Bitsgap Review

26 April, 2023

Bitsgap is a trading bot that offers a comprehensive platform for users to trade digital assets on multiple exchanges from a single account. The bot automates trading strategies, provides real-time market analysis, and helps users make informed decisions by offering advanced technical indicators, charting tools, and other features.

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bitsgap review
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  • Fully automated bots that work 24/7.
  • Backtested ready-to-go strategies. 
  • No withdrawal fee. 
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation. 
  • 7-day free trial and a demo trading mode. 
  • The monthly subscription fee for using the platform. 
  • No mobile app to access Bitsgap through smartphones. 
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Bitsgap 2024 Review: The Best Crypto Trading Bot?


In this review, we’ll show you what Bitsgap trading bots are, take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Bitsgap platform, and help you determine if it’s the right choice.

Are you looking for an all-in-one crypto trading platform that can simplify the trading process and offer a wide range of options? Look no further than Bitsgap. Since its inception in 2017, Bitsgap has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the world of crypto trading.

Its user-friendly interface and advanced automation tools simplify the trading process, allowing users to easily trade across more than 30 global cryptocurrency exchanges, but that’s not all.

Bitsgap offers a range of other innovative solutions, such as portfolio management and arbitrage opportunities, making it a favorite among crypto traders.

Bitsgap crypto bots review.
Bitsgap crypto bots review.

Who Can Benefit From The Bitsgap Trading Platform? 

Bitsgap is marketed as an innovative solution for trading across multiple exchanges by locating the most favorable rates and efficiently managing your portfolio. With the platform, you can consolidate all these elements into a single account, easily accessed with just a few clicks.

The cloud-based trading platform has features that bring out the following benefits to all its users: 

  • Quickly compare rates across numerous digital currency markets
  • Instantly trade and switch between different exchanges
  • Monitor your investments with ease
  • Access both basic and advanced order types
  • Capitalize on price differences between exchanges through arbitrage opportunities.
  • Safely test your strategies using the demo account feature without risking real capital.

The fully automated trading bots on Bitsgap work with over 25 crypto exchanges, including Binance, BitFinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi,  Kraken, KuCoin, and many more. Since most of the exchanges supported by Bitsgap are available globally, it has also become a preferred trading platform among international users. 

Users benefit from the Bitsgap trading platform.
Users benefit from the Bitsgap trading platform.

International traders

Bitsgap is a widely used platform by traders who want to take advantage of trading bots, especially those who trade on KuCoin. This is because Bitsgap provides KuCoin trading bots.

Bitsgap has established itself as a major player in the cryptocurrency industry, attracting over 18 million visitors.

Its website traffic has grown by nearly 13% in the past month, and it notes a strong influx of visitors from Colombia and Belgium.

Furthermore, Bitsgap is chosen by over 500,000 traders worldwide, who have created 3,7 million trading bots, helping the company surpass $300 billion in total trading volume. 

Bitsgap provides traders with access to over 10,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs, as well as a variety of technical indicators, to help them formulate their strategies. 

The platform’s interface is optimized for ease of use and can be utilized by novice and experienced traders.

What Makes Bitsgap The Best Crypto Trading Bot? 

The advanced automation tools and trading terminal on Bitsgap provide traders with greater control and flexibility, allowing them to execute trades more efficiently and effectively. 

Bitsgap trading features.
Bitsgap trading features.

The smart trading features that allow Bitsgap to stand out among other trading bot platforms have been briefly discussed below: 

1. Interactive Trading Terminal 

Bitsgap has a sophisticated and easy to apprehend user interface. To give users a smooth trading experience, the exchange platform provides TradingView Charts, more than 100 technical indicators, and Customizable Charts. 

The Bitsgap trading terminal displays an interactive chart on the screen. Users have a clear view of their recent trades and open orders. Additionally, you can oversee your balance on your linked exchanges, evaluate the performance of various trading pairs, monitor any open positions, and review your trading history.

Advanced trading terminal.
Advanced trading terminal.

Bitsgap has implemented various smart trading orders to give users more control over cryptocurrency trading. You will find risk management tools under the smart trading option.

Risk management tools

  1. Limit Order: Traders can set a limit order instead of a market order. Limit orders are perfect for traders willing to tolerate the waiting period. You can set the buy and sell limit. The buy limit ensures you get a lower price than the predefined limit. Whereas the Sell limit ensures you get a higher price on the market. 
  2. TWAP: The Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) strategy is most effective for substantial orders that can substantially impact the market. The goal of TWAP is to reduce the effect of basket orders on the market.
  3. Shadow Order: It enables you to execute trades based on the exchange’s order book, fulfilling orders only when the designated price is reached. These orders are initiated through API instructions and are invisible to other traders.
  4. Stop Limit Orders: Under this order, trades are executed at a specified price, making them limit orders to purchase or sell at the set limit price. 
  5. Market Orders: It allows you to execute orders immediately at the most favorable market price
  6. Scaled: This innovative trading feature helps to prevent large-scale trades from encountering deteriorating prices. The technique involves breaking down the trade into smaller portions and executing them over time to secure a better average price when entering or exiting a position. A scale order involves executing multiple orders at various prices to minimize the market impact of a single large order.

2. Crypto Trading Bots 

The Bots page is where you can create and execute automated trading strategies based on trading volume. You can launch a bot by connecting to an exchange or perform a backtest to evaluate your strategy.

Three strategies are available for the crypto bots: SBot, Classic Bot, and Combo Bot. 

SBot is the most efficient one with higher returns. After choosing the trading strategy, you should choose the exchange, the pair, and the investment amount. 

Enabling the Trailing Up option will automatically move the grid up when the price increases and also move the stop-loss limit. 

Bitsgap bot trading.
Bitsgap bot trading.

3. Advanced Market Signals 

Signals are how Bitsgap keeps you informed of significant market fluctuations. You will be notified of any price deviations through these alerts.

You will be notified whenever there is a significant change in a cryptocurrency’s value. This feature will assist you in keeping track of all your trading pairs and enable you to take quick action if the market moves in your desired direction.

Bitsgap’s trading signals are extremely beneficial in assisting crypto traders in establishing appropriate stop-loss and take-profit orders to manage risk. You can personalize the criteria for a signal based on signal strength, increase percentage, exchange, and time. 

Bitsgap trading signals.
Bitsgap trading signals.

4. Backtesting

Bitsgap’s backtesting function optimizes the pre-set trading bots for rising and falling markets. The team employs machine learning techniques for creating trading strategies. They also examine historical data to enhance profitability and minimize associated risks. Traders can select any trading pairs based on their performance history and the returns generated by the advanced trading bots.

Advanced trading backtesting.

5. Bitsgap Portfolio 

The portfolio management feature of Bitsgap gives it an edge over trading bot platforms. Whenever you connect an exchange’s API key, your trade portfolios become accessible for you to use.

The portfolio lets you update your transactions, help access your crypto assets, and formulate a trading strategy based on your trading history.

It also shows your holdings, profits, and losses. It also displays the ROI for each asset and 30 days next to the total ROI.

6. My Exchange

In this section, you will see a consolidated view of all the exchanges you have linked to. You can link your exchanges by using the APIs provided by them.

It is important to ensure that you set up the access correctly so you can make trades directly from the Bitsgap platform.

7. Demo Trading Account 

Sign up for a free account, and you will discover a Demo Trading option in the website’s upper right-hand corner. This feature lets you switch your Bitsgap account to a Bitsgap demo account, making it an excellent choice for those just starting.

Start trading with Bitsgap crypto bots.
Start trading with Bitsgap crypto bots.

In a demo account, traders are provided with simulated funds to experiment with different trading strategies without the risk of losing money.

The demo mode lets users better understand the platform’s trading bots. 

Users can enjoy the following benefits using the demo crypto trading platform: 

  1. Acquire excess to 5 leading crypto exchanges. 
  2. Practice trading with 5 BTC in virtual funds. 
  3. Experience trading in live market conditions. 
  4. Try out signals. 
  5. Have a firsthand experience with active trading bots. 

How Bitsgap Find Anomalies Using Signals?

Bitsgap is a smart crypto trading platform. Advanced crypto trading bots on the platform can track and monitor the price movement of more than 10,000 crypto trading pairs. 

When a coin deviates from its typical pattern, Bitsgap will include it in the signals list. The platform also utilizes technical indicators to determine if a sudden change could be interpreted as a trading signal.


Bitsgap monitors cryptocurrency prices across multiple exchanges and highlights arbitrage opportunities. By taking advantage of these opportunities, traders can profit from crypto arbitrage.

With Bitsgap, you can easily search for different cryptocurrencies and allocate funds when executing an arbitrage trade.

Arbitrage smart trading features.
Arbitrage smart trading features.

Arbitrage may be unsuitable for novice cryptocurrency traders lacking experience and market knowledge. However, experienced traders will likely appreciate this feature offered by Bitsgap. It lists potential arbitrage opportunities across all supported crypto exchanges in a streamlined interface. 

To use this feature, users must have active and verified accounts on the relevant exchanges and have them linked to Bitsgap through API keys. Additionally, users should have sufficient funds on both exchanges to ensure that transaction fees don’t eat into their profits.

How Arbitrage Opportunities Are Calculated? 

Potential arbitrage deals are calculated based on the user’s account balance on the relevant exchanges, and users can choose to pursue either cryptocurrency or fiat arbitrage opportunities. 

Automated and AI-powered arbitrage bots like Bitsgap offer a significant advantage over manually monitoring the markets for arbitrage opportunities. With manual methods, these opportunities can quickly disappear before the user has time to take advantage of them through multiple clicks on different exchanges. With Bitsgap’s arbitrage feature, trades can be executed with just one click.

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Bitsgap Review: Five Active Trading Bots You Can Use On Bitsgap 

Cryptobot trading is the essence of the Bitsgap trading platform. The automated trading bots on Bitsgap make it different from other mainstream trading bot platforms. 

The high-frequency trading algorithm powering Bitsgap’s Automated Trading Bots allows you to maximize your returns 24/7, regardless of market trends.

Various bots follow distinct patterns and methods, allowing users to tap into a stream of trading revenue.

In this Bitsgap review, we will briefly explore the best active trading bots available on Bitsgap in the description below: 

1. Grid Trading Bots

The main objective of the Bitsgap grid bot is to allow players to make money from even slight price changes, whether they are going up or down.

When the market is inactive and lacks momentum, the grid bots can be a valuable tool for achieving continuous profits from slight price fluctuations. 

It enables the player to set up a grid and monitor the overall trend effortlessly.

The grid bot utilizes the volume-weighted average price of all trades and expresses profit as a percentage relative to this average.

Grid bot.
Grid bot.

The grid trading bot on Bitsgap is based on the following three strategies:

  • Flat: It’s ideal for when prices are moving sideways. The grid bot will establish a fixed grid of orders and continue executing trades if the prices remain within the specified range.
  • Buy The Dip: This grid bot will sell the base currency now and place an order grid that trails down, following the price while profiting with the base currency. 
  • Custom Grid: This allows traders to manually adjust the smart trade orders using their grid trading strategy. 

2. Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) Bot 

Bitsgab launched a DCA bot that assists users during bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions. This trading tool boasts various innovative features, including more precise entry and exit options, risk management options, and more.

The DCA bot provides users with a rapid and effective solution using the active trading bots technique. 

The DCA crypto trading bot also includes risk management tools that help you grow your trade positively. The tools included in the DCA bot are Trailing Stop, Drawdown Limit, and Risk Reduction. 

DCA bot.
DCA bot.

3. Futures Trading Bots 

Bitsgap futures bot is suitable for future trading. Futures traders can trade in either direction, with profits paid in USD.

The Bitsgap futures bot enables users to trade cryptocurrencies through various DCA orders and to realize profits arranged in a grid, regardless of whether the market is stable, increasing, or declining.

The futures bot allows you to bet on the futures market with a leverage position. You can adjust leverage tokens from 1× to 10×.

Bitsgab Futures bots also provide arbitrage opportunities, allowing users to execute trades on the short side and profit from declining prices.

The futures crypto trading bots can be used for trading from one of the two margin techniques.

  • Use a fixed investment size or,
  • Invest your entire exchange balance in the futures markets.
Futures trading.
Futures trading.

4. KuCoin Trading Bot

The Bitsgap trading platform differs from all other crypto trading platforms because it offers KuCoin trading bots.

The trading bots on KuCoin differ slightly from other trading bots. KuCoin’s trading bots stand out from other trading bots as they are exclusively supported on the platform and easily set up without needing external API connections to integrate with the exchange.

KuCoin trading bots make trading easy for a crypto trader. They provide an easy plug-and-play solution for traders allowing them to create their crypto trading bots using predefined rules and criteria.

You will find more than 10 million trading bots on KuCoin. Traders who don’t want to create their bots can utilize the pre-built bots.

Kucoin trading bot.
Kucoin trading bot.

5. Combo Bot

Bitsgap’s Combo Bot is designed for individuals who prefer utilizing futures contracts over direct crypto trading. This bot suits bullish and bearish market conditions and integrates dollar-cost averaging with grid-based algorithmic trading. It is a more assertive market strategy, as the bot will execute trades with every favorable market movement. 

Additionally, the Combo Bot has the potential to generate continuous returns by automatically setting grid and DCA levels as it operates.

Bitsgap Review: Is It Safe And Secure? 

At Bitsgap, the highest level of security is a top priority, utilizing advanced safety protocols and features that surpass industry standards.

The crypto trading platform follows the below-mentioned protocols to provide optimum security to its users:

  • To secure each Bitsgab account, they provide extra protection to all the funds. They use Hardware Security Keys/FIDO2 as a 2FA method.
  • Bitsgab does not have access to your funds and account.
  • Users’ cryptocurrency assets are kept securely at the exchanges and connected by the encrypted API keys.
  • At Bitsgap, all data transmitted to their servers undergo encryption through 2048-bit protocols and is safeguarded on a secure network guarded by a firewall.
Safe crypto bot.
Safe crypto bot.

Moreover, all login attempts are closely monitored for security, and in the event of an attempt from an unrecognized device or location, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification. To further enhance security, repeated unsuccessful login attempts may result in a temporary lockout from both the API and your account.

Bitsgap Pricing Review

Bitsgap has three subscription options, each with a complimentary 7-day trial period.

Pricing Bitsgap review.
Pricing Bitsgap review.

Free Plan – 7-day trial

The free plan at Bitsgap is a 7-day trial period that includes all standard features and a monthly trading limit of $1,000. Before opting for a paid subscription, you should take advantage of this trial period to fully comprehend how the platform operates.

Basic Plan – $29/month

The most affordable crypto plan Bitsgap offers is $29 per month. This plan includes unlimited access to smart orders and the ability to run two active GRID bots and 10 DCA bots.

The trading limit under this plan is $25000.

Advanced Plan – $44/month

The second subscription plan from Bitsgap costs $44 per month and offers all the benefits of the Basic plan, in addition to added features such as the Futures bot and the Trailing Up function for bots.

Pro Plan – $149/month

The third and most advanced subscription plan from Bitsgap costs $149 per month. It offers a range of advanced features, including the ability to run up to 20 active GRID bots, 10 DCA trading bots, access to the Futures bot, and the Trailing Up and Take Profits functions for bots.

Note that on the Bitsgap trading platform, there are no additional trading fees for trades, as the monthly subscription fee covers all services. Any transaction fees incurred are imposed by the specific exchange you conduct trades on.

For maximum savings, sign up for a 12-month subscription in advance and enjoy a 20% discount, regardless of the plan selected.

Trading Strategy – You Must Adopt With Bitsgap Trading Bot

Visit the official Bitsgap website to sign up. Registering with Bitsgap is quick and easy, as you can log in through Facebook or Google or sign up with a standard e-mail address form.

After logging in, you can connect the exchanges where you have funds using the standard API key integration process.

To begin trading using the Bitsgap bot, follow these three quick steps:

  • Create your user account.
  • Connect your exchange’s API.
  • Start trading.
Bitsgap account.
Bitsgap account.

Your exchange accounts provide the APIs necessary to use Bitsgap. All trades on the platform are conducted through a unique API key, providing a secure and reliable method of using it as it does not grant any unauthorized party access to your funds or information.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program

The Bitsgap affiliate program offers its users numerous online trading options to earn a profit. By attracting new traders to the platform through online marketing and generating revenue, the company rewards you with a percentage of the revenue earned. This program provides users with a convenient way to earn a passive income simply by promoting the trading services offered by Bitsgap.

When you introduce a new user who completes registration, they will be permanently linked to your account. The affiliate program’s calculations are performed in EUR, and payments are made in USDT (ERC-20) based on the exchange rate at the time of payment.

The minimum payout amount is €25, which will be paid to your online crypto wallet within five days.

Payment Methods Supported By Bitsgap 

Bitsgap provides several payment options for its customers to make deposits and withdrawals, making it easier to transfer funds. The availability of different payment options is a positive feature of the platform.

Bitsgap allows its users to do quick, fast,  and hassle-free trading. Bitsgap supports VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal as monthly payment methods. They also accept cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH,  BNB, and LTC. 

Bitsgap Customer Support 

Bitsgap has kept pace with other cryptocurrency bots by offering in-platform chat support, and their responses are prompt and helpful.

A “Knowledge Base” section is available at the bottom of the homepage. Here you can find answers to all your queries. The Bitsgap website is also quite informative. It provides information about different types of products, trading techniques, pricing, affiliate programs, payment methods, and much more. 

You can also contact the customer support team via e-mail. 

Bitsgap Customer Support 
Customer support.

Bitsgap Review: Final Verdict 

Bitsgap has many appealing features, such as its user-friendly interface, support for multiple exchanges, and various trading bots. Additionally, using the bots effectively can justify its subscription fees, and a free trial is available. It is an exceptional platform for those seeking to automate their trading process and benefit from comprehensive portfolio management. 

Overall Bitsgap is a secure platform for trading. Its automated trading algorithm is a standout feature that enables you to earn a stable income with minimal risk.

Bitsgap provides several ways to manage your trades, including a range of market orders and exit strategies.