WAGMI in the Crypto World

WAGMI, short for “We’re All Gonna Make It,” represents a beacon of hope and assurance, particularly in the turbulent tides of the cryptocurrency market.

Not only does it inspire confidence during trying times, but its dual nature allows it to be wielded sarcastically, particularly to poke fun at overzealous influencers or overly optimistic price predictions.

wagmi pepe

Origins of WAGMI

Though WAGMI is a popular phrase in cryptocurrency circles, its roots trace back to a motivational message from the celebrated Russian-Australian bodybuilder Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian.

The term gained mainstream attention in 2021, thanks to Wallstreetbets (often referred to as WSB or /r/wallstreetbets).

This dynamic subreddit is a hub for enthusiasts to discuss high-risk, high-reward options and stock trades.

Recognized for their bold and speculative trading tactics, the WSB community was pivotal in transitioning the term from the fitness realm into the cryptocurrency culture.

Meme Stock and Crypto Communities Blend

In 2021, the /biz/ board on 4chan, related to the /fit/ community, started using catchphrases like WAGMI, much like WallStreetBets.

Their collaboration was evident during the WallStreetBets Gamestop event, with shared discussions and terms like WAGMI and NGMI.

This merge is evident in stories about crypto successes and failures, like a post by Redditor dewd546 on /r/Greentextstories in July 2021, which quickly earned over 900 upvotes.

WAGMI in Everyday Use

  1. “Hold onto your Bitcoin. Trust the process. WAGMI.”
  2. “Mainstream media predicts Bitcoin’s demise every other day. Same old tune. But remember, WAGMI, bro.”
  3. As the crypto market cycle nears its zenith, the accumulation phase is on the horizon. Keep faith, WAGMI.”