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Our UP Review

If you're tired of managing those long, different alphanumeric wallets, Unstoppable Domains offers a perfect solution with its user-friendly and human-readable addresses. Built on the Ethereum network, this company leverages blockchain technology, offering an immutable and transparent domain name.

  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Offers incentives for newcomers.

  • Insurance on currency balances.

  • Earn interest with balance.

  • High fees compared to its competitors.

  • Doesn't support linked debit cards.

Unstoppable Domains 2023 Review: Blockchain-Powered Domains


This Unstoppable Domains review will thoroughly examine the domain system and how it enables users to establish payments for digital assets using a single domain name.

If you want to eliminate unreadable and long wallet addresses, Unstoppable Domains is arguably the leader in the blockchain domain space. The platform eliminates the need for users to memorize IP addresses to access websites but for crypto addresses. Plus, you can also build a fully functional website with the potential to incorporate dApps, thanks to hosting the domain on the blockchain.

With a one-time payment and no annual fees, Unstoppable Domains is an intriguing resource for crypto enthusiasts. Each crypto domain at Unstoppable Domains is a unique NFT and is stored in the user’s crypto wallet instead of a traditional centralized website registrar.

Unstoppable Domains reviews
Unstoppable Domains 2023 Review.

What is Unstoppable Domain?

Unstoppable Domains is a reputed San Fransico-based company and domain registry platform that allows everyone to buy blockchain domain names.

It sells several domain extensions such as .crypto or .blockchain. The idea behind this is to improve user-friendliness to create a simple and reliable way for people to interact with human-readable crypto addresses.

Unstoppable Domains offers an easy-to-use interface that gives us a verifiable way of sending or receiving cryptocurrencies.

This can save cryptocurrency users a lot of time and save them from sending cryptos to an incorrect wallet address. They must use the receiver’s domain name (for example, xyz.crypto) to send digital assets to the address instead of copy-pasting a string of numbers and letters.

simple payments on UD
Simple payments on Unstoppable Domains.

What are crypto domains?

The cryptocurrency world is almost always abuzz with disputes about any modifications that should apply to cryptocurrency networks. However, nearly all crypto users can agree upon the need for an easier way to interact with crypto addresses.

This is necessary as it makes it easy to send crypto payments and share public receiving addresses with others.

Crypto or blockchain domains are a relatively new concept and a fascinating development in the DeFi space. They have changed how we think and perceive traditional “.com” domains and their relation to online real estate.

Crypto domains are essentially suites of smart contracts coded on the blockchain, which can work as a naming registry for wallet addresses. They link cryptocurrency addresses to a name or point users to content on a blockchain network acting like a website.

Who Should Use an Unstoppable Domain?

For Web 3 enthusiasts

The average Unstoppable Domain sells for around $20, cheaper than buying a domain from a traditional domain provider like GoDaddy or Namecheap. It also assures you that the domain is yours alone for a lifetime.

It is suited for those who want to access the decentralized web. In Web 3.0, Users can keep their data away from large corporations when trading cryptocurrencies. An Unstoppable Domain also acts as a crypto wallet, giving owners access to Web 3.0 without requiring extensions.

For investors

Unstoppable Domains are also a good option for those looking for a good investment. Crypto domain names have significantly become popular since 2021. Some unique domain names have been sold at some of the highest prices since 2017.

Lastly, a crypto domain can act as a cryptocurrency wallet that accepts more than 280 crypto assets. Instead of sending a complex code, the sender only needs the domain name. After this, the domain directs the payment to the owner’s crypto wallets.

unstoppable domain landing page
Get rewarded for using your name.

What makes Unstoppable Domains a good choice?

Here are a few reasons that make it an ideal pick to register your domain names.

Crypto name service

As a domain registrar selling decentralized domains, Unstoppable Domains uses blockchain technology known as crypto name service or CNS rather than traditional domain technology or DNS.

At Unstoppable Domains, users can purchase their domains for a lifetime. This radically differs from traditional domain registrars such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, which rent domain names to users on monthly or yearly plans. With a single upfront payment transfer, the buyer wholly owns the domain name.

These blockchain domains work like traditional domains but with some key differences. They are decentralized on the blockchain network, which gives the buyer anonymity. On the other hand, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAN) manages traditional domains, which makes them centralized.

As mentioned, a blockchain domain is registered using the crypto name service (CNS). Each of these CNS domains is an ERC-721 token or, in other words, an NFT. Owners can manage their domain ownership by using exchanges, crypto wallets, and compatible marketplaces.

As the buyer owns the domain, no regulatory authority can censor its content. Traditionally, domain providers and search engines such as Google can remove a site if it contains material that goes against its terms and conditions.

At Unstoppable Domains, domain owners get independent control of the domain, which cannot be censored.

unstoppable domains on mobile
Unstoppable Domains on mobile.

Safety and Security

Unstoppable Domains are arguably safer than their traditional counterparts. Once an owner claims a domain, it is registered under their address on the blockchain. As a result, no one can hack the domain unless they hack the entire blockchain – which is virtually impossible.

Additionally, no 3rd party can remove or censor the domain, which cannot be taken down due to censorship. Interested buyers should head to the Unstoppable Domains website or their official pages on sites like OpenSea to purchase their domains and avoid scams.

revolutionize your web 3 experience
Change your name for your Web 3 profile.

What Types of Blockchains are Supported on Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains provides NFTs as web extensions on the Ethereum blockchain, Zilliqa, or Polygon Network. Once you buy a domain, you own it for life unless you sell it. This can be done through Unstoppable Domains or on the secondary market like Opensea or other NFT marketplaces.

All NFT domains have self-custody, granting their owners total control. Any third party cannot seize the domain. Owners can add crypto addresses and enable decentralized apps and websites to the domain. Lastly, they can transfer the domain anywhere without requiring permission from a third party.

getting crypto payments easy with UD
Getting crypto payments easy with UD.

Advantages of Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is packed with some of the most desirable features for domain creation.

  • Censorship immune: Unstoppable Domains doesn’t make any changes to your domain against your permission, and no other entity can control it. Domain owners can change or update their domain names to prevent them from being stolen.
  • One-time purchase: Unstoppable Domains differ from traditional domains in that the former remains yours forever. At the same time, the latter is a rented domain that must be renewed to continue ownership. There are no renewal fees applicable for Unstoppable Domains.
  • Crypto-asset compatibility: Each domain name can be used to receive over 270 different crypto assets.
  • Personal wallet storage: The domain name is stored in the domain owner’s wallet and is usable as an asset. The attached wallet must sign any update before being applied to the domain.
  • Web hosting: Unstoppable Domains supports hosting using an Interplanetary file system (IPFS), a Peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. The hosting service you choose should support this technology.
  • Additional functionalities: Some additional functions provided by Unstoppable Domains include payment gateways, online app and game hosting, and website creation.

How to register an NFT Domain?

Registering NFT domains at Unstoppable Domains is easy, with some easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up on Upstoppable Domains

For easy domain registration, click the [Get started] button or visit the site using any web browser on your mobile or desktop.

Best In Class!
  • $20 – $25
  • 200+
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More details

If you're tired of managing those long, different alphanumeric wallets, Unstoppable Domains offers a perfect solution with its user-friendly and human-readable addresses. Built on the Ethereum network, this company leverages blockchain technology, offering an immutable and transparent domain name.

  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Offers incentives for newcomers.

  • Insurance on currency balances.

  • Earn interest with balance.

  • High fees compared to its competitors.

  • Doesn't support linked debit cards.

Once you are on the website, click [Connect Wallet].

You can also register with a Google or Twitter account.

Create account on Unstoppable Domains: visit using chrome firefox and edge
Create an account on Unstoppable Domains.

You connect any Ethereum-based wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. We recommend using Metamask as it is the easiest.

Choose your wallet to sign up
Choose your wallet to sign up.

After selecting your wallet, it will show a popup to sign the login request. Click the [Sign] button to connect your account.

Once your wallet link is connected, it will redirect you to the Unstoppable homepage.

Step 2: Check the domain availability

In the search bar, you can search your required domain and select .bitcoin until you have found your desired domain.

Sometimes, your desired domain could be already registered by someone else. Some domains are protected only for business and might not be available to common users.

BTC Domain Marketplace: blockchain based solution
BTC Domain Marketplace: blockchain-based solution.

Step 3: Adding to Cart

Click on the .bitcoin domain you wish to buy and click the [Add to cart] button to proceed to pay.

Once your search is done, press the [Cart] button from the top right corner to view your cart and click the checkout button to continue.

Checking the order on UNS: get your human readable name for wallets
Checking the order on UNS: Get your human-readable name for wallets.

Step 4: Claiming the Domain in Self-Custody

Since Unstoppable Domains is a centralized platform, you can keep managing your domain there. The parking fee is only $4 per year, half the price of a regular domain purchase on NameCheap.

To claim self-custody upon the sale of your domain, click the [Parking] button, choose self-custody, and then click [Confirm].

Claiming the domain in self-custody: be ware of the eth gas fees
Claiming the domain in self-custody: Be aware of the ETH gas fees.

Step 4: Buying the Domain

Now comes the buying part. The exchange platform offers several ways to purchase and pay for your BTC names, including credit card, Paypal, Crypto wallet, or Crypto.com Exchange transactions.

Unstoppable Domains Payment methods are wide to facilitate crypto community
Unstoppable Domains Payment methods are wide to facilitate the crypto community.

To pay with crypto, copy the link to the wallet address provided by clicking [Copy] to pay for the domain. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code on the website to send money.

The easiest is to copy the Cryptocurrency address. Copy the Ethereum wallet address and open your Metamask wallet to request and send payment.

unstoppable domains makes sending Payment through MetaMask hassle-free
Sending Payment through MetaMask hassle-free.

In Metamask, click the [Send] button and paste the address you copied from the website. In the amount section, write the price of the domain.

Sending payment for the Domain
Sending payment for the Domain

Click [Next] to sign the transaction and wait for it to go through. Congratulations, you have now received your .btc domain. It is that simple!

Claim your domain

Once you purchase the domain name, it remains in the database until you claim using your crypto wallet. For instance, use your Ethereum wallet if you have purchased a “.crypto@” domain and move it from the database to the blockchain.

You then must claim the ownership of the purchased domain and register it on the blockchain by minting it. Finally, save it in your wallet.

You will need a crypto wallet such as Ledger, Wallet Connect, TrustWallet, or Metamask to store your new NFT domain.

How to Sell NFTs on Unstoppable Domains?

Depending on the extension, NFT domains can be sold on Unstoppable Domains or secondary marketplaces like Mintable and OpenSea.

Selling Domains on Unstoppable Domain

For selling domains on Unstoppable Domains, head to the platform and select My Domains -> Manage.

Next, click on the Sell Domain tab and enter your e-mail. To complete the process, check the box labeled “Mark this domain as “Listed for Sale” on Unstoppable Domains search. Finally, you have to select ” List for Sale.”

Sell NFT domain on OpenSea.

To sell Your NFT domain name on OpenSea, start by heading on to their official site and logging in. After going to your profile and selecting the NFT domain you want to sell, select the blue “Sell” button and choose your preferred selling method. Only .zil extensions aren’t allowed to be sold on OpenSea.

Sell .zil domains on Mintable.

To sell .zil domains, you must log in to Mintable. If so, select the “sell” option and then the “The NFT is already in my wallet ” option. Finally, select the title labeled Unstoppable Domains. ZilPay will automatically open, allowing you to list the NFT for sale.

Unstoppable Domains Fees

Domain owners have to pay network fees when registering a domain. Unstoppable Domains has partnered with Polygon to offer mints without a fee. This allows users to mint blockchain sites on the Ethereum or Polygon networks for free.

If the user chooses Ethereum, there are no fees for monthly subscriptions, only gas fees when buying and selling. Gas fees vary depending on the congestion of the network at the time of the transaction.

For a one-time fee of under $50, you can acquire a .crypto domain name that doesn’t necessitate yearly renewals.

Various factors influence the expense of blockchain-based domains at Unstoppable Domains. The domain type can range from as little as $20 to as high as $25,000. Interestingly, “.wallet” domains are less expensive than “.crypto” domain types because they are less popular.

Meanwhile, the premium domains with short names are more costly since they are straightforward to remember. As the domains are Ethereum registered on the blockchain, you must pay an ETH transaction fee to obtain them.


After examining the various facets of Unstoppable Domains, there is only one potential dealbreaker – the cost of claiming a domain with Ethereum.

This can only become a limitation if you do not have any Ethereum at your address but need to purchase some to claim your domain or if you think the gas fee is unreasonable.

Final Verdict

After completing our Unstoppable Domains review, it is evident that it is the first to provide the full power of domain ownership using blockchain technology to people since the Internet was created.

While blockchain and crypto domains are still relatively new, their values are rising. As more people become interested in crypto domains, Unstoppable Domains, Ethereum Name Service, and other crypto domain registrars are at the forefront of Web 3.0 domain development.

As crypto and crypto domains continue to influence society, their value will only rise as they are poised for mainstream adoption. While it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, the emergence of crypto domains cannot be ignored for too long.