Carl The Moon

25 August, 2023

Carl The Moon is a crypto influencer with more than 2.4 million followers on social media platforms. He has a net worth of ~$20 million through The Moon Group and YouTube channel. Carl has also invested in more than 400 crypto startups solidifying his stance on crypto.

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Carl The Moon Net Worth
Carl The Moon
  • Over 2.4 million followers.
  • Invested in over 400 crypto startups.
  • Co-founded several crypto ventures.
  • Accused of promoting sketchy projects.
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  • YouTuber Carl “The Moon” has a net worth of $20 million and offers his audience educational guides on crypto.
  • He has 2.4 million followers across his social media.
  • Critics have accused Carl of promoting scam projects like BitMEX.
Carl The Moon - Founder of The Moon.
Carl The Moon.

FounderThe Moon
Net worth $20 Million
Followers2.4 Million
Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1994 ( 28 years old)
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden

Who is Carl The Moon?

Born in Sweden in 1994, Carl Runefelt left high school in 2010 to work as a salesman in a grocery store. That is where he experiences the power of manifestation. 

However, his trajectory shifted in 2017 when he delved into the world of crypto during the bull run, eventually becoming a full-time influencer and investor.

By November 2018, he quit his job and focused on learning everything he could about cryptocurrencies. And quickly, Carl became one of the most popular cryptocurrency YouTubers.

Carl The Moon - Crypto Influencer and Investor.
Carl The Moon – Crypto Influencer and Investor.

Social Media 

X: 1.3 Million (@TheMoonCarl)

YouTube: 584K (@TheMoon)

TikTok: 294K (@carlrunefelt)

Instagram: 281K (@themooncarl)

LinkedIn: 3K (@CarlRunefelt)


What are Carl The Moon’s achievements?

Becoming a Prominent Crypto Influencer

In 2017, Carl initiated his YouTube channel, and in a short span, he rapidly rose to prominence, becoming one of the most sought-after cryptocurrency content creators. Specifically, ‘The Moon’ channel primarily aims to educate his impressive 600K YouTube followers about various crypto platforms.

Moreover, his connections are solid, collaborating with various crypto influencers and experts, including Crypto Zombie, BitBoy Crypto, and Crypto Lark.

Carl is not just a YouTuber, though. He’s co-founded several crypto ventures, like The Moon Group – a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in crypto projects.

Influence on the Crypto Community

With a firm belief in the future dominance of cryptocurrencies, he’s taken personal stakes in nearly 400 crypto startups.

His insights are sought after, often appearing on financial news programs like Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, and CNBC.

Additionally, Carl actively participated in various events, including the World Blockchain Summit 2023, Crypto Fest 2022, and the Blockchain Expo Global 2022.

Influence on Crypto, including The Moon Group.
Influence on Crypto, including The Moon Group.

What is Carl The Moon’s Net Worth?

Carl Runefelt has amassed $1.1 billion in net worth. Most of his wealth comes from investments, businesses, and social media. 

The crypto influencer revealed that he has also invested in 400 startups and holds Bitcoin. In 2017, Carl bought a Bugatti Chiron in 2022 for 1000 Ethereum

But Carl is not just about profits. In 2022, he partnered with Formula 2 driver Ralph Boschung to collect crypto donations for disabled children at all 14 F2 races.

Controversies and Challenges

People accuse Carl “The Moon” of promoting questionable projects and exchanges like Bitconnect, BitMEX, and Bybit to his followers for profitable sponsorships, which could mislead them.

Besides that, some critics have criticized him for flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Private jets, fancy cars, and pricey watches – on social media, finding it insensitive.

Controversies, including criticism for promoting specific platform for profits.
Controversies, including criticism for promoting specific platforms for profits.

The Rise or Fall?

Building on his popularity as a YouTuber and his participation in various events, Carl can effectively continue raising awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, through his involvement with The Moon Group, he will likely support innovative crypto startups by investing in them, co-founding them, or, alternatively, featuring them on his platforms.

In conclusion, Carl’s influence on the future of crypto is multifaceted, encompassing education, partnerships, and investment sway.

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