Best NFT Tools 2023: 7 Must-Have Resources in the NFT Space

best nft tools


This comprehensive guide highlights the key features and advantages of the best NFT tools in the market:

  1. Nansen
  2. Dune Analytics
  3. Moby
  4. Icy Tools
  5. Trait Sniper
  6. OpenSea
  7. EtherScan

NFT tools indeed deliver an array of capabilities. They initially dazzle with their enhanced tracking and analysis functions. They then cater to your trading needs with efficient options. Interestingly, they boast features for identifying rarity. In addition, these tools provide efficient portfolio management solutions. Besides, they also serve as invaluable educational resources. To top it off, they seamlessly streamline operations via native integrations.

While these tools unquestionably bring forth many benefits, they also come with their own set of challenges. Initially, users may face a steep learning curve. Further, they often require reliance on third-party platforms, potentially exposing them to vulnerabilities. More alarming could be the inherent security risks. Also, these tools may offer limited functionality for those not tech-savvy. Finally, they might hinge too heavily on data accuracy, leading to potential issues.

When selecting NFT tools, consider factors like interactive user interfaces, real-time updates, accuracy and reliability, compatibility with multiple blockchains, responsive customer support, cost-effectiveness, and security and privacy measures. Don’t worry; we have already done that for you.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) encompasses more than just cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology enables various applications, with the NFT sector being one of the largest and most prominent. Hence, the demand for free NFT tools has surged, driven by investors seeking the next promising non-fungible asset.

Private collectors and crypto investors have developed a genuine interest in NFTs, constantly searching for the next groundbreaking NFT series.

Beyond supporting artists and providing complete ownership, NFTs can also serve as a means of transferring capital. Selecting the right NFTs is crucial.

While CryptoPunks have proven highly profitable, acquiring rare ones can cost millions. Although abundant opportunities are available, caution must be exercised when choosing the most suitable NFTs for investment.

What are NFT tools?

NFT tracker tools are valuable software programs that enable investors to monitor the top trending NFTs across various collections. These tools specifically focus on tracking NFTs based on their rarity.

To maximize your earnings in the NFT marketplace, utilizing NFT tracker tools is highly recommended, as they automate the tracking process for you. With new NFTs being created almost daily, having software that offers continuous tracking becomes crucial.

These software programs can identify and analyze any NFT collection, providing insightful results. The information obtained from these tools plays a significant role in making well-informed investment decisions.

Tracker Tools for NFT.
Tracker Tools for NFT.

Why do we need NFT tools?

NFT tools play a crucial role in the NFT market. They allow you to assess and evaluate NFTs before purchasing, providing an edge and informed decision-making.

Think of these tools as essential equipment, like a shovel or an ax, helping you unearth those valuable NFT gems. These tools assist in NFT rarity detection, sourcing NFT media, and navigating marketplaces.

On top of that, they are valuable additions to your toolkit as you conduct thorough due diligence. Any misleading data can make or break an investment and, in some cases, expose you to potential fraud. Therefore, relying on reliable NFT tools is of utmost importance.

Why do we need NFT tools?
Overview of the market.

The best NFT tools

In the vast landscape of NFT tracker tools, we have compiled a comprehensive guide featuring the best tools in the industry. This list aims to assist you in navigating the multitude of options available to track NFTs effectively.

1. Nansen

Utilizing Nansen.

Nansen provides exceptional value for your money, offering in-depth data analytics that uncovers market trends. It goes beyond general market analysis by ranking NFT rarity across various collections, assisting collectors in identifying valuable NFTs.

With Nansen, you gain valuable insights into using active wallet addresses. All your cold or hot crypto wallet transactions and activities are diligently recorded and ranked in ascending order. Stay on top of your token balances with regular daily and weekly reports from Nansen.

Although Nansen operates as a paid platform, it provides a limited free trial. This trial enables you to explore its functionality and experience its features firsthand.


  • Premium market analytics.
  • NFT rarity rankings.
  • Smart transaction history.


  • Limited functionality during the free trial.
  • Paid platform with subscription fees.
  • Not beginner-friendly

2. Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics
Analytics with Dune.

Dune is a powerful analytics NFT tool that offers comprehensive support and analysis. It works on various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Polygon Gnosis Chain, and more.

It provides critical metrics analysis for decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other related areas. With Dune, you can access smart contract data and visualize it instantly through beautiful graphs.

What sets Dune apart is its user-friendly dashboard, where you can customize the display of data from the blockchains you use.

The best part is that Dune is available to everyone without subscription fees, making it a popular choice among users. If you’re interested in tracking floor prices or verifying availability, Dune caters to your needs with its many pre-built dashboards.

Lastly, you can use Dune’s extensive user base to keep you updated about upcoming NFT projects or those you’re investing in.


  • Comprehensive analytics support.
  • Free and accessible tool.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Dependency on the user base.

3. Moby


Moby’s ranking system simplifies finding top smart contracts and selecting the most suitable one. Users can conveniently filter results based on the market, mint, and period.

The platform provides essential information like the number of sales, sales volume, average price, and sales floor for trending projects in the market view. Users can assess the mint price, % change, and the number of mints in the Mints view.

Upgrading to the pro version costs 0.1 ETH for a 6-month subscription; users unlock access to real-time insights, popular mint alerts, historical collection data, and live graphs. Additionally, Moby allows users to set smart alerts, which can be received via Discord or directly to their mobile devices.


  • It is an easy-to-use website that everyone can understand.
  • Offers accuracy within 60 minutes.
  • Free and pro versions are available.


  • Data isn’t collated on a single page.
  • Limited free version.

4. Icy Tools

ICY tools
Founders Club NFT.

Icy Tool is an impressive platform for discovering and analyzing data on the most popular NFTs in the marketplace, like Binance. Its fast data analytics interface updates floor price, sales, and volume data.

Icy Tools is a highly recommended alternative for those who can’t afford Nansen. It offers cheaper weekly passes and the option to purchase an ICY Founders Club NFT for lifetime access if the platform benefits your other NFT portfolio investments.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned NFT enthusiast, Icy Tools is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Trending top NFT collections are ranked, providing critical information like floor price and volume. You can also switch hourly, daily, or monthly rankings to review historical records.

If you’re searching for the best contract to diversify your portfolio, Icy Tools excels in providing an overview of project performance within its database. Additionally, the platform offers detailed transaction history for your linked wallet, allowing for seamless tracking of your NFT project activity.


  • Real-time sale analysis
  • Wallet transaction history
  • NFT rarity sniping
  • Visual data transformation


  • Mobile access is not robust.
  • No support for buying NFTs.
  • Information about NFT rarities and traits is hard to interpret.

5. Trait sniper

Trait Sniper.
The Ultimate NFT Trading Platform.

Trait Sniper may not offer an extensive range of features, but it excels at what it does. Its primary strength lies in analyzing ongoing and upcoming projects, allowing users to identify potentially mispriced NFTs based on their rarity score.

When a new project is unveiled, Trait Sniper swiftly assesses its rarity score in under two minutes, boasting impressive accuracy.

The active Discord community associated with Trait Sniper is a valuable resource for expanding knowledge about NFTs and sniping.

Real-time data is readily available for paying users, while free users experience a 30-minute delay. Additionally, the web application enables direct NFT buys.


  • It allows you to view new projects that are underpriced.
  • A helpful Discord channel is available to users.
  • Free and paid plans are available.


  • It’s only recently launched.
  • Customer support is largely available through Discord only.

6. OpenSea

Largest NFT Marketplace.

Opensea NFT Marketplace is a decentralized platform for buying and selling NFTs. It provides features for viewing, analyzing, and tracking asset portfolios. It is an essential tool for anyone interested in online NFT sales.

Users can easily filter NFTs by category and purchase desired traits. Sellers can list their NFTs on OpenSea with fixed prices or auction them off on the platform.


  • Competitive commissions.
  • A wide range of NFT collectibles is available.
  • Industry-leading security.


  • It only takes cryptocurrency payments.
  • A crypto wallet is a must.
Marketplace Fee
  • 2.5%
Blockchain Network
  • 7+
User Interface
  • Great

More details

OpenSea, celebrated as the largest NFT marketplace, stands out with diverse collections for various enthusiasts and a gas-free operation on Polygon. Noted for its fair fees and easy accessibility, it serves as an attractive hub for creators and collectors alike.

  • Competitive service fees.

  • No gas fees for most transactions.

  • The most extensive collection of NFTs.

  • Easy artist account creation.

  • 10% royalty cap.

  • Limited customer service.

  • Vulnerable to scams.

  • History of insider trading.

7. Etherscan


Many upcoming NFT projects, creators, enthusiasts, and traders prefer to mint their tokens directly on Etherscan to ensure they use the right contract. Several tools mentioned earlier use the Etherscan Advance Programming Interface (API) to obtain valuable information and metadata about an NFT project, offering detailed insights.

While Etherscan may not have the most visually appealing user interface, it is perfect due to its provision of real-time on-chain information.

Token trackers, such as Etherscan, allow users to read smart contracts of ERC-721 Tokens. This capability is essential for those who wish to delve deeper and examine the vital parameters of a project before engaging with it.

If you are becoming more involved in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, we recommend utilizing Etherscan and other blockchain explorers.


  • Support for multiple assets.
  • Easy to use.
  • Check any wallet, transaction, token, or smart contract.


  • Too much reliance on on-chain data.
  • Lack of advanced features.
  • Limited community engagement.

How do NFT tools work?

NFT trackers sift through the available collections on the NFT marketplace. They analyze and identify these collections to help investors determine the top NFTs that hold value.

Top-notch tracker tools provide comprehensive information, including the collection’s underlying protocol, NFT rarity score, current volume, user and sale counts, recent activity, and market overviews.

Access to this data enables investors to make informed decisions and avoid poor investments. NFT collection trackers may allow users to explore decentralized applications (DApps) associated with NFT collections.

How NFT tools work for NFT investors?
Tracker Tools.

Different types of tools for NFT collections

Let’s discuss different types of NFT tools to level up your game.

NFT research tools

NFT Research tools and platforms are vital in staying ahead in the NFT investment landscape. These tools serve as essential instruments for uncovering valuable NFT opportunities.

With NFT Research tools, you can explore your favorite NFT projects and rarities, discover new projects, track influential whale wallets, make informed investment decisions, and effectively conduct due diligence. These tools also help in finding suitable NFT projects and marketplaces.

The proper knowledge is crucial for the long-term success of any crypto investment, and NFTs are no exception. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced NFT collector, having analytical tools to assess rarity and asset accessibility is essential.

Specialized trading tools

Specialized NFT trading tools are platforms designed to enhance your NFT trading experience. They offer advanced search and filtering options to find specific NFTs based on rarity, price, and collection.

Besides, these tools provide real-time market data, updating you on trends, floor prices, and trading volumes. Plus, they integrate with blockchain networks for secure transactions and may offer instant buying, selling, and customizable alerts.

With portfolio management features, you can track the performance and value of your NFT holdings. With these tools, you can optimize your trading strategies and maximize your returns in the dynamic NFT market.

NFT rarity tools.

Tools for P2P trading

When engaging in NFT trading or conducting private deals involving ETH, it is advisable to utilize a P2P trading tool or another appropriate cryptocurrency platform.

Traditionally, these trades involve meeting individuals face-to-face, such as at conventions, or connecting online through project Discord channels. Alternatively, you may contact someone with the NFTs you are interested in and negotiate a transaction.

Certain NFT collectors provide contact information on their marketplace page, such as their Twitter handle or Discord username, facilitating accessible communication for arranging private transactions.

NFT tools to Identify rarity

Assessing its rarity is essential before acquiring or minting an NFT from your chosen marketplace. This process, known as Rarity Identification, helps determine the scarcity of a particular collection of NFTs. Certain NFT collections offer limited quantities of specific digital assets, making them more valuable.

To check the rarity of an NFT, you can use free NFT analysis tools that use an ID code. These Rarity Identification NFT Tools will indicate whether you have acquired a highly valuable NFT. It’s like finding the metaphorical NFT sales jackpot.

NFT rarity tool.
Rarity identifier.

What are the advantages of using NFT tools?

NFT tools offer a range of advantages that can significantly enhance your NFT trading experience.

Efficient trading and marketplaces

NFT tools provide enhanced tracking and analysis capabilities, informing you about the latest NFTs trends. Efficient trading and marketplace features enable seamless buying, selling, and exchanging of NFTs, ensuring smooth transactions.

Rarity identification and portfolio management

Rarity identification tools assist in evaluating the scarcity and value of NFTs, helping you make informed investment decisions. Portfolio management tools enable you to effectively track and manage your NFT investments and portfolio holdings, ensuring you stay organized.

Education and Insights

NFT tools often provide educational resources and insights, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate the NFT market effectively. Finally, native platform integrations offer convenient access and seamless connectivity, simplifying your overall NFT marketplace trading experience.

Native Integrations

Many top NFT tools offer native integrations with popular platforms, making connecting and interacting with various ecosystems in the NFT space easier. Finally, these best NFT tools allow you to navigate the market more efficiently and maximize your NFT trading opportunities.

Advantages of using NFT stats and tools.

Drawbacks of NFT tools

While NFT tools offer many benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Learning curve and complexity

One challenge is the learning curve and complexity of using these different tools together. They may require some time and effort to understand and navigate effectively.

Reliance on third-party platforms and risks

Most NFT tools rely on third-party platforms for data and functionality, which means you depend on these platforms’ availability and reliability.

This reliance introduces potential security risks, as any vulnerabilities in the third-party systems could compromise your NFT assets.

Limited functionality for non-technical users

Some NFT tools may have limited functionality or be more suited for technical users, making them less accessible for non-technical individuals.

Overreliance on data accuracy

NFT analytics tools rely on data accuracy. So, inaccuracies or incomplete information could impact your decision-making process. Using caution and due diligence when utilizing NFT and analytics tools to mitigate these drawbacks is crucial.

Disadvantages of using NFT tools.
Data Accuracy?

What factors make an NFT tool perfect?

Here are some key factors to consider when picking any particular NFT tool.

User-Friendly interface

A perfect NFT tool should have an interactive user interface that is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. It helps users to explore and use the tool’s features without confusion effortlessly.

Real-time updates

To stay on top of the dynamic NFT market, a perfect NFT tool should provide real-time updates. It ensures users can access the latest updates, including price changes, volume data, and market trends. For example, if you want to check BAYC NFTs trading price, it should provide exact information.

Accuracy and reliability

Accuracy and reliability are crucial factors for an ideal NFT tool. Users rely on the tool’s data and analysis to make important trading decisions. Therefore, the tool should deliver accurate information and reliable insights, helping users to trust the data they are presented with.

Compatibility with multiple blockchains

As NFTs are built on various blockchain platforms, a perfect NFT analytics tool should be compatible with multiple blockchains. It allows users to track and analyze NFTs across different platforms, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon, providing a comprehensive view of the NFT market.

Responsive customer support

Having a responsive customer support system is essential for a perfect NFT tool. Users may encounter technical issues, have inquiries, or require assistance. A responsive customer support team can promptly address these concerns, ensuring a smooth user experience and resolving issues efficiently.


A perfect NFT tool should offer a good balance of features and affordability. Users should consider the value they receive from the cost of the tool. It must offer a range of useful features that justify the price, making it a cost-effective investment for users.

Security and privacy

Security and privacy are paramount when dealing with NFTs. A perfect NFT tool should prioritize protecting user data, NFT assets, and personal information. Security criteria like encryption and user authentication should be in place against DeFi scams.

NFT analytics tools.
User data.


NFT tools have revolutionized the way we navigate the world of NFTs. With various tools, you can enhance your understanding and decision-making process in this rapidly evolving market.

The best NFT research tools empower us to track and analyze market trends, identify rare and valuable assets, and effectively manage our NFT portfolios. Besides that, these tools offer features like portfolio trackers, marketplace options, and up-to-date news, giving us a competitive edge and the ability to stay informed.

Whether you opt for free tools or invest in premium options, having access to high-quality NFT tools provides invaluable insights and a comprehensive inventory management system.