TOKEN2049 Review

12 January, 2024

TOKEN2049 is a great event for staying up-to-date and networking in the global crypto industry. This yearly event, held in both Singapore and Dubai, attracts over 10,000 attendees worldwide. The speaking roster at the event includes leading voices like Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. We recommend this event for anyone with an interest in crypto.

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Our Review
  • Valuable insights from high-profile guests.
  • Extensive networking with over 10,000 participants.
  • Numerous side events and workshops.
  • Open discussions on market challenges and uncertainties.
  • Expensive passes.
  • Limited networking opportunities for beginners.
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What is TOKEN2049?

TOKEN2049 is a two-day global event where industry giants, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and founders will share their insights into the present and future of crypto, DeFi, Web3, and the global crypto industry. 

With over 300 project booths featuring well-known projects, it creates unparalleled networking opportunities and receives much hype from the global media.

TOKEN2049 aims to foster collaborations, discussions, and partnerships while keeping participants informed about the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies.

TOKEN2049’s upcoming event.
TOKEN2049’s upcoming event.

TOKEN2049 At Glance 

Coinweb Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.4 stars)
Launched In2018
Price$599 – $4,999
Topics coveredCrypto, Blockchain, Web3, DeFi, DePIN
Guest SpeakersBalaji Srinivasan, Changpeng Zhao, Arthur Hayes, Daniel Ricciardo, Jeremy Allaire, Daniel Alegre, Joseph Lubin and more
LocationDubai & Singapore
Expected number of attendees7500 in Dubai and 10,000 in Singapore
Event TypeTwo Days

Why should you attend TOKEN2049?

Here are a few good things about TOKEN2049:

Engage with industry leaders

Representatives from prominent companies like Binance and Coinbase attend TOKEN2049. These representatives offer great insight into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Companies attending Token2049.
Companies attending Token2049.

A multitude of highly influential guests

TOKEN2049 offers diverse perspectives of thought leaders from various industries and backgrounds. It has a wide range of leading voices speaking at the event. Some guests include entrepreneurs like Changpeng Zhao, the former founder and CEO of Binance, and industry enthusiasts like F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. 

Access to a diverse group of participants

TOKEN2049 unlocks access to a diverse group of participants. Such a diverse list of attendees creates unparalleled networking opportunities. This helps participants build valuable connections and understand the global crypto industry. The event is great for exchanging ideas and potential collaborations.

Engaging side events

As a premier crypto event, TOKEN2049 packs many engaging side events. These activities are great for networking opportunities and in-depth conversations. Global media covered these events, including workshops, panel discussions, and project showcases.

For instance, there are interactive coding workshops, decentralized finance (DeFi) forums, and hands-on demonstrations of emerging blockchain technologies. This gives you a  well-rounded and immersive experience beyond the main conference. 

How To Buy TOKEN2049 Tickets?

Ticket price
  • $599 – $4,999
  • Dubai & SIN
Event type
  • Two days

More details

TOKEN2049 is a great event for staying up-to-date and networking in the global crypto industry. This yearly event, held in both Singapore and Dubai, attracts over 10,000 attendees worldwide. The speaking roster at the event includes leading voices like Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. We recommend this event for anyone with an interest in crypto.

  • Valuable insights from high-profile guests.

  • Extensive networking with over 10,000 participants.

  • Numerous side events and workshops.

  • Open discussions on market challenges and uncertainties.

  • Expensive passes.

  • Limited networking opportunities for beginners.

Step 1: Visit the event website

Navigate to the TOKEN2049 website and click the [Tickets] button in the top right corner.

TOKEN2049's website.
TOKEN2049’s website.

Step 2: Choose your payment method

Next, select your preferred payment method from [Pay in USD] and [Pay in Crypto.]

Choose a payment method.
Choose a payment method.

Step 3: Choose your plan

Once you’ve chosen your payment method, you’ll be prompted to choose the pass of your choice.  

Select a plan of your choice.
Select a plan of your choice.

Step 4: Make the payment

Select the number of passes you want to purchase and click [Pay Now] to make the payment.

Make the payment for your tickets.
Make the payment for your tickets.

TOKEN2049 Review: Key Perks of this Premier Crypto Event

Wide range of topics

TOKEN2049 offers diverse topics that are discussed by leading voices in the crypto industry. Such discussions give you comprehensive insights into blockchain, transaction security, and crypto.  

Eminent Web3 industry speakers

List of speakers at Token2049.
List of speakers at Token2049.

TOKEN2049 features many leading voices from the industry. These include representatives from Web3, the crypto industry, DeFi, payment services, and similar technologies. Many of the guests at the event received much attention from global media. TOKEN2049 features established opinion leaders along with many entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. This helps participants deepen their understanding of the Web3 landscape and emerging trends.

Welcoming attendees from all age groups

TOKEN2049 welcomes attendees of all age groups to create an inclusive community. You can engage with a diverse community with a dynamic learning atmosphere.

Insights into policy and regulatory matters

Organized annually, TOKEN2049 covers the year’s policy and regulation. It also includes insights from established opinion leaders and payment services. These insights help you broaden your understanding of the legal landscape in crypto. 

Entertainment activities for participants

The event offers vast opportunities for entertainment with the TOKEN2049 community. You can enjoy engaging events that create unparalleled networking opportunities for participants.  

Token2040 has numerous side-events and activities.
Token2040 has numerous side events and activities.

Support from reputable sponsors

TOKEN2049 is a premier crypto event backed by companies that strengthen its credibility. This means you can expect a high-quality event, and rest assured it’ll be worth the money spent. 

TOKEN2049 Review: Who is It for?

Here is who we think should attend this event:


Investors should join TOKEN2049 because it offers insights from leading voices and executives. The event covers important topics like market trends and institutional strategies. It also includes discussions with established opinion leaders. 

With a global perspective, it creates unparalleled networking opportunities. Investors get valuable knowledge to assess market conditions to make informed portfolio decisions.

Blockchain developers

TOKEN2049 is a remarkable event for blockchain developers. It helps blockchain developers explore advancements, industry trends, and potential collaborations. Discussions on blockchain and Web3 development, offer vast opportunities to learn from company founders and executives.

Moreover, developers can connect with well-known projects and industry experts. This will allow them to network and contribute to the future of blockchain. 

Thousands attend TOKEN2049 every year.
Thousands attend TOKEN2049 every year.

Startups and entrepreneurs

TOKEN2049 is an ideal event for startups and entrepreneurs. It provides a dynamic environment to showcase innovations and connect with investors. Furthermore, it allows founders and executives to explore potential collaborations.

As TOKEN2049 features established opinion leaders, your business can gain visibility. Additionally, you can receive feedback from entrepreneurs and identify growth opportunities. 

Cryptocurrency miners

TOKEN2049 is great for a crypto miner looking for insights into market dynamics. This event allows you to engage with industry leaders and explore potential collaborations. 

At TOKEN2049, crypto miners can stay informed about the latest developments. This will help optimize operations and navigate the evolving landscape of crypto mining. 

Crypto journalists, bloggers, and global media

TOKEN2049 is a premier crypto event for journalists and bloggers. It offers vast opportunities to learn about market trends, compliance, and institutional strategies.

With access to leading voices, journalists can secure interviews with established opinion leaders. Also, TOKEN2049 offers a global perspective that helps attendees build connections. Such a perspective ensures they stay at the forefront of the crypto landscape. 

TOKEN2049 Review: Types of TOKEN2049 Passes

Participants attending Token2049.
Participants attending Token2049.

Early Bird ($599)

The Early Bird pass for TOKEN2049 is a limited discount for early event registrants. It comes with access to:

  • Speaking sessions
  • Attendee connection app
  • TOKEN2049 exhibition area
  • Catered breakfast, lunch, and coffee interludes
  • Evening social and networking events with drinks

Happy Bird ($699)

After the time for the Early Bird pass, attendees must buy the Happy Bird pass for the same perks and features.

All Access Pass ($4,999)

The All Access Pass offers:

  • Customized TOKEN2049 badge and wristband
  • Special dinner and networking drinks
  • Personalized concierge service
  • Opportunities to connect with guests and established opinion leaders
  • Official TOKEN2049 after-party event
  • Comprehensive TOKEN2049 speaking sessions
  • TOKEN2049 exhibition hall
  • Provided breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks
  • Regular networking receptions with drinks daily

Bear in mind that TOKEN2049 is an event that is organised annually and the demand for its ticket can be quite high. 

TOKEN2049 Review: Drawbacks

Large venue

TOKEN2049 has an extremely large venue for both the Dubai and Singapore events. Due to this reason, it’s not easy to traverse through it. 

Too many people to network within 2 days

TOKEN2049 has thousands of participants flocking to it every year. However, you only get two days to network with them, which isn’t a lot. If you go, make sure you make the best of this time by networking as much as possible.

Overwhelming Amount of Information

TOKEN2049 comes with an overwhelming amount of information on DeFi and similar technologies. With a wide range of topics and sessions, you may find it challenging to focus on numerous subjects. This information overload can hinder understanding for participants seeking more concentrated insights.

TOKEN2049’s Alternatives

Here are some alternative events to TOKEN2049 that you may want to consider:

Consensus by CoinDesk

With over 15000 attendees, Consensus dives deep into blockchain. It features some of the leading voices in the crypto community. While its passes are expensive (starting at $899), it takes place in Austin, Texas. This location is much easier for an American audience to attend. 

Ticket price
  • $100 – $10,000
  • Austin Texas, USA
Event type
  • Two days

More details

Consensus is an annual gathering hosted by Coindesk, that unites experts, investors, developers, and more. Discussing trends, innovations, and challenges, it's a pivotal event in the fintech industry. The event provides valuable networking opportunities and insights into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • Open to all ages.

  • Wellness and entertainment events.

  • Prominent keynote speakers.

  • Web3thon and PitcFest.

  • Crowded.

  • High costs.

Blockchain Expo

Blockchain Expo is another worthy alternative to TOKEN2049. It is held separately in North America, Europe, and worldwide. You get a free Expo and Content Library Hub Pass at this event. Such free access makes it ideal for beginners. Attended by 6000 people, this global event series features some of crypto’s most established opinion leaders. 

World Blockchain Summit

Like TOKEN2049, the World Blockchain Summit is also held in Dubai and Singapore. These similar location sites make it a strong alternative to TOKEN2049. Over 3000 attendees and global media attend the World Blockchain Summit, with passes starting at $299 only. The event lays special emphasis on innovation in blockchain and crypto. 

TOKEN2049 Review: Our Verdict

While TOKEN2049’s starting price of $599 can deter beginners, the investment is worth it. Additionally, the industry connections created through the event are invaluable. TOKEN2049 is a premier crypto event that deepens your understanding of the crypto community and blockchain. It also helps you connect with crypto industry leaders, and navigate decentralization.