Understanding Regens

Regens is a term that plays on the word “degen,” which is a popular term in crypto communities, particularly among traders interested in risky decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

However, in regenerative finance (ReFi), Regen refers to a different segment of DeFi that focuses on using web3 tools, such as smart contracts, to introduce planet-positive markets.

These markets, such as carbon credits, are designed to change human behaviors while regenerating the planet positively.

Regens, similar to degens, actively participate in ReFi communities or invest in tokens that leverage blockchain technology to advance positive environmental impact.

Regens often purchase tokens that generate yield and can be utilized within the broader Web3 ecosystem.

By doing so, they contribute to funding public goods, primarily protecting the Earth.

The term emphasizes how crypto users can utilize blockchain technology for profit while benefiting from a secure, transparent, and open financial ecosystem dedicated to revitalizing the Earth and addressing climate and societal challenges.