18 Feb, 2024

The 11 Best Crypto News Websites in 2024

Yulia Zakharchuk
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Julia Zakharchuk
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best crypto news website

As a leader in global insights for web3, our team reviewed and selected the best crypto news websites to use for your continued learning. Check out our list of best websites for crypto news to stay on the pulse of the latest movements in web3. 

The cryptocurrency sphere is fast-moving and requires specialized knowledge, making crypto news important to keep up with.

Key Takeaways
  1. Coinweb: Best for comparison guides (Yes, we put ourselves first – can’t blame us!)
  2. CoinDesk: Best for newsletters
  3. Decrypt: Best for new-age readers
  4. U.Today: Best for price analysis
  5. Blockworks: Best for research
  6. The Defiant: Best for DeFi
  7. Cryptonews: Best educational library
  8. The Block: Best free market dashboards
  9. Cointelegraph: Best for quick news updates
  10. Bitcoin Magazine: Best for Bitcoin news
  11. Cryptoslate: Best crypto industry director.

1. Coinweb

Best for comparison guides

Coinweb is becoming one of the leaders in crypto news. 
Coinweb is becoming one of the leaders in crypto news. 

Coinweb is increasingly becoming a market leader in web3 and crypto news, powered by a team of expert writers and fact-checkers. 

It’s the largest comparison site in the space, providing detailed product reviews and head-to-head comparisons to help you choose the right option for you. Find the best exchanges, wallets, and several other categories. 

It’s also a major source for trends, market insights, and guides for getting started with cryptocurrency or advancing your knowledge. Crypto news pieces, press releases, and guides are posted nearly every day, keeping you up-to-date on everything you need to know. 

There are also several free tools on the site, including a free price tracking widget, currency conversion, and price predictions. Subscribe to the newsletter to get all of the latest cryptocurrency news in your inbox. 

Pros & Cons: 

+ One of the best crypto news sites, all things considered

+ Mix of news, trends, market insights, reviews and guides

+ Frequent posts and updates on all financial products in Web3 

– Mainly written content, no podcasts or videos as of now 

2. CoinDesk

Best for newsletters 

CoinDesk is a trusted source for crypto news.
CoinDesk is one of the best websites for crypto news.

CoinDesk is one of the oldest, most well-known and overall-best crypto news sites, started in 2013. There’s a wide selection of news, market updates, video content, podcasts, and learning resources. 

CoinDesk runs an annual conference, Consensus, and a magazine of the same name. They host The Unchained Podcast, multiple video series, and seven different newsletters you can subscribe to for regular updates.

You can follow their content across social media as well, depending on how you prefer to read your crypto news. 

Pros & Cons:

+ Tons of content in different formats for all learning styles 

+ Content available through the web, newsletters, and social media 

– The layout may not be the easiest to digest and navigate             

3. Decrypt

Best for new-age readers

Decrypt is a creative, cutting-edge news site.
Decrypt is a creative, cutting-edge news site.

Decrypt is a highly regarded cryptocurrency news site, founded in 2018. They produce a mixture of authoritative journalism and educational resources, and content embracing the modern and humorous side of crypto. 

They have multiple sections, including the main News section, Scene for crypto culture, GG for gaming news, Emerge for AI news by AI, and video content. There are four newsletters to choose from for real-time updates to your inbox. 

They have a unique section of the website called Degen Alley, produced by generative AI but curated by humans. It includes a members-only community for poker, fantasy sports, meme-stocks, and other “financial entertainment”, featuring a tiered rewards system. 

Decrypt runs both Decrypt U and Degen U providing free courses to expand your crypto knowledge.  

Pros & Cons:

+ Unique, engaging content 

+ Diverse selection of content formats 

– The style or structure of the different sections may not be for everyone 

4. U.Today

Best for price analysis

UToday features crypto news, interviews, and price tracking.
UToday features crypto news, interviews, and price tracking.

UToday is a technology news site based in Dubai covering industry trends, announcements, guides, interviews, and price analysis. 

It covers cryptocurrency news in conjunction with other technology topics like Artificial Intelligence. UToday interviews experts in the crypto ecosystem and shares thought leadership pieces on how crypto fits into the broader economy and what its future holds. 

A major component of the site is the Price Analysis section, offering a deep dive into the behavior and predictions for several major coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are also guides available to compare various crypto platforms and products.  

Pros & Cons: 

+ Extensive price analysis updated regularly 

+ Interviews and opinion pieces from experts 

– Focused on written content, not ideal for those who prefer multimedia 

5. Blockworks

Best for research

Blockworks is a producer of news, webinars, and podcasts.
Blockworks is the best website for crypto news paired with webinars and podcasts.

Blockworks is a popular crypto news site focused on breaking news, webinars, and using credible sources from inside the industry.  

The network posts multiple articles per day, covering market trends, controversies, technical analysis, regulatory updates, and any other pressing crypto topics. It’s also home to a well-known podcast in the crypto community, Empire. 

A unique feature of Blockworks is its research platform, providing investors with extensive metrics and financials for different protocols. It also posts real-time governance updates and provides advanced market modeling. 

Blockworks runs both free virtual webinars and in-person events, including the Digital Asset Summit held annually in London. 

Pros & Cons: 

+ Blockworks Research platform is highly valuable 

+ High-quality podcasts

– The home page can be overwhelming 

6. The Defiant

Best for DeFi news

The Defiant specializes in DeFi news.
The Defiant specializes in DeFi news.

The Defiant is a crypto news site, podcast, and newsletter founded by former Bloomberg journalist Camila Russo. 

It’s focused on all things Decentralized Finance (DeFi), taking a broader look at the ecosystem versus focusing on only cryptocurrency. The Defiant has a wealth of content including analytical papers, opinion pieces, tutorials, breaking news, and an NFT product tracker. 

The daily newsletter is very well put together and has both free and paid options, with the paid options providing members-only editions, Discord access, events, and unlimited access to The Defiant. 

Camila posts weekly podcast episodes as well, featuring guests like Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan and NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin. 

Pros & Cons: 

+ Great newsletter to stay up to date daily 

+ The Trending posts section helps identify the most prevalent topics 

– The tutorials could be made more engaging 

7. Cryptonews

Best educational library 

Cryptonews is a solid all-around source.
Cryptonews is a solid all-around source.

Cryptonews is a major source for breaking stories, exclusive interviews, and guides in the cryptocurrency world. 

They have one of the most extensive collections of video content, discussing both news and crypto education. Cryptonews also produces a wide array of how-to guides and educational content on blockchain, DeFi, crypto coins, wallets, exchanges, tools, and specific currencies.

News articles are posted several times per day, so you’ll never be out of things to read and can stay fully up to date on the industry. Their exclusive interviews and opinion pieces set Cryptonews apart, featuring C-suite voices from companies like Bitstamp and Bittrex.  

Pros & Cons:

+ Exclusive interviews with big names in crypto 

+ Extensive video content library 

– Even when sorting by topic, the sheer number of articles makes it difficult to prioritize what to read

8. The Block

Best free market dashboards

Trusted crypto news source, with reports and dashboards.
Trusted crypto news source, with reports and dashboards.

The Block is one of the best crypto news websites because of its reports that go in-depth into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, breaking news articles, and dashboards visualizing blockchain metrics. 

They dive into some more niche topics like NFTs, crypto gaming, the metaverse, and crypto venture capital. The site produces The Scoop, a podcast focused on news, and The Block Research Podcast. They also host live webinars every month. 

The site features a learning section, extensive technical analysis and dashboards, and market tracking tools for different indices and coins. Dashboards include market volume and activity for the recently launched Bitcoin ETFs.  

Pros & Cons:

+ Good source for crypto market data

+ Different content formats including podcasts, webinars, and newsletters

– No video content for those who prefer it

9. Cointelegraph

Best for quick news updates

Cointelegraph is a long-running crypto news site.
Cointelegraph is a long-running crypto news site.

Founded in 2013, Cointelegraph is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency news websites. It’s a well-oiled machine releasing many articles per day, including a daily roundup of the main news to catch up on.

Their site makes it easy to read the most impactful and popular stories with the Editor’s Choice and Hot Stories sections right on the home page.

Articles cover the latest developments in topics ranging from market trends, altcoin watches, how-to guides, interviews, price analyses, and in-depth market analyses.

Cointelegraph has an extensive Cryptopedia for learning all things crypto, crypto ecosystem reports, videos, and a magazine. They also regularly post lists of the top people in crypto and have a heat mapping tool for coin prices. 

Pros & Cons:

+ Real-time AI-powered alerts through their Markets Pro platform  

+ Unique content types and tools 

– Ads are somewhat prominently placed on the site 

10. Bitcoin Magazine

Best for Bitcoin news

A news site entirely dedicated to Bitcoin.
A news site entirely dedicated to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Magazine, as the name suggests, is entirely dedicated to Bitcoin news. While the other outlets on the list are more broadly focused on blockchain, different cryptocurrencies, and the crypto world as a whole, Bitcoin Magazine remains specialized. 

You’ll find price tracking only for Bitcoin, and blogs and reports purely focused on this cryptocurrency. There’s a Pro version of the magazine with deeper industry knowledge and analysis delivered through a premium markets newsletter. 

Bitcoin Magazine also puts on live conferences multiple times per year, including Bitcoin 2024 in the US, Bitcoin Asia, and Bitcoin Amsterdam. They provide a 21-day Bitcoin learning program that earns you free Bitcoin and bonus prizes.

Pros & Cons: 

+ Highly specialized in Bitcoin for those wanting to dive deep into this currency  

+ 21 Days of Bitcoin is a solid introduction for new crypto investors 

– Doesn’t provide news and resources on anything outside of Bitcoin 

11. Cryptoslate

Best crypto industry directory 

CryptoSlate is a great source for breaking news.
CryptoSlate takes pride in delivering crypto news at speed

CryptoSlate is one of the best websites for crypto news delivered at speed. CryptoSlate covers news about the various aspects of the crypto industry, providing a broad look at protocols, blockchain technology, and different cryptocurrencies. 

The site features a top stories page to see the most pressing news, market insights, and analysis, and a podcast page with multiple shows they produce. CryptoSlate has a directory of prominent companies and figures, showing who’s trending and sorted by categories like founders and politicians.

There’s a membership program available called Alpha, which grants access to more market info and exclusive long-form content about all things web3.

Breaking news is available through a curated newsletter and on social channels including Twitter and Telegram.    

Pros & Cons: 

+ Directory of crypto figures and companies to know 

+ Easily digestible Insights tab 

– Navigation and layout could be improved  

More helpful Cryptocurrency Resources

In addition to news websites, we have compiled helpful resources & tools for your crypto journey provided by Coinweb:

  • Crypto Wiki: Full dictionary of crypto terms to know, sorted alphabetically and searchable.
  • Price Predictions: Price movements and future projections for a wide array of crypto coins.
  • Widget Generator: Quickly add market trackers, tickers, and other coin pricing widgets to your own website or blog.

Why use a Crypto News site 

Whether you’re just curious about the crypto space or a professional trader, keeping up with the market and the latest news is one of the best ways to educate yourself. 

Many top crypto news sites provide a mix of educational resources, reviews of crypto products, video and audio content, market analysis, and industry updates. 

Depending on your level of knowledge, goals, preferred content mediums, and how you resonate with the writers or creators, choose the best website for crypto news tailored to your specific needs. As with anything, consistently and sustainably is key, so spend some time on a few sites and see what sticks.

Succeeding as an investor often comes down to your knowledge of the market and expertise, and crypto is no exception, moving even faster than traditional finance. Cryptocurrency is also playing a larger role in the global economy, making it important to learn for more casual readers.  

Additionally, crypto news websites often have daily newsletters, push notifications, or social feeds available to help bring the latest updates to you and save time on regular research. Simplify the necessary task of getting and staying informed thanks to the hard work done by crypto websites, hearing directly from industry experts and successful investors.

Crypto news is the best way to stay up to date on the industry.
Top crypto news sites help you stay up to date on the industry.

How we choose the Best Crypto News sites


The reputation and track record of news websites is critical. We looked for sites that have been around for a while and have built trust in the community. 

Cryptocurrency news websites must use reputable sources, fact-check their content, post frequently, and produce genuinely helpful content.

News sites should be objective, hear from a variety of voices and experts, and be cautious with advertisements they accept.  


The format of crypto news varies between sources, from blogs to video essays and every variation in between. 

Format largely comes down to your personal preference. Whether you’re a visual learner, enjoy listening to a podcast while you commute, or want data-intensive dashboards, there are news sites that fit your preference. 

Check out a few sites and the formats they offer to see what you find easiest to consume and learn from. 


The contributors to news websites have a major impact on the quality and reputability of the content. 

Top crypto news sites only publish thought leadership content from well-established industry experts with deep knowledge in their respective fields.

Verify that the content is written by real people with a background in crypto.

Quality of Content

The quality of cited sources, writing, formatting, and visuals of the content is of course important when choosing a news website. 

Evaluate if the content uses reputable sources, up-to-date figures, and is written in a style that you enjoy reading and is for your knowledge level.