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Our Entersoft Review

Entersoft stands out in providing smart contract audits for DeFi projects, code quality checks, and blockchain security solutions. Their expertise in these areas has led to successful audits of smart contracts worth over USD 500 million, ensuring trust in DeFi.

  • Credible reputation.

  • Solid founding team.

  • Comprehensive services.

  • Robust customer support.

  • Limited information on site.

  • Not budget-friendly.

Entersoft Review 2024: Is It A Great Cyber Security Firm?


This Entersoft review will thoroughly focus on the services the security company offers. Known for its solutions for Web3 and Web2, it ensures rock-solid security for enterprises.

Having worked for 450+ clients, the company has experience in DeFi, health tech, FinTech, and education. Over the years, they ensured smart contracts worth $500 Million.

Despite limitations like high costs and limited website features, Entersoft has significant expertise in DeFi smart contract audits, penetration testing, application security, and code quality assessments.

Entersoft Cyber Security Company Review.

Entersoft at Glance

Coinwebs rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.7 stars)
Launched In2013
Founded ByPaul Kang, Sri Chakradhar
ServicesSmart Contract Audit, Penetration Testing, Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection, Governance, Risk and Compliance (ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, etc), DevSecOps, Security Operations Centre, Incident Response, etc.
Supported Blockchains7+
Payment MethodsCrypto & Fiat Money
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email Support

Company Overview

In 2013, Paul Kang & Sri Chakradhar partnered to launch Entersoft – a company they co-founded and now run. The firm focuses primarily on protecting businesses’ applications, data, smart contracts, and blockchains against cyber threats.

Over the years, Entersoft has secured several prestigious awards that earned them a good reputation in the market. They stood first at the Hong Kong Fintech ET Times Awards 2017 for their excellent Cybersecurity Solution. 

Similarly, they were recognized as the Best Cybersecurity Provider at the FinTech Awards in 2018, received the Australian Business Awards in 2019, and the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2020.

Entersoft - Smart Contracts Audit Company.
Entersoft – Smart Contracts Audit Company.

Who should use Entersoft?

Here is who we think should work with Entersoft to make their businesses safer:

Web3 startups

Web3 startups face numerous cybersecurity challenges, such as securing their smart contract code and data. 

Entersoft supports DeFi startups by ensuring specialized security testing, penetration testing, and other services designed to keep the code in the right spec. 

Years of experience with DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, crypto exchanges, and DAOs make them a solid pick.

For developers and investors

If you are a developer, Entersoft has a lot to offer. Before deploying an app, you can use their security testing services for the efficiency of the web, mobile, and IoT applications for quality assurance.

Web 3 start-ups, develpors and investors can benefit from Entersoft.
Web 3 start-ups, developers, and investors benefit from Entersoft.

What makes Entersoft a great choice?

Proven credibility

With a track record dating back to 2012, Entersoft has earned numerous awards for its innovative contribution to cybersecurity.

The company has assisted over 450+ clients spanning 15+ countries, encompassing diverse sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, and DeFi.

Prominent names in their portfolio include

  • Quickswap
  • Crypto.com
  • Fidelity
  • HSBC
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft


Entersoft’s website is an invaluable resource, offering educational content on cybersecurity trends, best practices, and solutions.

Moreover, they regularly host webinars, workshops, hackathons, and conferences.

Responsive Support

We found Entersoft’s customer support to be responsive and quick. After reaching out through live chat and email, the team ensured effective communication for a timely resolution of the issues.

Plus, we liked that they offer support throughout the project lifecycle with regular updates.

In addition, their 24/7 support ensures immediate service and resolution for any client inquiries.

Comprehensive services

Entersoft provides various services covering all cybersecurity aspects, from assessment and monitoring to resolution.

They specialize in offering application security testing, cloud security testing, red teaming, bug bounty management, and more.

It also offers cybersecurity training programs for employees, developers, and executives to help them prevent cyber risks.

Wide Range of Services Offered by Entersoft.
Awards won by Entersoft.

How to get in touch with Entersoft?

  • 7+
  • ~$10,000+
Payment Options
  • Crypto & Fiat

More details

Entersoft stands out in providing smart contract audits for DeFi projects, code quality checks, and blockchain security solutions. Their expertise in these areas has led to successful audits of smart contracts worth over USD 500 million, ensuring trust in DeFi.

  • Credible reputation.

  • Solid founding team.

  • Comprehensive services.

  • Robust customer support.

  • Limited information on site.

  • Not budget-friendly.

Follow these simple steps to get in touch with Entersoft:

Step 1: Visit the website

Start by visiting their website on your mobile or web browser.

Step 2: Get started

After that, click the [Get Started] button on your main landing page.

Get Started.
Get Started.

Step 3: Enter details

Then, fill out the information pop-up with your requirements and job description. Also, add your your name, email, phone, and description.

When done, click [Submit]

Enter details.
Enter details.

Now that you have done your part wait for the team to reply. 

Web3 Audits offered by Entersoft

Smart contract audits

Entersoft takes a hacker’s approach when it comes to auditing Smart Contracts. They dig deep into the code, examining its business and mathematical logic.

What we liked the most is that they go beyond just Smart Contracts and review the network hosting them. Currently, their service is centered around seven blockchains, including:

To top it up, their penetration testing for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Decentralized Applications (dApps) makes your project safer.

Our experts suggest that this comprehensive approach ensures that every potential vulnerability is uncovered, stepping up the overall security of these systems.

Web-3 Audit by Entersoft.
Web-3 Audit by Entersoft.

Mainnet Audits

With a thorough evaluation of the blockchain mainnet, the team starts with the documents to understand the project’s technical design for the audit.

After that, they thoroughly analyze the architecture to verify that it aligns with the project’s objectives. This step ensures that the system is structured to support its intended functionality.

Then, the hands-on reviews of the code, examining it for potential security risks and ensuring code quality.

Besides that, the unit tests specific source code modules to validate their functionality. This process helps spot any issues at an early stage.

Finally, the comprehensive functional testing and scalability assessments ensure the desired results.

Mainnet Audit.
Mainnet Audit.

Wallet Security

Entersoft uses a range of tactics to safeguard crypto wallets, tailoring their approach to wallet types. 

They conduct thorough security audits to spot and correct vulnerabilities, while penetration testing simulates real attacks to identify and address any weak points.

Besides that, their multi-factor authentication adds layers of security by requiring multiple identity verifications. 

The encryption shields wallet data from unauthorized access and supports recovery if the wallet is lost or stolen. 

Wallet security services.
Wallet security services.

Crypto exchange and DEX security

Entersoft’s security for centralized and DEX platforms starts by searching for vulnerabilities and addressing potential operational weaknesses before setting up systems to detect and stop exploitation. 

For Smart Contracts, they focus on eliminating vulnerabilities. Their software verification techniques are commonly used to ensure contracts operate as they should. 

Most Smart Contract security concerns can be effectively addressed by these security practices and regularly analyzing potential threats with professional expertise.

Crypto Exchange and DEX Security.
Crypto Exchange and DEX Security.

Cloud Security

Whether you use AWS, Azure, or GCP, Entersoft will protect your cloud infrastructure, ensuring a safe computing environment.

Their team is experts who understand the intricacies of these cloud environments and work to identify and address vulnerabilities specific to your cloud setup. 

Entersoft’s cloud security service offers effective results against cyber threats and protects sensitive data.

Other services

Here are some other services:

Cybersecurity Services:

Entersoft has your back 24/7, watching for any attacks on your infrastructure. They blend top-tier incident response and forensics with powerful SIEM systems for complete protection.

  • S.O.C. as a service: If you need to get your own Security Operations Center (S.O.C.) or want to outsource, Entersoft does it for you. Their centralized unit tirelessly monitors, detects, and responds to hacks.
  • Incident response: Entersoft helps businesses efficiently deal with and bounce back from cyber incidents. This service tracks a systematic process covering identification, containment, analysis, eradication, and system/data restoration.
  • Threat hunting: Their threat Hunting service uses smart algorithms to spot unusual behavior in users, processes, and machines, uncovering hidden attack patterns.
Entersoft's cybersecurity services.
Entersoft’s cybersecurity services.

Defi Services

Entersoft has secured over USD 500M in smart contracts, maintaining trust in DeFi investments with advanced security.

  • Code quality checks: Entersoft will assess code quality, looking at readability, maintainability, efficiency, functionality, and security. You also get feedback and recommendations to increase code quality and performance.
  • Smart contract deployment: With ongoing support and maintenance, Entersoft ensures error-free deployment and execution on the blockchain.
  • Automated stats analysis: Entersoft uses automated tools to analyze smart contract or DeFi platform statistics, giving you insights into metrics like transactions, users, fees, liquidity, and more. Plus, their reports and dashboards simplify data visualization and comprehension.
  • Contract computation checks: Verifying smart contracts or DeFi platform computations is another Defi service Entersoft offers using mathematical formal verification, ensuring accuracy and correctness.

Drawbacks of Entersoft

Let’s explore some drawbacks of Entersoft.

Lack of information on the website

One of the major drawbacks of Entersoft is its website, which is missing some critical information. With accurate pricing and services, businesses can better understand whether the company suits their needs.

Costly for new startups

Unlike most smart contract audit companies, Entersoft has quite expensive services. This could be a problem for new startups that are tight on budget. It could be a dealbreaker if your company is in the initial stages.

Entersoft Stats
Entersoft Stats.

Alternatives to Entersoft


Hacken is a trusted platform providing cybersecurity services for Web3 businesses and projects. Backed by a professional team and competitive pricing, Hacken addresses security flaws in the Web3 ecosystem, which is crucial in enhancing companies’ security.

  • 18+
  • $5,000 – $150,000
Payment Options
  • Crypto/Fiat/HAI

More details

Hacken is a trusted platform offering various cybersecurity services for all your cloud infrastructure of web3 business and projects. With the support and knowledge of their professional team and competitive pricing. Hacken plays a crucial role in addressing companies' security flaws in the Web3 ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive security services and audits.

  • Professional team experienced in cybersecurity.

  • Competitive pricing and discounts.

  • Highly trusted within the web3 community.

  • Limited availability.

  • Audits don't guarantee complete security.


CertiK is a leading blockchain security firm offering comprehensive services. While their audits and reviews are trusted, the cost may hinder smaller projects. CertiK’s audits don’t guarantee complete security, but their reputation and innovation make them significant in the industry.

  • 25+
  • $15 000 – $25 000
Payment Options
  • Crypto/Fiat

More details

CertiK is a leading blockchain security firm offering comprehensive services. While their audits and reviews are trusted, the cost may hinder smaller projects. CertiK's audits don't guarantee complete security, but their reputation and innovation make them significant in the industry.

  • Trusted audits for 220+ projects, securing $8B value.

  • Fast delivery, sometimes within 48 hours.

  • A comprehensive suite of security tools.

  • Reputation as a pioneer in blockchain security.

  • High costs and unaffordable for small projects.

  • Incidents involving previous audited projects.

  • Limited coverage may miss certain edge cases.


QuillAudit offers diverse audit packages to enhance security for businesses. They use manual and automated techniques but note potential errors. Consider cost and time constraints while benefiting from their credible solutions and QuillAcademy for crypto projects.

  • 6+
  • $1,000-$15,000
Payment Options
  • Fiat & Crypto

More details

QuillAudit is a smart contract auditing company that offers various audits for web3 projects. Despite its effective smart contract audit services, there are some potential drawbacks, considering human errors and biases. Plus, with careful planning and negotiation, you can overcome cost constraints.

  • Trusted reputation since 2018.

  • Comprehensive audit options.

  • Experienced team with web3 expertise.

  • Credible portfolio with notable clients.

  • QuillAcademy for free learning opportunities.

  • Limited scope in some audit types.

  • Human errors and biases in auditing.

  • Cost and time constraints for projects.

  • Custom audit cost negotiation may vary.

Entersoft Review: Our Verdict

Entersoft is a cybersecurity company headquartered in an unspecified location, specializing in services like smart contract audits and blockchain security.

While the chat history does not provide specific pricing details for their smart contract audits, the company offers cybersecurity services focusing on DeFi security and code quality assessments.

Although the company’s expertise in these areas is evident, concerns arise from its outdated website design, lack of transparency regarding team credentials, and missing information about affiliations or partnerships.