Gains Launchpad Review

13 April, 2024

Gains Launchpad is a great investment tool for those looking for a secure and regulated platform. Gains is a profitable launchpad with audits from the best security firms and a safe space to stake and earn money.

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Gains Launchpad Review
  • Good investment opportunities
  • High security
  • Refund policy
  • 24/7 support
  • Only two launchpad started
  • Not that many blockchains
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Here at Coinweb, we aren’t just writers; we’re investors who actively engage with and share our experiences using the top IDO launchpads available on the market. Today, we’re presenting you our Gains Launchpad review!

Backed by audits from leading security firms, Gains provides a lucrative launchpad coupled with a trusted environment for staking and earning returns. Built with the community in mind, Gains Launchpad offers a powerful refund policy; in case of a hack or a rug pull, the project will return your money in full.

If you want to consider the features and limitations of Gains Launchpad before making your decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Gains Launchpad and Gains Private Highlights

BlockchainsBSC and Ethereum
Total Market Cap$16.4B
Projects Funded161
Money Raised$34M
Average ROI 48x
Audited ByCertiK, PeckShield and Hacken
RegulationFully EU Regulated
CEOAlexandre Raffin

The Top Features of Gains Launchpad

I have been using Gains Launchpad for almost a year now and can confidently say that these features make a huge difference when investing. 

Good Investment Opportunities

ROIs on Gains Private and Gains Launchpad
ROIs on Gains Private and Gains Launchpad

Gains has raised $34 million for 161 crypto projects on its Gains Private and Gains Launchpad, which are now worth more than $16 billion in total. 

The company has worked with behemoths like Avalanche, Quant Network, and Cryonwar, projects that brought triple-digit ROIs. 

The average ROI for ALL the projects listed on Gains is almost 49x. This means that if you had DCAed all the projects since Gains launched, you would have had an increase of 4900%. 

High Security

Gains Launchpad on CertiK
Gains Launchpad on CertiK

Three security firms — PeckShield, Hacken, and CertiK — have audited the project. They reviewed the protocol’s code for possible breaches or hack vectors.

As a result, all three security firms placed Gains in the top 10% of most secure crypto projects in the world, highlighting their commitment to security and safety.

24/7 Support

Telegram Support on Gains Launchpad
Telegram Support on Gains

The platform has developed a Telegram bot where you can find all the information you need about an issue you might have. 

If you don’t find it, you can ask an admin or watch a video guide on performing all the actions on the platform. 

The admins are super responsive and will answer in minutes. They are located in different areas of the world, so you basically have 24/7 support on Gains. 

Refund Policy

Even though Gains takes security and due diligence very seriously, providing only valuable and trustworthy projects, crypto is still a Wild West where everything is possible. 

A token falling below its IDO price, an unexpected hack, or simply changing your mind are all valid reasons why you may want to get a refund.

After the launchpad closes, you have seven days to claim your money back, and the amount you originally contributed will be returned to your wallet.

How to Get Started with Gains Launchpad? 

Here are the two easy steps to get started with Gains Launchpad:

  • 2 IDOs
ATH returns
  • 48x
  • 7+

More details

Gains Launchpad is a great investment tool for those looking for a secure and regulated platform. Gains is a profitable launchpad with audits from the best security firms and a safe space to stake and earn money.

  • Good investment opportunities

  • High security

  • Refund policy

  • 24/7 support

  • Only two launchpad started

  • Not that many blockchains

Step 1: Create an Account

Create an Account on Gains Launchpad
Create an Account on Gains

Go to the company’s main page and choose GainsPad by clicking the “Enter GainsPad” button. 

Then, write your email and username, create a strong password, confirm you’re not a robot, and Sign Up. Alternatively, you can simply continue with a Google account.

Then, validate the email address you entered by clicking on the link Gains sent you. 

Step 2: Connect a Wallet

Connect a Wallet to Gains Launchpad
Connect a Wallet to GainsPad

Click the “Connect Wallet” button and select a wallet to connect with. I connected my Coinbase Wallet.

How to Participate in a Crypto Launchpad on Gains?

After you’ve created your Gains account, it’s time to participate in one of their crypto launchpads. Let me show you how to do it using NuLink as an example. 

Step 1: Choose a Project

Choose a Project from Current Deals
Choose a Project from Current Deals

Although history shows that all the projects listed on Gains are promising, you still need to be cautious and find the most promising crypto project listed there. 

Thankfully, Gains provides a lot of useful information on every project and a list of links to their social media accounts and website so you can do your own research. 

Step 2: Submit Your KYC

Submit the KYC on GainsPad
Submit the KYC on GainsPad

Before entering a launchpad, you should complete the KYC. To be able to pass the KYC, you need to stake 250 $GAINS.

Stake Some $GAINS
Stake Some $GAINS

After you stake the tokens, you can pass the KYC. You must provide an ID, proof of address, and more personal information. Also, be prepared to sign a message with your crypto wallet.

Step 3: Get Whitelisted

Get Whitelisted on Gains
Get Whitelisted on Gains

After you stake enough $GAINS, you can get whitelisted for the project, but only after you pass a test about the project. Yeah, I failed it once…

Pass the Test About the Project
Pass the Test About the Project

After you pass the test, you can finally apply for a whitelist and wait to buy the tokens! 

Our Personal Experience With Gains Launchpad: Great for High ROIs

Gains has always been a prominent player in the crypto launchpad landscape, but I only discovered it two years ago. Back then, they only had Gains Private, a platform for seed and private sale opportunities.  

At that time, I have never used any specialized platforms to participate in the process of raising funds for different crypto startups. I used the Binance Launchpad one or two times, but that’s it. 

Then, a good friend showed me the ROIs on Gains, and I decided to try it. My first project was the GT Protocol, which sold its tokens for 0.15 USDC. I bought the maximum permitted amount and received 200 USDC worth of GTAI. 

The Price of GTAI on ByBit
The Price of GTAI on ByBit

One year after that, amid the bull market, I sold all my GTAI for $4 per token, giving me an ROI of almost 30x. At that time, this was my most profitable investment in the crypto space, and it’s safe to say that I was hooked. 

Since that day, I’ve participated in most of their listings, investing in promising blockchain projects and getting nice ROIs in return. 

Then, I noticed the launch of their new product, Gains Launchpad. Knowing the history I had with Gains, I decided to give it a try. 

The first project listed on GainsPad was Partisia, which was a promising project. I still have the tokens in my wallet, and I’m waiting for those Gains ROIs to hit any time now that the bull market is approaching. 

What impressed me about their new product is the ease and the detailed due diligence they offer for each product. I’m a frugal guy regarding investments; I need to know EVERYTHING about a project before buying its token. 

With Gains, I didn’t even need to read their whitepaper—I had all the information on a plate—I just had to read it and make a decision. 

Top 3 Gains Projects

Here are the biggest projects listed on Gains Private. Although these are not projects from the Gains Launchpad, I think they show the launch history, trustworthiness, and potential profitability. 

Quant Network

Quant Network’s Main Landing Page
Quant Network’s Main Landing Page

Quant Network is one of the biggest crypto projects in the world, and the biggest one was launched on Gains. 

At the time of the crypto launchpad, one $QNT was selling for 1.05 USDC, which means that at its peak price of ~$310, investors had an ROI of over 300x. 


Mystiko’s Main Landing Page
Mystiko’s Main Landing Page

Another top project listed on Gains was Mystiko Network. Although Mystiko has yet to list its token on a major CEX so we can assess the ROI, the project is already valued at ~$500 million. 

Mystiko is working on a revolutionary product that could change blockchain technology forever, and that’s why it is the most expected project in 2024. Investors that got 1 $XZK for 0.15 USDC on Gains are lucky.  


Chain GPT’s Main Landing Page
Chain GPT’s Main Landing Page

Chain GPT is one of the biggest AI projects in crypto. It currently ranks among the top 300 projects by market capitalization, costing ~$0.54 at its peak. 

This means that investors, including myself, who bought it on Gains for 0.005 USDC, made a 110x. Hence, for an investment of 100 USDC, I got 7200 USDC minus the platform’s commission (I didn’t sell at its peak). 

Top 3 Gains Launchpad Alternatives

If you don’t want to use Gains Launchpad, here are the best alternatives: 


BullPerks is a fair and community-dedicated platform that has invested over $15 million in 65+ projects. Its integration with 23+ blockchains makes it a great choice for people who have their funds scattered across multiple networks. 

  • 65+
ATH returns
  • 37.61x
  • 23+

More details

BullPerks, with its tier system, is a fair and community-dedicated platform giving access to early-stage Web3 investments. The launchpad has raised $15 million for over 65+ projects, with an ATH ROI of 37.61x. Additionally, its integration with 23+ blockchains makes it a strong choice for crypto projects and investors.

  • 65+ successful IDOs.

  • 37.61x ATH ROI.

  • $15 Million raise.

  • 23+ blockchain integrations.

  • Hassle-free token claiming.

  • No guaranteed allocation.

  • Obligation to maintain public sale price.

  • $1M public raise cap for projects.


GenieSwap is a beginner-friendly DEX that also features a super secure launchpad. Hacken gave it a 10/10 for smart contract security, emphasizing the safety of user funds and investment opportunities. 

Tradable Coins
  • 6 chain support
  • 0.5%
  • AMM

More details

GenieSwap is a beginner-friendly decentralized crypto exchange, supercharged with multiple features like a Launchpad and Liquidity Pools. It offers an anonymous crypto experience, with their FIAT on/off ramp, as the only feature requiring a KYC. Rated 10/10 for smart contract security by Hacken, it is an extremely secure platform.

  • Audited by Certik and Hacken

  • Easily buy and sell crypto

  • 6+ blockchains supported

  • No KYC required

  • Beginner-friendly user interface

  • Monthly increase in the price of GENIE token

  • 0.5% fee on every swap

  • Not a registered exchange


Enjinstarter is an IDO crypto launchpad that offers investors a cost-effective way to participate in early-stage blockchain projects. The platform has hosted 80+ promising projects and raised over $50M for different crypto projects. 

  • 80+
ATH returns
  • 53.7x
  • 4+

More details

Enjinstarter is a Web3 launchpad that offers investors a cost-effective way to participate in early stage blockchain projects. With a minimum staking requirement of 1,250 wEJS, you can access a multi-chain launchpad with over 80+ successful IDOs. The incubation program for new projects makes it a solid developer pick.

  • 80+ completed projects.

  • Average ROI of 0.45x.

  • Frequency of launches.

  • Cross-chain support.

  • Lowest participation cap.

  • EJS token volatility.

In Closing

If you’re considering Gains Launchpad, I recommend trying it. With their due diligence and research, the chances of getting a big ROI are close to 100%. 

Thankfully, you already have a detailed guide on registering on the platform and participating in your first crypto launchpad.