What are ADA NFT Drops? Next NFT Projects on Cardano in 2024

What are ADA NFT Drops


  • ADA NFT Drops are scheduled events to release new NFT projects based on the Cardano blockchain.
  • To participate, have a Cardano wallet ready with ADA tokens and follow the specific instructions on the project’s official website. 
  • Some of the upcoming ADA NFT Drops include Wild Tangz Series 2, Cardano Lands, and Alpha X Society

If you want to get into the NFT action on the Cardano Blockchain, you may have heard of ADA NFT Drops. Then, you must understand what ADA NFT Drops are and why so many people are buzzing about the NFT landscape. 

What are ADA NFT Drops?

ADA NFT Drops are the scheduled launch events of different NFTs. They are a great way to discover and support amazing digital artists and creators on Cardano’s sustainable blockchain solution. 

They also offer an opportunity to own some rare and valuable pieces of digital art that can be appreciated over time. These NFT Drops provide prior access to limited edition NFTs for an exclusive period. 

How Big is The Cardano Blockchain?

Cardano is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap and is positioned as an alternative to Ethereum. Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Cardano, is also a co-founder of Ethereum. 

Cardano network Home Page
Cardano Network Home Page.

Hoskinson believed the widely used proof-of-work consensus algorithms required too much computing power and energy. The Cardano team thus developed the blockchain platform through proof-of-stake consensus algorithms.

This has led to Cardano becoming an environmentally friendly blockchain with massive scaling capabilities. Furthermore, this platform is based on an evidence-based approach in developing its blockchain architecture. 

Upcoming ADA NFT Drops

Some of the upcoming ADA NFT Drops that are set to release soon in the NFT world include

Cardano Lands

Futuristic Cardano Lands with blockchain motifs.
Futuristic Cardano Lands with blockchain motifs.

Cardano Lands is a platform where you can stake NFTs from other collections and earn rewards. Users will be able to invent their own elements and trade them within their Metalab.

They are also developing Web3 tools, positioning themselves as the first NFT DeFi platform. Users are patiently awaiting their release on January 1, 2024, since it will have tools for them to build their brand and audience. 

Wild Tangz Series 

Unique Hand-Drawn Orangutans with Digital Minting Features.
Unique Hand-Drawn Orangutans with Digital Minting Features.

Wild Tangz features hand-drawn and unique orangutans. These digital assets are open source and allow their owners to mint services and mobile apps. 

The artist and developer of the concept goes by the pseudonym ‘iOddestHumanDad’ and has a background in developing large-scale enterprise software and AI systems. 

After the success of Wild Tangz Series 1, which was sold out, the team is focused on Wild Tangz Series 2 for their community. This is set to conduct its NFT Drop between January 15, 2024, and January 22, 2024. 

Their project aims to provide priority and discounts to existing Wild Tangz holders along with providing an out-of-the-box upgrade from their Series 1. 

Alpha X Society

Verified Projects on the Cardano Network.
Verified Projects on the Cardano Network.

Alpha X Society is an association of doxxed projects within the Cardano blockchain. They want to launch NFTs that stand out from the crowd since they believe many projects are cloned without originality. 

Alphas, members of this association, actively focus on building a community that shares their values. They have mentioned that their upcoming NFT Drop shall start on January 1, 2024, and end on January 8, 2024. 

How To Get New ADA NFT Drops?

Now that we have discovered the potential that ADA NFT Drops have, let’s discuss some of the ways to get new ADA NFT Drops: 

Participate in the launch day for Minting

NFT Drops usually have a pre-determined date and time for minting. 

The first step would be to join a list for access, which can be done through pre-registration on the project’s website. Then, set up a Cardano wallet compatible with the NFTs and trade for ADA coins. 

Some of the well-known platforms for minting NFTs include NMKR Studio or C-NFTAgency

You will first receive a notification from them with an address and the total ADA to send from your wallet. Once the payment is sent, the digital art will be sent to you within 24 hours!

NMKR Studio listing NFT Projects.
NMKR Studio listing NFT Projects.

Purchase from the secondary market

The pool of NFT buyers has been gradually growing year over year, leading to high demand during NFT Drops. A case in point is the NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen’s NFT collection, which sold 1000 digital art pieces within 77 seconds. 

This is why missing out on the artwork you were eagerly waiting to acquire during an NFT Drop is not uncommon. Luckily, we can buy ADA NFTs on secondary marketplaces such as Tokhun.io based on price, popularity, and rarity. 

Start your own project

Creating your own NFTs may be the best way to make the most out of the NFT space if you are a creator or artist. 

Platforms like NMKR Studio assist in the entire process of creating an NFT. Plus, you can set your own prices and royalties, too. 

Keep in mind that creating your first NFT on the Cardano blockchain will require you to purchase ADA from your wallet first. Once your project is up and running, promote it and list it on platforms such as Tokhun.io. 

Recent Successful ADA NFT Drops

The first Cardano blockchain-based digital art was CardanoKidz, which launched in 2021 and honored the heroes of the Cardano community. They did an NFT Drop called ‘Kids TEST NFT’ with all NFTs later being sold out. 

CardanoKidz, the very first ADA NFTs collection.
CardanoKidz, the very first ADA NFTs collection.

This showcased the potential that Cardano holds in the Cardano ecosystem. 

Since then, there have been numerous successful Cardano NFT Drops. Some of the notable ones are: 

Chronos NFT

ADA-based Chronos NFT.
ADA-based Chronos NFT.

Chronos NFT made its launch on May 12, 2023. Their main motto is to grant people ownership of one day of history. Many users were receptive to preserving historical moments through their NFT collection. 

IOTA Robot Club Apes

NFTs of IOTA robot club apes.
NFTs of IOTA robot club apes.

IOTA Robot Club Apes is a Cardano NFT that has experimented with combining one of the most popular NFT themes, apes, and futuristic robotic technology. Their Cardano NFT project, IOTA Robot Club Apes-METAVERSE, was launched on May 19, 2023. 

Bombers by Crashr

 Crashr NFT Collection by Bombers.
Crashr NFT Collection by Bombers.

Bombers by Crashr featured the innovative approach of hand-drawn NFTs that focused on the most primal values of internet culture through the NFT space. This NFT is designed for the Crashr brand community to revolutionize NFT trading through social interactions.