How to Create Meme-Coin with AI: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create Meme-Coin with AI


This guide gives you the steps of creating your meme-coin using AI – in the simplest way possible.

We’ll walk you through choosing the name, creating a secure Smart Contract with OpenZeppelin, launching the coin, and giving some hidden secrets.

Let’s explore the interaction of meme coins from concept to launch.

What are Meme Coins?

Meme coins, the unlikely heroes of the crypto world, are turning internet humor into profitable assets. An exciting example of their potential is the $HAMS meme coin generating significant buzz and wealth.

We will use tools like OpenZeppelin and ChatGPT to simplify complex processes. To unveil the potential of meme coins, we will show you the roadmap to help you create your own. Let’s start our exciting journey into the world of meme coins.

Steps to Creating Your Own Meme Coin Using AI

Steps to Creating Your Own Meme Coin Using AI
Steps to Creating Your Meme Coin Using AI.

You don’t need to be a coding sensation for secure blockchain development.

We will use OpenZeppelin, a fantastic tool available for free. Let’s name our coin, $GLOX, for illustration. 

While ChatGPT can also be used for the initial stages, OpenZeppelin offers robust security. That is why that is our product of choice.

Let’s start creating $GLOX.

Step 1: Identify Meme-Coin Elements with ChatGPT

Identifying Key Elements of Meme-Coin Creation Using ChatGPT
Key Elements of Meme-Coin Creation Using ChatGPT.

Researching from ChatGPT, we’ve found these must-haves for a meme coin success.

  • Idea: The meme coin must have a purpose to stand out in the crowd. Why you’ve created that?
  • Blockchain: You have to choose the right blockchain for your meme coin. A basic understanding of different blockchains is essential to make good decisions.
  • Security: Secure your meme coin with smart contracts. It might be looking technical but using AI. It’s a piece of cake.
  • Marketing: Finally, good marketing makes all the difference between your coin soaring or sinking.

Step 2: Selecting the Meme-Coin Name

Let’s get down to business. Pick a name to dive into the world of smart contracts.

Choosing a Meme-Coin Name
Choosing a Meme-Coin Name

Picking a name isn’t just fun. It’s essential for your coin’s identity.

You can ask ChatGPT for great name ideas for your meme coin, but do your research. The name must be unique.

We have chosen the catchy and memorable name $GLOX for this guide.

Step 3: Crafting Your Smart Contract with OpenZeppelin

Now, let’s create a safe and efficient smart contract with the best tool available, OpenZeppelin’s ‘Wizard.

OpenZeppelin is a library to create secure smart contracts.

It offers a safety net for common coding bugs.

Crafting Your Smart Contract with OpenZeppelin
Crafting Your Smart Contract with OpenZeppelin

Here’s how it works:

1. Open OpenZeppelin’s ‘Wizard’ in your web browser.

2. Select ‘ERC-20’, the most commonly used standard for these tokens.

3. Fill out the form: 

  • Enter the name of your token. In our case, it is “GLOX.”
  • Provide the symbol for your token, “$GLOX.
  • Decide on the number of decimal places. Most coins use 18.
  • Choose your initial supply. In our case, we choose to be 1 million tokens.

4. For added functionality, we’ll select a few additional features:

  • Mintable: A token with this feature can add new tokens to its supply. The contract owner can decide when and how many new tokens to create.
  • Pausable: This feature allows the contract owner to pause all token transfers. This might be helpful if a security issue is detected.
  • Votes: This will help in community decision-making by providing token-based voting power.

These extra features of our smart contract will enhance the $GLOX coin’s safety and functionality and appeal to potential holders. 

5. When you’re done filling out the information, click [Create], and it will generate your smart contract code.

Voila, we are halfway through.

Step 4: Deploying via Ethereum Remix

Deploying the Contract Using Ethereum Remix
Deploying the Contract Using Ethereum Remix

These are the steps to follow for the successful compilation and deployment of your smart contract using Ethereum Remix:

  1. Open Ethereum Remix: On your browser, go to It’s an online IDE where you can write, test, deploy, and interact with smart contracts.
  2. Create a New File: On the left panel, click the [File Explorers] icon and click the ‘+’ button to create a new file. You have to name it with a ‘.sol’ extension.
  3. Write or Import Your Smart Contract: Copy the smart contract code from OpenZeppelin, which we created in the earlier step, and paste it into our new file. Ensure the Solidity version at the top of the contract matches the one you used in OpenZeppelin.
  4. Compile the Contract: Now, click the [Solidity compiler] icon on the left panel and hit the [Compile] button.
  5. Deploy the Contract: Click the [Deploy & run transactions] icon on the left panel. In the “Environment” dropdown, select “Injected Web3” (this connects to MetaMask) and click on the [Deploy] button.
  6. Confirm Deployment: A MetaMask notification will pop up to confirm the transaction. Confirm it to deploy your contract to the blockchain.

After successful deployment, your contract address will be displayed in the Remix console (lower part of the IDE). You must save this address as it will be needed for interactions with the contract.

Step 5: Publish the Contract From Etherscan

Verify and Publish Your Contract From Etherscan
Verify and Publish Your Contract From Etherscan

Next is to publish the smart contract using Etherscan.

  1. Visit the Etherscan website Hover over the “Resources” tab on the top menu and click [Verify Contract].
  2. Copy the address from Ethereum Remix and paste it into the corresponding field on Etherscan.
  3. Fill in the details for the Compiler version, the contract’s name, and the Optimization you used.
  4. Now, paste the entire contract code in the available field.
  5. Click the [Verify and Publish] button to make it publicly viewable and verified.

That wasn’t so hard.

Step 6: Launch your Meme Coin

To announce the launch of your meme coin, you can use social media platforms and crypto forums. You should also list your meme coin on popular exchanges like Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

These platforms will make your coin accessible to many potential buyers.

And at the end, it’s time to use marketing strategies to create buzz around your coin.

Successful Examples of AI-Generated Meme Coins

These are some successful AI-based meme coins of 2023:

  • Arbdoge AI: An innovative blend of meme coin culture and AI within the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Kiboshib: A tribute to Kabusu and Shiba Inu, with a twist of AI.
  • Bullbear AI: Using AI to predict crypto market trends, adding a part to the meme coin hype.
  • Hasaki: They are merging the power of ChatGPT with the world of meme coins to serve as an information hub.


To wrap up, the union of meme coins and AI is gaining speed, paving the way for fresh ideas. It’s pushing the meme coin market beyond its huge $18 billion value. Following the above guide, creating your meme coin and riding into the crypto world is easy.

Like any crypto venture, always consider the risks before diving in. The future of meme coins and AI in the crypto world is emerging and promising and waits to be shaped by enthusiasts like you.