Blockgeeks Review

05 May, 2023

Blockgeeks is a learning site that specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It's an excellent platform for any experience level - from people new to crypto and blockchain technologies to experts in these fields. However, one thing the platform lacks is excellent customer service. You can find several comments from former users complaining about the low-quality customer service.

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blockgeeks course review
Our Review
  • There are entirely free courses.
  • Certificates for any of the finished courses.
  • Clear explanation of any topic.
  • Material is only available in English.
  • The free trial is minimal.
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In our review of Blockgeeks, we have covered every good and bad thing about the educational platform. We have summarized the main takeaways, so you don’t have to do the heavy work.

Blockgeeks is a great educational resource where inexperienced users can learn the basics of a peer-to-peer network, decentralized finance, and the general fundamentals of blockchain technology.

However, this site isn’t perfect, as it lacks adequate customer support. Also, customer reviews state there will likely be no contact with this site because of the support. Also, the platform is available only in English, so it is limited to international students.

Blockgeeks Review.
Blockgeeks 2024 Review.

Who Should Use the Blockgeeks Online Courses?

Blockgeeks courses are for everyone willing to learn how blockchain technology works. Aside from blockchain technology in general, there are specific cryptocurrency courses. That means they cover topics focusing mainly on in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized applications.

Beginners, Students, and Experts

Blockgeeks online programs are suitable for everyone, from students searching for ways to add some new technical skills and learning about Bitcoin. Professionals in the field seek growth, advanced concepts, and more accelerated programs to help them expand their skills and careers. Overall a strong platform.

Career Improvement

Also, Blockgeeks can help you with their lessons and courses on making more money and finding jobs in demand. If you want to boost your knowledge levels, joining Blockgeeks and enrolling in a live class is something to look into.

What Makes Blockgeeks a Good Platform?

Some of top pro courses
Top pro courses.

Blockgeeks is a great site for students interested in online lessons. It’s also an excellent platform for the students because you don’t need to wait weeks to finish one course.

Blockgeeks also have a ton of resources dedicated to teaching. They have hired professionals who can answer your questions and specialize in many crypto areas like network attacks, cryptocurrency exchanges, smart contracts, and blockchain. They can also advise on crypto mining, career, and crypto and blockchain-related services.

You can learn everything in the courses from a simple question: How does the Bitcoin network work? To become a blockchain developer with a certificate.

In addition, the most crucial benefit of Blockgeeks is that students get certificates for every finished course on the platform. Some experts even say that things about cryptocurrency courses you can learn on this platform can be equal to or better than those at top universities like Princeton University.

Bloockgeeks has no other hidden marketplaces or fees you need to worry about. What you pay is what you get.

You get a certification of completion.
You get a certification of completion.

Disadvantages of Blockgeeks and User Reviews

We couldn’t write an honest review without covering the disadvantages. We have taken into account user feedback and reviews, as well as other factors.

One Language

The most significant disadvantage of Blockgeeks is they, to this date, only offer their courses in English. This will limit access to their platform and only have an English-speaking community. Not to say they have a small community, but it’s limited.

Customer Support

Let’s say you made an account a few years ago, forget that you have it, and open a new one. Blockgeeks doesn’t allow for a simple merge between a new and an old account. Even if you were to contact support, they wouldn’t do anything about that.

It may be safe to say they have one of the worst support channels based on user feedback, and they need to allocate more resources to their support process to be considered one of the best teaching platforms in the world.

Free Trial

Free trials are offered but are very limited. They will get you access to a blockchain course that eventually cuts you off. We understand the business model, but some numerous courses and platforms give free access to the basic course, so users are intrigued to enroll in other paid subjects.

Blockgeeks Most Popular Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Courses

According to our review, the following are some of the top courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Reviews are done after buying the individual blockchain course.

Intuitive learning platform blockgeeks
Intuitive learning platform.

Cryptocurrency Course

This course will help you study cryptocurrency trends what’s affecting its price, and what influences people’s reactions to money and crypto.

You’ll be interested to learn about the used coins and what top investors are doing.

Blockchain Technology Basics

This is for new people who want to learn about blockchain and its workings. It’s an entry-level course and will give you a great foundation to build.

Here you will learn market metrics, crypto principles, some JavaScript basics, and blockchain applications. This course is also dedicated to eToro, one of the largest crypto exchanges on the Internet.

Ethereum Development

This course will teach you about the Ethereum blockchain and creating products connected to Ethereum. Here you will learn about valuable tools such as frameworks and smart contracts.

A workshop in this community allows students who already know this to learn from others enrolled in this course.

The Bitcoin Protocol

This course is going to help you understand the fundamentals of the Bitcoin blockchain. You will also learn Bitcoin terminologies, like private and public keys, API wallets, and mining.

However, for this course, you will need a greater understanding of the subject.

Business and Enterprise

Here you can learn how the blockchain can positively affect the blockchain world and impact business in real life.

Blockchain has already shown potential in finance, supply chain, identity management, and real estate transactions.

This all, of course, is going to be explained in depth in the course.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Every video in this course will explain some parts of how Bitcoin works and the blockchain, and in the end, you will see how it all forms a blockchain ecosystem.

For instance, one of the videos will be about interactions between two blockchains.

In this course, you can even make your blockchain and make it app-specific.

Blockgeeks Pricing

Blockgeeks Subscription pricing
Subscription pricing.

Blockgeeks is one of the better sites for pricing according to users’ feedback and reviews. They have a subscription-based where users pay a monthly/annual fee.

Price of each subscription:

  • A monthly subscription costs $15 every month.
  • One year’s subscription will be divided into monthly payments of $6.
  • The option of a one-time fee for a lifetime will be $297.

Blockgeek also allows you to pay by Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter. They certainly are listening to the advice in their course about crypto.

Opening Blockgeeks Account

Now that you know every advantage of Blockgeeks, let’s show you how to make an account.

Step 1: Open the Blockgeeks website

Visit the Blockgeek website. In the middle of the screen, you will find placeholders to fill in your information under [Understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Today].

Blockgeek landing page
Visit the official Blockgeeks website.

Step 2: Enter general information

Enter your first and last name and e-mail address here and click [Acess Free Courses].

Main credentials
Enter your information.

Step 3: Enter personal information

Add in the relevant information and confirm that you are not a robot. After that, you need to click [Continue].

Add personal information.

Step 4: Open your e-mail and confirm

Once done, confirm your e-mail by clicking the [Confirm my email].

Confirmation email
Verify your e-mail.

Step 5: Enroll in some courses

You’ll be redirected to the Blockgeeks website to start your free trial or buy a subscription.

Free trial activation blockgeeks
Free trial activation.

Our Verdict

Overall great online platform with resources for students and more experienced people who work in the field. They also have a great community with many people willing to help new learners.

But, it would require more work on their support as, to this date, this is one of the worst support on the course platform to date. And with that, we conclude our review.