Consensus Review

23 June, 2023

Consensus is an annual gathering hosted by Coindesk, that unites experts, investors, developers, and more. Discussing trends, innovations, and challenges, it's a pivotal event in the fintech industry. The event provides valuable networking opportunities and insights into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Consensus Event Review.
Our Consensus Review
  • Open to all ages.
  • Wellness and entertainment events.
  • Prominent keynote speakers.
  • Web3thon and PitcFest.
  • Crowded.
  • High costs.
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This Consensus Event review will explore the remarkable cryptocurrency and blockchain conference organized by CoinDesk. It is the only event that brings experts, developers, investors, and policymakers together to shape the future.

With diverse sessions, insightful discussions, and networking opportunities, Consensus attendees gain invaluable knowledge and foster meaningful connections. The event covers finance, regulation, Web3, and their impact on commerce and culture.

From pitch competitions to wellness sessions, Consensus Event offers a comprehensive experience that fuels innovation and explores the potential of decentralized technologies.

Consensus Review.
Consensus Review.

What is Consensus conference?

Consensus Event, an influential cryptocurrency and blockchain conference, is a pivotal and influential gathering point for global experts, developers, investors, and policymakers. Organized by CoinDesk, this esteemed event cultivates a platform for insightful discussions and collaboration in the crypto space.

At its core, Consensus is a decision-making process that thrives on collective agreement and collaboration. This dynamic process involves individuals engaging in thoughtful discussions until a general agreement is reached.

It emphasizes the importance of enabling a harmonious and positive environment where all participants find contentment in the mutual understanding that is ultimately formed.

On top of all that, you can immerse yourself in an enlightening experience at the Consensus Event. Plus, it is exciting to witness pioneers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain realms converge to shape the future of money through this transformative technology.

What is Consensus event?
What is the Consensus event?

Consensus Event Review: What Makes Consensus Great?

Let’s explore some important pros of the Consensus Event that make it a must-attend event.

Learn from visionaries

At the Consensus event, you can discover a wealth of knowledge as industry experts, seasoned developers, venture capitalists, and policymakers come together.

Besides, you can gain valuable insights and firsthand experiences these thought leaders share, shedding light on the intricate realms of the cryptocurrency market, blockchain, and the evolving Web3 landscape.

All this helps you sharpen your understanding of the space and perform better whether you are a founder, running a startup, or a Blockchain enthusiast.

Networking opportunities

It allows you to engage with like-minded individuals at the Consensus Event site. It offers a platform for passionate attendees to explore the wonders of the decentralized world.

In addition, it creates a suitable environment for harnessing a robust network with fellow enthusiasts and igniting conversations about potential collaborations in the future. It helps attendees invest in uncovering exciting opportunities that may shape their future endeavors.

All in all, you can seamlessly connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and experts. You can participate in thought-provoking events such as the Crypto Policy Summit, Insights Sessions, Fireside Chats, and interactive Q&A sessions.

Charting the future with Expo

Another good thing about Consensus Event is that it provides a journey of discovery as you explore groundbreaking projects, innovative solutions, and emerging market trends.

In addition, you get to delve into the world’s largest forefront of finance and the digital economy. Besides, it allows you to witness these cutting-edge technological advancements’ transformative value and power.

Engage in events, workshops, and discussions.

The best part about Consensus is that you can customize your event experience based on your expertise and interests.

You can immerse yourself in enriching events, interactive workshops, engaging panels, and thought-provoking discussions. These events are meticulously curated to cater to your needs and passions and ensure an inclusive atmosphere.

Open to all ages

The Consensus Event is a broad platform, inviting participants of all age groups to embark on an insightful exploration. Age presents no limitation on this voyage into the vast universe of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech professional, an aspiring tech enthusiast, or a curious mind, this event caters to a diverse audience, embracing the power of knowledge across generations.

Why is Consensus event worth attending?
Why is the Consensus event worth attending?

How to get into the Consensus Conference

To purchase passes for the Consensus Event, follow these steps:

Ticket price
  • $100 – $10,000
  • Austin Texas, USA
Event type
  • Two days

More details

Consensus is an annual gathering hosted by Coindesk, that unites experts, investors, developers, and more. Discussing trends, innovations, and challenges, it's a pivotal event in the fintech industry. The event provides valuable networking opportunities and insights into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • Open to all ages.

  • Wellness and entertainment events.

  • Prominent keynote speakers.

  • Web3thon and PitcFest.

  • Crowded.

  • High costs.

  1. Visit the official Consensus Event website and click the [Register] button.
  2. Firstly, select the pass type that best matches your interests and budget. You can find detailed pass options and their respective prices on the website.
  3. Next, add the selected pass to your cart and furnish your personal and payment details. This would be the appropriate stage to apply if you have a promo or discount code.
  4. Finally, be sure to monitor your e-mail for a confirmation message. This message will contain a QR code for collecting your badge at the event.
How to get to Consensus event?
How to get to the Consensus event?

Ticket Options for Consensus Event

The Consensus event pricing differs yearly and can range from $100 passes to $10,000. You can choose the one that fits your budget and expectations.

  • Two-day pass: Access to Consensus, Expo Show Floor, select night events, and more.
  • Pro-Pass: Access from Wednesday to Friday to Consensus, Money Reimagined Summit, Web3 Creator and Brand Summit, and more.
  • Piranha Pass: VIP access includes Pro-Pass perks, Piranha lounge access, curated discussions, and seating. It includes complimentary food and drinks, wellness activities, and a VIP Welcome Bag.
  • Group Rates: Discounts are available for groups of 5+, 10+, 20+, and 30+.
  • Startup Packages: Web3 firms get three tickets for the price of 1, with additional benefits like startup/investor meetups and the PitchFest application.
  • Developer Pass: Discounted passes are available for active Web3 and Web2 developers. Complete an application form for consideration.
  • Student Pass: Students can apply for a discounted pass with the same advantages as the Two-Day Pass.
Consensus event passes.
The consensus event passes.

Consensus Event Review: Key Highlights

Here are some key highlights of the Consensus event.

Explore NFT and DeFi

Delve into the ever-evolving landscape of finance, investing, NFTs, DeFi, Web3, DEXs, and more as Consensus Event covers an extensive array of relevant and timely topics.

Also, you can expect to explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges shaping the future of finance and the digital economy. Moreover, the event helps gain profound insights into how these transformative technologies influence various institutions of society, including commerce, culture, and communities.

A wide range of keynotes

Consensus Event brings together over 700 esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds. It offers the Cypto community a unique platform for thought leaders to share their invaluable insights and experiences on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, blockchain, and Web3.

Offering an extensive selection of sessions, the event caters to diverse proficiency levels and interests. Consequently, attendees can choose from keynotes, exclusive panels, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. These are meticulously designed to serve both novices and seasoned participants alike.

Keynote speakers.
FTX Founder as keynote speaker. LOL

Crypto policy summit and regulatory insights

Dedicated to the intricate world of crypto policy and regulation, Consensus Event features a track where policymakers, regulators, lawyers, and industry leaders delve into global Crypto tax and regulation situations.

You can discover best practices and strategies for navigating the complex regulatory landscape at Consensus. You can learn from experts who share their expertise and experiences.

Crypto policy discussions.
Crypto policy discussions.

Parties and wellness

Consensus Event isn’t solely about learning and networking. You can immerse yourself in a vibrant, fun atmosphere by joining the people attending the various parties and events hosted during and after the conference hours.

Connect with a community of like-minded attendees who share your interests and goals through the dynamic online platform and mobile app. So, prioritize your well-being by participating in rejuvenating wellness sessions, including yoga, meditation, concerts, and fitness activities.

Wellness and parties at Consensus.
Wellness and parties at Consensus.

Web3athon and PitchFest

Consensus Event hosts the thrilling Web3athon, a hackathon that challenges developers to build innovative software solutions using Web3 technologies.

Whether as an individual or part of a team, compete for prizes, recognition, and access to invaluable mentors, workshops, and resources to fuel your project.

Additionally, seize the opportunity to showcase your startup in the crypto and blockchain space by participating in PitchFest. Pitch your groundbreaking ideas to a panel of judges and a crowd of investors, gaining valuable feedback, exposure, and potential funding opportunities.

PitchFest for startups.

What could be improved?

Consensus Event, like any event, has potential technical drawbacks to consider:

  • Poor decisions: Homogenous groups or groupthink can lead to unfavorable decisions, as seen in the case of culturally insensitive costumes worn by teachers after a team-building event.
  • Process obstruction: When individuals block the consensus process by prioritizing their ideas, conflicts arise, wasting time and hindering solutions.
  • Distractions: Tangents, distractions, and irrelevant information can derail the consensus process, resulting in a less focused decision with a reduced quality.

Consensus Event Review: Our Verdict

The event is an unparalleled annual gathering in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. It caters to diverse attendee needs with a wide range of ticket options, granting exclusive access and advantages.

The event facilitates dynamic discussions on cutting-edge trends, innovations, and challenges by uniting industry experts, investors, developers, and stakeholders.

From fostering valuable networking connections to providing profound insights into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Consensus Event remains an indispensable rendezvous for staying ahead in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.