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Bitboy Crypto

Ben Armstrong, commonly known as BitBoy Crypto, has over 1.46 million followers across all social media platforms. Bitboy has an estimated net worth of $30 million and has been involved in the cryptocurrency community since investing in Bitcoin in 2012.

  • 1.46 million followers.

  • Founder of Bitboy Crypto

  • Invested in BTC since 2012.

  • Known for shilling coins.

  • FTX allegations.


  • Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, is a Cryptocurrency influencer who rose to fame in Web3 as a crypto YouTuber and investor, with a net worth of $30 million.
  • Bitboy has 3.2 million followers across multiple platforms.
  • He has been controversial for being taken out of his own company (Bitboy Crypto), his FTX promotion, and legal battle with Atozy.
Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto)
Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto) – Investor, Youtuber, and Influencer.

Net Worth$3 Million
Followers3.2 Million
Date of Birth27 October 1982 (39 Years)
Place of BirthAtlanta, United States

Who is Bitboy Crypto?

BitBoy Crypto, or Ben Armstrong, was born on 27 October 1982 in Atlanta, United States. In 2012, he received his bachelor’s degree in Ministry leadership from Kennesaw State University.

His crypto journey began in 2012, investing $400 in Bitcoin via BitInstant, but he suffered losses in a hack. 

Undeterred, Ben involved himself in learning more about cryptocurrencies. In 2018 he transitioned into a full-time crypto analyst, launching his YouTube channel – Bitboy Crypto. 

BitBoy Crypto - YouTuber and Investor.
BitBoy Crypto – YouTuber and Investor.

Social Media

Youtube: 1.45 Million (@BitBoyCryptoChannel)

X: 1 Million (@Bitboy_Crypto)

Instagram: 497K (@bitboy_crypto)

Facebook: 160K (@BitBoyCrypto)

Tiktok: 48K (@realbitboycrypto26)

LinkedIn: 7K (@BitBoyCrypto)

What are BitBoy Crypto’s achievements?

Becoming a prominent YouTuber

BitBoy Crypto’s major achievement is his rise as a highly successful crypto content creator. In 2018, he was among the pioneers in cryptocurrency content on YouTube.

His rapid growth began gaining traction, particularly after the bullish trend in 2017. As of writing, he provides his 1.45 million followers with insights, collaborations, and predictions.

Furthermore, he wears the hat of an entrepreneur, holding ownership in BitBoy Crypto and HIT Network, showcasing various creators of crypto content.

Influence on crypto

With this insightful market take, BitBoy’s influence in crypto is impactful. In 2022, he initiated Ben DAO, a community with its $BEN governance token, aiming to surpass meme coins like JEFF.

BitBoy Crypto has been vocal at blockchain conferences, advocating for more accessible crypto. His perspectives were featured in events like the Blockchain Economy London Summit and Blockchain Futurist Conference 2023.

Moreover, the YouTuber challenges crypto projects that he considers scammy. BitBoy exposes their flaws and warns his audience to avoid them.

What is Bitboy Crypto’s net worth?

As of 2023, BitBoy Crypto has a net worth of $3 million. This encompasses his crypto holdings, revenue from his YouTube channel, podcasts, and books. 

BitBoy earns significant commissions from collaborating with platforms like Bybit,, eToro, and BitSwap DEX.

Despite his wealth, he is involved in charity work. In 2021, BitBoy Crypto teamed up with other influencers to donate $20K from their DeployStarship pack sale to the Crypto For Cures Fund. Plus, he has donated Bitcoin to Save The Children and other organizations.

Bitboy net worth
BitBoy has amassed a net worth of $30 million.

Controversies and challenges

In August 2022, BitBoy Crypto dealt with a lawsuit from YouTuber Atozy, who accused him of defamation and invasion of privacy due to a video named “The Truth About Atozy.” BitBoy initially stood by his statements but later dropped the lawsuit and apologized.

Criticism arose about BitBoy Crypto’s predictions and analysis, citing bias and inaccuracy. His $100,000 Bitcoin and Ethereum flip forecasts faced backlash.

Another challenge emerged as BitBoy Crypto faced a class-action lawsuit over the FTX exchange promotion. Allegations included undisclosed payments and FTX’s misconduct. He denied compensation, mentioning lawyer threats.

Controversies, including his spat with Atozt and FTX promotion.
Controversies, including his spat with Atozt and FTX promotion.

The Rise or Fall?

BitBoy Crypto is likely to keep playing a significant part in shaping the future of crypto. His mission involves enlightening his audience regarding the advantages Web3 brings.

Creating a robust BitSquad community will be his top priority; he could attract participation in Web3’s decentralized governance.

Finally, his market analysis could be key in keeping his followers away from shady projects.

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