SuperRare Review

20 June, 2023

SuperRare is an art-focused NFT platform, offering curated, exclusive digital artworks to artists and collectors. It ensures authenticity and exclusivity of each NFT, providing artists a showcase space and collectors access to top-tier art pieces.

Superrare NFT Marketplace.
Our Review
  • Curated and selected artists.
  • Partnerships with the traditional art space.
  • Good reputation in Web 3.
  • Guaranteed royalty payments.
  • Only supports Ethereum Blockchain.
  • High transaction and mining fees.
  • Not suited to novice collectors or artists.
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SuperRare Review 2024: Is it better than other NFT Platforms?


This SuperRare review will explore a unique NFT marketplace that shares similarities with traditional art galleries like Christie’s. SuperRare is a decentralized application allowing curated artists to sell their one-of-a-kind crypto-collectibles. To maintain a high standard of quality, it allows a limited number of artists each month,

Buyers interested in acquiring these unique digital assets can connect Ethereum wallets like MetaMask. Any purchases will cost buyers a 3% transaction fee, while creators pay a 15% commission to the platform.

Interestingly, SuperRare uses smart contracts that allow artists to receive ongoing royalties. When their NFTs are resold in the future, the artist automatically receives 10% of the sale proceeds to offer a continuous revenue stream.

Superrare NFT Marketplace Review.
Superrare NFT Marketplace [Currentyear] Review.

What is SuperRare?

SuperRare is an art gallery and NFT marketplace primarily focusing on digital art. Listings on the platform can be filtered by still images, 3D artwork, videos, and GIFs.

In contrast, other NFT marketplaces often encompass a broader range of genres, including trading cards, memes, photography, music, and gaming.

Hand-picked by talented curators like John Crain, each NFT on SuperRare is a single-edition piece. Like other top NFT marketplaces, SuperRare offers a collection of rare and exclusive digital art that cannot be found elsewhere.

It is a solid place for serious artists looking for the correct exposure in the space and collectors willing to spend money on rarity. You can easily connect your MetaMask wallet for smooth buying.

Who should use the NFT platform?

SuperRare’s digital art marketplace caters to a discerning audience, focusing on the niche of luxury art enthusiasts. It is a perfect fit for the following:

For artists

SuperRare is an ideal NFT platform for artists who create digital artwork and seek to showcase and monetize their creations. It caters to artists who value exclusivity, quality, and the potential for higher sales.

Additionally, SuperRare’s curated marketplace offers exposure to a global audience—also the chance to connect with a community of collectors, promoting collaboration and networking.

Artists looking for ongoing royalties and a sustainable revenue stream from their work can also benefit from SuperRare’s smart contract system.

SuperRare for artists and creators.
SuperRare for artists and creators.

For collectors and curators

SuperRare’s digital art marketplace caters to artists and collectors willing to invest in high-priced NFTs, providing a blend of tech and luxury art. SuperRare’s niche audience comprises luxury art enthusiasts who appreciate its exclusivity and elevated experience.

It is the right platform for art investors with its high-end digital curation. If you believe that the future of luxury art lies in the digital realm, SuperRare offers an ideal space to explore and buy NFTs.

SuperRare is ideal for rare art collectors.
SuperRare is ideal for rare art collectors.


SuperRare’s exclusive artist selection process requires invitations to mint and sell NFTs. Only a limited number of artists are onboarded monthly.

To increase the chances of being invited, artists can submit their profiles with a well-established portfolio of original, unreleased digital artwork. SuperRare seeks unique creations that have yet to be previously sold online.

SuperRare has an invite-only program.
SuperRare has an invite-only program.

Features that make SuperRare different

Let’s explore some notable features that distinguish SuperRare from other NFT platforms.

Hassle-free NFT minting and buying

SuperRare provides a hassle-free experience for buying and selling NFTs, catering to art enthusiasts seeking a curated marketplace.

Instagram meets Christie’s would be a fair way to describe the platform. That’s because it offers a unique blend of social media aesthetics and the prestige of traditional art auctions. Plus, it makes the whole minting, buying, and selling process seamless with its smart contracts and other features.

SuperRare features a carefully selected group of artists, ensuring high-quality digital artwork. Artists can mint or create NFTs, while collectors can browse and purchase these exclusive pieces easily. With its art-focused approach, SuperRare offers a seamless platform where buyers and sellers can confidently and conveniently engage in NFTs.

Mint NFTs on Ethereum blockchain..
Mint NFTs on Ethereum blockchain..

Curation and invite-only artists

SuperRare stands out as a premier NFT marketplace that operates on an invitation-only basis for artists. With a talented curation team, they carefully select a limited number of artists to join the platform each month.

Artists can increase their chances of securing an invite by submitting their profiles. Remember, showcasing an established portfolio of original digital artwork yet to be sold is also important.

This rigorous selection process also ensures a high-quality standard, attracting collectors who value exceptional creations. With this curated approach, SuperRare offers a platform where artists can showcase their talent and connect with a discerning audience of art enthusiasts.

Curating team picks the best creators and art.
The curating team picks the best creators and art.

Robust customer support

SuperRare stresses providing excellent customer support to its creators and collectors. If you need help, you can contact their dedicated support team using e-mail or the live chat feature.

Their friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you if you need help navigating or clarifying transaction details.

With effective communication and prompt responses, SuperRare ensures you receive the support you need for a seamless and enjoyable experience on its platform. All your inquiries will be handled with care and professionalism by the SuperRare customer support team.

SuperRare customer support.
SuperRare customer support.

Dedicated an NFT art magazine

SuperRare goes beyond being just a marketplace by offering an NFT art magazine. Through this publication, users can delve into the world of featured artists.

They can also discover their creative journeys and explore thought-provoking articles and insights on the evolving landscape of NFT art.

Additionally, the magazine enriches the community’s understanding and appreciation of digital art. It then helps facilitate deeper connections between artists, curators, and collectors.

NFT maganize by SuperRare.
NFT maganize by SuperRare.

Single-edition NFTs

SuperRare distinguishes itself by offering a collection of single-edition digital artworks. Each piece available on the platform is exclusive, ensuring its uniqueness and rarity.

Collectors can find exceptional NFTs that stand out from mass-produced editions, enhancing the value and desirability of the artworks.

To maintain the integrity of the marketplace, SuperRare requires that all artworks listed for sale be minted directly on their platform. It ensures that the authenticity of the NFTs can be verified, providing buyers with confidence in the legitimacy of their purchases.

Single-edition NFTs from established artist SuperRare's platform.
Single-edition NFTs from established artist SuperRare’s platform.

Native RARI tokens and individual galleries

SuperRare introduces its native cryptocurrency called $RARE, which serves as a utility and governance token. Owners of $RARE tokens enjoy the benefits of being part of the SuperRare community, akin to shareholders or members.

You can easily buy Rare tokens on the Binance exchange.

They can participate in community decisions, vote on adding SuperRare Spaces (independent galleries), and contribute to shaping the platform’s direction.

SuperRare fosters a sense of community and autonomy by allowing the creation of individual galleries called Spaces. These SuperRare Spaces are community-operated and independently managed by a collective of artists and creators.

Moreover, they offer a unique curation and presentation of artworks, providing a more personalized experience within the ecosystem.

RARE token nd SuperRare spaces.
RARE token and SuperRare spaces.

Get started with SuperRare

Starting with SuperRare is straightforward and hassle-free, like all dApps. However, you’ll need an invitation from the team to begin. Once you have it, here is how to do it in a few simple steps.

Marketplace Fee
  • 3%
Blockchain Network
  • ETH
User Interface
  • Beginner

More details

SuperRare is an art-focused NFT platform, offering curated, exclusive digital artworks to artists and collectors. It ensures authenticity and exclusivity of each NFT, providing artists a showcase space and collectors access to top-tier art pieces.

  • Curated and selected artists.

  • Partnerships with the traditional art space.

  • Good reputation in Web 3.

  • Guaranteed royalty payments.

  • Only supports Ethereum Blockchain.

  • High transaction and mining fees.

  • Not suited to novice collectors or artists.

Step 1: Visit the website

Start by visiting the SuperRare website. Once on the main page, click the [Sign In] button on the top right.

Getting started with SuperRare.
Get started with SuperRare.

Step 2: Choose the wallet

After that, a wallet pop-up will appear on your screen. You can choose any wallet – we will go with [MetaMask] for this review. Tap it to move forward.

Wallet connect.
Wallet connect.

Step 3: Sign

Once you choose the wallet, you will see a MetaMask pop-up. Click [Connect].

Connect your wallet.
Connect your wallet.

Step 4: Email and username

Then, you will be asked to create an account. For that, you must put in your e-mail and a username. Once done, click [Join].

Create an account.
Create an account.

Congratulations! You are all set.

What makes SuperRare a great choice?

Here are a few key points that outrank SuperRare from its competitors, like the Binance NFT marketplace.

A curated list of artists

At SuperRare, every artist who appears on the platform undergoes a meticulous vetting process. It ensures that only a few highly talented and trustworthy creators are accepted. By doing so, SuperRare effectively minimizes the risk of purchasing fraudulent artwork.

Compared to other marketplaces, the quality of artwork on SuperRare is significantly higher. What sets SuperRare apart is that each piece of artwork is a single edition, making it truly unique and exclusive.

Meanwhile, other competitor platforms allow artists to create a series of limited editions. Contrary to that, SuperRare embraces the concept of rarity by presenting collectors with genuinely one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Partnership with the traditional art world

Recognizing the growing significance of the relationship between traditional art and NFTs, SuperRare has taken an essential step by partnering with Miami Art Week.

Plus, SuperRare has successfully created an immersive digital art and NFT experience through this collaboration. Besides that, integrating the physical and digital art worlds appeals to enthusiasts of these two realms.

Additionally, SuperRare’s presence in the traditional art world positions it as a bridge, connecting artists and collectors to new possibilities and expanding the horizons of artistic expression.

SuperRare market partners.
SuperRare market partners.

Royalty payments

SuperRare values and supports artists by providing them with a sustainable income stream. When an artist’s work is sold on the platform, they receive a 10% royalty payment. For the initial sale, artists receive 85% of the proceeds, ensuring they benefit significantly from the primary business transaction.

Furthermore, these royalty fees are included by smart contracts embedded within each token. This innovative approach guarantees that artists continue to receive ongoing revenue from their artwork, even after its initial sale.

In addition to benefiting artists, SuperRare has also implemented a system of royalties for collectors. With this approach, the platform helps create inclusive relations in the community.

Royalty payments.
Royalty payments.

Payment methods and wallets

SuperRare supports popular Ethereum wallets like MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect. You can also connect hardware wallets like KeepKey. It aims to provide more compatibility with various applications and ensure inclusivity.

Unlike its competitors, SuperRare exclusively accepts Ethereum as the payment method. You can purchase Ethereum from leading cryptocurrency apps or exchanges and transfer it to your wallet to start minting and buying rare non-fungible tokens.

Payment methods and supported wallets.
Payment methods and supported wallets.

Drawbacks of SuperRare

Although the platform has numerous pros, it still lacks in a few departments. Here are some:

It only runs on the Ethereum network

SuperRare operates solely on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, which, while famous for NFTs, comes with high gas fees and a significant carbon footprint.

Although Ethereum is undergoing an upgrade, it would benefit SuperRare to offer users the flexibility to create and trade NFTs on alternative blockchains like Solana (SOL) or Polygon (MATIC).

Relatively high fees

Being a hybrid of a traditional art gallery and an NFT platform, SuperRare’s fees may need to align favorably with pure NFT platforms that handle larger transaction volumes.

In addition, the absence of gasless minting options available on some marketplaces and a 3% purchase fee make SuperRare comparatively costlier.

Not suited to first-time NFT traders

SuperRare caters to a discerning audience of severe artists and collectors, resulting in relatively expensive artwork and a platform that needs to be more user-friendly for beginners in the NFT space.

If you’re a newcomer seeking to venture into NFT investments, exploring less technological platforms might be more suitable.

Not ideal marketplace for beginners in NFT space.
Not an ideal marketplace for beginners in the NFT space.

Superrare Review: Improved?

SuperRare has prioritized user asset security by preventing hacks and money laundering with its decentralized storage. However, users bear responsibility for asset protection. Implementing more robust anti-phishing measures would further enhance security.

While SuperRare verifies team members on Discord, additional safeguards against phishing attacks would be beneficial. Moreover, the platform’s curated artist selection mitigates the risk of unauthorized NFT minting and copyright infringement, setting it apart from common fraud concerns.

SuperRare has made commendable efforts in addressing security and fraud risks, but continuous improvements would enhance user confidence and overall protection.


SuperRare offers a unique and elevated experience for traditional art collectors venturing into the world of NFTs. It caters to artists seeking recognition and high-value sales while providing an exclusive platform for curated artwork.

On top of that, the invite-only nature and limited editions of NFTs add to their value. SuperRare’s physical gallery in New York showcases its prestigious NFTs, combining the digital and physical realms.

Although the marketplace carries a 3% and 15% gallery fee, it appeals to severe collectors and art investors who appreciate its refined galleries and thriving art community. All in all, this platform is a solid recommendation for professional artists.