Largest Chinese Game Firm Plans $100M Crypto Investment

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Largest Chinese Game Firm crypto


  • The largest Chinese Game Firm, Boyaa Interactive, sets aside $90 million to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum to venture into strategic crypto investments.
  • The investment is a step in the right direction regarding Boyaa Interactive’s ambition of integrating Web3 technology into its digital gaming platform.

Boyaa Earmarks $90 Million to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum

Boyaa Interactive International Limited, the most significant Chinese board game player, announces it is set to dive deep into the crypto market.

The firm plans to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and has set aside a whopping $90 million for this investment over the next 12 months.

The move attempts to increase the fusion of technology, finance, and gaming.

Largest Chinese Game Firm Boyaa Interactive sets aside $90M to buy BTC and ETC.
Bitcoin and Ethereum | Source: Pixabay

Boyaa Interactive International Limited says this investment will align with its ambition of integrating web3 technology into the gaming business.

The company will buy digital assets in an open market through licensed trading platforms.

The allocation of part of the Group’s idle reserve funds to cryptocurrencies as a diversified means of holding cash for capital management is also an essential arrangement for the Group’s asset allocation.

Boyaa firm stated according to a press release.

Earmarking BTC and ETH was a Deliberate Choice

Boyaa Interactive was deliberate in its selection of cryptos earmarked for purchase.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the titans in the crypto sphere. They provide a higher degree of liquidity and recognition.

The two coins are also an excellent choice as far as long-term investment is concerned.

In addition, the company intends to buy stablecoins like Tether and USD Coin, which provide stability in a volatile market.

The press release cited approximately $45 million each for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Another $10 million is earmarked for stablecoin purchases.

Considering the current price level of BTC, Boyaa Interactive will own approximately 1264 BTC.

This could rank the company as the most BTC-owned company in China and will surpass the current top dog, Meitu.

Bitcoin holding by public company ranking.
Bitcoin holding by public company ranking | Source: CoinGecko

In any case, MicroStrategy is a frontrunner with a current BTC holding of 158,400 BTC.

Pioneering Innovations in the Web3 Gaming Space

In addition to this, Boyaa Interactive is also indicating to step into the larger world of blockchain technology.

Its board of directors sees the purchase and holding of Cryptos as a pivotal move for the company to venture into the web3 domain.

More than that, it will be a crucial part of its asset allocation strategy, especially after the Chinese court declared digital assets as property.

The company also aims to revolutionize and decentralize digital interaction and asset management.

Venturing deep into the crypto space is more than an investment for Boyaa; it is a strategic alignment with its ambitions and future financial trends.

Boyaa actively focuses on technological advancement and market dynamics, positioning itself to make significant strides in the gaming and cryptocurrency industry.

It also aims to increase crypto enthusiasts in Hong Kong, which has made strides to position itself as a digital assets hub in Asia.

Do you think Boyaa Interactive International Limited will pioneer innovations in the Web3 gaming sphere to redefine online gaming and digital asset interaction?