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CryptoView is an all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio management and trading platform. It allows traders to manage multiple portfolios in a single interface. Moreover, it provides many features such as multi-exchange support, real-time market data, portfolio management, tracking and balance, and many others. The platform also allows traders to export their portfolios for tax reports and manage their accounts efficiently.

  • Offers a knowledge base about the platform.

  • Provides multiple exchanges in one platform.

  • Allow traders to export portfolios for tax reports.

  • Manage multiple portfolios and share them with others.

  • Some might find the features overwhelming.

  • It only supports limited exchanges.

CryptoView 2023 Review: The Worst Portfolio Management Tool?


CryptoView is a secure cryptocurrency portfolio management and multi-exchange trading platform. Due to its advanced features, it is suitable for many traders, from newbies to professionals.

This platform allows traders to manage their portfolios effectively and efficiently. Besides that, it provides traders with the latest market data overview, developments, and price movements through real-time alerts and a multi-charting interface.

Also, CryptoView provides ready-to-use marketing materials. This is for those participating in the affiliate program and other partnership purposes.

In this review, we will talk about the pros and cons of CryptoView, its features, potential drawbacks, and room for improvement.

Cryptoview Portfolio Management Platform Review.
Cryptoview Portfolio Management Platform Review.

Who Should Use CryptoView?

CryptoView is suitable for beginners to advanced traders. Some features also benefit professional fund managers who manage portfolios for others.

Other than that, CryptoView provides a 30-day free trial for traders once they sign up. They also offer programs to traders. The programs will either credit $20 in Bitcoin or add another two-month subscription plan based on the type of program.

Yet, there are some potential drawbacks to CrytoView. Some new traders might struggle to grasp the features and layouts since it might be too much for them. Plus, there are limited exchanges that the platform supports. Hence, some traders might need to open multiple platforms to manage their desired markets.

Still, CryptoView is generally a good crypto trading platform, with many positive reviews. It can improve the efficiency of managing portfolios and trading performance.

CryptoView offers various performance indicators.
Various performance indicators.

What Exchanges Are Supported?

There are currently 18 cryptocurrency exchanges that CryptoView supports. Those exchanges are:

Supported crypto exchanges on cryptoview
Supported crypto exchanges.

CryptoView Review: Top Features & Perks

1) Multi-Exchange Support

CryptoView allows users to manage trading activities and crypto assets in a single secured account. Since users can access various cryptocurrency markets supported exchanges and trading pairs, they can have multiple exchange accounts for better flexibility and control over their investments.

Users can also view their portfolio balances, monitor open orders, and execute trades directly from multiple exchanges, which saves time and effort. Also, the platform will automatically update trading and balance history, allowing traders to view previous trades.

Multi-exchange trading is one of its features on cryptoview
Multi exchange tradings.

2) Portfolio Balance

Traders can manage their cryptocurrency holdings, which include the current market value, profit and loss, and percentage change over a selected period. Besides that, it also supports sub-accounts, such as Margin, Lending, Swap, and others.

Traders can also manage their manual balance entries to represent offline wallets or cold storage. Moreover, users can view the portfolio in their preferred currency type. This will allow them to track their portfolio performance more easily. Users can also export their portfolio data to CSV for further analysis and tax reporting.

Efficient portfolio management platform.
Efficient portfolio management platform.

3) Multi-Charting Interface

The multi-charting interface allows users to look at multiple exchanges simultaneously. Users can customize the charts’ layout and overlay technical analysis and indicators for each chart.

This is also associated with CryptoView’s other features, such as an advanced alerts management system, smart trading panel, and portfolio balance. This will allow users to manage their trades in real time.

Managing trades in real-time with cryptoview
Managing trades in real-time.

4) Multi-Portfolio Manager

This multi-portfolio manager allows users to manage and share multiple separate portfolios with others. They edit past statistical data and manually input balance entries in each portfolio.

Each portfolio comes with a detailed list of assets and performance indicators. Users can create portfolios with holding sets, performance indicators, and metrics. Also, each portfolio can be exported into CSV format for further analysis or tax reporting.

Multi-exchange trading platform.
Multi-exchange trading platform.

5) Advanced Trade Orders

Advanced trade orders help users to execute trades efficiently without additional trading fees.

It provides stop-limit orders, allowing users to set stop-loss and limit prices. Once the stop-loss price has reached its desired level, a limit order is placed, allowing the user to limit their trading volume limits and losses.

Advanced trading orders.
Advanced trading orders.

6) Smart Trading Panel

The smart trading panel sets markets, limits, and stop orders from the dashboard. Traders won’t need to switch trading pages, which is a time saver.

The smart trading panel includes real-time market data.
The smart trading panel includes real-time market data.

It also provides order cancellation and modification and the ability to set up custom price alerts and notifications.

Cryptoview Review: Pricing

CryptoView offers a 30-day free trial during the traders’ first sign-up. After the free trial has expired, traders can choose between a free or premium plan.

A free plan has access to all the features except multi-exchange trading, advanced orders, and market scanners & signals. If traders wish to use all its features again, they must purchase a Premium subscription plan. There are some options for traders to choose from while buying the monthly plan, which is 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

However, the Premium plan is currently unavailable. If traders wish to know more about it, please message the support team for more inquiries.


CryptoView also offers an Affiliate program and a Referral program for traders.

Programs for traders.
Programs for traders.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program suits those who wish to monetize their audiences in the crypto-related niche—for example, bloggers, reviewers, and influencers.

Once someone creates an account through the traders’ Affiliate link and purchases a Premium plan, they will be credited $20 in Bitcoin by the platform. Moreover, they will provide a 90-day cookie to convert your traffic and provide marketing materials.

For more information, traders can read the Affiliate terms to understand better.

Referral Program

As for the Referral program, traders can share it with their friends. Every time a person gets referred and pays for a Premium plan, the trader will get 2 months in addition to their current subscription period.

If you need more information, please read the Referral terms for a better understanding.

How To Open A Cryptoview Account?

Step 1: Visit the CryptoView Website

First, open the CryptoView website.

It is a multi exchange trading platform.
Trading platform.

Step 2: Sign Up

Once you have entered the website, click the [Sign up] at the upper right.

CryptoView is a good multi exchange trading platform.
Online registration.

Step 3: Enter the Details

After clicking it, you will be transferred to the sign-up webpage. Fill in your e-mail address and password, and check the Terms and Conditions box.

Then, click the captcha before clicking the [Sign Up] button at the bottom.

Create an account.
Create an account.

Step 4: Verification

After you have filled in everything required, CryptoView will send you a verification link to your e-mail.

Check your e-mail.
Check your e-mail.

Go to your inbox, and you will see that it will ask you to click the [Confirm] button. After clicking it, you will be transferred back to CryptoView.

Then, it’s done. Now, you can start to manage and invest in your cryptocurrency account!

E-mail verification.
E-mail verification.

Potential Drawbacks

Learning Curve

Although the platform has many features for users to choose from, it may be overwhelming. Despite having tutorials, blogs, and a knowledge base, traders may still struggle to learn all the available features.

Limited Cryptocurrency Support

While Cryptoview supports some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, it may not support all major exchanges that a trader desires. Thus, some traders might need to use multiple platforms to access the markets they are interested in.


Although CryptoView offers comprehensive features, there is always room for improvement.

One of them is to expand their supported exchanges. Despite having some commonly used top crypto exchanges, some traders still prefer others. By expanding the supported exchanges, traders will have access to more markets. Also, it will increase the platform’s overall utility.

Next is customer support. While the platform has a knowledge base and help center, some traders may prefer live chat or phone support. Having more customer service will increase satisfaction and improve the overall experience.

Aside from that, CryptoView can integrate tax reporting software within the platform. That way, traders can manage their cryptocurrency taxes more easily instead of exporting in CSV format. Doing so will reduce traders’ time and effort in dealing with tax reports.


CryptoView is an excellent trading platform. It benefits traders by managing different portfolios, having a smart trading panel, offering multi-exchange support, and others. Plus, it can save your trading and balance history for traders to review previous trades.

However, please note that beginners might have some time to learn the structure and tools of the platform since it can be overwhelming. In addition, if you have questions about CryptoView, you can always seek help from customer support or the knowledge base.

If you want CryptoView, you can create and test an account. Once you create an account, it will provide a 30-day free trial with all its features. Thus, you will have enough time to test the platform to see if this is right without spending money first.