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Our BullPerks Review

BullPerks, with its tier system, is a fair and community-dedicated platform giving access to early-stage Web3 investments. The launchpad has raised $15 million for over 65+ projects, with an ATH ROI of 37.61x. Additionally, its integration with 23+ blockchains makes it a strong choice for crypto projects and investors.

  • 65+ successful IDOs.

  • 37.61x ATH ROI.

  • $15 Million raise.

  • 23+ blockchain integrations.

  • Hassle-free token claiming.

  • No guaranteed allocation.

  • Obligation to maintain public sale price.

  • $1M public raise cap for projects.

BullPerks Review 2023: Is it a Safe Launchpad?


In this BullPerks review, I’ll explore the decentralized launchpads features to help you decide whether it fits both from a project perspective and investors. 

Launched in 2021, it has gained a reputation as the most transparent launchpad, completing 65+ IDO launches. It has an ATH ROI of 37.61x, ranking third among all launchpads in ATH. 

Operating on 23+ networks as a multi-chain platform, BullPerks effectively mitigates gas fees. Its internal regulation system ensures that only utility-driven Web3 projects are presented to VCs and investors. 

bullperks review
Review of Bullperks Launchpad.

BullPerks Overview

Coinwebs rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.6 stars)
Launched In2021
Founded ByEran Elhanai and Constantin Kogan
Supported Blockchains23+
Average ROI0.46x
All-Time-High ROI37.61x
Minimum Investment1,500 $BLP (~$85)
Native Token$BLP Token
Key FeaturesBullStarter, BullClaimer, Swap & Bridge, Incubation Program

What is BullPerks? 

BullPerks is a decentralized multichain launchpad designed to help develop, launch, raise money, and connect early-stage projects with Web3 investors.

Two big names in blockchain technology, Eran Elhanai and Constantin Kogan, co-founded BullPerks in 2021. Unlike other launchpads, BullPerks’ founders are not anonymous, which adds to its credibility. 

Before exploring Web3 in 2013, Elhanai was a seasoned angel investor who worked with traditional VCs and the real estate market. After BullPerks, he co-founded other ventures, including GamePad.

BullPerks gives users access to early-stage projects.
BullPerks gives users access to early-stage projects.

Who should use BullPerks?

Here is who we think should use it:

DeFi investors

If you’re bullish on crypto (it’s the right time to be one) and want to invest in blockchain projects, BullPerks is a platform for you. 

One reason for saying this is that almost all the top launchpads are exclusive and whale-friendly, with a high minimum investment cap ($500 to $1000). That’s not the case with BullPerks today, which allows participation in IDOs with just 1,500 BLP tokens (~$75).

Web3 startups

Many Web3 startups fail due to a lack of support during and post-launch, poor marketing, and unclear business models. BullPerks steps in as more than just a launchpad and has 30+ industry experts to assist projects.

Its incubation program is a breeding ground for projects with real-world utilities. It helps the founders turn their ideas into executed products, offering support from project development to community-driven approaches. 

Aiding founders to turn ideas into products.
Aiding founders to turn ideas into products.

What are the Advantages of BullPerks?

Here are the advantages:

The 2nd highest ATH ROIs

BullPerks is above all regarding All-Time High Returns (ATH ROIs) with a remarkable 37.61x (3661.5% price return). It is second only to GameFi, which stands at the top with a 40.83x.

BullPerks has the highest ATH in a year, 11.34x (984% price return), followed by TrustSwap. These numbers show its potential for delivering investment returns for Web3 investors. 

60+ portfolio projects

With 60+ successful IDOs launched, BullPerks has raised $15 million in capital for these projects. Not only do they offer tokens, but they also offer equity VC deals.

It has created the foundation for launching some of the most successful crypto projects, such as Bloktopia (1200x), HighStreet (over 100x), and others like Cryowar (300x).

Cluster-free website design

If you’ve ever used platforms like Seedify or MakerDAO (like I have), you’ll notice some similarities, but BullPerks brings a refreshing cluster-free approach. 

Right from the get-go, BullPerks’ launchpad gives off a professional feel. All the key details are laid out in an organized way, which is a huge plus for new investors. You can also easily access other details, including blockchain integrations, IDOs, and capital raised.

Multichain launchpad

BullPerks supports 23+ blockchains, which helps develop projects across all these chains.

Here are some of the blockchains it supports:

23+ blockchain integrations on BullPerks.
23+ blockchain integrations on BullPerks.

Regular smart contract audits

BullPerks’ commitment to security through regular smart contract audits is commendable. They partner with renowned firms like Hacken and Smart Studio to ensure their platform remains rock-solid and have made their audit reports public on their website.

The audits include:

  • ERC20/BEP20 compliance
  • Logical bugs
  • General Denial Of Service(DOS)
  • Locked Ether
  • Private data leaks
  • Pool asset security (backdoors in the underlying ERC-20)
  • Authorization issues or re-entrance

How to get started with BullPerks?

Follow these steps to get started:

  • 65+
ATH returns
  • 37.61x
  • 23+

More details

BullPerks, with its tier system, is a fair and community-dedicated platform giving access to early-stage Web3 investments. The launchpad has raised $15 million for over 65+ projects, with an ATH ROI of 37.61x. Additionally, its integration with 23+ blockchains makes it a strong choice for crypto projects and investors.

  • 65+ successful IDOs.

  • 37.61x ATH ROI.

  • $15 Million raise.

  • 23+ blockchain integrations.

  • Hassle-free token claiming.

  • No guaranteed allocation.

  • Obligation to maintain public sale price.

  • $1M public raise cap for projects.

Step 1: Register on BullPerks

Visit the BullPerks app dashboard and click [Login]. Enter your email address and follow the email verification link for KYC.

BullPerks dashboard.
BullPerks dashboard.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

On the dashboard, click [Connect Wallet], choose [MetaMask], and confirm the connection by clicking [Sign] on the wallet pop-up.

Connect wallet pop-up.
Connect wallet pop-up.

Step 3: Complete KYC verification

Now, you will be taken to your dashboard, click [KYC For BullStarter Projects], and provide the required details, ID verifications, and a selfie. 

Click [Next], and wait for verification.

BullPerks KYC verification.
BullPerks KYC verification.

Step 4: Buy $BLP tokens

To buy the $BLP tokens, visit PancakeSwap and buy the preferred amount of tokens required to stake to access a deal. 

Buy $BLP tokens.
Buy $BLP tokens.

Step 5: Stake your tokens

After the purchase, go to the BullPerks dashboard, click [Pools], choose a pool, and enter the number of tokens to stake.

Staking $BLP tokens.
Staking $BLP tokens.

Step 6: Join a deal

Finally, select an active deal from the deals section and click [Join Deal]. Add your wallet address, and click [Approve].

Enter wallet address.
Enter wallet address.

Bullperks Review: Key Features

Here are some key features:

BLP token for governance

$BLP token (BullPerks native token) is key in getting allocations. To participate in IDOs, you need to stake or farm these tokens. The tiered allocation system means the more staked tokens, the higher your allocation. 

You can buy it from these exchanges:

BullPerks token distribution:

  • Treasury: 27.5%
  • Liquidity and Staking Rewards: 20%
  • Token Sale: 19.5%
  • Team: 13%
  • Advisory: 5%
  • Operations: 5%
BLP's tokenomics.
BLP’s tokenomics.

BullPerks’ tiered allocation system

BullPerks has six tiers for allocations, with no locking period, and all deals operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The launchpad ensures that each tier gets enough allocations, meaning that the chances of participation are higher than other platforms. 

BullPerks has a tiered allocation system.
BullPerks has a tiered allocation system.

BullPerks 6-tiers 

The tier groups and allocation breakdowns are as follows:

  • Copper Bull: This starting tier requires staking 1,500 $BLP tokens, and Copper Bulls get a minimum of 15 BUSD allocation.
  • Bronze Bull: The next level up is Bronze Bull. To get this tier, you have to stake 5,000 $BLP tokens and get an allocation of 45 BUSD or more. 
  • Silver Bull: This tier needs 15,000 $BLP tokens staked and offers a minimum allocation of 105 BUSD.
  • Gold Bull: Requiring 50,000 $BLP tokens, they get an allocation of up to 300 BUSD.
  • Titanium Bull: This tier is activated by staking 125,000 $BLP tokens and provides increased allocations.
  • Platinum Bull: The highest tier mandates staking 250,000 $BLP tokens and offers the largest allocation of 800 BUSD and more.
BullPerks' 6-tier model for allocations.
BullPerks’ 6-tier model for allocations.

BullClaimer portal

BullClaimer portal offers a user-friendly interface for retail investors to streamline the process of monitoring their investments and claiming tokens. 

It simplifies the user experience by merging portfolio investments and token unlock schedules in one accessible location. Now, you can get tokens without waiting for team announcements, which adds convenience and puts them in control of their assets. 

On top of that, the portal also ensures your security. So, If your wallet is hacked, it gives you a quick solution to change wallets in a few clicks.

BullClaimer portal dashboard.
BullClaimer portal dashboard.

Swap & bridge

The BullPerks Swap & Bridge feature allows you to swap 400 tokens across 15 blockchains smoothly. Unlike other launchpads – BullPerks allows you to swap directly on its platform.

This feature is helpful for projects as they stand to gain increased exposure for their tokens and accessibility to multiple networks. It effectively expands the potential investor base and helps get a better community reach.

Moreover, the access to top market markers makes it easier for them to maintain their token’s liquidity. 

Swap 400 tokens on 15 blockchains on BullPerks.
Swap 400 tokens on 15 blockchains on BullPerks.

Incubation program for startups

BullPerks focuses on leading your blockchain technology companies in the right direction.

I liked their comprehensive approach to incubation:

  • Tokenomics Advisory: Bullexperts can help fine-tune your tokenomics, addressing key aspects that startups often miss, including circulating supply, demand, market cap distribution, valuation, and token burn mechanism.
  • PR & Marketing: BullPerks assists you with PR and connects, focusing on professional content creation and collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOLs).
  • Business Networking: BullStarter helps you get introductions and connections with exchanges (CEXs) and other players in the industry.
  • Legal and Compliance: Regulatory compliance in crypto is complicated and evolving, but BullPerks assists you in ensuring compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Investments: Crypto projects get the opportunity to raise funds through the best venture capital funds (VC) and Launchpad.
BullPerks' strategic partners.
BullPerks’ strategic partners.

What are BullPerks safety regulations?

BullPerks’ new regulations for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) are not just a matter of protocol; they protect the platform’s integrity.

Let’s talk about its key features:

  • Valuation and Multiples: BullPerks avoids projects with excessive valuations or seed-to-public round multiples exceeding 5x to prevent overvaluation.
  • Multiple Launchpads: BullPerks avoids projects with over 4–5 launchpads in public launches and limits projects on its platform to around $1M in public raises.
  • Cap Table Review: BullPerks thoroughly review the project cap table to avoid known dumpers, market makers, and CEXs.
  • Roadmap and Budget Review: BullPerks prioritizes well-structured roadmaps and conducts thorough assessments for at least a two-year sustainability.
  • Liquidity Pool Requirement: BullPerks has set a minimum requirement for the liquidity pool, ensuring an amount proportionate to the raised funds is locked for a minimum of 12 months. 
  • Price Maintenance: BullPerks mandates projects to maintain prices above the IDO level until 50% of tokens are distributed. Otherwise, they have to ensure a full refund of subsequent distributions.
BullPerks has internal regulations to keep platform fair.
BullPerks has internal regulations.

Bullperks Review: Drawbacks

Let’s explore some potential drawbacks:

Limited launchpad participation

BullPerks’ policy to restrict project participation to a maximum of 4–5 launchpads for public launches may have some limits. This approach, while ensuring a focused launch, could create hiccups for projects aiming for broader market visibility.

Price maintenance requirement

BullPerks’ condition on projects is to maintain a token price above the IDO level until half of the tokens are distributed. This might be a problem for some projects. However, with the correct market makers, this should not be an issue. 

Limited allocations

On BullPerks, there are no guaranteed allocations for any tier except for one, the Platinum tier. Although not everyone might get an allocation during bull markets, most will. Meanwhile, other launchpads might guarantee it, but the tickets will be extremely small compared to BullPerks.

No guaranteed allocations in tiers detervnew users.
No guaranteed allocations in tiers deter new users.

BullPerks Review: Our Verdict

BullPerks is one of the fast-growing players in the crypto business. And the reason for that is evident in its focus on transparency and security audits. 

In an ecosystem usually marred with uncertainty, these bulls are here to keep the market up and floating. Plus, their initiatives aim to maintain order in an otherwise un-orderly market.

Their impressive track record includes 65+ successful IDOs with ATH ROIs of 37.61x. As discussed briefly, they take security seriously, conducting regular smart contract audits through firms like Hacken and Smart Studio, ensuring user safety.

To conclude, BullPerks is a reliable choice for anyone venturing into cryptocurrency investments and looking for a platform that focuses on fairness.