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Our Review

Space ID lets you register your blockchain domains and get a unique and human-readable identity cross the Web3 ecosystem. The ID can also be linked with Web2 social accounts like Github, Twitter, etc. You can discover, register, trade, and manage domain sites on the Space ID marketplace and has its own governance token. Overall, an amazing product for your web 3 domains.

  • Multi-chain identity.

  • High security.

  • Easy user accessibility.

  • Decentralized domain registry.

  • Legal and technical challenges.

  • Few blockchain integrations.

Space ID Review 2023: Features and Benefits of this Platform


Our Space ID review highlights this innovative platform’s transformative features and functionalities, empowering you to optimize your workflow and achieve more.

Space ID uses a universal username network that links people, assets, and information across the Web3 ecosystem. It provides domain name services that are human-readable and simple to use. The registered ID can be used across the Web3 ecosystem and in linking Web2.

Space ID extends its services to nearly all blockchain-supported countries, with few exceptions. Notably, it provides a multi-chain identity solution, allowing users to utilize a single ID for all Web3 activities, enhancing convenience and streamlining their online experiences.

Space ID currently supports three domains:

  • .bnb name service
  • .arb name service
  • .ethereum name service.

The blockchain domain registry site also has a crypto governance token contributing to discounts and NFTs rewards.

Space ID review.
Space ID 2023 review.

What is Space ID?

Space ID is a universal username service network that connects people, information, and digital assets across the blockchain. It is open-sourced, distributed, and has a cross-chain naming system.

The role of Space ID is to bring about a revolution to the domain names of BNB chains. Wallet addresses often had many different numbers and letters, incoherent to human users and difficult to remember. Moreover, Space ID can offer users simpler domain names to use and remember.

It lets users have unique identities for their wallet addresses. In addition, the platform has a feature to connecting identities across various blockchains. These identities from Web3 can also be linked with the Web2 ecosystem, such as Twitter, Github, etc.

Space ID is a Web3 domain platform.
Space ID is a Web3 domain platform.

Who Should Use Space ID?

The use of Space ID is quite versatile and available for almost anyone in the Web3 ecosystem. All users can get a BNB chain domain name. The use of the .bnb domains will eventually replace conventional chain addresses.

Whether you are a developer who needs a Web3 Name SDK or just a user who needs a Web3 identity, Space ID is the ideal choice.

What Countries Are Supported?

The blockchain domain registry site’s service coverage is wide, reaching multiple countries and regions. It is available in any region with access to blockchain domains supported by Space ID.

Despite its widespread use, it is limited in some countries and regions.

Space ID is not supported in these countries:

  • China
  • Cuba
  • Crimea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Belarus
  • DRC
  • Sudan
  • New Zealand
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Singapore
  • Zimbabwe
  • United States

What Makes Space ID a Good Choice?

Highly Secured

The main advantage of using Space ID is its high level of security. It incorporates a special type of blockchain – Lucas – into its security architecture to store user data on different blockchains.

In addition, it uses Jedi and Yoda to enhance its security. Jedi works as a smart contract and is implemented in registering and resolving domain names. The only acceptable domain names are those from Yoda.

Yoda feeds into Jedi and ensures that domains registered on the blockchains remain unique. It provides and maintains this uniqueness by collating user registration information from the various blockchains and creating an authenticator signature.

Strong security measures.
Strong security measures.

Multi-Chain Identity

Space ID has proven to be a multi-chain identity that can easily locate resources on any of the different chains. That means your identity will be transferable across multiple blockchains.

Space ID helps users register and keep their unique domain names. Enable seamless identity management across multiple blockchain networks in the metaverse using this domain name system. Users gain access to a wide range of metaverse activities with a single ID, simplifying their online presence and interactions.

Space ID’s innovative approach helps solve the digital world bottleneck: the centralized domain name system. The decentralized domain system maintains a pathway between digital identity and decentralized identity.

Space ID Review: Top Features

Discover: This is a feature that allows users to be able to search for potential domain names. The discover feature also allows users to discover some trending domains, including providing auto-suggestion for name service.

Blockchain domain name
Discover new features.

Register: Register for Web3 domain names using the Space ID Mainnet.

The .bnb and .eth domains are the first two TLDs to be supported on the Mainnet.

Web3 domain names using the Space ID Mainnet.
Registering domains.

Trade: This feature allows users to trade domain names on Web 3 and even more extended to include operations from other Web3 marketplaces, including places like OpenSea. Consider this an aggregator of domain names on one platform.

NFT marketplaces
Domain name trading on Web 3 enabled.

Manage: The ultimate goal of Space ID is to create a multi-chain domain system. This feature allows users to manage renewal, record, and ownership of Web3 domains through one portal.

Crypto domain
Manage Web3 domain renewal, records, and ownership.

The process of opening a Space ID is very simple. We have set up an easy step-by-step guide for you.

How to Open a Space ID Account and Buy a Domain

Step 1: Visit the Official Space ID Website

Go to Space ID official website or click the [Get Started] button to open a Space ID account.

  • $0-20k
  • 100+
  • 3+

More details

Space ID lets you register your blockchain domains and get a unique and human-readable identity cross the Web3 ecosystem. The ID can also be linked with Web2 social accounts like Github, Twitter, etc. You can discover, register, trade, and manage domain sites on the Space ID marketplace and has its own governance token. Overall, an amazing product for your web 3 domains.

  • Multi-chain identity.

  • High security.

  • Easy user accessibility.

  • Decentralized domain registry.

  • Legal and technical challenges.

  • Few blockchain integrations.

Once there, click the [Connect] button on the top right corner.

Connect your Web3 wallet.
Connect your Web3 wallet.

Step 2: Connect a Wallet

Link a wallet on Space ID to get started. You can select any of the wallet options as applicable to you. Any Web3 wallet is sufficient. We recommend using Metamask.

If you don’t have Metamask, follow this easy step-by-step guide here.

Crypto wallet address
Choose your wallet of choice.

Step 3: Discover Domain Names

You can discover registered and unregistered domain names on Space ID using the [Discover] feature.

Enter your preferred domain in the search bar. Space ID will return a list of similar and recommended results.

space ID register
Search for the domain name.

Step 4: Request a Domain Name

Once you have found a domain and requested one, choose the number of registration years for the domain.

Once done, select the [Request] button to finalize the process before moving to the final registration stage.

Request your domain on space id
Request your domain.

Step 5: Register a Domain Site

You can register multiple domains at once by adding them to your cart and selecting the [Bulk Register] button.

Once this is done, you will be prompted to pay, and you can register your domain.

Transfer domains
Register domain.

Step 6: Trade Domains

For listed domains, you can purchase directly from Space ID.

Once you identify the perfect domain, click the domain name, and it will display the price.

Select the [buy now] option to purchase the domain name.

Purchase your domain.
Purchase your domain.


Technical and Legal Challenges

Due to the decentralized nature of Space ID and its new introduction into the market, there is still speculation about its technical capabilities and security risks, especially with integrating multiple blockchain domain names.

There are concerns as regards the legal and regulatory aspects of ownership of the domains and identities. This is in combination with the volatility and complexity of the Web3 ecosystem.

Space ID products and services

Let’s look at Space ID’s most important products and services.

.bnb Name Service

The .bnb domain name for Space ID is one of the first chain name services, and this unique name provides many advantages for users in the BNB chain ecosystem.

You can register for the .bnb service, which is superior to the conventional BNB chain address. The registered user will receive tokens and also get a domain NFT, a token for the domain name’s ownership.

There is also the option of customizing your .bnb domains to suit the operation of the BNB chain ecosystem. Space ID is integrated with several projects, including BSCScan and Trust Wallet. Your .bnb ID can enable you to swap tokens, send funds, and buy NFTs across these applications.

The .bnb service leverages the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to enhance user experience on the Ethereum Mainnet. By building upon this design, users can enjoy an improved and seamless experience, enhancing their interaction with the platform. This feature allows a simplified and easy registration with just one click.

The simplified process also extends to discovery, as you can search for a domain name quickly and spend less than $10 for name registration on the BNB chain.

Traditional dns systems
Traditional DNS systems.

.arb Name Service

Another Space ID name service is the .arb, built on Arbitrum. It operates as a decentralized web name system and solution for wallet and contract addresses.

Arbitrum is a layer-2 solution with several advantages over conventional DNS systems. These advantages include a faster and more efficient registration process and user experience.

Aside from the user-friendly interface, it also offers branding and marketing options with a credible user ID.

ens domain
ENS domain.

Space ID Token

The blockchain domain registry site has also launched its SPACE ID governance token. The Binance Launchpad successfully launched the ID on March 17, 2023, marking a significant milestone in its development. Subsequently, on March 22, 2023, tokens were distributed, enabling users to participate in and benefit from this initiative actively.

ID, the governance token, is expected to play a major role in the project’s decision-making process. It will help direct Space ID’s growth and sustainability in the Web 3 industry.

The token allows staking, and users can receive discounts for trading fees and domain registration. It can also serve as a means of payment within the Web3 ecosystem.

Web3 Name SDK and API

Since its launch, Space ID has had the feature of using one SDK to support dApps. The primary aim of this feature was to assist developers in saving time, minimizing effort, and mitigating compatibility issues. By incorporating this functionality, Space ID aims to streamline the development process and provide a more efficient experience for developers.

The Name SDK unifies approaches and simplifies the integration of Web3 services without developers having to work on multiple protocols.

WITH ITS RECENT UPGRADE, Space ID 2.0 has taken this feature to new heights. Adding a universal API to the Name SDK enables seamless integration of Web3 services into any application, further enhancing the platform’s capabilities and expanding its possibilities.

It currently supports over 100+ integrations and is expanding to support more. The API service offers easy integration of the Web3 Name SDK with any dApps.

Space ID Review: Our Verdict

Space ID is the shift away from centralized domain names and systems. It further enforces the objectives of blockchain technology in making systems and operations more decentralized.

Space ID offers domain name services by offering users decentralized domain names against traditional domains. The digital identities given are unique addresses and easy-to-remember domain names.

It offers registration for three domains and links all addresses across Web3 while connecting them to Web2 services. Space ID also has a governance token that allows other users to be part of the growth and sustainability of the platform.