Bottomshelf Bitcoin

Bottomshelf Bitcoin Podcast Summary

Bottomshelf Bitcoin, hosted by Josh Humphrey, was a crypto podcast dedicated to demystifying Bitcoin for a general audience. It skillfully simplified complex topics, making them easily understandable for those without a cryptography or computer science background. Through interviews with a diverse set of guests from the Bitcoin community, Humphrey explored a wide range of subjects, from technological innovations to Bitcoin’s cultural impact.

Bottomshelf Bitcoin

Aim and Content

The podcast’s mission was to provide accessible, engaging content on Bitcoin. It featured discussions on its history, technology, and broader implications, offering insights into the digital currency’s potential to influence various sectors. Guests included developers, authors, and thinkers, who shared their perspectives and experiences, contributing to a multifaceted view of Bitcoin.

Audience and Approach

Designed for both newcomers and seasoned Bitcoin enthusiasts, Bottomshelf Bitcoin stood out for its approachable content. The podcast broke down barriers to understanding, offering listeners a way to grasp the nuances of Bitcoin without needing expert knowledge. This approach made it a valuable educational resource.


Although the podcast ceased production in early 2022 without explicit reasons, it left behind a rich archive of episodes. These recordings continue to be a resource for anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin. Available on platforms like Podbean and Apple Podcasts, the podcast’s legacy endures, offering an accessible gateway to understanding Bitcoin’s complexities.