audiences are attracted to joining different types of NFT communities based on their preferences. If you are into a gaming type of situation, you must attract an audience interested in gaming NFT communities such as Axie Infinity. The community-building efforts should primarily be focused on attracting gamers, which helps to create a strong community.

On the other hand, if you are into collectible NFTs to make money, you should develop an NFT community such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, which constitutes a collection of ape figure NFTs. To make it understandable regarding their popularity, most people (including rappers such as Eminem) are enthusiastic about the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Therefore, it is wise to define your target audience before you build a strong community, and this aspect would help you target the people who feel interested in your NFT projects.

BAYC community.

2. An efficient plan

While building an active community, the vision of your NFT project should be in synchronization with your audience. This means you must create something related to their interests and values so that they can stay connected with it. Some communities only allow people who own NFTs to join.

For this to happen, ensure you actively keep in contact with them and make them feel engaged with your project. Ensure your NFT community members understand your vision so they can keep tracking it. Instead of focusing on sharing your thoughts only, try concentrating on sharing aspects such as your purpose of sharing it and how they can feed their enthusiasm from what you share.

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3. Choosing the correct platforms

By far, certain platforms, such as Twitter and Discord, are proven to provide the maximum audience for successful NFT communities. This doesn’t mean you could choose a specific platform and get all the reach you need to build your community.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you could build a robust community just by going ahead without an effective platform for building your community. Every aspect of creating an efficient strategy plays its part in gaining more audience.

However, some general platforms for you to gain more popularity in your community include the options provided below.

These are just among the best options concerning the platforms that allow somebody to improve their reach through their communities. Among these, Discord is one of the best platforms to be proven as one of the best gaming NFT crypto communities. Telegram and Redditt are also gaining traction where NFT communities hang out.

Choose the right SoMe platform.
Choose the right SoMe platform.

4. Making people excited

Making people often get excited is another way of getting more exposure to your community. This is usually done by offering the community members some reward.

Anyhow, you should also ensure that the members are gaining a certain amount of awareness related to your NFT project, or else they should be convinced to take part in the auctions of your NFTs.

5. Gain more trust

With the increase of fame in NFTs these days, you will mostly find it hard to give more NFT access to people. Nevertheless, you are held accountable for making your NFTs popular to beat the competition.

Simultaneously, you should make your audience aware of your NFT space so they can become more involved in it. Such like-minded people feel better about your community and give great community feedback.

The Usefulness of an NFT Community

Here are a few words about the benefits of having an NFT community and how it can be helpful to your NFT project. For example, music artists need a community to get more fans to know and stay connected with their music launches.

With many NFT communities, you can gather members who could increase your NFT project’s popularity.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, people can increase the popularity of their NFT projects through social media platforms.

Some major benefits of opting for an NFT community include the following aspects.

  • Illustrate your work
  • Barter your ideas
  • Get access to investors
  • Team up with projects
  • Finally, get more people of the same mind to know about your work

Making a living through digital opportunities such as NFTs is being approved by most people of this era.

How to build an NFT community.
How to build an NFT community.

The immediate benefits

This was even stated as one of the effective ways of making money inexpensively while looking for profits. This allows the members of NFT communities to interact with each other to access your content. Not only that, but this also helps maintain an ongoing connection with each other, allowing you to increase the acceptance of your NFT project.

With the help of such strong NFT communities, your project will become renowned quickly. This, in turn, would allow you to make investors, fans, and media more interested in your project.

Therefore, building a community base from the beginning is suggested so you can manage all the essential relations among your blockchain ecosystem.

How can I start exploring the methods of maintaining an NFT community?

Regardless of the platform you choose to start your community, selecting the right type of hashtags is important.

Some of the best hashtags that allow you to reach a wide audience include #NFTCommunity, #NFT, #NFTart, #NFTcollector, #NFT group, etc. Upon getting in touch with such an audience, it is better to stay in touch with them regularly and maintain your presence in their conversations.

Most of such conversations are about the NFT project you’ve launched (if they follow). When such people reach out to you in the community or the comments section, reach out to them. By doing so, you will be providing them with goodwill regarding your community, and based on that, how they engage with the community will depend on it.

Discord community.


Making money through NFTs can become an extremely hard task, and with the proper strategy related to building your community, you can succeed in this endeavor. There are other aspects regarding how you want to improve the profitability of your NFT projects. For instance, a digital village can be extremely useful in unlocking a blockchain project’s potential.

With the reputability among individuals regarding NFTs, it is easy to build a significant and solid audience for your NFT community. Even though it may be easy, you would have to put in a significant amount of effort to make sure you get the right amount of outreach. Being the best NFT creator would require you to build a considerable community so that your project can get all the necessary popularity among people to make it more successful.