Altrady Review

04 May, 2023

Altrady is a reliable crypto trading platform that can do multiple exchanges in one main trading platform. It provides many features, such as paper trading, smart trading, crypto market scanners, real-time market data, etc. These features may benefit traders to manage their portfolios more efficiently. Plus, it allows them to make the best trading analytics with all its advanced tools.

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Altrady Review.
Our Review
  • Has many exchanges in one platform.
  • Analytic tools that will benefit traders.
  • Allows users to manage their portfolios.
  • Trading with virtual accounts is free of charge.
  • The platform might be confusing to some.
  • It only supports limited exchanges.
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In this review, we will look at the pros and cons of Altrady, from its benefits to potential drawbacks, and what is there to improve.

Altrady is a comprehensive crypto trading platform suitable for all kinds of crypto traders. It is a fantastic trading software with everything you need in one app. It also provides AI stock trading tools for active traders to invest on their exchanges. It also has a friendly user interface for traders to manage their portfolios and orders.

Aside from that great user interface, Altrady also provides a risk-free feature for traders with little or no crypto trading experience. Plus, it partners with Coindelist, Coinredact, CoinRay, Crypto Base Scanner, and Crypto Quick Scanner to help optimize trading performance.

Altrady Trading Platform Review.
Altrady Trading Platform 2024 Review.

Who Should Use Altrady?

Altrady is suitable for beginners, advanced, and professional crypto traders. It supports various cryptocurrency markets, which makes it easy for traders to manage multiple exchanges in one interface.

Furthermore, Altrady offers a 14-day free trial to traders to evaluate whether this platform is the one for them. Since traders will have access to all its features during the free trial, it is recommended for those interested in crypto trading.

However, despite its advanced features, some may find it hard to learn due to its overwhelming layouts. Moreover, the selling price of the subscription plan may be overbearing for those interested and starting out.

Still, Altrady is a powerful and helpful tool for traders to have. Using this trading bot and terminal correctly will increase profitability and performance.

Altrady is suitable for all kinds of crypto traders.
Suitable for every crypto trader.

What Exchanges Are Supported?

Altrady platform supports trading terminals for a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, including some of the most popular exchanges:

However, please note that Altrady doesn’t support all the features of crypto exchanges. They would mark an asterisk (“*”) for users to notice.

Altrady has over ten cryptocurrency exchanges.
Numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Altrady Review: Top Features & Perks

1) Real-Time Market Data

Altrady provides real-time market data for its supported exchanges, allowing traders to have the latest update on the market price. It includes real-time price, real-time order book, market depth, and trades list.

Traders can view it on their dashboard to track their portfolios’ performance and analyze market trends quickly.

In addition, Altrady recommends that traders use this with features like Quick Scan, Price Alerts, and Crypto Base Scanner. This article will review these features further.

Altrady's liquidation price.
Real-time market data.

2) Crypto Market Scanner

Crypto Base Scanner is an advanced cryptocurrency market top scanner with a high success rate of 95%! It used Quickfingers Luc to scan multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and analyze various trading pairs to identify potential support.

Moreover, it helps traders find potential entry and exit points to make informed decisions based on historical data. It also provides real-time alerts, which allow traders to make quick decisions when needed. Traders can adjust their notification rules and alert thresholds to their preferences.

Besides that, Crypto Base Scanner uses signal bots to start trades based on its signal. It uses automated bots for smart trades to help maximize profits and make adjusting positions easy.

Altrady is a trading software that provides advanced scanners.
Base scanner.

3) Quick Scan

Quick Scan is great for analyzing multiple exchanges and identifying trading opportunities. This benefits those who want to have a quick scan without spending much time analyzing trading platforms manually.

Aside from that, traders can filter cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization, price change, etc. They can also view real-time charts and technical indicators to help identify trading opportunities.

Altrady is a good trading terminal.
Quick scan trading opportunities.

4) Smart Trading

Smart trading uses automated trading and stock trading tools and solutions to increase the number of trades. It allows traders to automate their trading using advanced algorithms and trading bots. This is helpful for those who want to take advantage of market opportunities without constantly monitoring the market.

One of its features is ladder entry. Traders can set up multiple entry orders to reduce their average entry price when entering the market. Its system will reserve the orders and adjust the exit orders when a new entry order is filled.

The system also has an entry time expiration that limits the orders and only enters the market once the price reaches the desired level. It provides a timer to automatically cancel the position to avoid getting stuck in the wrong trade.

You can also take profit orders and stop loss orders. After enabling the take-profit orders, your position will automatically place exit orders on the exchange after the entry orders are filled. With this, you can make trades even if you are not online!

Meanwhile, setting up a stop loss will cancel your position once the prices reach the desired level. Doing this can prevent stop loss execution on fast price action.

Altrady provides a smart trading feature.
Smart trading system.

5) Real-Time Positions PnL

Real-Time Positions PnL (Profit and Loss) allows traders to track their portfolios. This is great for those who want to monitor their profits and losses across multiple exchanges and trading pairs.

Real time position PNL can further your position.
Real-time profit and loss.

It calculates the traders’ past trades, including fees paid and exchanges. That way, they don’t need to keep track of their progress with Excel sheets, which will be a huge time saver.

Besides that, it even provides a built-in break-even calculator. With this tool, traders can see clearly at what price they safely exit the position in profit. It also has the break-even price in the chart. This will give traders a comprehensive view of their last trading entry’s performance quickly.

7) Advance Trading

With Advance Trading, trades can create custom automated trades, ladder orders, trailing stops, and OCO orders.

Traders can trade on multiple exchanges for up to 10 orders with different prices using the ladder order. They can choose according to their preferences and adjust the order quantity and the distance between the orders. Moreover, with multiple scaling options, traders can flexibly manage their positions and execute trading strategies.

Traders can also use a trailing stop to follow the market price and automatically adjust to maintain a fixed percentage or distance from the market price, allowing traders to enter the position as low as possible. This is useful for those who want to maximize their profits while minimizing risk exposure.

Finally, there is a feature called One-Cancels-the-Other orders, also called OCO. It allows traders to place two orders simultaneously, meaning one will be canceled as soon as the other is executed. With this, traders will be able to reduce the risk more effectively. Besides, traders can customize the OCO orders to suit specific trading strategies and view real-time data to stay up-to-date on their positions.

Advanced trading can help you with your trading strategies.
Options for advance trading.

8)Trading Bots

Altrady also provides the following AI stock trading bots: Grid Bot and Signal Bot.

  • Grid bot: allows traders to use markets that move sideways in a predictable pattern, which suits any trader. With this, traders can set the price range, the number of orders, and the order size for each grid. Then, it will automatically execute the orders and adjust the price range as the market moves up and down, capturing profits. Aside from that, traders can configure a timer if they don’t want to enable the grid bot for a long time.
Altrady provides automated bots.
Trading bots.
  • Signal bot: allows you to get into positions based on algorithms and benefit price action with little effort. It provides up-to-date information and real-time position updates. Traders can use it alongside with TradingView Webhook or Crypto Base Scanner Signals. This will adjust trading strategies and take advantage of real-time market opportunities better.
Signal bot trading helps you based on its algorithms.
Automated bots.

9) Portfolio

Altrady portfolio manager keeps track of traders’ asset distribution and value over time, which includes the market value, cost basis, and percentage gains or losses. It is customizable, allowing traders to add and remove holdings as needed. Also, they can view their portfolios in various formats, such as charts and tables.

One of its benefits is that traders can use its feature to monitor their positions and make smart trading decisions. Plus, you can connect your API keys to let it fetch data from the exchanges. It will give you real-time data on your positions.

Professional algorithmic traders, can manage multiple portfolios of hedge funds for different clients by separating assets per account or combining multiple exchanges for the same client.

Altrady portfolio manager manage traders' portfolios well.
Manage traders’ portfolios.

10) Trading-Based Analytics

With trading-based analytics, traders can analyze their trading performance and gain insights into exchanges, currencies, and markets. It has a comprehensive trading terminal, and analytics provides detailed data on trade history, trade frequency, and profitability.

It analyses PNL per account, exchange, or market to give traders an overview of the best work for them. Traders can find their suitable trading style by viewing the markets’ movement or performance.

Besides that, it gives traders feedback based on their progress once an order is executed based on PNL calculation. Hence, traders don’t need to enter their trades in an Excel sheet again manually.

Trade based Analytics help with trading strategies.
Trading strategies.

11) Paper Trading

If you are a beginner and are new to crypto trading platforms, you can use this paper trading feature to test your strategies without spending money.

This Altrady review shows that traders have a virtual account to practice their trading experience using virtual coins. Then, they can choose their virtual account balance and trading pairs to test different trading strategies. Moreover, it provides real-time monitoring of the virtual positions. Thus, traders will stay up-to-date on virtual trades and adjust their strategy if needed.

A trading software that provides risk-free feature.
Risk-free features.

12) Aggregated News

Altrady keeps its users updated with the latest cryptocurrency and digital assets news. It is essential to have the latest information to identify potential markets.

If traders are confused about why prices are moving too fast, they can find the answer with the provided information. Aside from that, traders can use it to identify if the market is active or dormant.

Traders can discuss their insights on trading community.
Stay updated with the latest crypto news.

Altrady Review: Pricing

At first, Altrady will provide a 14-day free trial to access all its features. After the free trial has expired, you will be required to choose a subscription plan.

Traders can choose either a monthly or yearly payment (which will offer a 30% discount on every plan).

  • The monthly payment may vary on each plan, from €24.95 – €79.95 pr. month.
  • The yearly cost will start from €17.47 – €55.97 pr. month.

If you are on a tight budget or unsure whether this is the right platform for you, Altrady also offers to buy and sell signals only, which costs €12.95 per month, and €9.07 per year.

Altrady's plans' selling prices.
Subscription plans.

How To Open An Altrady Account?

Step 1: Visit Altrady Website

First, you need to visit the official website of Altrady.

Create a crypto account.
Create a crypto account.
Free trail
  • Yes
  • 0 – €79.95/month
Tradable Coins
  • 12

More details

Altrady is a reliable crypto trading platform that can do multiple exchanges in one main trading platform. It provides many features, such as paper trading, smart trading, crypto market scanners, real-time market data, etc. These features may benefit traders to manage their portfolios more efficiently. Plus, it allows them to make the best trading analytics with all its advanced tools.

  • Has many exchanges in one platform.

  • Analytic tools that will benefit traders.

  • Allows users to manage their portfolios.

  • Trading with virtual accounts is free of charge.

  • The platform might be confusing to some.

  • It only supports limited exchanges.

Step 2: Create An Account

Once at the homepage, click the [Start free trial] at the bottom left.

Start your crypto account with a free trial.
Open an account with a free trial.

Step 3: Complete Registration

After clicking, you will be transferred to the sign-up page. Enter your email address and password, and check the Terms and Conditions box.

Then, click the [Create Account] at the bottom.

Enter your details to create an Altrady account.
Create an account.

Step 4: Email Verification

Once you have entered the details and clicked the button, Altrady will send you a verification code in your email. Enter the code to verify your email.

Verify your email link to complete the Altrady account.
Verify your e-mail.

Then, you’re done! A simple tutorial will help you choose your preferred layouts, exchanges, and other basic stuff before you go.

Major Drawbacks

  • Learning curve: Some users may find it challenging to navigate the platform, especially for beginners.
  • Limited exchanges: Although Altrady supports several exchanges, there is still a limit on what the traders prefer. Thus, unsupported exchanges could be a potential drawback for some traders.
  • Costly: Beginner traders might back away from this platform due to its cost, despite it being cost-effective.

Altrady Review: Improvements

Even though Altrady benefits its users with many features, there is always room for improvement.

One of them is to increase exchange support. Expanding the number of supported exchanges can provide more options for trading and the platform’s user base.

Another thing to improve is the functionality of the free mobile apps app. Altrady’s free mobile app is limited to some features compared to its web-based platform. Thus, enhancing the free mobile app will be an improvement for those who prefer to trade on the go.

Our Verdict

Altrady is a very comprehensive trading platform suitable for all kinds of traders. It offers many features, including real-time data, advanced trading bots, portfolio management tools, etc. Most user feedback is positive, and it is recommended to invest in it.

If you are unsure whether this is the right trading platform, Altrady provides a 14-day free trial with full access to its features. Thus, you can compare it with other trading platforms to see if this is true.