7 Soaring Blockchain Start-Ups in UAE for 2024

blockchain startups in UAE

The UAE represents one of the most interesting blockchain hubs to follow, thanks to its multiple investments in the sector, with nearly 300 crypto start-ups.

Hub71 – Abu Dhabi’s futuristic tech ecosystem – has famously put $2 billion into Web3 and blockchain start-ups in the area.

Let us analyze the growth status and potential of seven promising blockchain start-ups in the UAE. Who will be the next Web3 unicorn?

Search growth status guide:

  • Moon – strong and consistent upward trend in search growth
  • When Moon? – relatively flat or sideways trend 
  • Rekt – declining search volume after a significant peak

1. Coinweb.com


5-year growth: -36.84%

Search growth status: When Moon?

Year founded: 2023

Valuation: $15 million

Funding: Unknown (Private) (Source: Crunchbase)

What they do: Coinweb.com is a powerful global insights platform for the Web3 industry. It is a new trusted resource on the market that gives users valuable tools. The platform provides free, data-driven insights to Web3 enterprises and users and offers multiple ways to compare blockchain products and services. For instance, news and guides share the experts’ insight with Coinweb’s community. Furthermore, the website has a market prediction catalog for multiple cryptocurrencies and many other features for the everyday crypto user.

2. Metafluence


5-year growth: +476.92%

Search growth status: Moon

Year founded: 2017

Marketcap: $3.9 million (Source: Coingecko)

Funding: $3 million (Source: Crunchbase, Metafluence)

What they do: Metafluence represents a metaverse dimension with a strong social scope. The project specifically targets influencers by encouraging them to create a “Metahut” on the platform (i.e., a virtual storefront) in Metafluence’s Virtual City. The team relies on the so-called “Influence-to-Earn” mechanism so that influencers are able to monetize their social influence through Metafluence. Within this ecosystem, it is possible to customize a Metahut, organize private events, and interact with fans in a new way.

3. Unicus.one

Real-world asset tokenization.
Real-world asset tokenization.

5-year growth: -32.26%

Search growth status: When Moon?

Year founded: 2021

Valuation: Unknown

Funding: Unknown (Private) (Source: Crunchbase)

What they do: Unicus.one is a platform specialized in the tokenization of real-life objects. Through its multi-chain WaaS platform, the team responds to the needs of many Web3 projects belonging to the gaming and metaverse niches. Through Unicus.one, it’s possible to appraise assets, create a digital token, and receive advisory in the blockchain world. The general idea of this platform is to give more democratic access to closed markets, such as real estate, thanks to the benefits of tokenization. 

4. Rewardable

Brands enahncement.

5-year growth: +900.00%

Search growth status: Moon

Year founded: 2023

Valuation: Unknown

Funding: Unknown (Private) (Source: Crunchbase)

What they do: Rewardable.app is a B2C project that aims to facilitate the connection between users and top brands. This is possible through on-chain rewards, tokens, NFTs, and discounts. The website’s “Campaign” section lists all the available opportunities, with details on the promotion duration and rewards. Furthermore, the Rewardable.app randomly assigns bonuses to its community, promising the chance to obtain 1 BTC as an additional reward for joining a campaign.

5. Fuze


5-year growth: +10.53%

Search growth status: Rekt

Year founded: 2022

Valuation: Unknown

Funding: $14 million (Seed) (Source: The National News

What they do: Fuze is a platform specifically targeting financial institutions with a wide range of services. Specifically, the team allows Fintech companies and banks to integrate digital assets within an existing app. The team focuses on the Middle Eastern market and offers solutions such as one-tap brokerage and customizable reward mechanisms. Fuze’s round-up feature lets a user invest spare change in financial markets, a feature that is facilitated by the platform’s insured wallet service.

6. Rubic

Cross-chain DEX.

5-year growth: +6.78%

Search growth status: Rekt

Year founded: 2020

Valuation: $2.9 million (Source: CoinGecko)

Funding: Unknown (Private) (Source: Crunchbase)

What they do: Rubic is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, bringing a cross-chain swap feature across over 60 blockchain networks. The platform aggregates more than 60 DEX platforms and grants its users the possibility to trade over 15,500 tokens. Rubic allows 1-click swap operations and promises 24/7 client support. Through its smart routing feature, Rubic grants the smallest transaction time at the lowest cost, with no particular limits on the size of a swap trade.

7. Digitalroar Softlabs

Development company.

5-year growth: +85.29%

Search growth status: When Moon?

Year founded: 2021

Valuation: Unknown 

Funding: Unknown (Private) (Source: Crunchbase)

What they do: Digitalroar Softlabs is a company specializing in blockchain development, NFT marketplace creation, Web3, and metaverse creation. This team can help its clients create decentralized applications (DApps) with features such as security and scalability in mind. Digitalroar also offers marketing solutions and can help a business develop an NFT collection and a dedicated marketplace for these tokens.


Terms such as “blockchain” and “Web3” are becoming increasingly important in modern business, and the UAE is no exception.

From Coinweb’s multiple blockchain tools to Unicus’ tokenization solutions, the country is bringing many innovative ideas to the plate.

The impressive amount of money flowing in this sector is bringing together the best teams in the world. Certainly, time will tell whether these promising ventures will be able to evolve from start-ups to world Web3 giants.