Sorare Review

21 June, 2023

As a novel blockchain-based fantasy football game that is now a NFT marketplace, Sorare offers player trading, fantasy tournaments, and lucrative weekly prizes, setting it apart through limited card supply and free starter pack of ten rare cards.

Sorare NFT Marketplace.
Our Review
  • Valuing cards and transparency.
  • Global accessibility.
  • Convenient market system.
  • Backed by major gaming brands.
  • Ethereum volatility and gas fees.
  • No dedicated mobile app.
  • Restrictions on some cards.
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Sorare Review 2024: Is it the Best Sports NFT Platform?


In this review, we will delve into the details of Sorare, exploring its unique features and drawbacks. Sorrare is a leading fantasy sports platform powered by blockchain technology.

With Sorare, players can create their dream teams of virtual soccer, baseball, and basketball players from renowned international clubs. They can win substantial rewards by participating in and winning fantasy tournaments, earning thousands of dollars weekly.

Players-centered NFT cards on Sorare are limited, adding to the excitement of the gaming arena tab with free rare cards and the trade market. Upon registration, players receive ten non-expirable NFT Sorare cards, granting them access to the game’s captivating experience. Finally, the best part is that tournaments have no entry fees.

Sorare NFT Marketplace Review.
Sorare NFT Marketplace 2024 Review.


Initially operating on LOOM, Sorare transitioned to the Ethereum blockchain in 2019, embracing a digital commercial system.

Since then, Sorare has flourished, forging partnerships with football powerhouses like Roma, Juventus, and West Ham United. It has also attracted renowned football players like Ronaldo and J. Felix to join the platform.

Players who sign up on Sorare receive their personalized autographed cards. Notably, prominent leagues like Laliga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Belgium Pro League, and the Chinese Super League have recently joined Sorare.

The players’ cards distributed by Sorare are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing unique virtual items. Each card holds a fixed value, making the manager its sole owner.

These NFT footballer cards have breathed life into the innovative concept of fantasy gaming. Players can amass significant wealth by trading footballers and other athletes on the transfer market.

Now that you understand the essence of Sorare, let’s delve into the game’s intricacies and explore all the critical aspects in detail.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is an innovative football manager game that revolutionizes the genre using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a manager, you can get limited and digital player cards featuring renowned stars like Haaland and Mbappé, strategically forming your lineup for match days.

The actual performance of your players in real-life matches directly influences your ranking within the game. If they perform well, it opens up the possibility of winning enticing cryptocurrency prizes and additional playing cards.

Considering factors like the cards’ rarity levels and the many competitions available for participation is essential. With Sorare, you can embrace the future of fantasy football games and management with Sorare, where NFTs and sports knowledge combine to offer an unparalleled gaming experience.

What is Sorare?
What is Sorare?

How does Sorare work?

Sorare is a captivating blockchain-based fantasy sports platform where players immerse themselves in collecting and trading NFT cards. Sorare offers the most beloved sports of all time, including football, basketball, and baseball.

Similar to the nostalgic card trading games of the 90s, Sorare takes it a step further by allowing players to buy, sell, and trade these digital cards. The game’s foundation is simple:

  • Build an impressive collection of top players’ cards.
  • Engage in tournaments to win cash prizes and rare cards.
  • Trade your cards on the transfer market for substantial profits.

Interestingly, the value of a player’s trading cards increases with their ranking, providing greater monetary rewards.

How does Sorare work?
How does Sorare work?

Who’s it for?

Whether you’re driven by the potential financial gains or enjoy the passion of sports, Sorare offers a fascinating journey for both savvy investors and sports enthusiasts.

Savvy investors

If you love exploring investment opportunities, love sports, and have a knack for understanding blockchain technology and NFTs, Sorare is right up your alley.

It offers an exciting space to acquire and own digital collectibles. Plus, you can also trade limited and rare player cards. Using your expertise and strategic thinking, you can build a valuable collection and make some profits as the demand for these digital assets grows.

Sports enthusiasts

If you are a sports enthusiast and love tournaments, especially football, basketball, or baseball, Sorare is perfect for you. It brings the thrill of managing a team directly to your fingertips.

By collecting and showcasing cards of your team and favorite players, you can excite yourself by winning tournaments. Besides that, you can participate in auctions and compete for exciting prizes. This immersive experience lets you indulge in your love for the game and stay motivated.

Who should use Sorare?
Who should use Sorare?

What makes Sorare a good choice?

Here are some interesting features that make Sorare an ideal pick.

Valuing cards and transparency

The limited number of cards in circulation on Sorare provides clear transparency for users. Also, every transaction and action on the platform is easy to track on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Currently, each player has a maximum limit of 1111 cards issued per season. These are distributed across four main scarcities: 1000 limited, 100 rare, 10 super rare, and one unique.

This scarcity system simplifies the valuation of players and enhances transparency throughout the platform.

Global accessibility

Sorare is a global platform accessible to anyone, regardless of location. Users can use their football knowledge and interests in sports leagues to gain a competitive advantage by trading cards.

Additionally, being part of Sorare connects you to a diverse community of passionate individuals worldwide.

With registered users spanning almost every country, being a part of this community and a Sorare manager opens doors to exciting opportunities. You can enjoy traveling, meeting other managers, and immersing yourself in a vibrant community of football fans.

Convenient market system

Sorare offers managers seamless access to the transfer market, enabling easy card buying and selling. You can get cards through direct purchases or by participating in auctions.

On top of that, the process is straightforward and hassle-free. Sorare managers explore the marketplace, bid on desired cards, and create their dream fantasy teams. Additionally, players can earn Sorare cards and bonus points by winning rewards and competing in tournaments.

Backed by major gaming brands

Despite being relatively new, Sorare has garnered substantial support in the sports industry. The platform enjoys partnerships with world-class footballers like Gerard Pique and Antoine Griezmann, securing solid endorsement and backing.

In terms of business partnerships, Sorare has joined forces with top brands in the sports industry, such as Ubisoft, Venture Capital, and Accel Venture. These strong alliances further solidify Sorare’s position in the market.

Major celebrities and brands back Sorare.
Major celebrities and brands back Sorare.

Getting started with Sorare

Getting started with Sorare is quite easy, and you can quickly create an account by following these steps:

Marketplace Fee
  • 5%
Blockchain Network
  • ETH
User Interface
  • Great

More details

As a novel blockchain-based fantasy football game that is now a NFT marketplace, Sorare offers player trading, fantasy tournaments, and lucrative weekly prizes, setting it apart through limited card supply and free starter pack of ten rare cards.

  • Valuing cards and transparency.

  • Global accessibility.

  • Convenient market system.

  • Backed by major gaming brands.

  • Ethereum volatility and gas fees.

  • No dedicated mobile app.

  • Restrictions on some cards.

Step 1: Visit the website

First, navigate to the Sorare website using any web browser on your desktop or mobile phone. Tap the blue [Sign Up] button on the top right to move forward.

Sorare website.
Visit Sorare website.

Step 2: Enter details

Next, you will see a signup pop-up on your screen. Enter your correct e-mail address, username, and password. When done, click the [Sign Up] button.

Sorare account sign up.
Sorare account sign-up.

Step 3: Verify e-mail address

After clicking sign up, a verification e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Find it in your mailbox and click [Confirm Email] to finalize the registration process.

Sorare e-mail verification.
Sorare e-mail verification.

Congratulations! You have successfully registered an account with Sorare. You will be welcomed to the dashboard, where you can easily explore its features.

Sorare dashboard.
Sorare dashboard.

Sorare Review: Key Features & Perks

Here are some critical features of Sorare.

A user-friendly platform

It is easy to start a captivating journey with Sorare, where even most sports fans and novices can glide effortlessly through its user-friendly platform. It features a seamless gaming algorithm, ensuring that even those with a limited understanding of the sport can navigate it effortlessly.

Furthermore, Sorare is designed to be beginner-friendly, especially for players unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The setup is structured to avoid overwhelming users with unfamiliar concepts and features. Still, the first few weeks on the platform can be hectic for someone new to sports betting or fantasy leagues.

But if you are in trouble, a dedicated support team can provide assistance and support. Sorare aims to create a welcoming environment and an amazing community where everyone can enjoy the game without barriers or confusion.

Interactive interface.
Interactive interface.

Different Cards offered by Sorare

At the core of this fantasy game lies the managers’ concept of card collection. The cards have two distinct features in the game: rarity and scarcity. It means that some cards have a higher value than others, and the game offers fewer cards.

Unlike its competitors that support other blockchain networks, Sorare runs entirely on Ethereum. So, only a limited number of cards are available, ensuring scarcity.

Currently, the game features four types of card rarity, with a specific number of cards created per rarity. The following are the four premium cards offered by Sorare:

  • Limited Cards: The game creates a maximum of 1000 cards per player every season, giving them a yellow color. Limited cards have the lowest rarity.
  • Rare Cards: 100 cards are produced per session for a player, marked with Red. Rare cards differ significantly in rarity compared to limited cards.
  • Super Rare Cards: In a season, a maximum of 10 super rare cards are released per player, displayed in Blue. Super rare cards rank second in rarity.
  • Unique Cards: Each player receives only one copy of each unique card per season. These cards hold significant value and are in high demand among collectors.

Players use common (gray) cards in the early stages of tournaments. Although these cards are not NFTs, they remain viable as the game progresses. Unlike rare, super rare, and unique cards, there are no limits to collecting common cards as their supply is unlimited.

Sorare review: Win prizes with limited edition cards.
Win prizes with limited edition cards.

Fair distribution of Sorare cards

Sorare is committed to fairness and equal opportunities for all users. One of the platform’s most commendable features is its meticulous approach to the distribution of trading cards.

With a keen focus on maintaining balance, Sorare ensures that no single user gains an unfair advantage over others. To achieve this, Sorare has implemented a thoughtfully crafted distribution system.

The rarest player cards coveted by all other managers can only be obtained through active tournament participation. Plus, this strategy prevents these cards from being directly sold on the market, allowing every manager a fair chance at acquiring these highly sought-after treasures.

Prioritizing fair play and equal opportunities, Sorare creates a level playing field where the thrill of competition reigns supreme.

Equal distribution of Sorare free cards.
Equal distribution of Sorare cards.

Sorare tournaments

Sorare Tournaments are a unique offering by the platform that outranks other such companies. These competitions are built upon a five-a-side fantasy lineup, SO5 Fantasy. Open to all participants, Sorare tournaments grant players XP and offer enticing prizes.

Each event comes with a power cap requirement and features a variety of tournaments to choose from. Interestingly, the power cap is a limit, ensuring fair competition by restraining teams from exceeding a particular overall strength. With this approach, Sorare fosters an environment where new members can thrive on an equal footing.

Participants who achieve a top 30 percent placement in the competition are rewarded accordingly. Such benefits incentivize new users to join and encourage continued engagement on the platform.

Additionally, sending players to a special training league can help them acquire valuable XP. It is helpful for those looking to enhance their players’ skills before selling them for a profit.

Remember, the performance of the depicted players in real-life games determines the value of Sorare cards. Opta, a renowned organization, classifies and tracks these performances.

Currently, managers have a range of tournaments to choose from:

  • Global All-Star
  • Champion Europe
  • Global Under 23
  • Challenger Europe
  • Champion Asia
  • Special Training tournaments
Sorare tournaments.

Sorare leagues

Since its dawn, Sorare has expanded its reach to include 248 clubs and 43 divisions worldwide. Players participating in a league supported by Opta’s data platform are eligible for scoring.

However, if a player transfers from a covered league like the English Premier League to an uncovered one like the Bundesliga, they will no longer be eligible for scoring. Some players have partial eligibility in covered leagues, like those from Shakhtar Donetsk, who can participate in international games but not local ones.

Sorare is constantly working on integrating new football clubs and leagues, with the recent addition of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. More companies and regional leagues are expected to follow soon. Furthermore, Sorare recently secured NFT gaming rights for the Premier League, and we can expect more updates shortly.

Sorare offers three main league categories where players can compete with their Sorare cards to win prizes and earn weekly rewards.

Fantasy football leagues.
Fantasy football leagues.

Sorare scoring rules (SO5)

Sorare’s Scoring Rules (SO5) encompass various game-related performance measurements that significantly evaluate a player’s overall impact.

These measurements include general factors, goalkeeping/defense, possession, and attack. It also includes other factors such as missed significant opportunities, shots on target, shots saved, poor performances in the current or previous seasons, and more.

Additionally, the AA score assigned to a player has no upper limit, ranging from negative digits to over 100. However, it cannot exceed 100.

To add to the game-week excitement, defenders can earn maximum points for their defensive contributions, such as interceptions, successful tackles, and net duels.

There are three bonus categories:

  • Double-Double (4 points): Having at least two in each of the three relevant categories (e.g., two interceptions, two tackles, but less than two net duels).
  • Triple-Double (6 points): Attaining at least two in each of the three categories (e.g., three interceptions, two tackles, three net duels).
  • Triple-Triple (12 points): Securing a minimum of three in each category (e.g., three interceptions, four tackles, and three net duels).
fantasy football scoring.
Sorare fantasy football scoring.

Deposit and payment methods

Depositing and withdrawing funds in Sorare is a straightforward process. For those, who don’t have any Ethereum (ETH) in cryptocurrency wallets, Sorare offers the option to use bank transfers or credit/debit cards to purchase players.

While the bank transfer is simple, some individuals may prefer to keep their bank details private. In such cases, alternative options like Ramp or Moonpay are available for depositing money into your Sorare account, although they may involve additional fees.

When withdrawing funds, you can quickly sell the received ETH from Sorare and transfer the proceeds to your bank account. Similar to deposits, there are gas expenses associated with withdrawals. The transaction fee depends on the current gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain, which fluctuate based on network activity.

However, gas expenses increase when the network is busier. To stay informed about the network’s activity, you can check Etherscan for real-time updates.

Deposit and payment methods.
Deposit and payment methods.

Mobile app

One of Sorare’s main features is its dedicated mobile app that makes playing Sorare on the go hassle-free. It helps you to compose lineups, join fantasy football competitions, and manage your Sorare experience.

Besides that, you can view detailed Fantasy Premier League player cards with live data, receive push notifications for live updates, and quickly check results for all your lineups.

Plus, the robust app helps you claim rewards and stay connected with the Sorare community wherever you are. You can download the app for your operating system and enjoy the convenience of managing your Sorare journey from your mobile device.

Sorare Mobile app.
Sorare Mobile app.

Sorare Review: Drawbacks

Let’s explore the sides where Sorare falls behind; there is room for improvement for a better user experience.

Restrictions on accessing some cards

For new managers in Sorare, there is a journey of progression before they can acquire top player cards. The game requires managers to participate in various tournaments and leagues, allowing them to gain experience and improve their skills.

Managers can unlock access to the highly sought-after Sorare cards of the best players through this dedicated gameplay.

While it may take time to spend money and effort, the process adds depth and a sense of achievement to the game. Besides, it helps managers feel accomplished when they finally possess those coveted cards.

Too high-cost

One of the challenges faced by players entering the Sorare world is the cost associated with certain player cards on the transfer marketplace. Some cards carry a significant price tag, making it difficult for players and football fans to afford them, especially in the early stages.

This can create disparities among players in terms of the cards they possess. Those who can purchase these expensive cards may find it easier to build a stronger team, while others may face limitations due to financial constraints.

However, Sorare’s dynamic market and ongoing gameplay allow managers to gradually acquire valuable cards and level the playing field over time.

Incomplete player and club coverage

Despite significant growth and the addition of the Premier League, Sorare may still need more player and club coverage.

Not all leagues included in Sorare’s offerings feature every club or player. This is true for smaller football clubs or teams outside the major European leagues. This could be a source of frustration for fans of those clubs.

Things to consider before choosing Sorare

Here are some important things to consider before finalizing your decision:

Ethereum volatility

Remember that all Sorare transactions are conducted in Ethereum. It’s crucial to understand that Ethereum, like many cryptocurrencies, can experience significant price fluctuations in uncertain times. These swings can affect the value of your wallet and cards.

While there may not be a direct correlation between Ethereum’s price and card valuations, a crash in ETH value could lead to increased card valuations in ETH terms (though a slight dip in FIAT money). In contrast, a rise in ETH value may have the opposite effect.

NFTs are still subject to debate

The future of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is a topic of ongoing debate. Some view NFTs as a significant part of the digital age’s future, while others see them as a passing trend.

Sorare distinguishes itself by incorporating gameplay elements and potential utility value, giving it an advantage over other NFT projects. It has performed better than most NFT-based gameplay projects, despite a challenging period for the NFT space as a whole.

Market Movements: The Sorare market has experienced significant dips in the past 12 months, even with events like the World Cup and the English Premier League launch. While this presents an opportunity for new users to take advantage of lower prices and potentially higher rewards, predicting future market movements remains challenging.

Things to consider before choosing Sorare.
Things to consider before choosing Sorare.

Sorare Review: Our Verdict

Sorare Review reveals a platform that offers pure fun for players. It provides an enjoyable experience for managers who can buy players and participate in tournaments. With football, basketball, and baseball enthusiasts joining a global community, the opportunity to buy, trade, and sell cards with fellow managers is a great advantage.

Additionally, Sorare presents an appealing investment option for those interested in Ethereum, combining financial potential with entertainment. The NFT-based player cards promise substantial future returns, while the platform’s incorporation of scarcity adds to its appeal.

Furthermore, Sorare stands out for its transparent points system, ensuring fairness and strategic gameplay. Newcomers are encouraged to use a referral link for signup, securing a generous bonus reward through a card.