How to Get a .XYZ Domain for Your Crypto Business in 2023



Here are the steps to get a . XYZ domain for your crypto business.

  1. Choose a domain name
  2. Visit the XYZ registry
  3. Search for the domain name
  4. Select the duration
  5. Integrate add-ons
  6. Input information and pay
  7. Complete registration.

Why choose .xyz as your domain?

Many crypto businesses today prefer .xyz domains to regular ones because it’s simple and is not as saturated as .coms.

XYZ domains became famous in 2015 when Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc, selected as its main URL. That was a solid change, and the company attracted much attention to the new domain extension.

In recent years, XYZ has been the most registered gTLD domain, as many businesses are looking to register the domain extension for their companies. The XYZ domain is the leading domain for the Ethereum Name Service and Domain Name Service integration.

Every name in the Ethereum Name Service manager can access an eth.XYZ short link. Eth holders can use eth.XYZ to share their addresses and various NFT collections.

XYZ domains symbolize the new wave of web3 applications. Are you curious about how to get an XYZ domain extension for your business? We’ve broken down the steps for you.

Steps to Register a . XYZ Domain

Registering an XYZ.domain is similar to registering a regular top-level domain.

Here are the steps to take to register an XYZ domain extension.

Step 1: Choose a domain name

The first step to registering an XYZ domain today is to select a suitable domain name. The domain name will be the name on the business’s web address and must be unique.

Two websites cannot have the same domain name. It is one of the registration restrictions. An example of an XYZ domain name is

If you have trouble finding a domain name, we recommend using Chat-GPT to develop suggestions.

Step 2: Visit the XYZ registry

XYZ registry.
XYZ registry.

After picking a good XYZ domain name for the site, visit the XYZ registry to register it.

The registry deals with providing domain names to large and small businesses worldwide. It’s a vast database similar to GoDaddy. You can find category-specific domains or regular flagship XYZ domains on the registry.

Step 3: Search for the domain name

Search for the domain name.
Search for the domain name.

Search for the new domain name in the XYZ registry to determine its availability.

The site has a search bar where you can input the domain names you want to search. Type in your preferred domain name and click [Register].

Step 4: Select the duration

Select duration.
Select duration.

After ensuring the domain name is available, you can select the years you want to register the domain.

Choose between a year or ten years. You will also see the cost of registering the domain name for the selected years.

Step 5: Integrate add-ons

Integrate add-ons.
Integrate add-ons.

Once you have selected the number of years you need the domain extension, the next thing to do is to integrate add-ons according to your business taste.

There are several add-ons you can incorporate, including WHOIS Privacy, Website Builder, and G Suite.

Step 6: Input your information and pay

Enter your information.
Enter your information.

Input all the necessary information to create the business XYZ domain and pay the required sum.

The cost of each domain differs according to the add-ons, specifications, and duration of the XYZ extension.

Step 7: Complete the registration 

Submit your order.
Submit your order.

Read the terms and conditions and complete your domain registration by clicking [Submit Order].

Congratulations, you have an official new company domain!

Web 3.0 and .XYZ

Many web3 companies today utilize XYZ domains instead of regular .com. Unlike other popular extensions, XYZ is cheaper and has no inherent meaning.

Websites that end in .org are intended for organizations, and .com for commercial use. That is why many Web3 small business owners prefer to use XYZ TLD.

The Internet Regulatory Authority ICANN currently manages XYZ domains. However, with the significant involvement of Web3 companies, developers are working to decentralize the memorable domain. Integrating Web3 companies into XYZ TLD can open the road to a new generation of opportunities on the web.

You can build ENS profiles using .eth or .xyz domain extensions. ENS is the Domain Name Service of Web 3.0, allowing users to create a global identity for their crypto addresses. It also creates a database that makes crypto transactions and wallets easily accessible. Adding .xyz to the end of any .eth name will bring up the ENS profile.

Who is Using .XYZ?

An example of some companies using .xyz domain is Agora is a blockchain integration platform that focuses on crypto-token-based communities.

Another example is, an online company dedicated to creating exciting Web 3 avatars for your crypto wallet and website.

Who's using .xyz?
Who’s using .xyz?

NFT artists like also utilize XYZ TLDs to showcase their art. Many crypto and Web3-based companies are choosing to create their .xyz TLD to be part of the new generation. We recommend you don’t get left behind.

Why are Web3 Companies Using it?

Here are some reasons why Web 3 companies use .xyz domain extensions.

  1. XYZ websites utilize the latest technology and help connect a global audience.
  2. Access to short and descriptive domain names.
  3. Digital coin transactions are faster when you pair your crypto wallet with your XYZ TLD.
  4. Every standard .XYZ domain extension features in-built security functions.


XYZ top-level domains are becoming increasingly popular in the Web 3 niche today. Many companies value using it because it helps them stand out from the regular top-level domains. It also grants them access to a wide variety of creative domain names.

XYZ domains are suitable for individuals and businesses who want to express their digital art and brands on the net. We’ve given you a step-by-step process to register a .xyz domain for your crypto business today.