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Our GetSmarter Review

GetSmarter is an e-learning platform suitable for people of all ages. The 300+ self-paced courses are well-designed for upskilling or switching careers. Though the $550 to $3800 fees might be costly for some, it offers discounts, installments, and financial assistance. Overall, a solid recommendation.

  • 300+ courses.

  • 20+ university partnerships.

  • Mobile app for online learning.

  • Success advisor and networking.

  • Installments and finance assistance.

  • Costly compared to competitors.

  • Non-accredited certificates.

GetSmarter Review 2023: Is It The Best Course Platform?


In this GetSmarter review, I’ll put this e-learning platform to the test to help you decide if it is the right choice.

Founded in 2017, GetSmarter is owned by 2U, an American company partnering with Ivy League universities for online education.

With prices ranging from $550 to $3800 pr. course, the platform offers 300+ boot camp-style lessons for students or working professionals. However, it offers a financial assistance program for those who can’t afford the fees. 

Still, the lack of accredited certificates and high fees compared to competitors like Moralis might be a dealbreaker for some.

Let’s take a deep dive!

get smarter review
GetSmarter Review.

GetSmarter at Glance

Coinwebs rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.7 stars)
Launched In2008
FoundersRob & Sam Poddock
Number of Courses300+
Learning ModelSelf-Paced
Partner Universities20+
Course Length10-Week Cap
Key FeaturesSuccess Advisor, Data-Driven Courses, User-Friendly Interface, Online Campus
Fees & Costs$550 To $3,800
Customer SupportLive Chat, E-mail, & Phone

Company Overview

GetSmarter is an education company that started in 2008 thanks to the efforts of South African entrepreneur Rob Paddock and his brother, Sam Paddock.

Later, in 2017, after a successful year-long run, GetSmarter was acquired by an American company called 2U.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, GetSmarter is part of a growing trend changing how people learn. With over a decade’s experience, their goal is simple: to help people access the educational programs they need to learn new skills like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

GetSmarter founders.
GetSmarter founders.

Who should use GetSmarter courses?

Here is who we think should use it:

Students looking to upskill

I wish this platform existed when I was hitting the books.

What makes GetSmarter stand out is how they’ve redefined education. Their online courses are both smartly designed and self-paced, giving you the flexibility to learn quickly without the stress of keeping up with university classes.

Even if you’ve dropped out or want to strengthen your grip on new tech, these university-offered courses have you covered.

Professionals wanting to switch careers

If you’re stuck in a job and itching to change careers, GetSmarter is a great solution. 

When I tested a few of their courses, I found them valuable for exploring career options in new fields. The lessons were focused on solidifying the fundamentals and covering the practical approaches used in the market. 

After the successful completion of online classes, GetSmarter offers certificates that you could use for promotions and job applications.

Professionals with learning objectives can use GetSmarter.
A career-change solution with practical courses.

What are the Benefits of GetSmarter?

Here are some advantages:

Courses in all industries

Get Smarter offers lessons in diverse subjects and non-accredited certifications; the course catalog can grouped into these categories:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Management and Strategic Environment
  • Business Strategy and Leadership Skills
  • Business Innovation and Application
  • Leadership Communication
  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Design and Creative
  • Digital Transformation and Disruptive Technologies
  • Financial Management and Business Innovation
  • FinTech, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technologies
  • Health Sciences and Wellness
  • Human Resource Management and Business Analytics
  • Information Technology and Cybersecurity
  • Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Political Science and Economics
  • Project Management
  • Data Science and Financial Toolkit
  • Real Estate Market Courses For Property Professionals
  • Sales and Business Development

A collaborative learning process

All the online course materials are conveniently accessible through the Online Campus. I found every learning material from the lecture nicely organized under one roof.

To give learners a true learning atmosphere, it has a discussion forum. I asked questions and interacted with the teaching team and fellow students. 

This interactive aspect, lacking on other online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera, adds a sense of community and collaboration to the online learning platform experience.

Flexible payment options

GetSmarter provides multiple payment options to fit everyone’s needs. You can choose installments or apply for financial assistance if you can’t afford high fees. 

Making payments is easy, and you can do it using credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

Advantages of GetSmarter short course.
Advantages of GetSmarter short course.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain courses

I took the MIT Media Lab Cryptocurrency course offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Imagine being able to study at MIT at a fraction of the price. 

This course isn’t just for cryptocurrency enthusiasts; it’s suitable for anyone looking to get professional skills about the latest developments in the crypto market.

It’s precious for executives exploring new organizational needs in the ever-evolving Web3.

How to start learning with GetSmarter Courses?

Follow these steps to get started with online learning right away:

Free version
  • Yes
  • $550 to $3800
  • 300+

More details

GetSmarter is an e-learning platform suitable for people of all ages. The 300+ self-paced courses are well-designed for upskilling or switching careers. Though the $550 to $3800 fees might be costly for some, it offers discounts, installments, and financial assistance. Overall, a solid recommendation.

  • 300+ courses.

  • 20+ university partnerships.

  • Mobile app for online learning.

  • Success advisor and networking.

  • Installments and finance assistance.

  • Costly compared to competitors.

  • Non-accredited certificates.

Step 1: Visit the website

Once you are on the website, tap the [Registration] button.

GetSmarter website.
GetSmarter website.

Step 2: Select a course

Bext, you will be asked to pick a course. When done, tap the [Register Now] button.

Pick a course.
Pick a course.

Step 3: Review the summary

Then, you will see a registration summary on your screen. After reviewing, tap [Continue].

Review the summary.
Review the summary.

Step 4: Enter the details

On the next page, enter your details, including name, e-mail, and password. When done, tap [Sign Up].

Enter details and choose a password.
Enter details and choose a password.

Step 5: Add billing details

Now, enter your correct billing address to move forward with payment. Double-check the details and tap [Continue].

Confirm the billing detials.
Confirm the billing details.

Step 6: Enter card details

Now, enter your card details to finalize the payment and get started. When done, click [Continue].

Enter card details.
Enter card details.

GetSmarter Review: Top Key Features & Perks

Let’s explore some key features:

An education platform with a trustworthy partner

GetSmarter short courses are the real deal, backed by the best in the business, and give you an Ivy League experience without the heavy price tag.

The platform partners with 20+ leading universities, including big-name leading universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Yale School, and the London School of Economics.

When enrolling in a course through GetSmarter, you get the same quality education from these institutions.

Quality is the king when choosing the right online courses or certifications. 

GetSmarter partners with Harvard, MIT, and Oxford University, among others.
Elite short courses with university partnerships.

No stretched courses

One thing I liked about GetSmarter courses is that these are all short courses designed to function more like boot camps – brief yet comprehensive.

Some of you may agree that most universities offer outdated courses, unable to catch up with innovations. Fortunately, GetSmater continuously updates the courses, which was evident in all their course outlines. The instructors carry professional teaching skills and communication skills.

I reviewed almost all their top courses, and only a few had a 10-week course length. However, it does not necessarily mean you will get a basic understanding of the subject in this time frame.

Moreover, GetSmarter provides flexible deadline extensions to accommodate delays for a smooth learning experience.

No-streched lession in any GetSmarter course.
The no-stretched lesson in any GetSmarter course.

Success advisor and networking

My favorite feature of GetSmarter has to be the Success Advisor. Here is why. This career expert can always assist with any questions and guide on leadership skills and time management.

I, too, asked a few questions, and the response was nothing short of a pro-talk, assisting me with the career shift I planned for this review – saying (almost) goodbye to reviewing crypto products. 

In addition, you also become part of 2U’s Career Engagement Network, helping grow your professional networks to reach goals quickly.

Career expert for management guidance.
Career expert for management guidance.

Responsive customer support

I was curious about the duration of GetSmarter courses and decided to contact their customer support team. To my surprise, I was impressed when I interacted with one of their support agents.

The agent was super-helpful and responded to my inquiries promptly, respectfully, and empathetically, giving me a reassuring experience.

Many students have had similarly positive interactions with GetSmarter’s support agents, regardless of the nature of their questions or concerns.

One aspect that truly sets the online course provider apart is the flexibility of their support, particularly in terms of your study schedule. For example, you can contact their support team if unforeseen events prevent you from completing your weekly assignments and practice quizzes on time.

GetSmarter customer support.
GetSmarter customer support.

Data-driven course selection

What’s impressive is their data-driven approach, which guarantees that no matter which course you choose, you’ll learn skills that directly apply to the market.

Here’s how they make it happen: GetSmarter has a team that constantly analyzes the job market and identifies the most in-demand professions at any given moment. They then use this insight to handpick the courses available on their platform.

If you’ve ever had concerns about whether the courses would genuinely align with your career goals, worry not!

GetSmarter ensures data-driven course selection.
GetSmarter ensures data-driven course selection.

Self-Paced Learning Model

The self-paced learning model works well if you juggle a full-time job and other commitments.

In my experience, their courses offer the flexibility to manage your time and learn at your own pace. However, it’s important to remember the assignment deadlines, which are generally manageable.

However, not everything is self-paced. While you can study the courses at your convenience, assignments, and deadlines are set on specific dates.

In my experience, I found the GetSmarter suggested weekly study times handy. It gives you a sense of how much time you should dedicate each week to stay on track.

Every online short course is self-paced.
Self-paced learning for full-time jobs.

Modern, Easy-to-Navigate-Through Users Interface

Having explored a variety of courses on GetSmarter, including an MIT class on marketing, business management, and analytics and a sales course, I can confidently vouch for the platform’s exceptional user experience.

GetSmarter’s website has a modern design that’s visually appealing and incredibly user-friendly. Finding courses is easy, and the information on their landing pages is almost everything you would want to know. 

Once on a course, the user interface is straightforward. What stood out to me was the attention to the user experience that truly enhances the joy of the whole learning experience and journey.

GetSmarter website has an intuitive interface for easy course enrollment.
User-friendly website with a modern design.

GetSmarter business

GetSmarter business partners up with organizations to address their professional development needs effectively. 

They take the time to understand your business model, identify the most suitable courses for your employees, and create a tailored course experience. 

After the procedures, they provide post-course performance reports on hard and soft skills.

GetSmarter business
GetSmarter business is ideal for companies.

Payment options & 2U tokens

When it comes to payment options, GetSmarter gives you choices. You can pay for courses individually, set up a pricing plan (by directly contacting GetSmarter), or use 2U tokens.

Now, let’s first understand 2U tokens, which I found particularly innovative. These tokens act like learning credits, each worth $100. They allow you to scale your company’s learning goals and allocate courses based on your team’s schedules and specific needs.

You can purchase 2U tokens in packs ranging from 500 to 10,000, which is adaptable for companies of various sizes. This level of flexibility puts them ahead of their competitors in the industry.

GetSmarter offers flexible payment options.
GetSmarter offers flexible payment options.

Fees and certification costs

I found that course prices can range from $550 to $3800.

However, some discounts are based on factors like your location, payment method, or affiliation.

Here are some payment options available on the online learning platform:

  • Paying the full amount upfront using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
  • Opting for installment payments through EdAid or GetSmarter’s internal part payment plan. 
  • Exploring scholarship opportunities if you meet the eligibility criteria. 
Fees and costs on GetSmarter.
GetSmarter offers flexible payment options.

GetSmarter Review: Drawbacks

Here are some potential drawbacks:

Non-accredited certificates

Many reputable online course providers offer certificates of completion, which can carry significant value.

However, I realized that many of GetSmarter’s courses provide non-accredited certificates, which are less valuable.

While these certificates bear your legal and prestigious university names, they lack accredited status.

Courses can be pricy

Online education is often preferred for its affordability; however, GetSmarter courses tend to be more expensive, typically ranging from $550 to $3800. 

This is because these are instructor-mediated short courses, rather than massive open online courses. While the quality justifies the price to some extent, users have expressed concerns, given the cost.

Drawbacks of GetSmarter.
Certificates from reputable online providers.

GetSmarter’s Alternatives


Moralis is a great alternative as a Web3-centric learning platform. Compared to GetSmarter, it has 38+ courses, focusing entirely on blockchain and crypto. Although it also has free courses, the premium access costs around $22 to $157 monthly, making it more cost-effective than the GetSmarter. 

Free version
  • Yes
  • $22 – $157/month
  • 38+

More details

Our review of Moralis Academy concluded that this learning platform is great for everyone regardless of age and understanding of blockchain topics. The upside is that it has a wide variety of in-depth courses that are updated often, ensuring an excellent quality of content. The downside is the lack of a mobile app, which can hold back a certain percentage of learners.

  • Amazing customer support.

  • Courses are updated regularly.

  • 7-day refund guaranteed.

  • One line code for complex functionalities.

  • Good community.

  • Some courses can be boring.

  • Doesn't work well on mobile.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council courses are about making Web3 development and education accessible to everyone. Though it offers 50+ certifications for $130 to $300, the course content is basic. And there needs to be more certainty regarding the instructor and refund policy.

Free version
  • Yes
  • $130 – $300
  • 18+

More details

The website is an excellent start for beginners who want to make a future in the evolving technology of Blockchain and crypto. In addition, it offers you a variety of certification programs to improve your chances of getting hired as an industry-certified Blockchain expert.

  • Simplified and comprehensive blockchain education.

  • Flexible class hours and lifetime access.

  • Possibilities of getting hired quickly. 

  • Become certified Blockchain professionals.

  • Course material is basic and suited for beginners. 

  • Limited refund policy with stringent conditions.

  • Seeking industry recognition alongside competitors.


Compared with GetSmarter, Blockgeeks surely has more than 1600+ lessons focusing on fundamentals of blockchain technology, DeFi, and Web3 for $15 a month. Yet, the biggest drawback is its availability only in English.

Free version
  • Yes
  • $15/month
  • 100+

More details

Blockgeeks is a learning site that specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It's an excellent platform for any experience level – from people new to crypto and blockchain technologies to experts in these fields. However, one thing the platform lacks is excellent customer service. You can find several comments from former users complaining about the low-quality customer service.

  • There are entirely free courses.

  • Certificates for any of the finished courses.

  • Clear explanation of any topic.

  • Material is only available in English.

  • The free trial is minimal.

GetSmarter Review: Our Verdict

With the rise of numerous e-learning platforms, GetSmarter shines among its competitors for its continuous course updates and focus on new technologies. 

Unlike stretched university courses or in-person classes, the 300+ lessons are self-paced, practical, and offer a non-accredited certification.

Switching a career or learning a new domain could be challenging, and this platform assists you in making the right decision with its student advisor and key tools.

However, better options, like Blockchain Council, are better for shorter courses or accredited certifications.  While not as widely known as some competitors, GetSmarter garners positive student feedback for its installments and financial assistance.