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Our Review is one of the first websites offering registration for blockchain-based domains. It provides a decentralized approach to domain name ownership by leveraging Bitcoin's blockchain technology. Unlike many traditional DNS sites, Peername allows cryptocurrency payments when buying domain names. The website offers an innovative solution for a more secure and decentralized method of managing their online presence.

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  • DNS servers in high-risk country.

  • Website has few visitors. Review 2023: Decentralized Identity Made Easy


This review highlights the role of It is one of the leading blockchain domain websites for registering domain names.

Unlike a centralized domain system, it spreads across a distributed network of computers. That way, it increases the security of the domains. is easy to use and navigate. As a decentralized DNS, Peername accepts crypto payments with the following payment methods:

The cheapest pricing plan is $15.99 pr. year. All other incoming transfers, data transfers, and domain transfers are free, as well as their first year. Users can also request domains transferred to their private addresses or wallets anytime. review. 2023 review.

Overview of

Peername is one of the first blockchain domain websites hosting over 7000 domains. Being a decentralized DNS, its goal is to combat the centralized domain name system.

It is done by creating a community-driven domain authority. This prevents government surveillance, domain theft, domain censoring, website seizing, and hacker attacks on sites.

However, as a blockchain-based platform, Peername offers a unique and powerful solution for individuals looking to secure access to their data and online presence and capitalize on the many benefits of blockchain technology.

The website makes registration of domains fast and easy. Users can register domains like traditional domain name registrars through their web-based interface.

This DNS allows for easy registration of .coin, .emc, .bit, .lib, and .bazar domains and redirecting of NXT aliases. It is based on NXT, EmerCoin, and Namecoin cryptocurrencies.

Popular Blockchain-Based Domains with peername
Popular Blockchain-Based Domains.

Who Should Use, as a blockchain DNS example, caters to individuals and businesses seeking enhanced security and transparency for their internet domains, data, and systems. It serves businesses dealing with sensitive data and individuals who prioritize online privacy.

Being one of the few blockchain-based domain registrars, is based on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology and offers great transparency. All transactions would be recorded on the blockchain, accessible and verifiable by anyone.

What Makes a Good Choice for Domains?

Easy Navigation

Unlike many blockchain domain websites that can be confusing, has an uncomplicated web-based interface that makes it easy to navigate and understand.

You will also see the domains they offer, like dot bit domains, dot coin domains, dot lib, dot emc, and dot bazar domains, and all the prices they offer. 

The website can also be used as a browser extension. You can use an extension for internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browser extension.

These extensions allow you to easily visit websites with domain names from Namecoin and Emercoin networks using the full requested URL. Some browser extensions resolve domains from decentralized blockchain systems using BDNS public web API.

Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment

It is ironic not to be able to pay for services in cryptocurrency, especially for a crypto service offering. allows users to pay for its services using cryptocurrency.

Also, accepts various forms of cryptocurrency. The common examples of supported cryptocurrencies used for payment include Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Secure Domain Storage

Another advantage of using is the assured level of security that comes with it. Aside from its basic security feature that prevents seizing, censorship, and government surveillance systems, it also has sophisticated security plans.

For instance, it uses cold storage to store registered domains. This feature improves the security of your registered domain and limits the risk of hackers stealing the domain’s settings or tampering with the domain registrar’s or domain’s settings.

How to Open a Account

Opening an account with is simple: You can open an account in three easy steps. 

Step 1: Go to website

To start, visit the official website to open an account.

Click on the [Sign up] at the homepage’s top right corner.

You will find it next to the login button. There is an alternate button at the base of the homepage.

HTTP protocol requires Sign up
Open an account.

Step 2: Create an account

Once you click the [Sign up] button, you will be taken to a page where you must fill in your e-mail address and password.

Done? Click the [Create Account] button to submit your details and create your account.

Create an account
Add your details.

Step 3: Log in to your new account

Upon creating your account, you will receive a prompt to log in using the details you entered on the sign-up page.

Log in to your peername account.
Log in to your account.

Upon logging in, your account immediately directs you to the dashboard.

Here, you can utilize the various features and tools available on the platform and become a decentralized domain owner.

browser's internal proxy with peername
Search for domains and purchase them. Review: Drawbacks

Upon closer inspection, this platform reveals a few downsides that could negatively impact users’ experience. While there are some positives to, such as its user-friendly interface and excellent data security, its drawbacks cannot be overlooked.

Poor Customer Support

One major weakness of is its insufficient support system. Users cannot access phone support, and e-mail responses can be slow. Additionally, no live chat feature makes it difficult to obtain immediate assistance.

Furthermore, the platform’s one-sided payment options present another challenge for users. Being a crypto-based domain, the platform only accepts cryptocurrency payments, which may hinder access for those who prefer other conventional payment methods. Pricing

There are different pricing plans available on Peername. This is often decided by the type of domain to be registered. The most affordable plan costs $15.99 yearly.

Here is a list of some of the pricing options available for domains on

  • dot bit by Namecoin – $15.99/year
  • dot bit by EmerCoin- – $16.99/year
  • dot bazar by EmerCoin – $16.99/year
  • dot onion by Tor – $19.99 basic price pricing
Various pricing plans. Review: Summary is on a relative path to success as one of the few first blockchain domain name registration sites and services that leverage blockchain technology to enable a decentralized model for domain name ownership.

With blockchain domains like these, internet users can securely and transparently register and manage their domain names, free from the constraints of a centralized authority. is user-friendly and allows users to register domains on the site easily.

The DNS also provides a wide options of domains that can be registered, including dot bazar domains and dot coin. Peername also offers wide security protection to all registered domains.