26 Jun, 2023

What Is a Sports NFT? Learn The Best Concept of NFTs in Sports

What Is a Sports NFT


This guide reviews in detail what is a sports NFT. Sports NFTs are digital assets created on a blockchain representing various sports-related items. These items include trading cards, memorable sporting moments, digital memorabilia, and other sports collectibles.

Today, people trade sports NFTs on various NFT marketplaces like Binance NFT Marketplace, OpenSea, Rarible, and more. The popularity of sports NFTs stems from their ability to enable collectors to connect with their favorite clubs and beloved athletes. Moreover, these digital assets offer fans closer interaction with their favorite sports stars.


Sport collectible displaying a soccer player.
Sport collectible displaying a soccer player.

Despite initial doubts about how they fit in the Web3 landscape, NFTs and the sports industry have emerged as the perfect duo. Sports NFTs have become a thriving sector within the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market. Additionally, it allows sports enthusiasts to gather digital trading cards, virtual memorabilia, and other exciting collectibles.

So far, there’s been a continuous introduction of numerous sports NFT brands and projects centered around sports, and a few have even propelled billion-dollar enterprises. So, for newbies who want to venture into the Sports NFT industry, this article explores all you need to know.

Please continue reading to discover their definition, marketplaces to buy, and whether they are worthwhile investments.

What Is A Sports NFT?

Sports NFTs are digital assets created on the blockchain with unique characteristics, representing various sports-related items, including trading cards, sporting events, and digital memorabilia. These non-fungible tokens offer sports fans a novel means of engaging with their favorite club and famous athletes. It also provides athletes, clubs, and sports brands a fresh monetization opportunity.

Fans are often willing to invest substantial money to obtain limited-edition virtual memorabilia featuring their favorite sports player or team. Consequently, sports NFTs frequently exchange hands for tens of thousands of dollars, and the value of certain exceptionally rare items has surged to remarkable heights.

Why Are Sports Fans Drawn To NFTs?

NFTs generally foster enhanced interactions among fan communities, allowing them to trade digital collectibles that showcase extraordinary highlights from their beloved athletes. These cards come in various rarity levels, with certain ones carrying a price tag of $1,000 or more.

The excitement surrounding the collection of sports NFTs resonates with fans, evoking the same joy that physical sports jersey signings have provided the fan base for decades.

Top Sports NFT Projects

Let’s explore prominent projects and their contributions to the sports NFT landscape.

1. Sorare

Rare digital cards to collect, trade and play with on Sorare.
Rare digital cards to collect, trade, and play with on Sorare.

Sorare is an engaging fantasy football trading card game that allows players to purchase, sell, and trade collectible cards. It capitalizes on the passion sports fans have for themed trading cards and introduces the utility of NFTs.

Each game week, players utilize their player NFTs to assemble their favorite teams out of five. Then, they vie for prizes based on the real-world performances of their chosen players. Each card within Sorare represents an actual football player, and their on-field achievements directly impact the scores within the Sorare game.

Marketplace Fee
  • 5%
Blockchain Network
  • ETH
User Interface
  • Great

More details

As a novel blockchain-based fantasy football game that is now a NFT marketplace, Sorare offers player trading, fantasy tournaments, and lucrative weekly prizes, setting it apart through limited card supply and free starter pack of ten rare cards.

  • Valuing cards and transparency.

  • Global accessibility.

  • Convenient market system.

  • Backed by major gaming brands.

  • Ethereum volatility and gas fees.

  • No dedicated mobile app.

  • Restrictions on some cards.

2. Autograph.io

Tom brady's collectible adorned with his signature.
Tom Brady’s collectible is adorned with his signature.

Autograph.io, founded by American football legend Tom Brady, is a sports NFT marketplace. It allows users to purchase and trade exclusive collectibles. Renowned athletes like Devin Booker and Tiger Woods sign these collectibles, adding to their value and desirability.

The limited edition collections associated with these NFTs boast visually stunning artwork. This makes Autograph.io a comprehensive destination for digital sports collectors seeking exceptional pieces to add to their readers.

3. NBA Top Shot

The NBA top shot logo.
The NBA top shot logo.

NBA Top Shot, developed by Dapper Labs (known for CryptoKitties), is an immersive virtual trading card platform. It operates on the FLOW blockchain technology and holds an official license from the NBA Players Association.

Concentrating exclusively on the NBA, this platform allows users to acquire exclusive rights to official highlight videos from games as digital collectibles. These can users buy, sell, or trade within the expansive marketplace.

4. Ultimate Champions

Example of collectibles for ultimate champions.
Example of collectibles for ultimate champions.

Ultimate Champions is a game that combines trading cards and fantasy football across multiple sports leagues. The game has gained significant popularity due to its free-to-play format, allowing easy participation.

As a Web3 game, Ultimate Champions introduced its cryptocurrency, $CHAMP. It is an in-game token, adding a distinctive element to the experience. The platform features a user-friendly interface that continues to evolve. It has also secured significant licensing agreements with top football teams.

5. NFL All Day

NFL all day digital collectible.
NFL all-day digital collectible.

In a collaboration between the NFL and Dapper Labs, NFL All Day was launched as a trading card game after the 2021 NFL season. It allows fans to purchase and collect NFTs featuring their favorite NFL players and notable moments from the league’s history.

The primary NFT currency in NFL All Day is called “Moments.” These Moments are licensed video highlights that collectors can freely buy and sell. They are available in different types and tiers, each with a unique digital serial number that ensures their authenticity and records ownership history.

Where Can You Buy Sports NFTs?

Here are popular platforms that offer opportunities for collectors to discover and acquire their desired sports NFTs.

NBA Top Shot 

The NBA Top Shot marketplace specializes in basketball, showcasing the finest official highlight video clips from NBA games as digital collectibles. You can conveniently purchase, sell, or trade these collectibles on the website.


OpenSea is a major platform for purchasing and selling sports NFTs. It offers collectors a vast array of sports NFT options to explore while offering a user-friendly, secure, and convenient platform for their transactions.

Marketplace Fee
  • 2.5%
Blockchain Network
  • 7+
User Interface
  • Great

More details

OpenSea, celebrated as the largest NFT marketplace, stands out with diverse collections for various enthusiasts and a gas-free operation on Polygon. Noted for its fair fees and easy accessibility, it serves as an attractive hub for creators and collectors alike.

  • Competitive service fees.

  • No gas fees for most transactions.

  • The most extensive collection of NFTs.

  • Easy artist account creation.

  • 10% royalty cap.

  • Limited customer service.

  • Vulnerable to scams.

  • History of insider trading.


Rarible is also a unique platform aggregating sports NFTs for buying and selling. It offers collectors diverse sports NFTs and a convenient platform to facilitate transactions.

Marketplace Fee
  • 1%
Blockchain Network
  • 4+
User Interface
  • Easy

More details

Rarible, a thriving NFT marketplace, offers various digital items to cater to experienced collectors and beginner. Its intuitive interface simplifies buying, selling, or minting NFTs such as art and gaming. Additionally, the RARI token provides users governance, shaping the marketplace's future direction.

  • Perfect for new users.

  • Cost-effective platform.

  • Card payments are supported.

  • Multiple Blockchains supported.

  • Gas-free minting.

  • Service fees

  • ETH crypto wallet is a requirement.

  • Faces intense competition.


Aetsoft is a platform that provides collectors with a diverse range of NFTs to explore and acquire. Moreover, it caters to sports fans who leverage their favorite sports memorabilia to generate income, making it an ideal platform for monetizing sports-related assets.

Are Sports NFTs a Good Investment?

While NFT marketplaces may have slowed down from their earlier enthusiasm, partly because of the huge decrease in the crypto market, the growing number of sports fans entering the NFT field may increase the value of existing NFTs.

It’s crucial to remember that the NFT marketplace is quite unpredictable and that investing in sports NFTs carries certain dangers. Because there is a real chance of losing money in the market, anyone considering investing in such should only invest what they can afford to lose.

Final Thoughts

Sports NFTs have emerged as a captivating sector within the NFT market. Additionally, they allow sports enthusiasts to collect digital trading cards, virtual memorabilia, and more. Their popularity stems from their ability to connect fans with their favorite players, athletes, and teams.

However, investing in Sports NFTs carries risks due to the volatile nature of the NFT market. It is essential to conduct thorough research and only support what one can afford to lose. For fans willing to pay a premium for their favorite sports collectibles, Sports NFTs can provide a fulfilling experience.