What Is Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance)

UBA - Universal Basic Asset


  • Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance) is a modern financial ecosystem for easy crypto mining and innovative Web3 app development.
  • UBA Finance’s equal mining access and DeFi app prospects could raise UBA token value. However, it is currently exclusive to mining and not yet on the main network.

Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance) is a game-changing project that focuses on providing equal access to capital for all users by reimagining cryptocurrency mining. But is UBA, its governance token, a worthwhile investment? 

In this guide, we’ll cover the whole concept of UBA Finance, understand its core principles, and explore the key components of the UBA ecosystem. 

We’ll also discuss the Universal Basic Asset token, the mining process, and its prospects.

Understanding Universal Basic Asset

The Universal Basic Asset homepage
The Universal Basic Asset homepage | Source: Bitcoinist

The Idea Behind Universal Basic Asset 

Universal Basic Asset introduces equity mining power to tackle inequality and provide fair access to digital capital. Accessible from any device, whether a computer or a smartphone, UBA Finance allows users to accumulate digital assets by mining UBA. 

There’s no need to install any app to begin mining; the Universal Basic Asset app functions within any device’s browser.

In the UBA ecosystem, each user gets an equal chance to engage in crypto mining, regardless of their initial investment size or computing power.

Standout Features of UBA Finance

The most outstanding features of Universal Basic Asset include:

  • On-Chain Transformation: UBA employs its network rating and analysis mechanism to migrate off-chain user relationships to the blockchain to analyze users accurately.
  • Ecosystem Support: Using the UBA user relationship network, UBA helps developers create high-quality ecological projects such as social platforms and chat software.
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof Privacy: UBA uses zero-knowledge proof to create a user data privacy layer, enabling members to verify their identity and identity tags’ validity without exposing their data on the chain.
  • SocialFi Developer Advantage: SocialFi developers can access UBA’s vast user base, bypassing the challenges of initial user acquisition and concentrating on development.
  • GameFi Developer Opportunities: GameFi developers utilize the UBA network and user labeling functions to execute tailored product activities.

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Key Components of the UBA Ecosystem

UBA Token

The UBA token is the project’s governance token that supports the ecosystem’s development. As a UBA holder, you can:

  • Participate in community voting starting in Q2 2023.
  • Influence the future direction of the Universal Basic Asset.
  • Contribute to the development of high-quality projects built within the network.
  • Benefit from joining UBA in the early stage, potentially capitalizing on future value growth.

UBA Ticket

The UBA Ticket is another token on the platform that is distributed based on users’ online activity. Each year, it experiences a 25% reduction in output. Miners can use UBA Tickets for various purposes, such as:

  • Exchanging for Ticket Quota or Universal Basic Asset tokens
  • NFT upgrades and synthesis
  • Pledging to enhance user and team-level coefficients


UBA NFTs represent user identities within the ecosystem. Currently, there are two types of NFTs – UBA Crypto Trader and UBA Influencer 3D Avatar, both present in markets like Binance NFT and OKX NFT. 

Holders of these NFTs can reap the following benefits: 

  • Greater mining coefficients
  • Governance voting rights
  • Access to the NFT mining pool
NTF mining on UBA
NTF mining on UBA.


SUBA (NFT) serves as a unique user identity verification within the UBA network, offering rights and privileges similar to UBA NFT. It is non-transferable, meaning each user can have only one. 

SUBA has five tiers determined by factors like the user’s online time and registration date. Higher SUBA levels grant access to increased UBA Airdrops.

Use Cases of UBA Finance

Designed to provide individuals with equitable access to income-generating assets, Universal Basic Asset has the following potential applications:

  • Housing and Land: Offering access to land for housing, agriculture, and recreation.
  • Intellectual Property: Allocating a share of royalties from patents, copyrights, and trademarks to individuals.
  • Digital Economy: Distributing a portion of digital platform profits.

What is the UBA Token?

The Universal Basic Asset token is the native currency of UBA, which is obtainable through mining only. For now, you cannot buy UBA through crypto exchanges. By actively engaging in computing power mining, users are contributing to the project’s growth and sustainability.

The maximum circulating supply of UBA is set at one billion tokens. This scarcity element can potentially drive significant UBA value growth as demand increases.

Mining UBA

A Fair Mining Process

Universal Basic Asset promotes fairness in cryptocurrency mining. It doesn’t discriminate based on the size of your initial investment or computing power, making mining accessible to a broader audience. 

With the concept of equity mining power, 10% of UBA output is equally distributed among all miners throughout the entire mining span.

A screenshot from the Universal Basic Asset website
A screenshot from the Universal Basic Asset website

Increasingly Accruing Rewards

When mining UBA, monetary rewards increase over time, motivating users to return for more. Miners can also form teams by inviting friends to join the platform. By teaming up, users can gain additional mining power and score 10% of each other’s mining yields extra.

How To Mine UBA Tokens?

Mining UBA tokens doesn’t require expensive or energy-consuming hardware. Any internet-connected device, whether a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet, is sufficient. There’s no need to install software; the mining interface works well in any device’s browser.

Let’s break down the entire process step by step.

Step 1: Create an Account

Head down to the official Universal Basic Asset website and click [Log In] in the top right corner of the page. 

The Log in button on the UBA website
The login button on the UBA website.

On the next screen, click the [Sign up] button and enter your email to begin the registration process.

Signing up for UBA Finance
Signing up for UBA Finance.

After a successful sign-up, you’ll see your mining quota displayed in the right sidebar. Remember that this quota may decrease over time, so it makes sense to start mining promptly.

UBA Ticket Quota displayed in the UBA account
UBA Ticket Quota displayed in the UBA account

Step 2: Initiate Mining UBA

Once you set up your account, select the [Mine] option in the left sidebar menu. Click the [Start] button from there, and watch your UBA mining progress.

Initiating mining on UBA Finance
Initiating mining on UBA Finance

You can choose to pause the process, or you can leave the webpage open on your device to continue mining. 

Pausing the process of UBA mining
Pausing the process of UBA mining

Step 3. Replenish Your Ticket Quota as Needed

Your participation in free mining is tied to your Ticket Quota. Once your quota is depleted, mining will pause until you acquire more.

You can replenish your Ticket Quota by inviting friends to join UBA via your referral link or connecting your wallet address. More ways to earn Ticket Quota will be introduced in the future.

Getting additional Ticket Quota for mining UBA
Getting additional Ticket Quota for mining UBA

Step 4. Withdraw Universal Basic Asset (UBA)

Click the [Harvest] button beneath your mining progress diagram to withdraw your mined UBA tokens.

Withdrawing UBA tokens mined
Withdrawing UBA tokens mined

The Future Prospects of UBA Finance

UBA Roadmap

UBA Finance has ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond, instilling confidence in early adopters. These plans include:

  • Launching DAO governance, community voting, and node elections
  • Expanding and enhancing the ecosystem’s applications
  • Empowering SUBA holders to engage in ecological projects and receive rewards

Growth Potential of UBA Finance

With its unique approach, UBA Finance offers significant growth potential in the crypto landscape. Some of the platform’s features fueling its further expansion include:

  • Equal opportunities for everyone to experience online mining and generate income from it
  • A motivational system where monetary rewards increasingly accrue over time
  • Exciting prospects for Web3 developers to leverage UBA’s extensive user base and relationships
  • Limited maximum circulation, contributing to the potential appreciation of UBA


Universal Basic Asset is a unique project that aims to make capital in the digital form accessible to everyone. With equal access to online mining, a motivational reward system, and opportunities for Web3 developers, UBA Finance has significant growth potential.

UBA Finance, currently available for mining, can potentially become an attractive prospect after it hits the main network. But, as with any emerging project, research and caution are vital.