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Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau, aka Guy, is a prominent crypto influencer with 3.2 million followers. His site and channel are top sources for crypto insights, contributing to his $2 million net worth.

  • Over 3.2 Million followers.

  • Discovered Bitcoin in 2013.

  • Founder of Coin Bureau

  • Received disinformation allegations.


  • Coin Bureau is a website and YouTube channel offering crypto insights to its followers, with a total of 3.3 million followers across social media.
  • Coin Bureau has amassed a $2 million net worth.
  • Guy from Coin Bureau has been criticized for taking on CBDCs and spreading disinformation on certain coins.
Guy - Founder of Coin Bureau.
Guy – Founder of Coin Bureau.

FounderCoin Bureau
Net Worth$2 Million
Followers3.2 Million
Date of Birth15 October (Year Unknown)
Place of BirthHackney, London

Who is the Coin Bureau? 

Much about Guy remains mysterious. Known as Guy from Hackney, London, he revealed his birthday (Oct 15) on Twitter without the year. 

His father’s economic insights sparked his interest in financial markets. Later, he earned an English degree and explored writing, teaching, and acting careers. 

Financial news always captivated him. In 2011, Alistair Darling’s interview exposed British bank issues, leading Guy to see the financial system’s flaws. 

Discovering Bitcoin in 2013 through his local pub, he was captivated by the potential of crypto.

Coin Bureau - Crypto news, insights, and educational guides.
Coin Bureau – Crypto news, insights, and educational guides.

Social Media 

YouTube: 2.32 Million (@CoinBureau)

X: 815.5K (@coinbureau)

Instagram: 176K (@coin.bureau)

LinkedIn: 5K (@TheCoinBureau)

What are Coin Bureau’s achievements?

Founding Coin Bureau

Initially an educational website in 2017, the Coin Bureau offered insights into blockchain, smart contracts, and crypto. Guy played a pivotal role, contributing to educational articles and establishing a reliable cryptocurrency blog.

He launched the YouTube channel in 2019. Now, their channel has grown into a prominent name in the crypto field.

With a commitment to quality content, the team earned 2.16 million subscribers, solidifying its reputation in the cryptocurrency market.

Influence on the Crypto Community

Coin Bureau has significantly impacted the crypto community. It was launched when the market was filled with disinformation. However, the channel’s detailed insights into different projects and overview of the latest developments helped its audience make informed decisions.

Moreover, Guy, the channel’s face, actively engages in conferences, sharing insights. Notably, in 2023, he hosted the Coin Bureau Conference 2022, which drew 100K+ virtual attendees.

He participated in the Crypto Valley Conference 2022, discussing regulations and global frameworks, and delivered a keynote at Blockchain Summit London 2022, exploring trends and his crypto journey.

Infuence on crypto, including educational impact with content.
Influence on crypto, including educational impact with content.

What is Coin Bureau’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Coin Bureau is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. Guy’s YouTube channel, ads, affiliate marketing, and crypto brand partnerships are the main sources of his earnings.

Their merchandise sales and consistent website articles also contribute to this amount.

His investment portfolio allocates over 60% to Ethereum and Bitcoin, alongside 20% in ADA, SOL, DOT, LINK, REN, and LIT holdings.

Despite his wealth, he has been quite generous with donations; however, none of those are of public knowledge.

Controversies and Challenges

When the idea of CBDCs emerged, the Coin Bureau strongly disagreed, saying it could hurt the market. Experts criticized this view.

In 2021, Coin Bureau criticized Algorand, receiving disinformation allegations from ALGO holders. But the channel refuted these accusations. 

In July 2023, Coin Bureau was accused of slamming SafeMoon as a Ponzi project, a token with rewards but risks. Viewers questioned bias despite warnings. Coin Bureau defended its independence and ethical research.

Controversies and challanges.
Controversies and challanges.

The Rise or Fall?

Coin Bureau’s forthcoming impact on crypto could span market sentiment influence. The platform will likely educate newbies, expanding crypto’s appeal across demographics.  

As a prominent figure, Coin Bureau is expected to provide valuable content, encourage participation, and diversify offerings. 

Their influence extends to initiating a crypto project, significantly impacting the market and its ecosystem.

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