Top Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2023

Our comparison covers some of the best crypto influencers to follow, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins experts.

Net Worth
  • $1.4 Billion
  • 3.1 Million
  • MicroStrategy

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Michael Saylor is best known for co-founding MicroStrategy. As of 2023, he has a net worth of $1.4 billion, with 3.1 million followers on X. Plus, Saylor is the biggest shareholder in the business intelligence company and holds 17,732 Bitcoin (~469 Million).

  • MicroStrategy founder.

  • $1.4 Billion Net Worth.

  • Owns 17,732 Bitcoin.

  • Accused of insider trading.

Net Worth
  • $ 600 M
  • 6.8 M
  • Ethereum

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Vitalik Buterin co-founded Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Known for his thought leadership, he has 6.8 million online followers. Plus, Vitalik has managed to build a $600 million net worth, with $45 million in off-chain assets.

  • Founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine.

  • 6,8 million followers across channels.

  • Net worth of $600 million.

  • Criticized for market manipulation.

Net Worth
  • $10.2 Billion
  • 9.7 Million
  • Binance

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Chanpeng Zhao is the force behind Binance’s quick success. With his thought leadership, he has garnered 9.7 million followers on social media platforms. These ventures have earned him $10.2 billion in net worth.

  • $10.2 Billion net worth

  • 9.7 million followers

  • Founded Binance exchange.

  • Regulatory contrains.

  • Acting out on Twitter.

Net Worth
  • $100 Million
  • 2.5 Million
  • Pomp Investments

More details

Anthony Pompliano is an American media entrepreneur and venture capitalist with 2.5 million followers on social media. Widely known as a Bitcoin maximalist, he has amassed a net worth of $100 million through investments in Web3, Bitcoin, and his stints at big tech companies.

  • Entreprenur & VC.

  • 2,5 million followers.

  • Net worth of $100 million

Net Worth
  • $3 Billion
  • 1.8 Million
  • Gemini

More details

The Winklevoss Twins are American Olympians and entrepreneurs with 1.8 Million followers across different platforms. Known for founding Gemini, they have a net worth of ~$3 billion, amassed from their investments in BTC, ETH, and Web3 projects.

  • Founders of Gemini exchange.

  • Owners of Nifty Gateway.

  • $3 billion net worth.

  • Known for lawsuits.

Net Worth
  • $30 Million
  • 3.2 Million
  • Bitboy Crypto

More details

Ben Armstrong, commonly known as BitBoy Crypto, has over 1.46 million followers across all social media platforms. Bitboy has an estimated net worth of $30 million and has been involved in the cryptocurrency community since investing in Bitcoin in 2012.

  • 1.46 million followers.

  • Founder of Bitboy Crypto

  • Invested in BTC since 2012.

  • Known for shilling coins.

  • FTX allegations.

Net Worth
  • $100 Million
  • 2.1 Million
  • Chris MMCrypto

More details

Christopher Jaszczynski is a German entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency expert with 2.1 million followers across social media platforms. He co-founded MMConsult and MMCrypto, amassing a $100 million net worth.

  • 2.1 million followers.

  • Founded MMCrypto.

  • $100 million net worth.

  • Banned from Youtube.

  • Promoting projects to fans.

Net Worth
  • $20 Million
  • 2.4 Million
  • The Moon Group

More details

Carl The Moon is a crypto influencer with more than 2.4 million followers on social media platforms. He has a net worth of ~$20 million through The Moon Group and YouTube channel. Carl has also invested in more than 400 crypto startups solidifying his stance on crypto.

  • Over 2.4 million followers.

  • Invested in over 400 crypto startups.

  • Co-founded several crypto ventures.

  • Accused of promoting sketchy projects.

Net Worth
  • $7 Million
  • 1.1 Million
  • Layah Heilpern

More details

Layah Heilpern is a British crypto podcaster with 1.1 million followers across social platforms. Known for her insightful takes on crypto market trends, she has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

  • 1.1 million followers.

  • British crypto podcaster.

  • $7 million.

  • Heated debates on X.

Net Worth
  • $2.5 Million
  • 932K
  • Ivan On Tech

More details

Ivan on Tech, a prominent crypto influencer from Sweden, who has a 932K social media followers. He's renowned for creating his successful YouTube channel and Moralis Academy. He has a net worth of $2.5 million.

  • Over 900k followers.

  • Founder of Moralis Academy.

  • Generous with donations.

  • YouTube account was suspended.


Crypto influencers assist in educating about emerging crypto projects by producing content platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Selecting the top cryptocurrency influencers to follow is paramount, as their reach, frequency, tone, and trustworthiness can be significant factors in your trading success.

They are grouped into five categories: mega influencers ( 1M + followers), macro-influencers (500K to 1 million followers), mid-tier influencers (50K to 500K followers), micro-influencers (10K to 50K followers), and nano-influencers (1K to 10K followers).

To ensure that your campaigns as a project are successful, choosing the right tier makes a difference in driving traffic and engagement for any product or service.

Safety protocols are being implemented to guarantee that influencer content is accurate, verifying accounts and vetting the material they provide.

We have researched and found the top crypto influencers in the industry for you.


Explanation of crypto influencers

Crypto influencers utilize their presence on social platforms to help popularize the blockchain industry. Best crypto analysts in the crypto community tend to be tech-savvy and passionate about the blockchain, digital currencies, and other innovations.

blockchain community influencer

Their content includes marketing campaigns, crypto news, bitcoin news, crypto education, and providing followers with updates and trends.

Some even offer advice on how to diversify portfolios or secure cryptocurrencies. With this impact, a cryptocurrency influencer helps attract attention to various blockchain technology sectors and creates a better understanding among their community.

Although you may only sometimes have the technical know-how, forming a personal bond with crypto influencers can motivate anyone to begin to explore the cryptocurrency world.

Importance of crypto influencers

Crypto influencers have become an integral part of the crypto space. By delivering accurate and digestible knowledge about digital assets, blockchain technology, and more, they are helping audiences make sound decisions regarding investing in cryptocurrencies.

Consequently, these power players are crucial in popularizing this ever-evolving sector. These influential figures encourage others to join the cryptocurrency space through their channels, contributing to its growth and progress.

They can create conversations introducing people from all perspectives to traditional financial markets and overlooked regions in the cryptocurrency world.

Thanks to crypto influencers, more people than ever before are becoming involved with digital assets and seizing the chance for all of the benefits.

How do crypto influencers work

By utilizing their channels, these experts are increasing awareness of digital assets and educating the public about all things related to cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they can help amplify the news of new products entering the market daily.

crypto influencers working on different projects

These influencers engage people through crypto news, videos, podcasts, tutorials, blogs, etc. Many cryptocurrency influencers understand that success requires having the knowledge and credibility of an expert while also giving off a personal feel that draws audiences in.

These influencers have helped push cryptos into mainstream consciousness more than ever by providing valuable market insight.

Security measures

Crypto influencers recognize the importance of online safety and take steps to protect their digital identities, such as using two-factor authentication, reliable passwords, and secure storage solutions.

They understand that protecting their data is paramount to maintaining an influential presence within this industry. For example, they may create a separate Bitcoin wallet or accounts for all different cryptocurrencies and be wary of data leaks or phishing attempts.

They must also regularly monitor account activity and take precautions if anything seems suspicious. Crypto influencers understand the importance of taking proactive security measures to keep prying eyes away from their investments.

Types of Crypto Influencers


Crypto influencers with an immense social media presence, boasting over a million followers on their platforms, are considered mega-influencers. They have the power to influence movements in a specific cryptocurrency.

Mega crypto influencers in blockchain space

Such crypto heavyweights are commonly seen as celebrities, venture capitalists, or tech magnates specializing in blockchain technology and investments. 

The impact these more popular cryptocurrency influencers have on our crypto decisions can be substantial. By following their posts, we can get an insight into their strategies for investing in cryptocurrencies and trends they believe will be successful.

This allows us to form our opinions and make informed decisions on allocating our resources when investing in the crypto market. 


  • Professional credibility and knowledge.
  • A large following on social media can help spread the word about digital assets.
  • They can influence people’s opinions about cryptocurrencies through their social media platforms. 


  • Falsely increasing the worth of digital assets can lead to misguided predictions, leaving your business vulnerable.
  • They can be expensive to work with, as they often command a hefty fee.
  • They may not be as informed about all aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as the experts.


Crypto macro-influencers have become essential players in cryptocurrency investment, amassing their power on social media platforms with a following from 500K to 1 million people.

Through a broad selection of crypto-related content, such as market analysis, future predictions, and crypto trading tips, these influencers offer invaluable insight for crypto enthusiasts looking to stay ahead of the game. 

Aspiring traders frequently look towards crypto macro-influencers to gain valuable insight into the everchanging cryptocurrency market as future price predictions.

macro youtube top crypto influencers

These influential tastemakers provide their opinions on current news events that could influence the prices of cryptos and share long-term projections for individual coins and tokens.

Such predictions can be invaluable tools as they aid investors who need more time to master Bitcoin to make wise decisions independently.


  • Generates a lot of traffic to the product that is promoted.
  • More affordable than working with mega-influencers.
  • These firms focus on a specific area of the cryptocurrency industry, offering more profound and extensive analysis.
  • Their smaller following is often more engaged and better informed about the industry. 


  • They may have less influence over public opinion as they have fewer followers.
  • Their advice may not be as reliable as mega-influencers with broader knowledge.
  • They may lack a professional background and experience with crypto and blockchain technology.​

Mid-tier influencers 

If you wish to stay up-to-date with the crypto world, follow mid-tier crypto influencers with 50K and 500K followers on their social media accounts, including the YouTube channel.

Keeping tabs on these esteemed figures will inform you about all the industry’s essential news, trends, and developments, as these are up-and-coming influencers.

Mid tier influencers crypto enthusiast

You can follow mid-tier leading crypto influencers like Ivan on tech to stay on top of the cryptocurrency game. They will provide comprehensive views on what’s happening in the market and effective reviews of new products and services that may impact your investment decisions.

Besides, they can also give you valuable insights about the current trading situation and risk management strategies for better results! With this sort of detailed knowledge, rest assured that all your investments are made with confidence.


  • Generally provide more accurate insights than macro influencers.
  • They focus on particular areas or niches, such as ICOs or newly developed blockchain technology.
  • They are often more affordable than working with mega-influencers. 


  • Nay does not possess the same expertise in cryptocurrency as prominent influencers.
  • Trustworthiness can be challenging. Not all are reliable sources.


Micro-influencers are social media mavens who have a following of 10K to 50K users. They give their audience detailed knowledge about cryptocurrency investment and how to identify the best opportunities available in this market.

best crypto analyst as a micro influencer

Not only do they offer helpful advice on diversifying one’s portfolio, but these influencers help people understand the risks associated with investing so they can make wise decisions that will yield tangible results.

While micro-influencers may not be as popular as mega or macro-influencers, they still provide invaluable insight into crypto investments!


  • People can form meaningful relationships with their supporters with fewer followers, which translates to increased ROI or better promotion outcomes.
  • They are often seen as independent authorities on cryptocurrency, making them an appealing partner for cryptocurrencies seeking press attention.
  • Diversifying your marketing strategy by working with multiple micro-influencers instead of focusing on one prominent influencer can give you a more substantial presence in the industry.


  • With crypto micro-influencers, there is an almost assured miscommunication between the influencer and their audience. Due to a lack of technical knowledge or experience, many followers will be unable to understand these influencers’ advice on investing in cryptocurrencies. 
  • Tracing the origin of these influencers’ endorsements can be tricky, as many may need clean sources.
  • By promoting a cryptocurrency they may not be well-versed in, micro-influencers are endangering their followers, who could find themselves investing in an asset that quickly depreciates soon after purchase.  


Nano-influencer individuals have anywhere from 1K – 10K followers on their social media accounts and specialize in providing user-friendly educational content about investing in crypto assets.

Nano influencer analyzing crypto charts

Their posts often guide newcomers by offering advice that can be easily understood and used as a foundation for further learning. With these small yet knowledgeable voices, anyone looking to invest can gain valuable crypto insights into this ever-changing market.


  • Nano-influencers are typically more reliable as they don’t receive endorsements from large organizations.
  • They often offer very affordable rates for promotion and endorsement services. 


  • Smaller-scale influencers may not possess the same expertise in cryptocurrency as their more prominent counterparts.
  • Assessing Nano-influencers’ power to influence people’s buying decisions can be tricky.

Choosing crypto influencers

Review factors when choosing a crypto influencer to follow or work with.


When deciding who to trust as a crypto influencer, it is essential to consider their relevance in the market.

Firstly, make sure that they specialize in the crypto sector. This is important because noting the ever-evolving trends and changes in this particular market can be demanding.

Also, when evaluating an influencer’s relevancy, ensure they are up-to-date with industry news and have their finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Though positivity and activity on social media may signal productivity, ensure they prioritize knowledge of technology developments over all else because reliable insight comes from familiarity with software updates and releases. It leads to more crypto adoption among people.


A larger follower count doesn’t guarantee more interaction and fruitful partnerships.

It’s, therefore, essential to study different influencers within the niche and look for signals such as replies and comments by followers, activity on stories, live streaming, likes, shares, and other engagement metrics before making the leap of faith in any particular crypto influencer.

cryptocurrency investor performing technical analysis

Furthermore, monitoring the online behavior of potential influencers will help understand how they engage not only with their content but also with those of other creators — in the form of coherent, constructive critiques or mindless trolling.


Influencers have access to different audiences and various sources of knowledge, from industry contacts to research personnel or even experienced crypto traders.

Someone with these resources can dramatically increase your effectiveness and knowledge about crypto. With a more significant following, influencers can inspire their audience to act on your behalf.

influence of crypto expert on trading

Additionally, forming solid relationships with influential people in the industry elevates your credibility and gives you valuable advice when making crypto or bitcoin trading decisions.


By having a vast and varied audience, influencers can engage more effectively with them. It is vital to examine the influencer’s past campaign performance when considering working with them; this means looking into their impressions, engagement rate, clicks, and sales figures to determine their suitability for your needs.

A high-reach influencer doesn’t necessarily make for the best one since their low engagement rates, and those different views only amount to a little.

Ultimately, it would help if you were looking for an individual with an impressive reach and a track record of success that is not faked.


When deciding which crypto influencer to trust, the frequency of posts and comments is essential. An active crypto influencer who posts regularly is more likely to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the crypto influencer space.

This can help give you updated information that reflects reality. Someone who posts frequently is also likely to answer questions or address topics other investors may have when deciding which particular altcoin to go with their investments.

crypto investor unlocking digital currencies

So, to ensure your currency decisions are informed and up-to-date, it’s always best to pick a trusted crypto influencer who posts regularly so they can provide reliable advice backed by current industry trends.


An excellent crypto influencer should have a friendly and informative tone that they use with their followers while also inspiring and motivating them.

An expert who knows their subject and takes a friendly, accessible approach to sharing what they know may be better than someone with a large following but an unfriendly tone.


As we all know, the cryptocurrency industry is full of well-known experts who can be trusted for financial advice. But it’s essential to carefully vet them and ensure they are knowledgeable in this field and have a successful crypto investing track record without any legal issues or fraud cases.

trustworthy crypto exchange

Follow only those crypto experts you feel confident will give reliable information that may help you succeed with your investments.


In summary, crypto influencers have undeniably become a necessary component of digital currency in the crypto world. Their capacity to boost social media presence and online engagement for coins and tokens is especially noteworthy.

Cryptocurrency influencers provide valuable advice about when to invest in crypto companies, trade in specific digital currencies, and build trust among potential investors in the crypto community. Key factors used to evaluate individual crypto influencers include relevance, engagement, and genuine influence in their operating space.

As technology advances and governments introduce more regulations, the future for crypto and influencers will be brighter than ever. With these encouraging developments in the sector, we look forward to more significant opportunities for everyone involved.

The future outlook for crypto influencers in the crypto industry

Crypto influencers have become an integral part of the crypto industry. Cryptocurrencies are gaining increased acceptance and usage worldwide, so crypto influencers are well-placed to capitalize on this trend.

By leveraging their expertise and contacts, they can act as promoters and problem solvers in various crypto markets and encourage user adoption. In terms of future outlook, crypto influencers will be an essential factor in helping to facilitate progress within the industry.

With an increasing number of businesses interested in cryptocurrencies, these influencers will be key players in driving investment and creating partnerships that benefit companies, users, and investors alike.

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