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    Chris MMCrypto

Chris MMCrypto

Christopher Jaszczynski is a German entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency expert with 2.1 million followers across social media platforms. He co-founded MMConsult and MMCrypto, amassing a $100 million net worth.

  • 2.1 million followers.

  • Founded MMCrypto.

  • $100 million net worth.

  • Banned from Youtube.

  • Promoting projects to fans.


  • German-born crypto influencer Chris MMCrypto is known for his on-chain analysis on YouTube and has a net worth of $100 million.
  • With 2.1 million followers, he is among the top crypto content creators.
  • He has been subject to controversies, such as a ban on his YouTube channel and promoting leverage platforms.
Chris MMCrypto - Founder of MMConsult.
Chris MMCrypto – Founder of MMConsult.

FounderMMCrypto & MMConsult
Net Worth$100 Million
Followers2.1 Million
Bitcoin HoldingN/A
Date of Birth1996 (28 Years)
Place of BirthGermany

Who is Chris MM Crypto?

Born in 1996 in Germany, Christopher Jaszczynski studied Applied Economics at Osnabrück University in 2017. He then pursued a Master’s in Management and Economics from the University of Münster in 2019.

In 2017, he got involved in Digital Currencies after a course at the University of Nicosia

Despite this, Chris initially hesitated while getting into Bitcoin investments, so he kept driving taxis for a consistent income. 

That same year, he started his YouTube Channel, MMCrypto, and launched MMConsult – a crypto-project marketing firm.

MMCrypto net worth
MMCrypto net worth is $100 Million.

Social Media 

X: 1.3 Million (@MMCrypto)

YouTube: 558K (@MMCryptoTube)

Instagram: 193K (@chrismmcrypto)

Facebook: 7K (@MMCrypto)


What are Chris MM Crypto’s achievements?

Starting MMCrypto YouTube Channel & MMConsult

Christopher was all in on YouTube to spread his insights, his most significant achievement. During the crypto boom in 2017, MMCrypto was one of the pioneers in using on-chain analysis to forecast Bitcoin’s price. 

Beyond the usual price breakdowns, his channel delves into economic shifts, money strategies, and chats with experts, including Jimmy Song, Roger Ver, and Tone Vays.

In 2017, with colleagues, Chris started MMConsult, a crypto marketing firm. They operate as a team of consultants and investors, pooling their funds into Bitcoin, altcoins, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Influence on the Crypto Community

Chris MMCrypto is one of the most influential crypto voices and bagged the Crypto Influencer of the Year award in 2022

Besides his YouTube analysis, Chris MM Crypto participates in numerous crypto conferences. In 2019 and 2020, he was one of the speakers at the Crypto Influencer Summit and the AIBC Summit, where he discussed on-chain metrics and challenges in DeFi.

Plus, Chris hosts MMCrypto Meetups in various locations such as Dubai, Malta, and Singapore, offering networking opportunities and giveaways.

Influence on crypto, meetups and conference presence.
Influence on crypto, meetups, and conference presence.

What is Chris MMCrypto’s Net Worth?

Chris MMCrypto has a net worth of $100 Million, which may fluctuate depending on the market conditions. His wealth comes from YouTube, MMConsult, ads, sponsorships, and crypto investments in BTC and ETH.

He owns a fleet of luxury cars, including a McLaren Senna ($1.2 million), a Mansory Bentley Continental GTC, and a green Mansory G-Wagon, which set him back more than $1 million.

MMCrypto has donated to some charities in the past, such as The Water Project, The Giving Block, and Binance Charity. In 2020, he also participated in events, including the Crypto Relief Fund and the Crypto Christmas Giveaway.

Controversies and Challenges

In 2019 and 2020, YouTube banned creators, including MM Crypto. They said it was because of an error in the strike review process, which restricted many crypto-related channels.

Initially, Chris argued that someone falsely reported him. Eventually, he did manage to get his channel reinstated once the issue was resolved. 

Besides that, MMCrypto has been under fire for allegedly promoting specific projects to make money, effectively deceiving his audience. But he denied all of these claims.

Controversies, including YouTube account ban.
Controversies, including YouTube account ban.

The Rise or Fall?

After reviewing his contributions, Chris MMCrypto has revealed in interviews that he aims to focus on benefiting from DeFi.

His large followers adhere to his advice for investments, which means that the YouTuber will influence to promote or challenge the legitimacy of different projects.

Moreover, Chris will continue to share his on-chain analysis and participate in conferences, effectively promoting mainstream adoption of crypto assets.

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