28 Jan, 2024

The 9 Best Crypto Podcasts in 2024: Learning Hacks

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Best Crypto Podcasts

If you’re looking to get into crypto investing, expand your knowledge, or keep up with the latest crypto news, listening to podcasts is one of the best ways. Our team of industry experts has rounded up our top picks for cryptocurrency podcasts.

Key Takeaway
  1. Pomp Podcast – Best for crypto investors
  2. What Bitcoin Did – Best for beginners
  3. Empire – Best inside look at crypto
  4. Unchained – Best objective interviews
  5. The Bitcoin Layer – Best for market analysis
  6. The Bad Crypto Podcast – Best for entertainment
  7. Epicenter –  Best for experienced listeners
  8. The Defiant Podcast –  Best for DeFi knowledge
  9. Coin Stories – Best for crypto news

1. The Pomp Podcast

Best for crypto investors 

Web3 investment expert with 50M+ podcast downloads.
Web3 expert with 50M+ podcast downloads.

Anthony Pompliano, known as Pomp, offers a wealth of crypto insights on The Pomp Podcast. Furthermore, Anthony co-founded Pomp Investments, a cryptocurrency-focused venture capital firm, and Morgan Creek Digital (MCD), an investment fund specializing in AI, blockchain, and Big Data. 

His investment expertise in web3 and engaging interview style have earned him a massive fanbase, with over 50 million podcast downloads.

The Pomp Podcast has evolved into a broader business, finance, and entrepreneurship discussion. Pomp regularly hosts thought leaders like CoinLedger CEO David Kemmerer, Real Vision’s Raoul Pal, and Tether co-founder Paolo Arduino.

Pomp releases episodes multiple times weekly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and his website. He also maintains a highly-regarded free daily finance newsletter. Where does he get the time?

2. What Bitcoin Did

Best for beginners 

What Bitcoin Did podcast.
What Bitcoin Did podcast.

Host Peter McCormack produces What Bitcoin Did, a popular podcast to learn about all things Bitcoin and crypto. 

Peter is also a journalist and filmmaker and sits down with various leading voices in the web3 space, like Adam Back and Michael Sayler, who have created over 750 episodes to date. There’s a Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin series of the show for those new to crypto. 

Episodes are released every 3 weeks and can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and Fountain. Peter does a few live events throughout the year, such as WBD Live, appearing alongside other experts. 

There’s a crypto community available on Patreon to connect with other listeners and Bitcoin investors and access exclusive content. 

3. Empire 

Best inside look at crypto 

Empire is a crypto podcast produced by Blockworks.
Empire is a crypto podcast produced by Blockworks.

Empire is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Santiago Santos, an early crypto investor, and Jason Yanowitz, founder of financial media outlet Blockworks. Blockworks is known for hosting the annual Digital Assets Summit and is home to other podcasts about the crypto ecosystem, featuring in-depth conversations with industry leaders. 

The hosts of Empire possess a unique vantage point, providing an inside look at the crypto industry from multiple perspectives. They frequently invite other experts to the show, such as Justin Sun, founder of Tron, and Rebecca Rettig, Chief Policy Officer for Polygon.

Furthermore, there are episodes released every Monday and Friday, helping listeners of all levels stay up to date on the latest crypto news and predictions. Listeners can tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Stitcher. 

4. Unchained

Best objective interviews 

The Unchained Crypto podcast.
The Unchained Crypto podcast.

Laura Shin is a tech journalist (former Forbes senior editor) who has hosted The Unchained Podcast since 2016. She aims to avoid the hype around crypto and uses a journalistic approach for her interviews, asking difficult questions to paint an objective picture for her audience.

The podcast focuses entirely on web3, discussing the blockchain industry, DeFi, crypto, NFTs, and the latest cryptocurrency news. The evolution of crypto regulation and issues around data security are also increasingly discussed. Guests have included big (sometimes controversial) names like Mark Cuban, Martin Shrekli, and Sam Bankman-Fried

Episodes air twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Also, Tuesday is focused on guest interviews, and Friday is for Q&A and market updates or cryptocurrency news. 

5. The Bitcoin Layer

Best for market analysis  

The Bitcoin Layer podcast by Nik Bhatia.
The Bitcoin Layer podcast by Nik Bhatia.

Best-selling author Nik Bhatia hosts The Bitcoin Layer. He authored Layered Money, a unique analysis of the evolution of currencies since the Renaissance, and discusses how Bitcoin came to be. 

He’s also a business professor and produces high-quality research on financial topics, including cryptocurrency, identifying emerging trends and big-picture power shifts in the global economy. 

The podcast is newer to the scene but is already loved by crypto enthusiasts. Nik provides a timely, insightful analysis of the crypto market and how it fits into the macroeconomic landscape. 

The podcast is released multiple times per week on YouTube, and there’s a Substack newsletter for crypto-related news and an exclusive paid community to join. 

6. The Bad Crypto Podcast 

Best for entertainment

Travis Wright & Joel Comm, hosts of The Bad Crypto podcast.
Travis Wright & Joel Comm, hosts of The Bad Crypto podcast.

Joel Comm, NFT and blockchain expert, and Travis Wright, blockchain journalist, put an engaging spin on the typical crypto podcasts. 

They make learning about cryptocurrency and related topics fun through their entertaining personalities and format on The Bad Crypto Podcast. They also invite industry pioneers like Matt Wolfe and Sheila Warren on the show.  

There’s a weekly podcast released on Wednesdays on most major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, and Stitcher. 

7. Epicenter 

Best for experienced listeners

Epicenter is a long-time staple in crypto media.
Epicenter is a long-time staple in crypto media.

Epicenter is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency podcasts, started in 2013 by co-founders Sebastien Couture and Brian Fabian Crain. The other show hosts are Meher Roy (Chorus One co-founder), Sunny Agarwal (Osmosis DEX co-founder), and Friederike Ernst (Gnosis co-founder). 

Furthermore, their topics delve into more complex ideas around blockchain and crypto, making it perfect for those with more advanced knowledge of the space. The podcast focuses on interviews with founders and innovators in the web3 world, including Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko and Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal. 

Moreover, the podcast is released every Tuesday and is available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Overcast, and the Epicenter website.  

8. The Defiant Podcast 

Best for DeFi knowledge 

Camila Russo is the host of The Defiant podcast.
Camila Russo is the host of The Defiant podcast.

The Defiant Podcast, as the name suggests, is a DeFi podcast covering all things decentralized finance. Host Camila Russo is a financial journalist who founded the news site The Defiant, featuring major headlines, research reports, tutorials, market charts, and NFT trackers. 

Podcast topics cover crypto finance, deep dives into the mechanics of DeFi protocols, and governance issues. Russo also interviews notable guests, including NFT early-adopter Jason Bailey, NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin, and Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas.

She releases a new episode every Monday and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Radio.net. There’s also a daily newsletter and Discord community available for those looking to stay tuned into DeFi. 

9. Coin Stories 

Best for crypto news

Interviews with crypto experts and their unique insights.
Interviews with crypto experts and their unique insights.

Host Natalie Brunell is a crypto investing journalist and Bitcoin educator, discussing how crypto fits into our monetary systems and can be used to solve many of the current issues in the global economy.  

She also appeared on FOX Business as a recurring analyst and hosts episodes of Hard Money, a Swan Studios production taking a hard look at Bitcoin adoption globally

Coin Stories features insightful interviews with crypto industry experts like Lyn Alden and Michael Saylor, and episodes with Bitcoin adopters worldwide to share their unique stories. 

New episodes drop every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, accessible on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

How We Choose the Best Crypto Podcasts

Topics Covered 

We look at how relevant the topics are to the crypto world and the range of topics or specializations in a specific area. Some podcasts cater to beginners learning about cryptocurrency basics, while others are geared toward advanced investors or those interested in how crypto fits into their broader finances and the future.

Reputation of the Podcast Host

The host is often why people listen to a podcast, whether because of their expertise, interview skills, or personality. The hosts on this list have varied backgrounds, coming from inside the crypto sphere as founders or investors or having expertise as journalists and analysts. 


Prominent guests are a major draw for a cryptocurrency podcast, bringing different perspectives and knowledge. Some podcasts rely less on an interview style and still provide valuable blockchain content, but some shows are heavily focused on having guests on and pulling big names. Hosts often invite leading crypto experts, but some have household names, occasionally ones that go on to be controversial. 

Podcast History 

Podcasts with a significant number of episodes that have been running for many years with consistent popularity are one indicator that they’re a solid source to listen to. That said, we also keep up with newer podcasts that are gaining a fanbase and producing quality content. 

Platform Availability

The availability of the podcast on major platforms is a factor we considered as well, contributing to its reputation, popularity, and convenience.