22 Jun, 2023
lightbulb man nft project


Bjarne Melgaard is the creator of the LightbulbMan NFT project. The Lightbulb Man project utilizes blockchain technology to make art eternal. You don’t just own a Lightbulb Man NFT. It is linked to each individual through the Ethereum blockchain. That way, your art will be exclusive to your digital identity.

The collection includes 1025 unique artworks, each completely different from the others. Augmented reality was initially used to digitize the Lightbulb Man before integrating into the metaverse. Some of his outstanding work includes his WAT collection that complements the Lightbulb Man.

Bjarne Melgaard.
Bjarne Melgaard.

The infamous artist: Bjarne Melgaard

Bjarne Melgaard is a revolutionary artist many consider Norway’s most prominent after Edvard Munch. He is the creator of the Lightbulb Man and was born to Norwegian parents in Sydney, Australia. Still, he attended the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in his early days. Later, Bjarne Melgaard also studied at Jan Van Eyck Academie and Rijksakademie. He is based in New York City and is known for frequently reaching the art world’s boundaries.

Lightbulbman by Bjarne Melgaard.
Lightbulbman by Bjarne Melgaard.

Police have reported some of his works, and he has a well-known reputation as a paradigm disruptor. Melgaard’s early works consisted of expressive paintings and sculptures before he took to the tech scene. Now his artworks are revolutionalized into Non-Fungible Tokens. The pieces available in the Lightbulb Man project are limited. However, anyone can participate as the sale is entirely democratic.

Since Melgaard integrated his art into blockchain technology, all the works in the Lightbulb Man collection are forgery-proof. Hence, if you buy a piece of Lightbulb Man art, you will completely own the unique art. The Norwegian artist had his first-ever Lightbulb Man exhibition in Oslo. He has also had shows in Berlin and New York. The Lightbulb Man collection is based on Melgaard’s bronze Lightbulb Man sculpture in the National Norwegian Gallery.

The Lightbulb Man NFT Art

Bjarne Melgaard released 1025 unique art pieces in the Lightbulb Man project. Some of the lightbulb men share similarities in appearance. However, each Lightbulb Man is extraordinary with unique traits. The Lightbulb Men live in a virtual world on the blockchain called Skygge.

Bjarne Melgaard, known for his extraordinary artistic expression in paintings, handled the traits and colors of each Lightbulb Man. Every Lightbulb Man displays raw expressions and offers unique characteristics.

lightbulbman art
The Lightbulbman.

The Tech Rave

Melgaard celebrated the release of his famous collection at ‘The Tech Rave,’ a VR art party. The party featured many celebrities, including DJ Prins Thomas, DJ Lindstrom, and kink event U OK HUN. It took place in Decentraland. The entire event was live-streamed on a large screen in the Lightbulb Man metaverse set.

Individuals that attended the program were gifted a free collectible artwork designed by Melgaard for the event. Guests could redeem the piece Melgaard made by storing the POAP in their wallets. The tech rave featured techno music, 3D Lightbulb Men, and vivid colors.


Melgaard offers limited transformative merch to members of the Lightbulb Man community. The merch is exclusive to individuals holding Lightbulb Man NFTs. The artist granted holders access to his limited fashion store featuring some incredible designs. The artist also awarded 10 holders of LBM an exclusive physical piece of his art.

The WAT Collection

Melgaard’s WAT collection is also closely tied to the Lightbulb Man project. The WAT collection is the artist’s second drop, exploring substance use and its effects. In the metaverse, lightbulb men run on WATs. Individuals in the Lightbulb Man community can acquire WATs to get certain privileges.

If you own a WAT NFT, you can secure their Lightbulb Man twin. According to the creator, the Lightbulb Men rely on WATs to cope in the digital space called Skygge. You can also use the WAT from the community to get early access to sales and purchase entries for NFT token giveaways.

The Tech Behind The Lightbulb Man Project

The Lightbulb Man project runs on decentralized non-fungible token technology. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, securely store certificates on the Ethereum blockchain to maintain transparency. NFTs are unique and unalterable. That means every Lightbulb Man you purchase belongs solely to you on the blockchain.

Lightbulbman nft on opensea
LBM on Opensea.

Every Lightbulb Man NFT art is linked to the buyer, and only that person can access the NFT. Due to technological advancements, your digital ownership of the NFT will be verified automatically anytime you enter the blockchain. Once the sale closes, a random algorithm will spread all the Lightbulb Man NFT tokens across the blockchain.

When the tokens have been distributed, individuals can go through the complete Lightbulb Man collection and compare their pieces with others. All the Lightbulb Men are remarkable in their way. However, like every artist’s work, some are rarer than others. You can compare your Lightbulb Man with another in the collection to determine its rarity.


Art has always been a significant aspect of society, and the infamous Lightbulb Man project is an art project that integrates NFT technology. It is a collection of artworks created by Bjarne Melgaard that showcases unique characteristics. The Lightbulb Man is a step forward to make art eternal.

The project combines art and Ethereum blockchain technology to form a unique, transparent collection. Bjarne Melgaard has many other works, including the WAT collection, and has presented works at reputable art exhibitions in the metaverse and physically.