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    Real World / The War Room

Our Andrew Tate Review

Andrew Tate is an internet sensation with an estimated net worth of around $380 million as of 2023. He has gained an online following of 11M+, particularly among the younger demographic, and is well-known for his influence in wealth generation and cryptocurrency.

  • Net worth of around $380 million.

  • Influence in wealth generation and cryptocurrency

  • 11+ million followers.

  • Charged for human trafficking.


  • Andrew Tate is known for his online entrepreneurship and influence in crypto.
  • He is estimated to have a net worth of $380 million, driven by various income sources, including Bitcoin holdings.
  • He has 11 million+ followers on X and Rumble, particularly among the youth.
Andrew Tate is a social media influencer with 11 million+ followers.
Andrew Tate is a social media influencer | Source:
FounderThe Real World and The War Room
Net Worth$380 Million
Followers11 Million+
Crypto Holdings21 BTC (~700K)
Assets ClassesStartups, Foreign Ventures, Bitcoin, Cars
Notable Super CarsBugatti Chiron, Aston Martin Valhalla, Rolls-Royce Wraith
Date of Birth1st December 1986

Social Media

X: ​​8.2 Million (@Cobratate)

Rumble: 1.68 Million (@TateSpeechByAndrewTate)

Youtube: 411K (@therealworldpIatform)

Instagram: 633K (@therealworldplatform)


Who is Andrew Tate?

Born in Chicago, USA, in 1986, Andrew Tate came from humble beginnings. After the divorce of his parents when he was five years old, he moved with his mother and siblings to Luton, UK. He stayed in government-funded housing and grew up in a rough neighborhood into adulthood.

At 19, Tate turned pro as a kickboxer and went on to win 76 fights and earn four world championships. He also had a short-lived but successful career in mixed martial arts.

Since rising to fame as a 4x world champion kickboxer, Tate is a name you barely miss if you’re on social media. He has been ranked one of the most Googled personalities in 2022.

Known for his flashy jet-setting lifestyle, casual purchases of luxury watches, and rare Bugatti supercars, his main selling point is to teach younger guys to be alpha males, successful, and financially rich.

Andrew Tate was among most googled personalities in 2022.
Andrew Tate was among the most googled personalities in 2022 | Source:

What are Andrew Tate’s Achievements?

Real World & War room

Andrew Tate’s biggest asset lies in his following, gained mostly through his unconventional viewpoints and impact on youth. 

With a focus on financial education in cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and freelancing, Tate established Hustlers University (now known as the Real World) in 2021.

Since its launch, it has attracted over 200,000 enrolled students who pay $49.99 monthly to access courses. That means he is making $10,000,000/month on his subscribers. Interestingly, the platform has also accepted crypto payments, receiving almost $2.5 million in digital assets in 2022.  

The program has generated many success stories in crypto investing and DeFi, thanks to highly qualified instructors like Silard and Adam.

Influence on crypto

Andrew Tate is no ordinary crypto investor and is a prominent Bitcoin bull known for turning a modest $600,000 investment into $12 million in 2020. Together with Tristan Tate (his younger brother), they had a total of 21 Bitcoins that were confiscated during their arrest in 2023 (~$730K).

Tate has established a reputation and relevance in the cryptocurrency industry. He was also seen attending podcasts by Anthony Pompliano and Laya Heilpern. The Altcoin Daily channel praised him for encouraging millions to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and use it for cross-border payment.

Andrew Tate was also seen exchanging conversations with the Bitcoin enthusiast and cofounder of MicroStrategy (Michael Saylor). They compliment each other on their thoughts about Fiat currency and how Bitcoin is an unbreakable force.

The influencer has also been accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for his courses “Hustler’s University” and “The War Room,” which also accepts payments.

andrew tate after prison
After prison | Source:

What is Andrew Tate’s net worth?

As of 2023, Andrew Tate has built a combined net worth of $380 million. This started initially with his successful webcam studio business. However, his entrepreneurial ventures don’t stop there. 

He operates several profitable companies, including a Romanian casino empire, The War Room, and The Real World. Tate’s internet sensation and his kickboxer world champion past have helped him make respectable amounts of money.

Alongside his companies, Andrew Tate has also racked up huge profits from his early Bitcoin investments. Despite value fluctuations since Bitcoin’s inception, investors like Andrew Tate have profited by holding onto it and reportedly made $12 million (unconfirmed reports). 

Andrew Tate has also got a supreme taste in cars, and his 33-cars collection is estimated to be worth over $8 million, includes:

  • A Custom Copper Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport  ($5.2 million).
  • Two Ferrari 812 Competiziones ($2.4 million).
  • An Aston Martin Valhalla ($800K).
  • A Rolls-Royce Wraith ($550K).


Tate is among the people who have used their net worth for charities, too. In 2022, he donated $1 million based on the number of likes on a post that supported women facing domestic violence. 

During his time in prison, he pledged $100 million to establish a charity to help men facing false accusations. After being released from prison, Tate partnered with a Muslim organization Global Helping Hands, and donated $25 million to charity that year. 

Besides that, the influencer’s compassion is evident in his generous donations, including the most recent $200K to Palestinian civilians. Plus, he claims to have rebuilt a Romanian shelter home.

Andre tate bugatti
Andrew Tates’s famous Bugatti | Source:


Tate has been popular with the mainstream social media platforms with his Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram channels. He is a master orator who provokes the kind of LGBTQ community, flaunts “brokies” with his lavish lifestyle, and has a contrarian opinion of the mainstream media he calls the “matrix.”

Tate faced bans on Facebook and Instagram in August 2022 for violating Meta’s policies on “dangerous individuals.” He had 4.7 million Instagram followers before his official account was removed.

Shortly afterward, in 2022, YouTube also banned him for violating hate speech rules. However, fan channels have since gained millions of views. TikTok banned him from having an account, but content under the hashtag #AndrewTate had received 13 billion views in 2022.

X also banned him briefly in 2017 for misogynistic comments, but his account was later reinstated after Elon Musk’s takeover.

Although Tate claims to have earned $12M from this crypto trading and his educational platform, critics accuse him of making money by promoting crypto betting sites.

Although he is not connected to them, some of the famous tokens pumped include the $MILF and $SLUTS tokens.

Tate’s controversies | Source:

The Rise or Fall

Though Andrew Tate’s ideologies are controversial, his success in online entrepreneurship and Bitcoin investments have showcased his business acumen. A net worth of $380 million makes one a well-rounded entrepreneur.

Interestingly, Tate and crypto degens have two things in common: their hate for centralized institutions for having too much control and their love for financial freedom. 

However, will his influence in crypto rise or fall? Well, that depends on people creating projects and Ponzi schemes that try to stamp his name for approval. However, he would not risk his reputation. Since he is a power figure for most men (most men are in crypto), he will have a stronger influence.

One thing is clear: his followers rally behind him and pay heed to his words. That’s why Tate will likely attract millions of young people towards cryptocurrency adoption.

Other Crypto Influencers

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