18 Feb, 2024

12 Best Crypto for 2024 (June): Altcoin Surge!?

Suchet Dhindsa Salvesen
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Best Crypto guide

Every year, one crypto skyrockets and makes many investors overnight millionaires. If you’re seeking to find the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, you’ve found the right article. 

Here, we’ll deliver useful analyses of coins that show growth potential, technological innovation, and market robustness. We’ll go over established giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum and point out hidden altcoin gems that are gaining momentum.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin are considered market leaders, each with big events like Bitcoin’s halving and Ethereum’s EIP-4844 proposal offering potential investment opportunities.
  • Emerging altcoins like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) are gaining traction due to their unique innovations.
  • Diversification and understanding market trends and external factors like AI and evolving regulations are key crypto investment strategies.

The Best Crypto for 2024: What Should You Invest in?

A physical Bitcoin currency in front of market charts
Bitcoin in front of charts | Source: Cryptonomist

Established coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin are still the industry’s go-to investment choices. 

However, investors need to understand the reason behind these cryptocurrencies’ status rather than just following the crowd. Each coin has a unique value proposition, which sets the stage for its performance and role in your portfolio.

NameTokenMax SupplyAll-time High
Binance CoinBNB200.00M$686.31
Pepe CoinPEPE420.69T$0.0000004307
Numbers ProtocolNUM1.00B$2.52
Quantum Resistant LedgerQRL105.00M$4.17
Maker ProtocolMKR1,005,577$6,292.31

1. Bitcoin (BTC): The Reigning King of Crypto

Everyone knows Bitcoin. 

It’s the first and largest cryptocurrency and introduced blockchain technology to the world, paving the way for all altcoins. Bitcoin is less volatile, but its potential for significant growth should not be dismissed.

The scheduled Bitcoin halving event in April 2024 presents a ‘perfect storm’ for Bitcoin, perfect for investors looking for a solid investment. 

Although boring, BTC just can’t be a bad investment now. The anticipated halving and Bitcoin’s stable price-performance make it a trademark asset for any investor.

2. Ethereum (ETH): The Leading Smart Contract Platform

Many see the Ethereum network as Bitcoin’s younger sibling, but its innovation and influence are arguably greater. It’s the first of countless blockchain platforms capable of executing smart contracts. 

The unending ecosystem of dApps and its role as a foundational Web 3.0 platform places ETH as a prime coin to invest in going forward.

The EIP-4844 proposal is expected to reduce Ethereum’s (really annoying) gas fees and improve its functionality. With other upcoming features like the integrations of Layer 2 solutions, such as zk-Rollups, and the inevitable price increase from the Bitcoin halving, we see Ethereum as one to watch this year.

3. Binance Coin (BNB): Utility Token of the Largest Exchange

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native utility token for Binance, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. It has multiple use cases within the Binance exchange ecosystem, making it a versatile asset with inherent value for investors. 

Some of the benefits of holding BNB include:

  • Trading fee discounts on Binance
  • Staking opportunities on Launchpool
  • Participating in token sales on Binance Launchpad
  • Paying for goods and services on various platforms that accept BNB

Since its inception, BNB has experienced a monumental increase in value. We expect BNB to be a token to watch in the crypto market and a leading blockchain for as long as Binance is around.

Altcoins to Watch: The Rising Stars of the Crypto Market

An illustration of various altcoins falling in front of a green background
Various altcoins | Source: Business Insider

Interest in altcoins continues to skyrocket. 

Although meme coins are still the most popular altcoins for investors looking to get rich, more stable altcoins like Solana and Cardano still provide value. 

The below cryptocurrencies offer unique solutions and have the potential to revolutionize various industries, from finance to supply chain and everything in between.

4. Solana (SOL): The High-Speed Blockchain

Solana (SOL) has a unique architecture. 

By utilizing a PoH algorithm combined with a PoS consensus mechanism, the Solana blockchain can process thousands of transactions per second at extremely low costs (looking at you, Ethereum). 

This high-speed blockchain is not only fast but secure, making it a promising investment for the future. Something banks and fiat currencies can take inspiration from.

Like most altcoins recently, Solana hasn’t seen much upward motion. Market volatility and competition from an increasing number of other cryptocurrencies pose significant hurdles.

Still, the scalability of Solana and its dedicated community gives us the belief that this altcoin is about to moon soon.

5. Cardano (ADA): The Sustainable Blockchain Project

Cardano proposes a sustainable approach to blockchain technology, setting it apart from other cryptocurrencies. 

With data privacy being one of the 21st century’s hottest topics, ADA’s Midnight project is interesting and might entice crypto investors to consider ADA in their portfolio.

But that’s not all for Cardano. Here are a few other upcoming developments that will interest investors:

  • Optimization of smart contracts
  • Possible increase in block size or reduction in block time
  • Continued progress in Cardano’s on-chain governance
  • Expected completion of SanchNet

 Hidden Gems You Can Invest in Early

A pile of physical cryptocurrency symbols on top of a Binance spot list
Altcoins and Binance | Source: Crypto Daily

Hidden gems are coveted in the crypto ecosystem, as we hear stories of investors who became overnight millionaires with a low market cap coin. 

This might sound enticing but comes with real danger. You need a deep understanding of the coin’s tokenomics and unique value propositions to make an informed investment.

With plenty of huge cryptocurrency projects on the horizon, the choices below might surge and display even further growth.

6. Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is a rival to the Ethereum blockchain, where developers can launch decentralized apps, like decentralized finance, games, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and more. 

The coin’s been popular for a while among the hardcore crypto community but still remains under the radar for many. The all-time high for AVAX is around $145. With major price movement expected in 2024, we think this coin could surpass its all-time high.


BONK sets itself apart as a meme coin on the Solana network by carving out unique use cases within the ecosystem. 

BONK is designed to incentivize and reward users through various mechanisms, including staking and liquidity provision. Its integration into Solana’s vibrant ecosystem could lead to increased adoption and a more stable footing in the market.


Pepe Coin’s surge highlights the potential of community interest, user engagement, and meme coins. Although the coin has no intrinsic value, it serves as a beacon for future meme coins and community-led projects. 

Pepe Coin’s deflationary nature means that as more tokens burn, the coin’s value (hopefully) rises. But the best thing about the token is that because it’s so cheap, even a small investment can reward huge gains.

Low Market Capitalization Coins with Real-Life Value

Many low market capitalization coins are obvious pump-and-dump schemes or projects with zero real-world value. Here are a few tokens backed by solid projects and teams.

9. Numbers Protocol (NUM)

The Numbers Protocol (NUM) project seeks to provide data verification for digital content to AI companies. 

NUM’s commitment to addressing issues of authenticity and integrity in digital content could make it an essential tool in an increasingly digital world and a hidden gem worth considering for long-term investment.

10. Liquidity (LQTY)

Liquidity is a decentralized finance token that allows you to draw 0% interest loans against ETH used as collateral. They charge a one-time fee and give your loan in LUSD, the token’s stablecoin. Fiat currency loans a thing of the past?

What makes LQTY one of the more intriguing tokens in the cryptocurrency market is that it has a lot of room for growth. It registered an all-time high of around $146. 

There are serious gains to be made here — probably one of the best sleeper picks to buy in the cryptocurrency space.

11. Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)

Next is the Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL). It’s a forward-thinking project with a thriving ecosystem aimed at combating future threats from quantum computing. 

While the trading volume is still in the early stages of growth, the project’s focus on creating a quantum-proof blockchain positions it as a pivotal player in the long-term security of digital assets. 

It’ll be super interesting to see if this project gains widespread adoption.

Crypto with Community Support and Development Activity

Community support and development activity are key factors for crypto assets. For example, BONK has a strong community within the SOL ecosystem and continues to develop dApps. 

Cryptocurrencies with public support experience fluctuations in price due to trading volume. We’ve seen huge bull runs with coins like SHIB and DOGE merely due to community action. 

Maker is another coin with a strong community and development activity.

12. Maker Protocol (MKR)

Even in a fluctuating market, MKR has shown a respectable year-to-date gain and stable performance. 

Maker Protocol’s stablecoin, DAI, is pegged to the US dollar and backed by a surplus of collateral assets, providing stability and reliability. This led to community trust and a significant following.

MKR’s governance model, where holders of the token have a say in the decision-making process of the protocol, adds a layer of engagement that appeals to the community-driven ethos in crypto. 

Its stable tokenomics and performance lead us to believe that this coin will be one of the best in the crypto space.

Be Careful with Meme Coins

A collage of illustrations of various meme coins
Various meme coins | Source: Finbold

Social media and online discussions heavily influence meme coins like SHIB and PEPE.

 These coins ride on the wave of hype and FOMO, leading to high financial risk due to their price volatility. However, the popularity of these coins cannot be ignored, as they’ve triggered substantial movement in the cryptocurrency markets.

Meme coins come with significant risks. 

Rug pulls and pumps and dumps are daily occurrences in the crypto world. Investors need to conduct thorough research before jumping on the meme coin bandwagon (if you want to be safe with your money).

10 Tips to Analyze the Best Crypto for 2024

Evaluating the best crypto to buy requires a strategic approach grounded in research. Here are key aspects to focus on for your investment portfolio:

1. Market Capitalization

Market cap provides insight into the relative size of a cryptocurrency. It’s calculated by multiplying the current price by the total number of coins in circulation. 

A higher market cap usually indicates a more established and widely adopted cryptocurrency.

2. Trading Volume

Daily trading volume reveals how much of a cryptocurrency is being bought and sold within a certain timeframe. Consistent high volume can indicate a healthy market with strong investor interest, which means trades can be fulfilled with ease.

3. Innovation and Development Roadmap

A solid development roadmap with innovative technology demonstrates long-term viability. Look for projects with clear goals, regular updates, and a track record of meeting milestones.

4. Regulatory Compliance

As the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies becomes more defined, it’s important to invest in projects that prioritize legal compliance. 

This reduces the risk of adverse regulatory actions that could affect its price and longevity.

5. Community and Ecosystem

A strong, active community often reflects a healthy ecosystem. Community engagement on social media, forums, and other platforms can provide insights into the project’s reputation and potential for growth.

6. Use Cases and Adoption

A cryptocurrency’s real-world applications and the level of adoption are strong indicators of its value. Look for cryptocurrencies that solve specific problems, have partnerships with reputable companies, or are being integrated into different industries.

7. Security Features

Crypto scams and hacks are extremely common. Consider whether the project has undergone security audits, the strength of its network, and the security protocols in place to protect against attacks.

8. Historical Performance

While past performance is not indicative of future results, it can provide context for how the cryptocurrency has reacted to market events. 

Analyzing price trends, market cycles, and historical volatility can help in making informed decisions.

9. Risk Management

No investment is without risk, especially in the volatile crypto market. Assess your risk tolerance and consider strategies like diversification to mitigate potential losses.

10. Expert Insights

Leveraging the knowledge of industry experts, such as those from Coinweb, can provide an additional layer of analysis. 

These insights can uncover aspects of a cryptocurrency that might not be immediately apparent to the general public.

Why You Should Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio

An illustration of a man pointing at crypto analysis symbols
Crypto analysis | Source: Mudrex

Diversification is a fundamental investment strategy that involves spreading investments across different assets to reduce risk. 

Crypto is the most volatile asset class out there, making diversification even more important. By investing in a variety of digital assets, you can mitigate the impact of market downturns on any single cryptocurrency.

Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) is a simple method to diversify investments. This strategy involves regularly buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular asset, regardless of its price.

By doing so, you average the purchase price over time, which lowers the impact of volatility on your overall investment. The DCA strategy can be applied on different timeframes, and for those interested in understanding the nuances between daily or yearly intervals, our article “Best DCA Strategy Explained: Daily or Yearly Timeframes?” offers an in-depth analysis and guidance.

Regulation and ETFs

The SEC’s approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF introduced the larger public to cryptocurrencies and changed the regulatory dynamic of the asset class. This is because more casual investors can invest in Bitcoin without the hassle of direct ownership, like managing wallets or trading via private keys.

Despite the ETF, market volatility remains a concern. 

As regulatory authorities develop and refine the frameworks that govern cryptocurrencies, widespread uncertainty looms over certain assets (XRP, anyone?). Hacks, crypto theft, and artificial intelligence continue to pose issues for regulators.

As for broader regulation, it’s becoming increasingly clear that global regulatory bodies are intent on establishing clear guidelines for digital assets. 

Regions like the EU, Dubai, and the UK have already started to enact crypto regulations, with others poised to follow suit. The specifics of these legislations vary, but the overarching trend points towards a more structured environment for cryptocurrencies.