9 Top Web3 Job Boards for Your Next Career Move in 2023

Top Web3 Jobs


Are you wondering how to land the perfect crypto job? In this guide, we’ll break down the top 10 Web3 job boards to boost your career:

  1. Web3 Career
  2. Cryptocurrency Jobs
  3. UseWeb3 Jobs
  4. Remote3
  5. CryptoJobList
  6. CryptoJobs.com 
  7. RemoteOK
  8. AngelList Talent
  9. Crypto.Jobs

The Web3 market is set to grow from $3.34 billion in 2022 to $49.1 billion in 2030. This equals a yearly growth of 46.7%, demonstrating the opportunities that Web3 can provide for employment opportunities worldwide. 

We understand the challenges of securing a job, so our experts, who are experienced in both the hiring and employment aspects of the Web3 job market, have carefully selected the top 9 Web3 job boards for you.

Maybe there is a bonus that you were not fully aware of at the end of the article. Lets dig in!

The 9 Best Web3 Job Boards 

Here are the top websites to hunt for crypto jobs: 

1. Web3 Career

Web3 Career
Web3 Career job board lists.

Our top pick is Web3 Career, a job board with some of the highest-paid jobs in Web3. They have a comprehensive list of blockchain jobs categorized by salary, location, and skills. Currently, there are around 36,000 blockchain vacancies of 6330 projects, which shows the size of their platform.

These vacancies are beyond blockchain developer roles and include opportunities as a community manager, project manager, product manager, finance, and data scientist.

Additionally, dedicated sections for learning and internships make it an excellent choice for newcomers who want to enter the blockchain space. The website has an authentic design too, that is easy to navigate and intuitive. 

Their list of features and the large user base is why companies such as Ripple, Consensys, Stripe, and Uniswap have chosen this platform to hire Web3 talent.

Pricing: A single job post starts at $356. However, the cost can increase to a maximum of $853 depending on when the job post will be sticky at the top of the website, adding a logo and highlighting custom brand colors.

2. Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs
Find exciting cryptocurrency jobs.

Top blockchain companies like Polygon, Chainlink, Consensys, and Ethereum Foundation have trusted Cryptocurrency Jobs for their Web3 hiring needs. It is popular for finding exciting cryptocurrency jobs in some of the most well-known Web3 companies and offers vacancies in many roles, both tech and non-tech. 

With a very easy-to-navigate, clutter-free design and job alert options based on personalized filters, this website can be an ideal place for Web3 jobs. 

Pricing: Starts at $299 with the job post being live for 30 days and with top placement on the front page. Additionally, there is a 20% discount on multiple job posts.

3. UseWeb3 Jobs

UseWeb3 Jobs
Web3 Code Challenges offers tutorials.

The website UseWeb3 Jobs may seem simple with its minimal design, but its unique features can be highly valuable for talented Web3 individuals. 

For instance, a feature called Web3 Code Challenges provides interactive game tutorials to quickly learn all the basics of Web3 in a fun way. 

The cool option is also to apply for funds through their Web3 Grants and Support program, which helps candidates build their projects and tools. 

4. Remote3

Top Web3 jobs in blockchain.

For job seekers looking for remote Web3 jobs, Remote3 provides a top Web3 job list on different areas such as blockchain, smart contracts, and NFT. Some leading Web3 companies use Remote3, including Protocol Labs, Status, and Syndica.

A unique feature of this job board is that job seekers can create their profiles and share their portfolios. Thus, job seekers and companies can also approach job seekers directly. 

To avoid overwhelm, the Remote3 team has emphasized a good filtering system, which helps to personalize job suggestions based on the specific requirements of the candidate.

Pricing: Remote3 has an affordable cost structure starting at just $199 with add-ons available. For instance, the total cost for a job post featured on the front page is $299, while an additional custom brand color add-on totals $349.

5. CryptoJobsList

CryptoJobsList features Web3 opportunities.

Another compact yet effective Web3 job board is CryptoJobsList. Their salaries section contains detailed insights on Web3 pay, which is especially helpful before negotiating compensation. 

For instance, as of writing this post, a key insight from their website is that the average crypto salary for finance professionals globally is currently $89,887 annually.

They also provide a newsletter with action-packed insights and bots to send personalized Web3 opportunities to fast-track finding the right company. 

Pricing: This job board has a dynamic pricing structure where the company can start at a $69 budget up to $2569. For example, the $69 budget helps the job to be 49th on the list while $2569 helps to be 1st on the list. Furthermore, based on the price, there are differences in the total number of users reached.

6. CryptoJobs

Connecting talents with Web3 opportunities.

CryptoJobs is a good option for job seekers who want to explore cryptocurrency jobs in software engineering. 

Interesting jobs related to skills such as market price prediction, compliance knowledge, and community management are present, too. 

There is also a good distribution of jobs in Web3 in different world locations. 

Pricing: CryptoJobs provides tier-based pricing that starts at $40 for 7 days. They also have a premium plan where the highest value job package is $125 for 30 days validity and 30 times more applicants than their other offerings.

7. RemoteOK 

RemoteOK offers remote job listings.

With over a million monthly viewers, RemoteOK is among the top destinations online to find a remote job. 

This includes top Web3 jobs, too, with many Fortune 500 companies hiring talent on the platform, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Shopify. 

This includes top Web3 jobs, too, with many Fortune 500 companies hiring talent on the platform, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Shopify. 

Being an early mover specializing in Remote work, they have partnered with SafetyWing to offer reasonable health insurance catering to the needs of freelancers and remote workers. 

Pricing: Similar to the platform Web3 Career, RemoteOK has a pricing structure dependent on several add-ons. The most affordable option starts at $269, while the standard option they recommend is $580.

RemoteOK also has the unique feature of predicting the amount of reach and clicks the package offers. For instance, one of their most expensive offerings is priced at $1522 and is expected to gain around 30,000 views and 3450 clicks.

8. Wellfound

Wellfound connects with startup founders.

Formerly known as AngelList Talent, Wellfound is known for its focus on startups. 

As a result, Web3 job seekers should consider the platform as the entire crypto space is up and coming with startups. Additionally, there are emerging Web3 companies posting their crypto jobs on the platform, including TipTop, Warbler Labs, and Improbable.

Its one-click apply feature, the ability to connect directly with startup founders, and salary transparency up front make it unique. 

Pricing: Wellfound offers a free option to get started with the platform to post jobs and review applicants. Yet, their RecruitPro subscription starts at $499 per month to unlock the platform’s full potential, including advanced search filters, pitch templates, and instant scheduling.

9. Crypto.Jobs

The website features global crypto events.

Over 3000 startups have used Crypto.Jobs to find their ideal candidate. 

For job seekers looking for Web3 companies just emerging from the shadows, the website provides opportunities to apply for their positions. 

The website also shows all the major crypto events happening worldwide to network in person. 

Pricing: The cost per job posting starts at $249, along with add-ons available with features such as adding the company logo, highlighting in yellow, and duration for being sticky at the top.

10. Bonus – Linkedin

LinkedIn connects a billion users for Web3 jobs.

With over 67 million companies listed on Linkedin, it’s a no-brainer to look into opportunities in the platform. 

The fact that the platform have over 1 billion users helps job seekers connect with the relevant people who can help them get their dream Web3 job. 

Furthermore, going through a company’s profile can help identify the firm’s direction and whether you, as a candidate, would be a good fit. 

Pricing: Though it is free to post a job on Linkedin, they have created their talent solutions, including Recruiter Lite, priced at $170 per month. LinkedIn Recruiter is priced at $825 per month, and Recruiter Corporates is priced at $1080 per month.

Tips for a Successful Job Search in Web3

There are exciting opportunities in Web3 but high competition, too. For instance, there are 19,300 blockchain developers as of October 2023. 

Here are some tips to successfully complete the job search in Web3: 

Tailoring your resume and cover letter for Web3

Since many crypto job list platforms utilize the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a generic resume may lead to inadequate results. 

Thus, focus on customizing the application details according to the specific blockchain jobs. 

Showcasing your skills in blockchain

Attach a link to your portfolio and past projects to get ahead of the competition since it will help the recruiters understand your skills and experience. 

Furthermore, by emphasizing projects specific to blockchain or smart contracts, you will increase your odds of progressing to the next round of the process. 

Preparing for Web3 job interviews

82% of companies use some form of pre-employment assessment tests. 

Once you get responses from the applications, preparing for interviews and practicing technical assessments relevant to your skills is important. 

Top Web3 Job Boards: Conclusion

Though the bearish trend of crypto and the collapse of some major crypto companies caused a fallback for the ecosystem, the crypto space has high growth potential. 

In the first quarter of 2023 alone, a total of $814 million was raised by 108 Web3 startups

Overall, the 10 top Web3 job boards in this article are great platforms to start the job hunting process for your dream job. Best of luck!