Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker – (Updated December, 2023)

Factors to consider when selecting the top crypto portfolio tracker include:
Cost, Features, Security Protocols, Customer Service, and ease of use.

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  • $9.99/month
  • 70+

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CoinStats is a must-have cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for digital currency traders. It supports over 8,000 crypto assets and has a solid portfolio management dashboard. While the app doesn't have a robust free version like some portfolio managers, it is a practical choice for many. Users can connect to a wide range of wallets, exchanges, and other services to view their entire crypto portfolio on a single screen.

  • More than 8,000 cryptocurrencies are supported.

  • Staking option with 20% Yearly returns.

  • High-level encryption for asset security.

  • The free version has limited functionality.

  • No native trading engine.

  • Few crypto platforms missing on CoinStats.

Free plan
  • Yes
  • 300+
  • Free – $299/year

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Coinledger is a cost-effective way of filing crypto taxes without manually inputting transactions into your tax forms. The software integrates with major exchanges and wallets using APIs or public wallet addresses, automatically importing transaction data. It also identifies investments to sell at a loss to reduce your tax bill.

  • Smooth integration of exchanges.

  • Easy import and export of data.

  • Effective tax management.

  • Save money on tax.

  • Limited international country support.

  • Yes
  • $12.50/year
  • 20+

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Kubera is a great professional portfolio tracker. What is unique about Kubera is the ability to track your net worth across conventional and unconventional markets, including crypto exchanges, stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and banks. With a revolutionary approach and security features, Kubera is a one-stop shop for all your accounts and portfolio management needs.

  • Sync 20,000+ banks, exchanges, and wallets.

  • Streamlines in-depth tracking with web app.

  • No solicitation of customer data.

  • No ads are forced onto users.

  • No free versions.

  • No investing tools for actual actions.

  • No dedicated iOS or Android app.

  • Lack of advanced budgeting tools.


Crypto portfolio trackers consolidate all relevant information about digital assets into a single and easily accessible location. These tools help you monitor your digital assets, give greater insight into performance, and make smarter decisions.

There are three main types of crypto portfolio trackers:

  1. Software-based
  2. Online web-based
  3. Mobile app-based platforms.

Factors to consider when selecting a crypto portfolio tracker include cost, features, security protocols, customer service, and ease of use.

We have done all that for you so you can be sure to choose the best crypto portfolio trackers.


Taking control of cryptocurrency investments has never been easier with crypto portfolio trackers. They provide a way to easily control and monitor your crypto holdings while seeing their real-time performance on the market.

Crypto portfolio tracking enables investors to view positions, gain insights, and track currency fluctuations – making trading efficient.

Online portfolio tracker.

This comparison guide presents crucial information for investors to make informed decisions when choosing portfolio tracking.

Overview of crypto portfolio trackers

Crypto portfolio trackers have proven invaluable resources for investors and traders wanting to stay ahead of the curve in the cryptocurrency market. These user-friendly tools provide a way for anyone with an interest in cryptocurrencies to monitor their portfolios with ease.

Crypto portfolio tracking tools provide numerous features, such as multiple exchange support, automated transactions and notifications, analytics, risk management, and tax reporting.

Overview of crypto portfolio trackers
Overview of crypto portfolio trackers.

For an ideal user experience when trading, the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker trackers bridge multiple crypto wallets and exchange accounts onto one platform.

These systems are also designed with bank-grade security protocols to protect your data and financial accounts from malicious intrusions. As such, you can trust that the most popular crypto portfolio trackers safeguard your funds optimally.

With such comprehensive features available on these secure platforms, it is easy to see why crypto portfolio trackers have become increasingly invaluable tools in the digital asset arena.


Crypto portfolio trackers are an invaluable tool in aiding crypto investors to keep up with the ever-evolving crypto markets and quickly spot any fluctuations or changes in the value of their multiple assets. These crypto trackers help to uncover pool liquidity levels and risk associated.

Additionally, they assist in assessing performance by monitoring daily progress, allowing users to examine individual holdings and identify potential diversification opportunities.

How do crypto portfolio trackers work?

A crypto portfolio tracker typically starts with a user creating an account on the platform. Submitting email verification and personal identification documents is often required to comply with KYC regulations when registering for a crypto portfolio tracker. This is done to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

After successful verification, users actively link their portfolios to the system. They can integrate APIs or manually submit transaction records from wallets, exchanges, and other sources for monitoring.

crypto portfolio providers

Crypto portfolio trackers offer investors a rapid summary of their crypto investments and holdings, keeping them informed about their portfolios’ total value. This feature provides an up-to-date snapshot of performance and simplifies monitoring market fluctuations for users.

Gaining insights into your investments is simple with asset trackers, guaranteeing that your financial safety and security remain uncompromised. You can determine which assets to invest in or sell through real-time market monitoring for increased returns.

These services utilize security measures, including encrypted data transmission using TLS and HTTPS protocols, robust passwords, and two-factor authentication. Additionally, they employ multi-layer security architecture and frequent security audits to safeguard user data.

Different types of crypto portfolio trackers

Software-based crypto portfolio trackers

Software-based trackers make setting up and tracking your portfolio effortless, allowing you to decide when to buy and sell.

Software portfolio tracker.
Software portfolio tracker.

These trackers not only offer secure access for users, but they also simplify understanding market patterns with visual data analysis features.

Moreover, certain software-based trackers offer social forums and chatrooms where traders can discuss trades or get advice from each other.

Pros of software-based crypto portfolio trackers

1. Accurate Tracking

Software-based trackers provide far more precise results than other crypto portfolio tracking solutions.

With an automated system that gathers data from your investments, you can rest assured knowing there won’t be any mistakes due to human error. Using this accuracy, you are empowered with the knowledge necessary for more intelligent and more calculated investment decisions.

software-based crypto portfolio trackers
Software-based crypto portfolio trackers.

2. Detailed Insights

Many software-based crypto portfolio trackers offer detailed market insights and analysis on the performance of investments. This information can be precious for investors, as it can help them to make informed decisions about where to invest their money.

3. Customizable Features

Software-based crypto portfolio trackers give users customizability, enabling them to adapt the ideal tracker to their needs.

For example, certain trackers send notifications when conditions are met, such as receiving an alert when a cryptocurrency reaches a predetermined price point.

Other trackers allow you to create custom portfolios tailored to your specific interests besides providing information on all major cryptocurrencies. These portfolio management options allow users to watch their favorite cryptos without sifting through irrelevant or uninteresting data.

Cons of software-based crypto portfolio trackers

1. Centralized control

A major con of using a software-based cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is that you are entrusting your private keys to a central authority. If the company that runs the portfolio tracker goes out of business or decides to shut down the service, you could lose access to your coins.

2. Higher Fees

Another downside of using a software-based crypto portfolio tracker is that you may have to pay higher fees. Some trackers require monthly or annual subscription fees. Others charge transaction fees when adding or removing crypto assets from your portfolio.

Online crypto portfolio trackers

For crypto investors, online portfolio trackers provide a priceless advantage. Managing portfolios across any crypto exchange and wallets is now achievable with the ease of one’s computer or mobile device. With online crypto portfolio management apps and trackers, users can effortlessly keep tabs on their investments with minimal effort.

Investors will no longer have to log into multiple websites to handle their crypto portfolio tracker and holdings painstakingly. Online crypto portfolio trackers offer a comprehensive trading platform, displaying all information in one place. This gives users enhanced control and insight into their investments.

Online trackers
Online trackers.

They also offer powerful analytical tools and visual graphs for users to monitor, analyze, and optimize their portfolios. With online portfolio trackers, managing your cryptocurrency investments becomes secure and straightforward.

Pros of online crypto portfolio trackers

1. Multiple Device Compatibility

Utilizing online trackers compatible with multiple devices provides you with immense convenience. Accessing and managing your tracker is effortless, whether it be your computer, phone, or tablet.

2. Affordable

The economic nature of online trackers is one of their biggest benefits. With the majority being free to use, those on a tight budget can reap all the advantages without spending anything.

3. Free Trials

Investors can benefit from free trials offered by many online crypto portfolio trackers. This ensures the service meets their expectations before committing to a paid subscription. Users can assess the tracker’s features and capabilities without investing in the digital asset.

Cons of Online Crypto Portfolio Trackers

1. Hacking Risks

The downside of utilizing online crypto exchanges and portfolio trackers is that they are prone to malicious hacking attempts – exposing users’ sensitive data such as passwords and private keys. Moreover, hackers can modify the trading platform’s information to deceive or misinform users.

2. Privacy Concerns

When relying on online crypto portfolio trackers, keep privacy in mind. As these platforms harvest personal data that includes transaction details and user investment portfolios, this sensitive information can be obtained by third parties without the user’s awareness or permission.

3. Limited Functionality

Another con of online crypto portfolio trackers is that they often have limited functionality compared to desktop software programs. For example, many online cryptocurrency portfolio trackers only allow users to track their portfolios and do not offer other features such as price analysis or crypto news feed.

Mobile app crypto portfolio trackers

Crypto portfolio tracker apps are becoming increasingly popular, allowing users to stay up-to-date on the always-fluctuating values of their assets in a convenient mobile format. 

With these apps’ quickly growing popularity, you can easily track and monitor your cryptocurrency investments wherever you go.

These crypto portfolio tracking apps provide convenience and offer advanced features like automatic price alerts and detailed portfolio analytics for better insights.

Track your portfolio with a mobile app.
IOS/Android Portfolio Trackers.

With so many iOS and Android app portfolio trackers on the market, investors can rest assured that there’s something for everyone. They can begin tracking their asset performance from anywhere, anytime.

Pros of mobile app crypto portfolio trackers

1. Ease of Use

Mobile app crypto portfolio trackers are straightforward. Even if you have no experience with crypto or investing, you should be able to figure out how to use the best free crypto portfolio tracker and apps with just a few minutes of playing around.

Unlike other methods of monitoring your portfolio, which can often be complex and labor-intensive, hindering productivity. This new system is much simpler and faster, so you can maximize efficiency.

2. Accessible from anywhere

With the mobile app that monitors your cryptocurrency investments, you can access them anywhere. Whether on your couch at home or out and about, we can keep you updated on your cryptocurrency portfolio’s performance with just a few clicks and taps.

3. Multiple features

Not only do mobile apps offer portfolio tracking, but they can also provide price alerts so that you always stay up-to-date with the latest crypto coin prices.

With handy notifications whenever a particular currency surpasses or reaches your set thresholds, you’ll never miss out on any of the crypto industry’s upcoming trends and gains.

Cons of mobile app crypto portfolio trackers

1. Speed Limitations

Due to speed limitations, mobile portfolio trackers may not provide the latest market data in real-time. It can result in delayed data updates, meaning the user misses out on crucial information that could be instrumental in their trading decisions.

Furthermore, manual errors are likely due to slow portfolio tracking speed, as navigating through cumbersome processes can become tedious.

2. Battery Drain

Another potential issue with using a mobile crypto portfolio or tracker app is battery drain. Since these apps often need to connect to external servers to retrieve data, they can consume significant battery power.

This can be a massive issue if you manage multiple portfolios or need to monitor the value of all your investments regularly.

Factors to consider while choosing crypto portfolio trackers

1. Streamlining through automation

Streamlining through automation enables a powerful crypto portfolio tracker to eliminate manual effort and time-consuming tasks. Automating processes makes it possible to receive real-time information, better analyze data, and make crypto transactions quicker.

Using automation, much of the tedious work of tracking and buying crypto is taken out of the equation, allowing crypto traders to focus more on making trades and decisions.

A crypto portfolio tracker can be much more efficient and effective for novice and experienced investors through streamlining via automation.

2. Sleek and intuitive interface

When trading crypto, a sleek and intuitive interface in an app can be of great benefit. This allows users to view their chosen coins’ real-time prices at the click of a button, comparing them against other investments easily and tracking their performance over time. 

With this cutting-edge technology, it’s no wonder that so many cryptocurrency market traders are turning to portfolio trackers.

With extra features like a portfolio management app for balancing and alerts, it can help cryptocurrency investors stay up-to-date with the latest market fluctuations without having to keep tabs on every single asset they own manually.

An effective tracking tool ensures that users know all the relevant data to help them make sound trading decisions.

3. Integration options

For making the most informed decisions possible and accurately reviewing your portfolio, it is essential to have access to data from various financial institutions. This is what makes an excellent crypto portfolio tracker so beneficial for investors.

Integration with multiple institutions also provides significantly improved accuracy since many different types of investments require other measurement methods.

By having various sources in one place, crypto portfolio tracker users can easily switch between tracking and comparing different assets.

Additionally, integration with a wide range of financial institutions ensures that users can gain insight into their portfolios and overall trends in the larger cryptocurrency industry. This allows them to make decisions confidently based on real-time information instead of just guesses or assumptions.

4. Unification 

Entire portfolio unification is one of the features necessary for an excellent crypto portfolio tracker. It allows users to see the entire picture of their crypto investments in one place.

Seeing all assets on a single page makes tracking coins, market value, and the portfolio’s performance easier to manage.

Having your entire portfolio unified also helps investors identify patterns that can be used to find trends or behaviors more quickly than if each investment was tracked separately.

With this increased visibility, assets can be managed more effectively, leading to better returns on investment and fewer missed opportunities.

In short, unifying an entire portfolio in one place through not only good but well-known and popular crypto portfolio trackers is essential for successful cryptocurrency investments.

5. Blockchain support

Every novice or experienced investor must manage their entire crypto portfolio effectively and securely. While many tracking apps are available to sell crypto, a good one must offer direct blockchain support today.

This gives users a complete and secure view of trade history and all portfolio transactions. As the blockchain is immutable, it ensures that no malicious actions can take place or any changes can be done without authorization. Public-key cryptography supports these secure transactions while providing retail investors complete control over their portfolios.

Crypto portfolio trackers with direct blockchain support offer safety and convenience for managing multiple portfolios.

Direct blockchain integration is crucial for a crypto tracker to offer users optimal protection and control, creating a seamless experience that balances security with convenience.

6. Cost

While a range of options is available when choosing a crypto portfolio tracker, it’s essential to consider their costs before narrowing down your choice. 

Not only should the cost be reasonable, but it’s also essential to understand what kind of services it offers for that fee.

Many other tracking apps and platforms offer essential features for a low cost but have high-end plans with more comprehensive features, so it’s a good idea to compare them and decide which one will suit your needs.

7. Tax loss harvesting

Tax-loss harvesting is an essential tool in any crypto trader’s arsenal, enabling them to minimize their tax liability while maximizing their portfolio. This strategy ensures that capital gains are balanced against losses, and losses are carried forward until they can benefit the trader.

By using crypto taxes and leveraging a more cost-effective profile that optimizes overall performance and returns, traders can rest assured knowing they comply with global taxation rules on cryptocurrencies. This helps protect them from excessive taxes or legal penalties due to noncompliance.

Tax-loss harvesting allows investors to make the most of their crypto portfolios by managing loss-carrying forward transactions effectively with a crypto portfolio tracker and considering any potential tax liability before making trades. In essence, it enables savvy crypto traders to realize greater investment returns.

8. Speed

The response time speed is critical in a crypto portfolio tracker, allowing users to keep track of their investments and make decisions quickly and promptly. A tracking system provides investors with the most up-to-date information on currency prices, news, and events with dynamic scanning capabilities. This helps individuals remain informed on what’s happening within the cryptocurrency market to maximize their profits or mitigate potential risks.

This information then informs buy and sell decisions and allows users to pursue day trading opportunities they may have missed.

Continuous updates and real-time analysis enabled by speedy tracking deliver the perfect crypto portfolio with seizable returns while defending itself against sudden and volatile crypto market movements.


By thoroughly analyzing the features offered by each portfolio tracking platform and considering your own individual needs, you can make an informed decision that will help ensure secure and successful crypto investments.

The best crypto portfolio tracker provides all the features you need to manage your funds while offering comprehensive protection against risks. It should be fast, efficient, and have the latest security features to ensure your investments remain safe.

At last, it comes to your needs and preferences. Whichever option you choose from the above-mentioned crypto portfolio tracking tools, ensure it satisfies your trading goals after analyzing the features.

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