aNFT (Autonomous NFT)

What are Autonomous NFTs (aNFTs)?

Autonomous NFTs, or aNFTs, are non-fungible token that can initiate interactions with Web3 users and protocols without being prompted, allowing for complex and open-ended interactions that can be adapted to various use cases in the Web3 ecosystem.

Once set up with an initial transaction, aNFTs are self-contained and do not require human intervention.

Empowering Dynamic Gameplay and interactiveness

aNFTs can be programmed to perform a variety of actions, including transferring assets, acting as non-player characters in games, trading and making purchases, lending and borrowing, voting and sending messages, playing with or against users in games, performing off-chain actions based on off-chain events, and upgrading their logic.

One of the advantages of aNFTs is their ability to create more engaging gameplay through the use of NPCs.

These NPCs can act as friendly merchants or enemies to play against.

Introducing Autonomy Network’s Versatile Protocol for DeFi and NFTs

Autonomy Network is a decentralized automation protocol that enables any dApp to integrate automation features in a decentralized way.

It is protocol-agnostic and supports a wide range of use cases for DeFi and NFTs, including autonomous NFTs, limits and stop orders for DEXes, and recurring salary payments for DAOs.