08 Dec, 2023

What is DEX Screener and How To Use It in Crypto Trading 2024

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what is dex screener

Wondering which DEX Screener is right for you? Through a decade of crypto experience, we’ve tested many solutions to analyze the newest launches, dex screeners, and “shit coins” that will be added to our portfolios. We know the struggle to track everything or have the right tools.  

To help traders like you, we’ve compiled this comprehensive DEX Screener review. Read on to discover how it can help you in crypto trading.

DEX Screener homepage.
DEX Screener homepage.


DEX Screener is a software tool for crypto traders to analyze various cryptocurrencies across decentralized exchanges. Here, you can track giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as projects not listed on major exchanges yet. 

Dex screeners give real-time data like prices, liquidity, market caps, and trading volumes. This data lets you make informed decisions and improve your trading strategies.

As best in class, we have chosen to use Dexscreener.com as it has the most comprehensive suite of features for our needs. 

Reasons for Popularity

What makes DEX Screener the top pick among users? Here are the main reasons for its popularity:

  • Vast Coverage: With DEX Screener, you don’t have to limit your search to well-known blockchains like Ethereum or Polygon. This tracking tool covers over 60 networks and over 20,000 coins. 
  • Customization Options: DEX Screener enables you to customize your search by many criteria. Tailor charts and arrange metrics as you see fit for a more comprehensive analysis.
  • Intuitive Interface: No need to be tech-savvy to use all the features of DEX Screener. With a user-friendly interface, you’ll quickly find the data you need.

What are Dex Screener’s Standout Features?

1. Dex Screener Charts

Finding the SHIB/SOL trading pair in DEX Screener.
Finding the SHIB/SOL trading pair in DEX Screener.

You’ll see the chart options available if you click on the token pair from the main page. Or, you can use the [Search] feature and enter the token, pair, or address that interests you. Once the chart loads, use the technical tools you like for in-depth analysis.

Check the data in the right sidebar for more detailed info on the selected tokens. You can see the price, liquidity, market cap, and other key indicators here.

Key metrics on the trading pair.
Key metrics on the trading pair.

Additionally, you can filter your search at the bottom of the page. Set up the [TYPE] filter to view buy or sell-only data. With the [USD] filter, you can specify the minimum and maximum USD amount. To tailor search results by maker, set up the [MAKER] filter.

Filtering information on the trading pair.
Filtering information on the trading pair.
Trends in DEX Screener.
Trends in DEX Screener.

The [Trends] section gives a detailed overview of how different trading pairs perform. Several customization options are available to you:

  • By trend type: Track value ups and downs, current listings, increased volume, and recent listings.
  • By platform: Select the network that interests you, whether Ethereum, Boba, or Elastos.
  • By timeframes: options include 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours. 

With these filters at hand, you can explore the crypto market, focusing on the trends that matter to you.

3. Gainers and Losers

Gainers and Losers in DEX Screener.
Gainers and Losers in DEX Screener.

Want to uncover the leaders and outsiders on this or that network? Then head down to the [Gainers and Losers] section.

In [Filters], you can further customize your search. Rank results in ascending or descending order and apply filters as needed. Tailor your search by criteria such as liquidity, pair age, Fully Diluted Valuation, and transactional data.

Customizing search results in DEX Screener.
Customizing search results in DEX Screener.

4. New Pairs

Discovering new trading pairs.
Discovering new trading pairs.

The [New Pairs] feature lets you discover the latest trading pairs added to dexes. In this section, you’ll find essential details like pair name, price, listing time, volume, and more. 

This tool may be particularly useful if you’re interested in emerging DeFi projects.

5. MultiCharts

Adding charts in the DEX Screener.
Adding charts in the DEX Screener.

Already found promising cryptocurrencies? Use the [MultiCharts] feature to customize your dashboard and have data on these assets handy.

With [MultiCharts], you can import up to 16 real-time charts powered by TradingView.

6. Watchlists

Managing watchlists.
Managing watchlists.

You can add them to your [Watchlist] to quickly access interesting trading pairs. You can create multiple lists and name them as you see fit. 

Once you do, you can find your lists in the left sidebar menu under the [Watchlist] section.

Viewing a watchlist in DEX Screener.
Viewing a watchlist in DEX Screener.

7. Price Alerts

Setting up alerts in DEX Screener.
Setting up alerts in DEX Screener.

Are you worried about missing critical price movements across assets that interest you? Set up alerts and never miss a thing anymore!

Click [Alerts] and choose between the following price-related events:

  • It exceeds the specified value;
  • It falls below the specified value;
  • It grows by more than a certain percentage within a specified period;
  • It drops by more than a certain percentage within a specified period.
Managing notifications.
Managing notifications.

8. Wallet Management

Trading on multiple exchanges? How about tracking your assets and trades in a single place?

DEX Screener’s wallet management feature enables you to do just that! Keep track of your portfolio, profits, and losses across networks and make data-driven decisions.

9. Mobile Version

DEX Screener on the App Store.
DEX Screener on the App Store.

Like most traders, you will check market data while staying in line or commuting. The mobile app allows you to access relevant data anytime. You can get the app on the App Store or Google Play, depending on your platform.

The mobile version doesn’t compromise functionality in any way. View dynamic charts, uncover trending pairs, and track your investments – all while on the go.

10. DEX Screener API

A screenshot of the  API page.
A screenshot of the API page.

If you’re all about coding, Dex Screener API might interest you. This programming interface enables developers to interact with its website and dataset. In the beta phase, it allows for 100 API requests per minute.

This API enables users to retrieve data on one or several pairs by address or network. Another use case is getting data on various cryptocurrencies or token pairs. Furthermore, you can effectively search DEX Screener’s data for specific queries. 

Why Use DEX Screener for Crypto Trading?

Many Blockchains and Coins

Our research of crypto screeners reveals that DEX Screener is the champion in the number of supported blockchains. It covers over 60 networks and provides relevant data on popular and lesser-known blockchains.

You won’t be short of investment options with thousands of coins and token pairs supported.

Real-Time Data

As a trader, you know how swiftly forces can change in the crypto market. DEX Screener equips you with up-to-date information to back your investment decisions. Track relevant data on emerging trends, top trading pairs, price movements, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Packed with tons of useful features, DEX Screener has all you need for a comprehensive analysis. Pull data from public sources and customize your dashboard as needed. View charts and technical indicators for a better visual representation.

Free To Use

Now, the sweetest part: DEX Screener is completely free to use! Furthermore, you don’t even have to register to access all its features. Such accessibility makes DEX Screener a top pick among traders.


To dispel any security concerns, we can say for sure that DEX Screener is safe to use. No personal data is at risk because you don’t have to create an account and share your details. Furthermore, DEX Screener doesn’t store your assets, so you don’t have to worry about cyber thefts. 

On top of that, the website employs robust security measures such as the latest encryption protocols.

What Other DEX Screeners Can I Use?


Homepage of DexGuru.
Homepage of DexGuru.

DexGuru is a two-in-one solution to track on-chain data and trade digital assets. Although DEX Screener’s selection is still wider, it supports a range of blockchains and tokens.

On top of that, DexGuru stands out for its sleek design and user-friendly interface.

For trades executed via Dex Guru, you’ll have to pay fees. The fee size will vary depending on market conditions and the tokens traded.


Homepage of DEXTools.
Homepage of DEXTools.

DEXTools is another DEX tracking platform with both free and paid versions. With a free version, you can track new pools on dexes, token pairs, whale transactions, and more.

Upgrading to the paid version or acquiring $DEXT tokens enables you to unlock extra perks. Premium features include ads-free access, more hot pairs to track, and an extended favorites list.


DEXView homepage.
DEXView homepage.

Compared to DEX Screener, DEXView covers a modest selection of networks. Other than that, DEXView provides most of the features that other tracking tools do. The interface is pretty similar to that of DEX Screener.

PinkSale Finance, the DEXView platform developer, has recently introduced the DEXView Sniper Bot. Thanks to automation, this bot lets you complete your buy orders quickly.

DEX Screener – Our Verdict

For all crypto enthusiasts, DEX Screener is a great tool to track DEX data. It outshines other trackers by the number of blockchains, tokens, and token pairs covered.

Search customization allows you to analyze data from different angles, focusing on indicators that matter to you. Charts and technicals will help you dig deeper into your preferred DEXs and tokens.

Perhaps the greatest thing about DEX Screener is accessibility. There is no need to spend a fortune or go through difficult procedures to access its features. All this treasure trove of data is available to anyone for free and without registration.

Now, where does DEX Screener fall short? Contrary to alternatives, you can’t execute trades within the app. Its primary goal is to aggregate data on decentralized exchanges.

So, whether this tool is right for you depends on your goals as a user. If you want to improve your trading strategies and don’t need trading features, DEX Screener is a must-try!