Blockchain Life Review

12 October, 2023

Blockchain Life is a must-attend for web3 enthusiasts, investors, miners, or developers. It's not just about business; there are plenty of fun activities. With over 80 speakers and 7000 attendees from 120+ countries, it's the perfect place to pitch your ideas and showcase your products at the expo. The passes range from $253 to $1267, making it accessible to all age groups.

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blockchain life
Our Blockchain Life Review
  • 80+ distinguished speakers.
  • 7000+ participants.
  • Global event with people from 120+ countries.
  • Startup pitch and expo.
  • High fees.
  • Limited policy outcomes.
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Launched In2017
Price$253 – $1267 (Price Varies Depending on Availability)
Guest SpeakersJustin Sun, Yat Siu, Eowyn Chen, Xinxi Wang, Nischal Shetty, Alexander Chehade
LocationDubai, UAE
Event TypeTwo Days

What is Blockchain Life? 

Blockchain Life is a global event that brings together individuals and professionals from various sectors interested in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and related fields.

In 2017, the inaugural Blockchain Life event occurred in Saint Petersburg, Russia, organized by Sergei Khitrov, a blockchain entrepreneur and investor.

Khitrov, who wears many hats, is the CEO of that facilitates Web3 projects in securing exchange listings. Additionally, he’s the brain behind, a platform connecting venture capital firms and startups in the blockchain world. 

The event has seen four successful editions, but a pandemic-induced halt arose in 2020. Now, the stage is set for its grand return in October 2023, this time in Dubai, UAE—a historic first for the event outside Russia.

Over the years, Blockchain Life has had a credible lineup of speakers featuring stars like Bobby Lee, Tim Draper, John McAfee, and Roger Ver.

Blockchain Life was first organized in 2017.
Blockchain Life was first organized in 2017.

Who is it for?

Here is who we think should attend this event:

Investors and Funds

Blockchain Life is a go-to event for investors and fund managers aiming for the brightest prospects in the blockchain industry. You can explore the industry’s most innovative projects at the expo and Startup Pitch

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Learning the ropes of creating a successful crypto project from seasoned mentors is essential if you are a startup. Interestingly, Blockchain Life is the right place for that. You can showcase your project to potential investors at Expo for valuable feedback.

Cryptocurrency Miners

If mining cryptocurrencies is your business, Blockchain Life is a must-attend, as many professional miners at the event discuss the best practices to increase profit from mining. 

Additionally, you can connect with international mining companies, explore new equipment at the expo, and take advantage of special offers on gear and services.

Traders or business owners

Traders like me, always keen on profiting from cryptocurrency trading, will find their niche at Blockchain Life. You can witness and participate in the discussions about trading strategies for 2023-2024 from seasoned professionals and on-chain analysts

Businesses can level up their investment portfolio by learning how to diversify in promising industry sectors. Not only that, but they can also learn about integrating blockchain technology into your existing business model to skyrocket efficiency and security.

68% for the participants in Blockchain Life are founders.
68% of the participants in Blockchain Life are founders.

Why should you attend Blockchain Life?

Here are the pros:

Great networking opportunities

Blockchain Life is where I met incredible people who share my passion for blockchain. I connected with participants from 120+ countries, including investors, developers, entrepreneurs, experts, and enthusiasts. We exchanged ideas, contacts, and even dreams. 

I found potential partners, collaborators, and customers for my projects, all while enjoying coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, and unforgettable after-parties.

Workshops from crypto leaders

The 80+ speakers and experts at Blockchain Life are well-known. I had the privilege of learning from influential figures like Carl The Moon in the blockchain world. 

Their stories, challenges, and visions for the industry were inspiring. The interactive discussions and workshops allowed me to ask questions, share my thoughts, and receive valuable feedback.

Global participants

The event draws 7000+ participants from around the globe, each bringing unique perspectives.

Consequently, I engaged with individuals from diverse backgrounds, significantly enriching my understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, exploring opportunities and solutions tailored to different markets was eye-opening.

Biggest crypto forum in Eurasia

Since its inception, it has grown in size and influence. With over 20,000 participants, it’s garnered recognition and support from governments, organizations, and the media. 

I’m excited about the upcoming edition in Dubai on October 24-25, 2023 – it promises to be the biggest crypto forum in Eurasia ever.

Blockchain Life offers workshops from 80+ global founders and experts.
Blockchain Life offers workshops from 80+ global founders and experts.

How do I get Blockchain Life tickets?

10% Off with Code: coinweb
Ticket price
  • $253 – $1267
  • Dubai, UAE
Event type
  • Two days

More details

Blockchain Life is a must-attend for web3 enthusiasts, investors, miners, or developers. It's not just about business; there are plenty of fun activities. With over 80 speakers and 7000 attendees from 120+ countries, it's the perfect place to pitch your ideas and showcase your products at the expo. The passes range from $253 to $1267, making it accessible to all age groups.

  • 80+ distinguished speakers.

  • 7000+ participants.

  • Global event with people from 120+ countries.

  • Startup pitch and expo.

  • High fees.

  • Limited policy outcomes.

Step 1: Visit the website

Visit the event website. Once there, tap the [Buy Tickers] button.

Blockchain Life website.
Blockchain Life website.

Step 2: Select a pass

Now, pick your preferred pass type. When done, tap [Buy].

Select a pass.
Select a pass.

Step 3: Pick a payment method

After that, you will be taken to the payment options. It supports fiat and crypto so that you can pick whatever works for you.

 For this review, I paid using crypto.

Select a payment method.
Select a payment method.

Step 4: Select the number of passes

Then, fill in the number of passes you need. Once done, tap [Submit].

Pick a pass type.
Pick a pass type.

Step 5: Pay and finalize the purchase

Finally, pay the amount using your preferred payment method, including Binance Pay, USDT, BTC, or ETH. 

For this review, we paid using [Binance Pay].

Choose a payment method.
Choose a payment method.

Key features and perks of the event

Let’s talk about key features:

Diverse topics on the forum

Blockchain Life is a global forum covering various subjects in the Web3, cryptocurrency, and mining domains. 

These topics include strategies for profiting from cryptocurrencies, the evolution of DeFi, cryptocurrency regulations in Russia, the keys to successful mining, the future of NFTs, implementing blockchain in business and government, and much more.

Distinguished speakers from Web3

At Blockchain Life, you’ll find some of the most influential figures in the Web3 industry, including founders, CEOs, developers, and experts from various blockchain platforms.

Furthermore, speakers include Justin Sun from Tron, Chris MM Crypto, Roger Ver from, Charles Hoskinson from Cardano, and many others.

Blockchain Life founders and CEOs from crypto industry.
Blockchain Life founders and CEOs from the crypto industry.

Open to all age groups

What’s fantastic about Blockchain Life is that it’s open to everyone, regardless of age or background. You’ll discover something valuable whether you’re a pro, new, an expert, or just curious. 

There are different tracks and topics to choose from, catering to your knowledge and interest. 

Policy and regulatory insights

Blockchain Life offers valuable insights into the latest trends and changes in the policy and regulatory landscape of the blockchain industry. 

The forum hosts politicians, regulators, lawyers, and analysts who share their perspectives on blockchain technology’s current and future challenges in different regions.

Startup pitch

Blockchain Life serves as a vital platform for Web3 startups, offering them an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions not only to potential investors but also to potential partners and customers.

Furthermore, the forum features a special feature, the Startup Pitch session. In this segment, chosen startups can present their projects before a discerning panel of judges and an expansive audience.

Blockchain Life startup pitch,
Blockchain Life startup pitch.

Outstanding startups have the chance to win prizes, funding, or recognition.

Entertainment programs for attendees

Beyond its educational focus, Blockchain Life also offers a range of enjoyable and social events. Attendees can unwind, network, and have a good time. 

Activities include an epic afterparty at the fantastic SKY2.0 venue with food and drinks, a crypto cruise with DJs and celebrities, a golf tournament with crypto enthusiasts, and more.

Credible sponsors

Blockchain Life enjoys support from some of the most reputable sponsors in the blockchain industry. Notable sponsors include:

Post sponsors like ByBit, Binance, HTX, and Tether.

Types of passes

Here are the types of passes available for the Blockchain Life Event:

Standard Pass – $253

  • Access to the main stage
  • Entrance to the exhibition area
  • Networking app access
  • Admission to the after-party
  • Opportunity to listen to world-leading experts, meet potential partners, and network with other attendees.

Business Pass – $460

  • Includes everything in the Standard Pass
  • Access to the VIP lounge
  • Entry to the business speed networking zone
  • Participation in the business lunch
  • Invitation to the VIP after-party
  • Personal assistant and priority check-in for enhanced networking and deal-making opportunities in the blockchain industry.

VIP Pass – $1297

  • Includes everything in the Business Pass
  • Exclusive access to the speakers’ backstage
  • Invitation to the VIP dinner with speakers and sponsors
  • Reserved VIP zone at the main stage
  • Personal driver and hotel room accommodations for a premium experience
  • Ideal for those seeking exclusive insights and opportunities from top leaders and influencers in the blockchain industry.
Blockchain Life has three pass tiers, ranging from $235 to $1297.
Blockchain Life’s three tiers range from $235 to $1297.

Drawbacks of the Blockchain Life

Here are some drawbacks:

It is costly for some participants

The passes for the Blockchain Life event come at a considerable cost, with the VIP pass reaching $1297. This pricing may pose a challenge to accessibility and diversity among participants.

Few consensus-based policy decisions

These conferences aim to facilitate discussions on various aspects of the Web3 realm, including topics like regulation and adoption. However, there needs to be more progress in achieving a consensus among participants, which could bring about significant market changes.

Blockchain Life’s alternatives


Compared to Blockchain Life, Consensus is a more well-known event held in the US. It is an excellent choice for North American participants. However, it can be costly as fees range from $100 to $10,000.

Ticket price
  • $100 – $10,000
  • Austin Texas, USA
Event type
  • Two days

More details

Consensus is an annual gathering hosted by Coindesk, that unites experts, investors, developers, and more. Discussing trends, innovations, and challenges, it's a pivotal event in the fintech industry. The event provides valuable networking opportunities and insights into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • Open to all ages.

  • Wellness and entertainment events.

  • Prominent keynote speakers.

  • Web3thon and PitcFest.

  • Crowded.

  • High costs.


If you can afford $14,000 to $35,000 for passes, AIBC is another global event held worldwide at different venues. Similar to Blockchain Life, it has a star-studded panel that includes Gary Vaynerchuk and Jordan Belfort. 

Paris Blockchain Week

This 5-day event is undoubtedly the biggest blockchain event in the world and is more expensive, costing €1699 to €12900. Paris Blockchain Week expects over 10,000 attendees, with 60% composed of C-level executives.

Blockchain Life Review: Our verdict

If you have read this review till the end, you surely want to decide whether it’s worth it. Having attended this event personally, I can vouch for its value. 

I found that Blockchain Life offers a rare opportunity to connect with 7,000+ participants worldwide. Also, it’s a heaven for innovators as you can pitch ideas directly to investors and immerse yourself in the blockchain industry.

While the diverse pass options cater to varying budgets and interests, the VIP pass’s hefty cost might make you think twice. However, the inclusivity across age groups and the engaging activities compensate for this.

So, mark it on your calendar – Blockchain Life is an event you won’t want to miss!